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tv   [untitled]    April 18, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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guidance for the budgetary needs for the benefit of the community. cheaper 54 authorizes the use of rent revenues in excess of operational costs for job training opportunities. commission economists of 7 members appointed by and serving at the pleasure of the mayor and the commission is authorized to have a director and is not subject to civil service. so based on the provisions of cheaper 54 it provides guidance for the facility thus it's role is advisors and the legal rocket for maintaining this lies with the department with the
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jurisdiction over the chapter. prior to 18986 the jurisdiction over the sewer system is exercised by the department of public works. but in 18996 pursuant to charter authority mayor brown determined that all the functions and duties and assets should be transferred to the public utilities commission thus responsibility for maintaining and operating the facility belongs with the public utilities commission. in 1987 the department of real estate initiated efforts to obtain tenants based on the purposes of the facility and the availability of suitable tenants the department quite purposefully set the rent at a level that will attract
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nonprofit and educational service provider. during the 2 seven years the facility has been in operation residence have never exceeded operational costs the graft on the screen showing you shows you that bans the record on 2013 approximately $7.9 million have been funded out of the resource revenues that's a basic overview anyone have questions >> commissioners questions? >> interesting overview i think it's enlightening for us to hear so in 1997 or 19 nine hundred 6 is when the puc actually took
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over the management of it. and the funding of it through sewer. so at this point >> yes. i wanted to talk about the plans for the future. >> all right. >> first of all, john thanks for walking through the history and will give us an opportunity to question the history knowing the history is important but i want to show and share that the wastewater is committed to this plant and, in fact, over in existence 2005 along the wastewater has subsidize for $4 million and operating costs one can aghast the place been operational and served the community in the best way we can august that but basically, the
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rent we've received verses the expensive the wastewater has been subsidize. the puc is committed and we're even more committed now. in the last 3 years we're making a lot of commitments and we plan to make a largest commitment when we look at the investment of the sewer system program. i'd like to go over some of the things we were able to accomplish over the last couple of years. one thing is we did a community needs process and in 2011 that revealed that the building in the green hours were being underutilized and we also work with the southeast community facility commission to determine what is appropriate tenants be
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mix that should be there we went over that. most recently, i conferred with the chancellor for the city college to stay in facility we're going to partner in how we can do more about providing opportunity for city college in training and tie it into the puc. we finally listed the renovation of the wing and to show the concept that was done in january of this year. we also welcome 5 keys to the southeast and they're beginning to ramp up. the other thing i'm currently working on is the mo u process with the southeast community facility and not only to comment what john has talked about but
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increase their participation not in how the southeast and the green houses are but the way i'm looking at it it's a southeast campus it includes all the with work we're going to do in the plant area and how we can make that area a place of designation. so one of the things i lap plan to go to the retreat to partner to accomplish that. we have new 3 new community leaders that are now assigned to the commission eddy is in the audience. he's one of our new commissioners at the southeast facility and so one of the things that the retreat we're going to try to bring everybody on board and give them a background on the background that we gave today and support
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the commission as much as we can. the other thing we've asked for is a letter of interest of current and potential use of the greenhouses. i think this was also important as well. so we're really going to make a commitment to the community not to only be a good neighbor but to partner with the southeast commission and the community and we're role embracing the southeast commission facility commission as the conduit in which we can work with in the community and that's really important to do. and also it helps inform us on effort we can do there. so not only are we focusing on the facility and the campus, you know, since we're doing a lot of activities in the southeast
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we're doing other things i'm so proud of articulating here today. one of the major things we're doing the construction assistance center which is the in southeast on thomas cycle suit 168 it's a center that is free and new and is intended to help local businesses to get access to the city contract and help them grow and get included in the millions of dollars for city development. we're doing a lot of workforce we're taking the challenge it mayor ed lee the jobs plus summer program where we've provided $720,000 that's
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allocated to fund the youth employment and so we're really focused on doing programs like project pull and youth works and the sewer system improvements program internship and the stem project and california maritime summer and enrichment program and project learning granted and art and educational in the bay area we're reviving 3 hundred thousand in the community for arts programming and doing renewable energy efficiency like in marshall we've invested $1.4 million in the solar on rooftops. we are investing one hundred thousand in energy efficiency in the childcare center and the go
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solar program that helps to provide projects in environmental sdipz 9410 7s and 24. we are planning on doing more. so one of the things i'm really committed in working with the community working with the southeast community commission at the opportunity to really make a difference is now. and so today is a new day and commitment from the director and hopefully from the commission to make this place a place of designation >> thank you. >> i have a request about the greenhouses what's the timeline for that?
