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tv   [untitled]    April 22, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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forward to have the integration with the waterfront and i want to commiserate the folks from the ferry 16 last week the seal ferry sank and there was a disaster call from a boy who use a cell phone the south coroner came forward confirmed there's out of the 4 hundred plus people there's one hundred of people dead among the victims were two chinese men and women and a russian student only one hundred
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and 44 passengers were rescues and one hundred plus remain thinking accounted for and people stays near the ship to help everyone there was not enough jackets to help everyone. after receiving the disaster call the south coroner authority dispatched 73 helicopters. i want to revoke one of our baseball person who made a genero generous donation for the rescue and also want to recognize for those who want to learn more follow twitter at the the pray
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for south korea but i'd like to ask the board to adjourn in recognition of the victims in this tragedy. the rest i'll submit >> thank you supervisor kim. supervisor campos. thank you, madam clerk and supervisor kim for that enemy and supervisor avalos for the memoriam and certainly like to be added to a co-sponsor of that. i want to acknowledge the brave men and women and would like to be added as a co-sponsor of that legislation today and i think we're back to normal at the board because i see this gentleman dressed in red. i have a couple of items the first is a reducing resolution
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it's commending the wildness act in 1964 president lyndon johnson signed the wiliness law into law it designated certain wild federal lands for the use of the american people in such a manner that will leave them unpaired for future uses and enjoyment as wilderness they provide habitats for wildlife and cam and fishing and has places to inspire refugee for our modern world it is critical for filtering the air we breath and service as a watershed for the water we drink
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it has a national effect her in the bay area we're lucky to have two wilderness sites the fair wilderness and the seashore so again, today is earth day we commemorates the passage of this landmark legislation and celebrate the significance of our presently system and look forward to our support and thank you supervisor campos for you support. the last item is very important to my district and it's a resolution that i am proud to introduce today along with mayor ed lee. i want to thank you mayor ed lee office for their help in pitting this together including diana and parker torres from the
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office of office of economic workforce development. i want to thank the following community members who have been working eric and another gentleman from the social society and desiree from the heritage. 24th street features vibrancy and unmatched moifrlg in san francisco at least most of us who live in that area building so. this resolution establishes the latino currently district in so doing we're celebrating a richness of culture and entrepreneurs. this is the heart of the district. i'm proud along with the mayor i'm introducing this resolution which is the first step in the
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process to preserve the integrity of the latino district and the first step in promoting it's spirit it for the special use district like japantown and chinatown and north beach. the community within the latino cultural district is witnessing rapid change with the affordable housing crisis that's over taken san francisco. with the avoidance of the mayor's office office of economic workforce development specifically a grant san francisco heritage is conducting a latino historical research project to identify culture and buildings and murals that are important to the city's latino history so we can better preserve those institutions. however, even with the effort to
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study the efforts the latino members e members of the community determined we need to immediately legislate to formerly recognize the historical and cultural significance of the latino a neighborhood so we protect it from disappearing. with more 2 hundred businesses this is an on and on classify food stores and kooefz and mexican bakeries and bunchs and gift shops and many businesses that simply serve the need of local residents. we celebrate long-term businesses roosevelt and others. but recognition of the neighborhood is urgent as we recently fought for st.
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passports to stay in the neighborhood we've been saddened by t by the workshop that left because of the rent. this is the largest collection of murals and hosting a lot of events that enlighten the neighborhood. officially the latino cultural district is distinct because of the murals that adorn the walls for instance, there are the highest collection of murals it was carried out in 1472 by the latino and in 1984 more than 27 murals were added to the outdoor
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collection focusing on the complex in north america and expressing anger over violations and promoting peace. additionally with the latino cultural district businesses, resident and arts organizations and long established nonprofit agency have collaborated to organize the event like the caesar chavez parade and other things. latino based organizations have been to serve the need of the community and promote culture like the neighborhood centers and myths education inc. and mission culture center for the art and mural arts and visitor center the mission association and latino and the theatre. the very exciting day to be part
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of this to preserve the mission and promote it's character. i think within the context of the changes it is important for the city to take the step and once thank you to the mayor ed lee the rest i'll submit >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you. i had that item i want to introduce first of all, happen earth day colleagues. today, i'm introducing along with supervisor breed, supervisor campos, supervisor mar and supervisor wiener an ordinance to initiate a clean reinforces aggregation program mayor ed lee obtained to clean power sf but have no other solution with one hundred
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percent renewable electricity we can implement our own program but in the morning afford to do nothing. in 2008, when we established the green house gases we were a climate leader but we're not a leader anywhere it's been up and running since 2010 and we joined another district in serving the customers. until we have one hundred percent clean electrically. one hundred percent clean power can a way to reduce our green house gas emissions. the strategy was put out by the department of the environment. it was referenced clean power
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was redacted and white out on the climate action strategy so we have the department of the clean power that's in favor and the administration is not. the charge that's in favor. we have administration at odds with itself when it comes to climate change. nearly half of the green house gas emissions reductions in the city comes from this development of electricity. the initial thirty we can't program resulted in the many tons of carbon monoxide per year everyday a further delay contributes to one hundred and 49 tons of co2 and in the days
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since the public utilities you been public utilities commission san francisco has into the weedslessly generated 80 million pounldz of carbon monoxide. the ordinance will invent the process of evaluating san francisco's ability to join merry run clean energy and urges the public works to compare the clean power to implement whatever best bipartisan's prices and renewable energy contents and fund the projects. i thank my colleagues and look forward to this coming to committee. thank you supervisor campos. supervisor wiener >> thank you, madam clerk. speaking of reducing pollution in the environment i want to make a comment about public
