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tv   [untitled]    April 16, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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board of education of the san francisco unified school district for tuesday, april 8, 2014, is now called to order. role - roll call, please. someone roll call, please. >> roll call, please. >> thank you. commissioner haney. commissioner maufas. commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. dr. murase. commissioner norton. commissioner wynns. president fewer and ms. away. please join me in the pledge of allegiance.
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and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> approval of the board minutes there's none together and item b the presentations to the board of education superintendant. good evening to everyone joining us in person and those of you listening and watching at home. i want to week all our students from the spring break and you're ready to get back to work as we finish the second seminar of this year this thursday volunteers will be providing paint to bring a creative yard for a place full of color it's
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organized by the play works working with the san francisco unified school district to provide trained full-time coaches focused on recess thank you for doing the sweat equity the school districts across california are to have a plan asal cap that will show you how funds are spent for the one site budgets and plans parents and community members will be consulted in the el cap the san francisco unified school district is working with the district learning and other organizations to hold a serious
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of public groups it includes the chinese for fifks and youth and mission graduates and parents for the public schools and the district pta it's for parents of low income foster youth. the first forum open to you'll parents will be held this weekend saturday april 12th at american people tuesday middle school at 105 app tuesday avenue i want to thank all the partners. we invite you to attend and have your voice heard the sfusd program has received a grant for $4.4 million to continue the prevention of tobacco use for the department of education. this will help us to educate the
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people about the risks of smoking tobacco and including e cigarettes and cannabis we will have a quit machine which are services provided by tech support to help students quit smoking and providing intervention for students populations that have been identified for hardcore smokers no one about start or continue to smoke in our community. with that, thank you for being here president fewer back to you >> thank you superintendant. >> item c recognitions and accommodate shuns none. >> on march 28 we had our 4th
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of july forum and we have a lot of thank you's to give out because people in the district helped make this possible. so for outreach and the assistance we want to send out a thank you to superintendant janet for getting all the questions for the youth isn't senate and helping us to transport them and the secretary for student family martha you guys put the legs on the youth summit to help us get off the ground and we would like to thank our special guests commissioner joe on the board of president thank you for your commitment and we would like to
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say thank you to commissioner matt hastening i didn't for the workshop and for sharing how students can be effected and be heard in the school district. we would like to thank society kevin for giving us the necessary tools and the staff to make sure we were able to have the whole thing going and for your key net speech called disney and legacy you told us to never stop going even when we were down to keep going and make sure, you know, get back on track. the s ac is working on the e cigarette superintendents proposal i think the representative captioning and
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the next meeting is on april 5th please kaukt contact our coordinate >> the next is the report. >> good evening commissioner and president fewer and superintendant and if i'm not mistaken i say you gave any report this is to represent parents with educational policies for informed decisions tonight pack highlights our work on the community engagement captions and gathering input on the local control and other plan
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that's the states new funding model. this has been a busy month we had two captions one on racial equity and gathering information on the rent control. the pack members have been active in developing both campaigns we've duo to date held 8 conversations in 8 different schools and have four more schedules up to may and the content has been 6 to 20 parents we'll be sharing what we've learned in june. regarding the local control and accountabilities with the community partners and district partners who the superintendent mentioned the chinese advocates
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and parents for the schools and the pta and the support for children with disabled and close the gap coalition and the office of community engagement the d lack and staff from foster youth services. to date we've held conversations those have been held at the community centers 5 of which have been in the parents preliminary language four in spanish and one in cantonese tomorrow we'll work with the parents of foster care and meeting with the foster association. families are interested if participating in public forms there are two schedules that will be sponsored by parents for
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public schools in coordination on saturday april 12th atkins middle school and child interrogation is provided the second is on thursday april 17th and that one is co-sponsored by pta along with the district staff anyone who is interested please come and have your voice heard and your input to help shape that. it's on process on thursday april 24th is the next meeting her in the board room with the d lack we'll provide the finding to district staff and hear what the parents are saying to to the process and the development itself. the idea it's an opportunity to
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hear directly from what parents are interested in and at the same time the district to highlight effort that addresses student success and identify areas of perhaps improvement and increase in programs programs and services that might reflect parents input and answer questions that families have directly from the staff initiative. this event is also open to the public and again childcare and interpretation for chinese is provided we'll hold conversations after the 24th and incorporate that and in may the pack we'll submittal our findings to the board to for the accountability and control plan. that's it >> what time was that on the 24th.
