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tv   [untitled]    April 16, 2014 9:30pm-10:01pm PDT

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retired within the department is doing better with less resources but we need to bring in mayor ed lee and the superintendant to talk about those changes and yeah. i want to understand what's more important what did we used to spend on kids and what are we spending now in the public school system. i've watched over the years as cuts to incredible programs that have happened and schools have closed in my district and there's less kids so if there's less kids and still money at a certain level what's that being used for and we're proposing
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adding money from this tax and i'd like to understand how it used clearly on the nutritional program and the athletic programs but wanting to get an understanding of where the dollars are going and somewhat of a historical understanding of that >> i know that jill and martin are here but that's an issue for a great discussion of the joint committee of the board of supervisors board of education. >> m members but i'll ask for the data for ask the serves how they've spent their money and enrollment i think those are great questions. thank you, ms. brooks please continue >> i know we have many people
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that want to make comments i'll wrap by driving home this the development that's possible from a sugary tax will be pronounced and touch the lives of tens of thousands of school children everyday in san francisco. those are the same kids that deserve to live and make the right choices. i mean, i'll leave it at that i'm happy to help in any way to get the information >> thank you supervisor wiener. >> thank you for your work. i want to in terms of the school and the state of the school district and how many kids there are. whatever the trends have been in terms of the number of kids. we everything that right now in
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san francisco and statewide our per capita spending is atrocious xard compared to where it should be and why the voters passed a tax years ago and before prop thirty passed we would go through a roller-coaster and a you number of lay off nos for the teachers and so the district has struggled although prop thirty has helped i hear a lot some of the areas that have surfed that this measure would help fund the school lunch program that ms. brooks mentioned there's a lot of room for improvement so kids who want to eat on campus and eat 2 and 3 meals they don't have the
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resources to help them not enough after-school programs those are the things i hear and this will help in that regard >> thank you supervisor wiener your next speaker is the superintendant of neighborhood services. we're going to ask jill and rachel norton to come up a number of parents who have to pick up their kids and i'm going to start reading the 60 cards i have here as well. >> good afternoon bob superintendant rec and park department for rec and park. just as an intro to our presentation we are to foster the well-being of the san francisco diverse community by preserving the environment and
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providing recreational activities. so in order for us to achieve this we've spent time to get people into the parks and playground. i'm sure you're aware of in 2009 did department went into a complete reorganization of the rec and park. there's success over 54 thousand people registered for programs and 35 hundred programs those are formal directed programs and over 2 hundred and 80 kids participate in our after-school programs we have summer camps for 2014 and that will grow into the high 80s based on demand we have over 13 thousand kids already registered for our
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summer camps this summer and over 11 thousand people on wait listed there's a high demand for our programmed and the quality is driving that. the department in working with cv o given additional resources we'll expand first to learn to swim programs according to the cac darwin is the second related cause of death for young kids 1 to 8. we not only insure that children are safe around water and they feel comfortable enough to used and enjoy water for their entire life. currently, we have 35 hundred children last year learned to swim through our programs and our swim club programs.
