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tv   [untitled]    April 20, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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the neighborhood we moved are a highly successful erosion control project with a broadway featuring it attracts many visitors and i've had the pleasure of going to those volunteer gathering people are absolutely dedicated to the park there's a diverse array of people there are concerts and help for local neighbors who save the roosevelt projects and traffic issues this is a been a continuing source of controversy but you guys have done a
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fantastic job and being tenacious supporters for the potholes and getting those things fixed and richard has an ongoing relationship with the pg&e and making sure that company fuels it's obligations. it's been a pleasure in my time in office to be able to work with you two and the organization. i can you're not going anywhere but after more than a decade of service you get an a you are entitled i'll not call it a break but a slight step back and on behalf of the board of supervisors i really want to thank you for your service i know that supervisor breed has comments >> thank you supervisor wiener. supervisor breed >> and supervisor wiener beat me to honoring you when he told
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you you were going to be stepping back richard i was wondering who was going to take over. you make sure the park is beautiful. the reason why san francisco is a better place because people like you compliment your life for the better time of the fabricated. i enjoy not only working with you a is supervisor but as a community. i know you're a district 8 resident we share an important part and we've worked together weeping we'll continue to have that relationship we've got a lot of work to do in the city and appreciate your work over the years making things better at bonding investing park and thank you, bob for being a quiet force in trying to make a
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difference and again, i tell people that we have some of the best constituents in my district because i all not only fight for what you building in but roll up our vehemence to make the difference. so thank you so much for your service (clapping.) richard i'll go first, because the silent guy does the best follow-up. it's been an honor and fun service the buena vista neighborhood you both said i think there will be a role importing but a good time for
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fresh idea and david burka new neighbor is going to provide that for us. i want to especially thank supervisor wiener for his incredible support since you were elected and moss more recently supervisor breed it's been a wonderful opportunity and supervisor wiener represents 80 percent of our district and supervisor breed is right on the they were bored and been supportive i can't emit another supervisor. i've met so many wonderful and dedicated and talented members of the family certainly with the rec and park department people throughout the chart of people
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from senior to the apprentices and also san francisco police department park station with the leadership which so many wonderful captains over the years and servicing on the citywide board with the command staff. especially share this honor and it's really due to the neighbors especially our buena vista association members that send in the checks that bob processes and all the volunteers that we've hosted over the years. it's an honor and i hope we leave a little bit of good things behind and look forward to continued prosperity for buena vista (clapping.) >> i want to second what
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richard said i want to thank you it's quite an honor we didn't expect and i am the person who was behind the scenes and the majority of the work that's been done over the last decade has been done by richard he's done an amazing job to keep the departments connected and it's necessary the police department and the park department. he's done an amazing job going to the meeting so i just want that on the record and again, thank you all very much
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(clapping.) >> thank you, supervisors i want to acknowledge our supervisor campos for the next presentation. >> thank you, very much. mr. president, it's my honor to recognition the sf island (clapping) if i may schism - ask them to
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come forward. sf island is a network of organizations that's dedicated to advancing the rights of immigrant communities in san francisco. i want to acknowledge the following 13 organizations that make up sf island it's appropriate we recognize them today, we'll be voting latter in this meeting as declaring this is a april for them >> this is for the african network and the organizing center the asian-americans advancing just the asian pacific islander outreach and chinese for follicle and the costs delores community services and
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the other organizations. and people organizing to the village and economic rights. i'm grateful for the work that sf island has bun doing in san francisco pushing for comprehensive immigration reformer and pushing for a accessible legal services and community education, and councilmember taylor the immigrant population in san francisco for so many years since 2006 when they were created it's served many people in san francisco and this is a celebration day it's the 8th annual immigrant day where the st. island comes to city hall to raise awareness about the
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immigrant community. sf island is realizing the immigration project the multiple community based project done in accumulation with san francisco and capturing the low income immigrants in san francisco that have been touched by the services by sf island we have a well-informed understanding of what true immigration means it's more than welcoming immigrants. it is a means to supporting immigrant communities and leading a dig if i did lives without fear of culture or linguistic barriers. finally today is the day i've noted earlier we'll be voting on this april as immigrant month in
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san francisco. i want to thank in advance my supervisors and before i close i want to give you a background of sf island it began in 2006 and because of growing concerns that the immigrant in san francisco had regarding the debate on immigration around the bill. those organizations came together the 13 groups in recognition that working together was really the best way to service the communities. they know that contingent education and legal services needed to work closely to be effective. without a resource of information to turn to immigrants had no place to go and as a result they become prey for predatory attorneys and
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fraud and received a lot of bad information. within sf island the collaboration hats grown a new capacity among the organizations and has helped people overcome isolation and made the population which is 36 percent of the san francisco populations. it's my privilege to recognize sf island and for more of your continued success (clapping.) actually i'd like to recognize supervisor avalos to make a few commits but thank you supervisor avalos for the incredible work of the network >> thank you. i'll be brief.