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>> from 6 to 8:00 p.m. many the board room. >> any comments from the board or questions? none. vice president. i want to thank the pack for the tremendous amount of time work having the time away from the families t is appreciated. the last board meetings where you're going to have and they're on racial >> you racial equities one at el dorado and carver and i'm trying to remember the other one. >> if i could get the locations and times from you i feel like i can do outreach as well. >> thank you.
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>> president fewer. >> yes. commissioner wynns. i we've had request from c s b.a. that went out to the board of directors to get the school districts to forward to them the bullet points or the outreach we're doing so they can through their policy department put out links to what people have and the best practices trying to help other people to do the things i'm requesting we do that particularly not only because we're doing a wonderful job i know you are but really we have this kind of infrastructure and pattern of working with partners even sort of inside and outside partners to help us to lead this because what we hear from other
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school districts is things they've never done but not as effective as the strategies we use like holding the public meetings so far the parents to come to the hearings so if we could whoever you want me to get in touch with i'll be happy to do that. okay. i'll do that with the link >> okay. thank you ms. williams. item f public comment and seeing no speakers and item g can i have a motion and so second on the consent calendar. any items corrected or withdrawn >> thank you being withdrawn from the consent calendar is 1-b on page 67 and 68 of your agenda
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the center for wellness and corrected 3 j 144 dash 8 w-10 on page 50 the corrected contract should be 7 million 4 hundred and 37 thousand and plus instead of the 7 million 47 plus. >> thank you, mr. fields. my items removed for first reading by the board. seeing none, any items severed or for vote seeing none, roll call vote will take place under section o the superintendents proposals none tonight and board members for the proposals. this action item in support of increased action for the after school for all students for
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unified school district has been moved and seconded on november 12, 2013, commissioner wynns please remind us >> thank you. that was either from then >> anybody could you could. >> okay. this was forwarded with a positive recommendation but the purpose is to if you when we get around to talking about the resolution that's a study and get ready to do revolution so tonight you'll see the analysis of the cost of what we're doing we know it's not going to having happen in one year but that positive recommendation was based on having the capacity without spending more money to have our own staff do so work.
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as i remember that's the committee recommendation >> thank you very much. a public speaker signed up david and i'm sorry a reading of the resolution please. it's long so i'll skip some of them. this is in support of the increased accessing access for all ask the for the san francisco unified school district whereas the sb is committed to the after-school programs and made a commitment for the increased affordability for after-school programs for the children's fund and the department has increased the after-school programs by facilitating now remain the
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expanding and whereas sfusd has limited the off-sight to the reduction in transportation and whereas there's currently limited capacity for families to have after-school program replacements and resulting in after-school programs having been waited less and whereas the constitut students in the afternoon will have a valuable learning experience particularly in terms of increasing school attention and accelerating the redesignation rates for the learners and the eagerly skills and whereas the sf collaborative has spauptd a definition of quality after-school programs
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that includes elementary and 4re789sz of program several times. >> and program and sign ins a alignment and linkage with the school day and public and environment safety and the nutrition promoting diversities and inclusion and effectively supporting the education learning and whereas the increase of educational alignment of after-school programs if more students can go to after-school programs located in their schools and the after-school programs have different application and there's no uniformity and whereas the sfusd has made an effort to make the after-school programs at the students own schools and whereas the students and their families will have
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increased access for the services during after school hours and attend the soofrpz on their own sites further be it resolved that if it's the desire of their i families every k student should be able to go to their own after-school programs and aligned with their after-school program and further be it resolved they will have a after-school program application including the collection of the follows on the after-school program application while exposing after-school programs using the same application and be it further resolved all skippers and other various funding will be provided through