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the next area as we know many kids love and participated in baseball and basketball but for other they're looking for opportunity to participate in non-traditional sport sports and activity like rock climbing and kayaking we want to be able to take the kids out of the neighborhood but continue to bring the activities to them. so other areas that we would like to goat into are again, the first lady let's move campaign we're currently working with the school district on ways to get kids moving not only before school and after and during school. we have other programs we're taking people for walks everyday
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guided walks through our parks and we have programs like the district 10 wellness we're offering we're enhancing our after-school program and also with movement and other free sports. we also have a new initiative we're starting where it's a park prescription program we're working with a number of clinics and doctors their proscribing movements instead of pills. one of the most valuable programs we have is our scholarship program. we want to make sure that no one is clued for the inability to
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pay last year, we had over one million dollar dollars in that. currently for your summer camps we have allocated $506,000 for scholarships we believe everyone should have the ability to get out and play we're trying to accomplish that. i do know this is the budget and finance committee so i'll throw a few numbers at you. it confidence roughly 37 thousand plus he ever e up to 50 thousands to keep a recreational center open that depended on you how many square feet the building is and the amenities so the low is 37 - >> what is it. that's one day per year so if we
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open on mondays that's what it will cost at the each one of the recreation center one program runs for 10 weeks it costs plus or minus what the fte depending on the type of program we'd loos also the area we would like to get into make sure that we're working closer with our community partners in being able to support them. so any additional resources will help us to do that. ongoing and then one 0 o of our most important areas we're trying to accomplish and expand we know that simply hanging a flier in our most in need contingent will not get people out of their homes and engaging
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in activities. we want to be able to do with additional resources is to create for on site register to be able to go into housing developments and over the register the day of our register or having people go online we'll bring it to them. also the daily outreach inform families were with enough resources we're able to knock on doors and create relationships with families to gather that trust. and get kids signed up into programs. symptom ago it was hard to get kids to play sports. we also want to make sure that kids are enrolling in core programs we have throughout the sky e city and one of the
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biggest things we want to do is provide transportation we know it's a challenge in the subsequent a challenge for our folks but we want to oh, you know, programs like kayaking like a rec and park department or katrero hill my transport kids out to lake merced to give them new and interesting experiences so transportation for us, is one of the biggest issues on the table. i'm open to any questions that you might have if there isn't something i've covered i'll get you that >> thank you superintendant those are very, very happy slides compared to the horrible
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ones before that. >> supervisor wiener. >> i know your picture selection was of children which is great but our rec and park department recreation is for all ages; right? >> it is, in fact, the katrero hill like the wellness program those are for families and seniors and that's our goal to expand that citywide so when we're gemd engaged in the walking programs we're targeting adults and seniors as well. we're trying to make sure that we're grabbing the entire family and changing the way they're living so healthy choices and economic is a way of life >> i know plenty of seniors and adults without kids that obvious the rec and park department so sometimes our recreation centers
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are not open long enough and there's room for capacity increases. >> ideally we would like to have our centers open more and i believe there's a 90 percent chance if you attend one of the cities recreation centers you'll engagement in some type of recreational activity that's the more strenuous exercise so the more they're open the better. >> thank you. supervisor mar i want to add bob thank you for your hard work at the rec and park department >> i'd like to call up school board commissioner and rachel norton so the other colleague is here.
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thank you for challengeing the groundbreaking work that the other subsequence followed as well >> thank you that's my speech thank you very much for having us here and putting this forward. i wanted to begin by pointing out the board of education actually passed a resolution in support of sugary beverage task. commissioner norton was here and this was supported by myself and the commissioner. that makes reference to some on average 11 percent of daily calories consumed by kids in the u.s. come from sugary befrmgz and san francisco teenagers are increasing their con semester of
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sugary befrmgz. that's not the direction we want to go. we looked at and the ninth graders are approximately 44 hundred students so not a small sample and we do that survey every year. so as supervisor mar referenced i wanted to make some remarks but our national leadership in san francisco on the food and in public school. we began that before you were on the board was a response to aggressive marketing in the early and mid 90s and we following that we ended the sale of scaled i couldn't know foods and sodas there's a lot of anxiety we'll lose the service revenue we proved not to be true
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we had no loss in beverage sales we sell milk and other things. this exceeds the newly raised nutritional standards. this healthy came from community demand as i recall the board of supervisors had a task force for increasing the information about obesity and san francisco is the only place in 70 united states we have reduced the percentage of children that are obese. so was this not ending the soda the only thing that contributed that that i won't go on about
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expanding our breakfast club and children are identified, etc. etc. all of those things work together it takes doing these things in steps and take looked at for the relatives to be seen. that's why this is important. one of the things we did that effects health for children we passed the environmental combroisht fund and in the athletic fund speaking of that we want to reauthorize the comboisht fund we've had a series of local revenues for public schools. many of you have heard me say when we passed the children's fund the public education richmond fund and the sports ticket bonds, etc. i often is if
