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tv   [untitled]    April 18, 2014 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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frank o'connell. [speaker not understood] randal. gene green. >> good afternoon. good afternoon. mario [speaker not understood] with san francisco charter transit union. i along with 210 members, the sfmta, the tens of thousand of members of the bike coalition, the chamber of commerce appeal to the sfmta board to reject sunday meters on the following grounds. first, it violates the fiduciary duty by funding muni. we still remember the ruttion [speaker not understood]. this dee funding is unconditional. [speaker not understood] if it fails, muni will have to cut service, not decrease it. cuts are coming this fall if this passes. why should voters vote to be taxed even more when sfmta
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wastes revenue that helps nobody and takes us back to forgotten days. you are essentially going to have goose free parking instead of muni for kids. you could have used this money to support people with disabilities who clearly need it. second, it violates all competition [speaker not understood] reduce congestion and increase pedestrian safety. sunday meters will pass in collaboration with many stakeholders including the chamber of commerce. it is a betrayal revoked but the same process is applied when passed. the citation rate institutes starting price of zero. improved signage, and please make it conditional on these new funding sources. lastly, you are nobody's puppets, you work for few.
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you're willing to [speaker not understood]. don't cover for them. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> frank o'connell. thea selby. randal. gene green. and jacks bryson. >> good afternoon, [speaker not understood]. good afternoon, members of the board. i wish to speak in favor of retaining the street meter parking on sundayses. i'm very grateful for all of the improvements at sfmta and pub it looks like business owners prefer the meter parking. the environmental, public safety aspects of these things need to be considered further. we're taking $9 million out of muni's pockets is not a good thing. muni, if we look at this for five years, that's $45 million away from the good muni could be doing on behalf of san
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francisco citizens. but more importantly it is $9 million in a single year, perhaps $45 million over 5 away from a child, perhaps a second language in a classroom. away from senior citizens. away from trauma support. away from other valuable public services that san francisco provides to its senior citizens, to those who are economically or otherwise disadvantaged. so, muni reaching for its goals enhances san francisco and the experience of everyone who rides or is a resident. so, i ask you to [speaker not understood] the metered parking if at all on sunday. >> thank you. next? next speaker, please. >> [speaker not understood]. jacks buy son. >> good afternoon, betty.
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good afternoon, i am vice-chair of the san francisco transit riders union and i am here today in favor of keeping the parking meters on sunday. and i'm not alone. the san francisco mta-cac is in favor of this. the san francisco bicycle coalition with over 17,000 members is in favor of this. san francisco transit riders are in favor of this. urban habitat is in favor of this and another member to our group willy brown is in favor of this. [speaker not understood], so, you know there are -- which is 91 peep until this room. that is double the people in this room who have signed a poe advertising to say, yes, please keep sunday meters. let's get away from the numbers for a moment and go for why we want to keep sunday parking meters because we haven't talked enough about that. it's certainly not to harass
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church goers. it's for environmental, financial and quality of life issues. it's to support the goals of the city. to shift some people, not to get rid of cars. to shift some people from cars to buses, bikes and walking. we raised financially $9 million. that's enough to keep free muni for youth permanently. that's enough to, if we wanted to start seniors and people with disabilities on free muni. environmentally, cars spend 30% of their time looking for parking, circling, adding to congestion, adding to safety issues with bicycles and with pedestrians. and finally, we believe that you're going to be able to pass these measures in november. we'll help to you do that. but when 2016 you want a sales tax, if you do not get that 7% increase in service, you are that much further away with the loss of ongoing revenue source like sunday [speaker not understood].
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so, i urge you to keep the sunday parking meters. thank you so much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> randal, gene green. [speaker not understood]. charlie walker. >> how are you. good afternoon. i wish this was an easy decision, but it's not. being disabled, i'm mixed on it. what i want to talk as many times on is the bay pass. a lot of agencies are moving towards a bay pass and it is something that would help a lot of seniors and disabled. that's about all i have to say. ms. bose knows very well the intricacies of that. other agencies are moving towards it. it's something that would help a lot of people. thank you. >> thank you, sir. next speaker, please. >> gene green, jacks bryson. betty trainer. charlie walker and chris bowman. >> good afternoon, ms. green. good afternoon, i'm jean green and i'm involved in
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organizations seniors, [speaker not understood], and i'm a member of the grievance committee for shelters. and i am happy that you're considering what you're doing for the seniors and people with disabilities, the students 18. i think the other people we're not missing here today, maybe someone allude today it a little bit, and that's the hard working people with low to moderate income ~ who are raising families, the people who are existing now on maybe unemployment, or people unemployed as well as people who are homeless. i'm thinking instead of saying you're going to offer free rides for seniors and people with disabilities, you consider the others, which i'm sure you will say that's prohibitive and impossible. so, another solution might be to consider just not raising the rates or even lowering them for all the people who are already benefiting from the discounted passes. that would show that maybe you're showing passion -- compassion, rather, for everyone and not just a certain segment of society which some people might think would be
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discrimination against the other groups who are also needy. so, that's basically what i had to say. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> jacks die son. betty trainer. charlie walker. chris bowman. [speaker not understood] clark. >> good afternoon. good afternoon. my name is jackie bryson and i am a member mac committee, which is multi-mobile access advisory committee for mta. i am here to speak in favor of free muni for senior and disabled people. we've paid our dues and it really is about time that we have the benefit, being in san francisco as long as we have. those of us who were working before, we [speaker not understood]. we did pay taxes.