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>> and if there's anything you can say what the vision is at this point. >> commissioners i'm the general manager for the infrastructure as mr. kelly said we're investing in the southeast facility itself to bring it up to a better destination. with respect to the greenhouse the plan is optimize their uses inform the neighborhood as well as a educational opportunity and environmental knowledge as we move forward. with respect to the greenhouses we're going looking at the entire southeast plant as the general manager indicated it's our goal for the plant to be a total contribution to the community.
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so we're going looking at the 3 block campus how to contributes to the neighborhood and and relocate it so it's a designation point along the campus. we may do that in light of the technology we're moving will generate more electricity and that heat will be contributory to the greenhouses so we are going to reserve the locations until we do a relocation >> are they in pretty good shape or a possibility of taking them down. >> there's a definite possibility where we may, in fact, build in greenhouses more
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in tune with the technology. >> also i would say if we are able to relocate the digesters there are other areas that we're looking to program and one of the things we would like to do is about open minded when we go through the process to take advantage of opportunity. so that's sort of an overall plan >> thank you. very good. >> i'm new to this commission not new to the city of san francisco by what i heard from the city manager is an exhaust report about what's going on in the community. we need to communities that to the southeast community as a whole people can't afford to come her.
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but i know there are 33 thousand 9 hundred and 76 residents according to the update and the wonderful zip code we need to send a message from the commission as what you've stated many people are not aware of what you're putting out there and the agenda you're having and at the end of the day you're not getting credit not that your seek it but as a public agency i've never seen this type of efforts go out to one community and justly so given the horrendous way this community has been treated but we have an opportunity to say we've heard you and number 2 we're acting upon it it didn't take that much
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money to send the message out number one to educate the community and number 2 to hold us accountable so once the promises are made they're kept and this general manager has been a part of >> thank you, commissioner well said. >> any other comments from commissioners. i will now call. sir you've been standing there so i'm going to call you up. was that a surprise >> generally they call you out (laughter). >> you know, commissioners, there are 3 very important items
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here. and we really can't do justice in 3 minutes. on the water supply outlook i'm interested in the tunnel i'm focused on the mountain tunnel layers focused just like i was at the cooling versus damn. under the sewer improvements program as dr. espanola jackson stated clearly do not ever think if you can bring spur and other types of organizations like spur they will come into our community and tell us what's really good for us. they may talk about what's
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happening in the rest of the city and that's fine and i know what it is because i ran the presidio. so i know what tenants can be brought in the best way. i can take you to the presidio and show you the nurseries my the water treatment plant and the compulsions center that we have and including the d-3 system and so forth. so don't challenge us and is that in zip code 914124 and 34 you've got the big reservoir and the 07 we should be treated like whatever. the constituents from those zip codes should be tread with respect.
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really speaking when you all give this presentation for about 15 or 20 minutes or half an hour give us an opportunity to give you a presentation a digital presentation and see where we take you. as for the southeast facility i've heard a lot but role nobody is zeroing in on one word community. that's the southeast facility commission building. community. while they talk they at one time that facility was meant to train people getting the jobs now nothing is happening and there's more. so it's good for me to look at you in the eye so i can go home and in the wee hours of the
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morning write what i think about the shall think goes on thank you very much >> thank you. dr. jackson >> good afternoon dr. jackson. i was very happy to hear the commission staff will make sure that the promises are kept. i would like to say in the report that was presented to you concerning southeast. when mayor brown in 1996 when he became the mayor of this city it states that the mayor brown by letter to the board of supervisors determined you see what that what happened we were set up by the voters. you know, it went, in fact, that
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we would get what we got. now, everything can't be explained to you in 3 minutes but i'm concerned about the statement that was your concern francisco can about the greenhouse. the greenhouse is part of 18 hundred oakdale under the commission. we were under the water department and dpw there was no sewers and you talk about that does not include the fact that we are still a commission the poimentsdz are done by the mayor of the city not by you and i'm not going to allow and accept accept the fact you want to displace the commission we knew
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nothing about the sewer when they built the tall building and we've been involved in smelling ever since 1950 i want you to take a look at when there's a meeting you don't operate under the rules in san francisco when there's a meeting about the greenhouses i want you to commissioners to be involved i want you to hear what occurred prior to the commission even being even though up and have the meeting that involved with having greenhouses in that area because that was part of the roger when he was the ceo he brought them to us in bayview hunters point and said this is what we need. now there's a lot of things that can be discussed but i don't want you to hallen to try and