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i was around 2006 working with eric which sf island was established and it's one of the things i'm most proud of by being part of the experience of the community coming together and decide we are that going to come out into the open about our need to protest our rights as people in the san francisco area for immigrants it came out of a year of hysteria that supervisor campos talked about the bill that was really trying to do what arizona is doing across the whole country that was so much fear and anxieties put into the community in the bay area we thought it was important to have people on the ground to share the latest informational but to
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have lawyers to protect people if they get cat up in round ups. the next year there was a round up that ice was doing people that worked were approached by ice and in the lower sf island were part of that to prevent immigrations from happening. we had organizations that were working all over the world and that power has been evident year after year so thank you for moving the immigrant rights forward you've voice has been essential and we've been to succeed. i'm proud of the work you've done
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(clapping.) so on behalf of the san francisco did not and educational workshop some of the members we serve are here. thank you supervisor campos and others for this accomodation people's 3. we want to thank you for your incision and through your funding as supervisor campos mentioned we've served over 20 san franciscans with linoleum gimmickly based services. and, you know, we want to recognize all our neighbors who came out for this recognition today (clapping) it's a day of civic engagement so for all of us to be here is a
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great experience for our members. we also want to acknowledge that later today, there will be a vote to declare it immigration month but for to provide access for services for low income communities. and also one last thing. i know your awarding an accomodation but we have gifts we have beautiful t-shirts we have one for each of the supervisors and a copy of the immigration final report >> may i invite all of my colleagues for a picture.
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(clapping.) (chanting). >> thank you sf island. and with that colleagues why don't we go to the rest of our agenda. item 26 is a motion to confirm the reappointment term ending february 2018 to the treasure island board of directors.
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colleagues, can we take a roll call vote >> supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. supervisor mar. supervisor tang. supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. supervisor campos. supervisor chiu. supervisor cowen. there are 11 i's. this motion is approved item 27 >> is a motion to conform the reappointment from the mayor's office to the treasure island development authority board of directors. >> supervisor yee. >> thank you supervisor chiu. i wanted to make a remark on item 26 i realized it passed by but it's similar. i want to express from the rules
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committee my support of vivian for her reappointment to the treasure island redevelopment authority. vivian brings with her a record of achievement in urban planning and development. we're blessed to have her for her dedication to the community. i hope you will all join me in supporting vivian reappointment. i wanted to make those comments similar to john paul but mainly because this commission to me is so important this authority what we're going to do at treasure island and how we're going to move forward those are two strong individuals that will make the attempt to transform treasure island very successfully thank you very much
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>> i want to echo our condominiums around vivian. colleagues, a colleagues, any future discussion same house, same call? . madam clerk, call item 28 >> to appoint eddy who's term is excelsior on community development. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you very much mr. president, i want to briefly note i will be voting against this appointment. it's nothing against this individual. >> boo. >> if i could ask the members of the public we have a rule not to express either support or oppose positions to comments by the public or members of the board supervisor campos. >> i respectfully spilt i believe there are better options in terms of the way this seat is
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someone who will reflect and advance the needs of the low income communities and i respectfully submit that this individual is connected to bright lighted defenses that's not operated in a spirit that's consistent with the way that this seat is described. reflecting and vans the needs of the low income neighborhoods easy communities i'll respectfully be voting no >> supervisor breed. >> thank you. i also will be voting to oppose is recognition of eddy. i think personally he's a nice person but i have serious concerns about the organization that what we represents. as you know recently i've had to