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the last year that i paid taxes when i was married, we paid $1.6 million in federal taxes alone. we were the first wave of silicon valley [speaker not understood]. so, for me it is really weird to be here at 67 years old and say, please, make it easier for me to ride public transportation by giving me a pass. there are a number of people here who depend upon muni even with the way that it is not running as well as it could, but that's the only way that we can get from point a to point b, get down to these meetings, get down to our senior movie days, get to [speaker not understood] on tuesday for our senior discounts. we need to be able to have some semblance of a normal life. so, i urge you to vote in favor of extending the free muni passes to senior and disabled
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people. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> betty trainer. charlie walker. chris bowman. brow lee clark. howard strassner. it's okay, betty has allowed me to cut in front of her on behalf of supervisor kim. good afternoon, board members, director reiskin. supervisor kim isn't able to be here. >> what is your name? legislative aide for supervisor kim. she did request the office represent her strong support for commitment to the fare program you've been discussing today that serves the most vulnerable populationses in district 6. you still have an opportunity to amend the budget and supervisor kim asks that you sign the free muni for youth that extends to 18 years old, seniors and people with disabilities that would enable this community to live independently and engage lives in san francisco and have safe
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and reliable transit options from everything to grocery shopping and all the services they rely on throughout the city. [speaker not understood]. certainly with all the pilots that sfmta is creatively implementing including for our shuttle providers, we can dedicate the same resources and energy to piloting a fare for our seniors and disabled whose own bus service is frankly impacted by some of these programs. and with the successful enrollment by free muni for youth [speaker not understood] extending free muni for youth to 18 year olds is a minimal expansion that our city should be prioritizing even without private giving. our seniors and youth can't wait until after the november election to see a change in our service delivery in san francisco. supervisor kim thanks the board and the sfmta staff who have been looking at ways to grow 9
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budget and ask these budget priorities are not balanced on the backs of our most vulnerable. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> betty trainer. charlie walker. chris bowman. bow lee clark. howard strassner. betty trainer is the next. >> good afternoon, ms. trainer. hello. thank you very much. i'm betty trainer and i'm president of the board of senior disability action and i wanted to first thank you very much for the amendment to expand the free muni for youth up to 18 years old. we are very supportive of that and we'd like to -- if you would consider including in that amendment the expansion for seniors and persons with disabilities. i have, again, a number of post cards, over 500 again. and from our seniors and people with disabilities. and i'm good day to read again as i did at the last meeting a few of these. they speak for all of us. here is one, first one. i and other seniors have increased medical expenses, hospital, visits,
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pharmaceutical expense ells and repeated frequent doctor visits all over san francisco. for me, he mentions a few places. the third week of each month i cannot pay my transportation fare because my ssi benefits are used up. as a person with disability i have no income for lebanontionery such as short trips to visit friends to go to the bank. every penny must be accounted for in order to get me through the month. free muni would offer me more freedom and the ability to enjoy the basic pleasures and the ability to have a normal life once again. i have copd and i can't walk like i used to. i can't afford to take the bus every day. so, many days i'm stuck in my room. help me out. it is the right thing to do. no one should be a recluse for [speaker not understood].