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make decisions on our own to how you may feel. i time you to understand how i may feel because i was involved there were 2 which us left. it took a lot of this child do come up her and talk about this because he wasn't involved in the beginning reilly? well, he's a child into me, i'm 81 years old i can call him my baby or my child. there needs to be other meetings don't let this be the only meeting you just don't pass on anything but pass on there will be implemented meetings under
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dr. espanola jackson must be satisfied and i must be satisfied before i let you do anything >> we don't doubt that for one moment. thank you very much. i'd like to call ms. lewis >> i agree with dr. espanola jackson 3 minutes is not enough time but i'd like to start off with the key stakeholders who's been defined as the key stakeholders and what community input has been solicited when you talk about the bike tours i can image dr. espanola jackson riding a bike it seems like our it targeting other people you're not getting the input from the community. i think you need to be very careful or cache when you make
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assumptions the community is not involved we have technology that's been involved in over a decade that has the capability of cleaning without having floods and can move the sand so when you make the suments we can not only perimeter from an technology standpoint it degrades our community so this is why we have the strategy in place in the first place. when you say you reached you talked about the stakeholder analysis 3 hundred and 16 thousand reached on the social media how about in those zipped how are you reaching the people the oppose nor the social media how are those implicating the community where the sewage is
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at. like dr. espanola jackson we need to be more involved because according do article 8 b-122 you're supposed to create opportunities for meaningful discussions for the programs that doesn't mean picking a couple of people who are going on along with what i want. that doesn't mean that the community can't provide input you'd be surprised what we can contribute. i don't want you to over look we - the agenda information i don't see anything about the revenue strategy it says the offset of the revenue what is the revenue strategy generated to cover the cost and why is there a deficit
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we want to know the strategy for that facility. i mean, if there's too much to cover in a short term the whole reason for the mitigation is the wrongdoing that the city has done to the community and its community has been eliminate in the opportunity to participate from the technical all the way down to the outreach strategy it needs to change >> thank you for your input and we welcome our input. does that conclude your - >> yeah. i want to make a couple of statements. first of all, i want to make sure it's clear that we are not just we're looking for people to participate and informing on green infrastructure and if someone is an expert no matter where they were we want the best
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theme we can do not only in the 92414 but all the infrastructure over the city. what's important as of the placement of the green infrastructure is important we'll focus on layers focus in the community. the other thing on outreach i'll recommend you kind of look at the groups we've stolen e spoken with to be educated we've done a lot of stuff and looking at one sheet you probability want to look at all the meetings and talk to espanol and francisco about the technologies i don't know how many years you've been to the meetings so the main point i want to be clear i'm committed in investing the resources that is needed to make a difference. i'm not gagging going to make
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the decisions of what's needed that's the purpose is for them i can't listen to a thousand people saying a thousand different things we need people to come together that's why i'm investing in the community facility commission to help get all the information and inform us on what to do. the purpose is to give a background we are going to set meetings that's why i'm coming to june for our retreat and i'm going to ask you to help facilitate and work with the community to inform us of how we can make a difference in the community if you want clarification or talk about the outreach plan or who the stakeholders are we'll work through the commission and we
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can work this stuff out. right now it's the baseline and i'm happy to work with anyone maybe the commissioner wants to say something >> thank you general manager. okay, please >> good afternoon commissioners. i'm eddy one of the commissioners. dr. jackson. i'm a new commissioner on the southeast commission and i appreciate the fact that under the general manager's leadership and his competent that they are reaching out to the commission and trying to establish some type of framework for us to focus on the mission statement that is set forth for the community. that's to a involve the community but unfortunately so
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far there hadn't been enough effort to reach out to the community where the members are implicated and the most vulnerable population out in the southeast. we know that not only the amending italian in the southeast is implicated greatly but because of the demographic change in the last 10 years the asian pacific islander and the latino population 38 they needed need to have cultural strategy to focus on them so they too understand they're part of the community and get even though guidance regarding the greenhouses. we talk about the deficit one of the things about having spruce is to have the opportunity to use the funding for the scholarships for the youth and


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