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the collaboratively program and be it resolved a entity copayment for after-school programs and accompanying after-school program will be provided and the capacity and site resources will be developed with the teachers and after school providers including a cost-efficient site for after-school programs and further be it resolved that the after school in the same sites including the single consolidated areas in order to anytime the cuss to tell services will be developed and further be it resolved that the plans be development to help the agencies that serve the children and families be able to provide
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those services on site and further be it resolved that the sfusd will develop after school guidelines to make sure this district and non-district entities are compliant with local and state and federal resources and further be it resolved they'll better lion with the after-school programs and work with the cooperation and further be it resolved that the superintendents staff will bring a progress report including efforts made over the last 5 years by april 30th, 2014, and provide a timeline for implementing the new systems to begin in the 2014-2015 school year. public comment, please. we have two people signed up 2
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minutes each please. >> good evening commissioner i'm todd david with the san francisco parents action committee i'm here to happily and strongly support this resolution. i think this resolution puts the district clearly on the path of when a parent comes and visits a school is there space in the after school program for my child will soounl be yes and that accomplishes a couple of things keeping families in san francisco unified school district and in the city of san francisco. that i want to speak this is an appropriate resolution it's innovate orely scripted for the
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staff to be implemented in a reasonable manner obviously has parents we expect staff to respond in a reasonable timeframe and making sure that happens and finally, i want to thank commissioner wynns for the leadership as well as kevin and millie smith and the whole expanded coalition that's been working for years to get us to this point i also want to thank supervisor kim and supervisor farrell who are offering a complimentary resolution to commissioner wynns revolution and hope things are important for you our families in san francisco. thank you >> good evening superintendant and commissioners i'm michelle parker i'm speaking on above 0
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of the parents political action and in strong support orleans with todd said for all the leadership that's been shown with commissioner wynns and the board of supervisors and the group that's been working so long on this. i think this fills a critical need for the on-site services it doesn't preclude people oversight for early education it is also spoken in the revolution that having a strong oversight program that's used by a lot of the the students makes for an extended learning day i've seen the benefit we have well over 50
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percent 60 percent stays for after-school programs we'll we've blended the two. thank you very much for putting this forward i encourage you all to vote for this >> thank you public comment is closed do we have a staff report on this, please. >> good evening superintendents caring resistance and president fewer. this is the first time i've said that and the commissioners on the drfgs i'm keith the student family support department with
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my colleague of excel expanded learning not many words i want to add to that. we are going to run through this quickly. the impacts of the revolution i want to mention this is in collaboration with my department is in collaboration with the youth and families and the excel program has a monitoring soofrpz for years and this resolution wouldn't be at the place we have with the community that are providing lead programs for our after-school programs to support in revolution. so numbers 26 thousand 5 hundred students combrerld in after-school programs of all a
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26 thousand students are enrolled if an after-school program and 10 thousand president hasz plus are not enrolled. i want to mention the footnote the students desire after-school programs r is unknown but if you have a list you, you might not bill of health both to get off the list so there's students we don't know to trust the waiting lists we'll be looking at that in the 2014-2015 of the 17 thousand students 12 one hundred and 40 are at school sites to 8 thousand excel and other is in fee based programs i'm talking about pta largely funded or there's a fee based on program
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the students are paying a slide base they didn't d don't have an excel grant but it's a pta that's funding a lead agency to have the program 16 thousand students are off site and a is 10 thousand students not enrolled that represents 24 schools lives that have a waiting list that's hard to evaluate their categorize but $13 million plus it's easy to come from the pie chart roughly 5 million is matching fund and
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2.1 million is 20 percent refunds there's grants and 21st century farrell and as us is a state grant a california grant. 21st century is an 18 month grant. thank you. okay. and the aces grant is july one to june 030th of the following year the total number of students 12 plus and the cost is here. now i'm going to i'm going to turn it over to melanie >> good afternoon and good evening president fewer and commissioners. as we've discussed we're in the studying and get ready to do the phase it's difficulto


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