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there's imagine we can raise local dollars please tell us and we'll do that thank you to supervisor mar and supervisor avalos. interestingly in california and all over the country there is an inverse relationship between exception and we think we can raise the standards and lower the investments we wouldn't do that in any other area of government we did it here if you want better results in san francisco you have to invest in them. i appreciate our local leadership has taken that up. i want to finish by saying that all our powell is if you want to address this subject of
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increasing the awareness of putting open a tax that lowers the rate of consumption and make sure you're using that what we'll do with the money is look at the expansion as you heard of our nutrition programs a minimum of the 40 percent will go to the schools will go to meal programs and a minimum of 25 percent of $3 million into possible expansion of meal programs as and also into pe and fitness. i'm grateful that the voters in san francisco want to fund our schools they've never failed to pass a plan in san francisco they want to invest in the health of our children. i urge you to pass that and we're ready to do any briefing
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open school funding it's a complex issue but we'll do it any time >> thank you commissioner wynns. >> sir, thank you for being here. >> thank you supervisor mar. i'm here on behalf of superintendent mr. ca response. you'll know that health and fitness our superintendant leading by example i'm proud for that individual he's gearing up for hi half marathon soon. health and nutrition are central to our students success and with your first and foremost here to insure the education the health and wellness and fitness of our children it paramount but has
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dribble impact on their academic success. ear very, very proud to partner with the supervisors so see this both as an example throughout the entire industry but because of the benefits this system has to our students. there's a long tradition within this body and within the citizens of san francisco to support our students. we have a relatively small student population for a major city in america this city has come through with 70 percent routine to building our buildings or support salaries for teachers or the realization fund that commissioner wynns referenced in her talk that we get behind our kids and we do this routine. this is seen as part of the
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route and very, very much encourage you to support that and bring it forward to the voters and we're proud to be partnering with you and supervisor breed i'll, work with your staff to make sure it's brought before the board >> thank you. please thank superintendant carranza as well. i'm going to start to call public comment cards there are a number of parents that have to pick up your kids you are limited to 2 minutes and you'll hear a hard bell and your time is up. there's the gentleman from the
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soft beverage industry (calling names) i'm going to call up a few more names we ask people to line up on the right side of the room. (calling names) and commissioner a youth commissioner. >> good morning, everyone. thank you. i'm leah i've been a registered dietician for 25 years i'm a member of the academic of nutrition and also the american society for nutrition. i'm here to testify on behalf of the american association. this will do nothing to prevent obesity obesity and related diseases like diabetes they have
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factors including lack of exercise and lack of sleep they're not driven by a food or beverage. this is a means to combat obesity highlights the perils of target any single element of diet. it's important to put the calories from food in prospective active. sugary beverages are a part of the american diet and the calories are declining from multiple elements. the department of agriculture shows that when all sugary beverages combined they're only a small part of the diet. this is roughly a small percentage and contrary to common assertion made by
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activities food not sugar beverages is not the number one feature in the diet. spent the idea to cut obesity a recent bill by this organization casts the doubt on obesity. it starts with education not laws and regulations >> actually i'd like to ask colleagues if she could continue. >> i say it's a means of improving health it's a misguided approach to serious health problem. >> are there any questions for her. thank you for coming today >> i'm going to call a few more names
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(calling names) >> next speaker. >> my name is louisa i'm a mother of 3 young girls a mub member of the latino community. about 50 percent of the stents at el adversary are latino i'm here to support this sugary diet i believe that this help. it's widely profane if we don't curve the con sumsz of sugar one of three children born today will develop diabetes type two in the latino and african-american communities. this is not the future they want for they're my kids and community i i think the sugary
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drinks will be bad. i want to communities that the el dorado has encoder this. after hearing from the studies i want to talk about myself i'm a liver patient so i know it's important to reduce sugar in this society. i was raised in a different society where water was not first and foremost > >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm leaving i'm a boyer mother. growing up my brother and i were the obese children we were targeted by shows like the fresh prince of bell-air who were
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targeted by a cool drink. the obese child will spend an additional 19 thoughts on health care. my brother was an all-star football player but he drank soda owe couldn't keep up. i'm here to support the soda tax and it will help eliminate the children that are consuming those toxic sodas that are effecting their health as well >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. i'm cindy me and my daughter live in san francisco. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you, supervisors for sporting the sugar beverage tax.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> as a parent i really hope my children have a good and healthy upbringing. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> occurred in the market there are many choices that can influence children for perspiring certain types of drinks speeding i think this measure is a good measure and the revenue that will come in will help increase 40 percent of money for the school district. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> a good education is very important for young you students. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> 25 percent of the money that will come in will help


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