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deal with the situation involving midtown residents and in my district. i live in this community i come from public housing i know those residents i said beforeblast whether i'm a supervisor or not the types of decisions i make for my constitutes are the best decision but i don't support people that make decisions that are for the community bright light has concerns. as they communicate their message. i unfortunately cannot reconcile supporting a person who supports this organization and the whole point of this committee is to help and serve the poor and bad
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decisions in people who don't use the best judgment are why as someone grouping in public housing experiencesed some of the challenges the lack of appropriate social services and the lack of access and the quality programming overall. i want to make sure that when people are put in the positions to make decisions for people that i represent that i know i can trust they'll have the best interests for them. i don't know if i feel the judgment of this gentleman in the case of the situation i dealt with and in contrast i'll not be supporting him today >> supervisor mar. >> i want to speak in favor of eddy i understand what my colleagues are saying about
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bright line but i feel he has worked on local hire and cutting policies in city he works with the people to empower them and i feel eddy has a strong community background in the arts and i appreciate that. in addition to the empowerment work especially in the low income communities. i think other campaigns he's been involved this in will help him to make fair decisions on the commission >> thank you supervisor yee. >> thank you. i want to express any support for eddy's reappointment on the community development. eddy has developed relationships
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with community based organizations and has worked on a number of important issues in our city including workforce development and great at facilitating communication among different parties. ed yours sincerely, i didn't was appoint last fall and dedicated his dedication as a thought member. some of the concerns that were brought up during his rules committee were about the organization of his employment but eddy stands on his own merit. eddy shows a lot of promise and colleagues i'll support his reappointment today >> thank you supervisor wiener. thank you, mr. president i'll be supporting eddy appointment to this committee. i've known eddy and worked with
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him over the last several years and found him to be very bright and thought of and hardworking. i know there are also going to be disagreements on different issues. i certainly doesn't agree on everything but that's natural i don't agree with every organization on everything. supervisor avalos >> i also will be supporting eddy i've been able to work with him and he's been a part of institutional change effecting local hiring in this city and changing practices that for a long time have not been lifting up communities of color and helped to build the coalition
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through bright line that will enable us to win 8 votes on the board of supervisors and create a sea change in san francisco how to prepare people for publicly workforce projects. he's been involved in a number of struggles over the years as supervisor mar indicated helped to promote green jobs in san francisco. we've not lived up to the great promise we should have as a green city we need more advocate and eddy will be strong. >> thank you supervisor chiu. >> thank you, mr. chair. >> i'm sorry supervisor breed - >> thank you, mr. chair i will be joining my colleagues in supporting eddy he's one of the
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hardest working and atheist advocates and along with his organization of bright line i've found their work for green jobs and hiring and for building important community partnerships to be instructional in moving forward for significant project. i know that the support he has on the ground from representatives from dr. espanola jackson to a b u confirms the work he's done i'm happy to support him >> thank you supervisor breed. >> i want to add a few more comments i've not worked with eddy but what i've experienced with my midtown. i don't have a large laundry list of experiences but i felt
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the judgment of bright line and it was problematic for the residents that's the reason i'm making a decision like that for clarity purposes i heard a lot of great things about eddy and his work and i'm glad that are other great experiences and maybe in the next couple of years this might change bow for now i'm concerned about the judgment of it organization as a whole and i can't i don't feel comfortable moving forward with that, i wanted to make that clear >> supervisor kim >> i have the pleasure of seeing eddy because his office is on my way to city hall i find eddy to be thought of and


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