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age 75 would feel honored. i would like to add something on a personal note which isn't exactly related to this. but my father was a muni bus driver. he retired in '65. he was one of the first muni men of the month. he loved his passengers and they loved him very much. and, so, a lot of my work led to this kind of dedicated to him. thank you. >> thank you. (applause) >> next speaker. >> charlie walker. chris breaux man. [speaker not understood]. strassner. [speaker not understood]. >> good afternoon, mr. walker. good evening. i'm here to remind you, the board, some of you may not know this, but when muni put that train that goes out in bayview they told us they were going to put some off-street parking. it's like slavery, you know how they got people in america, they promised them something, when they got here it was a different ball game. muni said, if you just let us
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put this train out here, we're going to give you some off-street parking. that's been over 10 years ago and we still don't have any off-street parking. would you do that in the sunset district where white people live? but out in bayview where the majority of the population are black, y'all, i've been before you five times and you never even commented to me one time what you're going to do about the parking out there when you took the parking by putting that darn train out there. now, are you going to fix it so our churches can't have no parking? this is another wide scheme. how do you run black people out of san francisco? and to show you this morning on channel 2, 28% of the ball players were black. now san francisco don't have one. so, i see what is going on,
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most black people don't see it, but i'm saying to you. we are tax payers. we live in america. i'm a disabled american. when i come before you y'all act like you can't hear good. but hear me, you promised us you'd put off-street parking. now you're gonna say you don't remember. well, i have the notes from the meeting and you haven't done nothing about it and i've been here five different times over the last five years. this is not fair to us. now you're going to take something else. this is crazy. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> chris bowman. [speaker not understood]. barbara [speaker not understood]. tony robles. [speaker not understood]. chris bowman. i walked here. i came from the performing arts garage two blocks away. the problem with sunday meters
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is that muni will not get you to your churches directly. if you have to walk one or two blocks and you have to be disabled or senior, you're out of luck. i would argue that unfortunately a lot of the parishioners that you see here are disabled and senior and they're not going to be having the advantage by having sunday enforcement of parking. the mayor said that motorists are tired of being nickeled and dimed to death. the truth of the matter is we're being drawn and quartered to death. i have rolls of quarters in my car. sometimes i have to pay as much as $6 an hour under your variable parking or demand response to parking. that's outrageous. 79% of the households in this city have automobiles. nearly 50% either drive to work
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alone or they take car pool and vans. we're not getting any benefit from the fact that we're paying 23.8% of the muni budget and that's at the discretionary part. ~ pools riders are paying 22.4% and the rest come from federal, state, local and regional taxes of which motorists also pay a substantial amount. we get no benefit other than street cleaning. so, i would ask that you freeze the parking rates that you have right now for five years and if you introduce meters or variable parking into the neighborhoods, it be by petition of the neighborhood and not from top down. that's dick that orial. thank you. >> thank you. next, please. >> bow lee clark. howard strassner. barbara chisa north korea a. ~ chisana.
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[speaker not understood]. is mr. clark here? >> i don't think so. howard strassner. it's so nice to respond to the last speaker. your major job now -- you're trying to do a great job providing muni service. you have to convince the rider voters of san francisco that they could not get anywhere near where they want to go unless muni works well. you just heard how impossible that is. the people don't understand it. you can't see that they pay for parking as a tax. it's not a tax. it's a fee for service. it's a double benefit. you use the money to keep muni running so that other drivers don't get in their way so they can get downtown. and when they get downtown, when they get to where they want to go, parking is cheaper than it would have been. if none of us could use muni, both of us with cars could not be muni, cars would be axis i have all over the city.
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[speaker not understood]. it's not for me to understand that. you have to kind of explain that to everybody. that's why we took the [speaker not understood]. that's why we said transit first. and now you have to sell it ask convince it. you you have to do it, you don't have much time because in november you have to ask them to vote for muni stuff. at the might not vote for their own streets because they think some of it is going to be for the good of muni. how do we change this at tooed with you people come to you, the same people. we want more transit, we don't want to pay for parking. you have to do this in the garage. you can't do it all. it's a long-term training educational process. you have to put signs in the munis, you have to put signs in the metros, signs all over. lots of psas. somehow you have to get to understand without muni there is no san francisco and you can't even drive in san francisco unless muni works well. you know, the little sunday thing, what if i took my car down and did my errands and
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walked my stuff back to my house on sundays and then later when i wanted to move the car [inaudible]. merchants would tell you please put the parking fees back. >> thank you. >> barbara chisana. tony robles. flora alvarez. kimberly jones. richard baker. >> any of those folks here? good afternoon. hello, my name is barbara [speaker not understood], the people driving cabs which my husband does. secretaries, customer representatives, the not so glamorous, but salt of the earth, shall we say. i'm sure you've thought about this quite a bit. after you've thought about the tech industry and the [speaker not understood]. okay. what i want to say is just a
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few points about [speaker not understood]. 25% of the people who ride muni have incomes under $15,000 a year. i'm just going to repeat that because i find it astonishing. 25% of the people riding muni have incomes under 15,000 a year. that's a little over a thousand dollars a month. in my book, that doesn't go too far in san francisco, and i'm sure that applies to a lot of other people. we're talking here to request free muni procedures and disabled people and also to expand the youth program to include 18 year olds so they're covered the whole time they're in high school pretty much. let's think about seniors a minute. seniors are people who already are on a fixed income and often in the united states, after the financial crisis, it's a pretty low fixed income by any standard.
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also, they're physically disabled and can't get around easily and they're getting slower sometimes to be able to deal with everything. to cut down their transportation costs and have free muni is not only a request, it's practically a necessity in this day and age. disabled people, i'm sure it's the same situation. their incomes are fixed. they're struggling day and night. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> tony robles. flora alvarez. kimberly jones. richard baker. anna arioles. amos brown. >> good afternoon. good afternoon, thank you, commissioners. i am a part of senior and disability action. i'm also part of the international hotel manila town heritage foundation. i'm very concerned about the
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quality of life issues that are facing seniors and people with disabilities. many seniors are outright targeted for eviction. there have been cuts in many services. senior incomes have gone down. and the bottom line is that with less disposable income, the quality of life for seniors does go down. and we know that living in san francisco is not cheap. however, we do have a large number of seniors that live in san francisco, have lived in san francisco, and have contributed to its culture, its history, be it the spiritual community, the artistic community, have made very many cultural and very many valuable contributions. i think that seniors, quite frankly, need a break. we need some relief. we need some help. i'm about 15 years away from
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being a senior myself. i work with seniors every day and it's very, very hard. i think that brother bogan earlier said that every day in this country, a thousand seniors or a thousand people turn 65 years of age. instating free mound is going to help in big ways. part of what we do at senior and disability action is we advocate for aging in place and for fighting isolation, getting people out of their rooms, getting them out and socializing and, you know, that little bit with free muni for seniors, people with disabilities, it's going to help, it's going to help tremendously. i mean, you think 22, $23 isn't a lot. but believe me, it is when it comes from getting from point a to point b -- >> thank you, sir. >> flora alvarez. kimberly jones. richard baker.
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anna arioles. amos brown. jessica layman. >> good afternoon. good afternoon, my name is flora alvarez and i'm a member of senior disability action and i'm here to ask you to please do not delay having free muni for seniors and people with disabilities. i work with seniors all the time. i know their struggle and i know that this is going to be really helpful for them to keep them being active in the community and just to please urge you do not delay that. please give us free muni for seniors and people with disabilities. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> kimberly jones. is ms. jones here? no? richard baker. anna arioles. amos brown. jessica layman. rosie [speaker not understood].
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>> good afternoon. good afternoon. i am one of the third pulpit members at the third baptist church. i'm also a san francisco native and my father is a retired muni driver proudly. i am pleased in your proposed budget that you've taken into consideration the fact of rolling back the parking meter enforcement and ticketing on sundays. as you know third baptist church is a very historic church with over a 160-year history here in the city and to have parking meter enforcement on sundays would impose a significant and substantial burden upon our membership. so, we applaud your efforts in rolling back these measures. thank you very kindly. >> thank you, sir. next speaker. >> anna arioles. amos brown. jessica layman. rosie [speaker not understood].
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alejandra mendez. >> good afternoon. [speaker not understood]. i am speech and language impaired due to my disability so it's hard for me to find the words. but my hearty hope is in the right place. i'm very supportive of muni because i could remember when i had my first service dog, muni actually gave me an empty bus. west portal, i went up to a supervisor and i said i need to train my dog so he can learn how to get on the doors, shutting the doors and not be afraid. and they gave me a bus for 15 minutes. we were going back and forth, back and forth. and i was very supportive of muni and i think it's a very good system. and i think the job before you is most difficult but people
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with disabilities, i had brain surgery and it's taken away parts of my speech. i used to be a social worker and part of muni task force. at one point a very active part of the community. went to college, did all these wonderful things and advocated for people with disabilities and people with service animals in san francisco. so i'm no strangers to these halls. now i have a caregiver. my rent is going up $20 more next month and i have to worry about do i go on muni with my caregiver or do i have money to pay my rent. so, i mean, please, please, we need free rides. we need all the assistance that you can give us. and please rethink and do it, please do it this year. thank you so much. god bless you. >> thank you. the next speaker, please. >> amos brown, jessica layman.
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rosie calderon, [speaker not understood]. jimmy dean. violet vazquez. >> i see reverend brown here. >> he's not here? jessica layman. >> good afternoon, ms. layman. one second. thank you for having us here today, chairman nolan, director reiskin, directors of the board. it's good to be here to address you. for starters i want to appreciate the amendment -- it looks like director brinkman just stepped out. but the amendment about including 18 year olds now so that young adults have access to job. we really support that. of course i also want to urge you to go ahead and pass free muni for low and moderate income seniors and people with disabilities now and not wait until january. we have several reasons for that. first, we've seen the success of free muni for youth. it didn't cost as much as anticipated. we've seen how many families benefit from it and, so, we want to get


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