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transportation and particularly funding of public transportation. and as it relates to the former sales force site that will be the site as proposed of the warriors arena. but also the usf project. i understand the usf project as i understand the ucsf project we'll be paying significant and affordable housing fees and infrastructure fees will not be pagan one penny in the impact fees. i thought we were maybe finally turning a corner on that and as i was informed yesterday apparently not. so we've seen project after project come through this board
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paying sometimes nothing in impact development fees and the transit needs in the city, you know, we're continuing to move in the wrong direction we need more transit and transit investment not less that's going to play a key roll in meeting the future needs of the city. so i hope we can get more focused and bring more money into transit not continually remove that money from transit >> thank you supervisor wiener. supervisor kim >> i forget to ask for the memoriam of the folks that disappeared in the sea. >> thank you supervisor kim
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supervisor campos. >> briefly i forgot to thank laura lane greatly appreciated that. >> thank you supervisor campos that concludes the business. >> go the general public comment. >> to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to three minutes. . please direct our remarks to the board as a whole nor to the audience. speakers using transportation assistance will be using twice the amount of time and if you
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need things on the power point please let sfgovtv know >> first speaker and it's good to see you back. >> thank you very much mr. president. i'd like to talk about the lane gush who doesn't know english >> (speaking foreign language.) >> ladies and gentlemen. yesterday mr. vice president i closed my business. today, i have 72 years and one day if you don't believe me i
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have my id to show you. i would like to tell you someone else i decided after thirty years i'm fight for the homeless. give us hard time and wake you up and do it in the nice young ladylike kim to go and dislabel them to see how she make me cry she's one of the people who believed what i said here. and she by her eyes have helped to feed the homeless people. that lady is she allowed me to for her lovely - thank kim and everyone must be doing something
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like you did. ladies and gentlemen, i have encourage to advise you to tomorrow to our building 8990 every month we have people that - and we have tomorrow and i'm going to be there with our kim and our mr. mayor. ladies and gentlemen, in that lovely time i'd like to tell you after thirty years i give you hard time and good time and you - i'd like to tell you today going to be my last day. thirty years i'm here try to give you. - here you can see the man, i
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worked for him and that second one which i like to - i am going to quit but i'm going to put i - by making future as of you to give good time to anyone >> thank you very much. thank you very much >> god bless you all of you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is kooefth dennis. god bless you and the city and county of san francisco. today what i want to talk about it can did you say caregivers or cannabis compassion. we know that people that live in
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cities are unusual people of color and protecting. they can't afford their medication so i'm asking the board of supervisors to force those cannabis clibz to have a compassion program. because they can and people need it. i want to thank waterfall wellness and the bay area health center and, yes thank you very much commissioners for listening to me and i hope you take some action on getting people medicine for free who income. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon.
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supervisors i'm pete executive director of library yours association first of all, we certainly think it's appropriate to adjourn in memory of garcia marcus the latino district sound like a wonderful thing and how ironic the sponsor of it did so much of the destruction of the mural that was on there for thirty years. last week was national library week and april 16th was library national day we hear about civility and the mayor talking about sift but unfortunately at the library the biggest lawbreakers are the library
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itself in the person of the city librarian and the library commission you've heard about the ways in which the law was violate the commission even took a vote to ignore an order of determination from the sunshine task force that's the official sunshine guardian. in the face of the law breaking library the mayor sent a letter to ask for penalty force the behavorial no analysis of the solutions only a jump in the punishment. the ailing weighed in with a two page letter saying the increases and rules were highly problematic and we'll have more
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to talk about later. thank you. next speaker. >> ask sfgovtv - i've got my mccarthy bicycle i'll read some of the interesting notes on gaky 8 and 9 and 10 bashing are a easter turned my heart i want to put this up on sfgovtv. and she spent two hours and 20 minutes talking about this new bay bridge. and i commend supervisor campos both of the people she
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interviewed one from the sacramento beach charles is an investigative reporter that said how dangerous this bridge is and calling for an investigation on the cable where it hits the socket and another man a dr. who's the professor of civil and environmental engineering at the uc berkley and teaches a class on the architecture design on the bay bridge. i called in and the dr. asked me to ask you to give him one half hour he met with former mayor willie brown and nancy pelosi and the secretary of the navy and mentioned to the secretary of navy this bridge is anchored to itself. there's no anchors to this bridge and the secretary of the
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navy admitted it's like putting our anchor to the ship it won't hold and the caltrain said the ancestor bolts red china made the cable and the bolts are modestly made in the united states of america. in the book of ester how do you know you haven't come to the kingdom - >> thank you. next speaker, please good afternoon president chiu and supervisors i'm glad that the 2014 marathon here's from 2002. that the race went well. and so ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i was alone i took a city ride i
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didn't know what i would find in the city there and in the road and the city tidy see another kind of lie there are oh, do i supervisors suddenly see you oh, did we tell you, we need you president chiu every single day of our lives you didn't run you didn't ride you knew i wanted you to lead us we meet again for i have told you. who upper meant to help them lead us who and we do surely need you everyday single day of our lives. got to get you into our lives. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i was alone i took a ride up to sacramento didn't know what i
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will find there and saw president chiu another kind of mind and suddenly i see you as good it's good to see you. again. >> next speaker. >> thank you. i'm a rug yes, please. thank you very much. thank you. i'm a rug >> ma'am, could you speak a little bit closer to the microphone. >> i'm a rug i have told no one i was coming and mayor ed lee has convened a task force on the severely mentally ill homeless
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population. he's trying to decide what to do. i'm not on the task force i have been attending the meetings and i would like to offer a few statistics today. the 1955 the year 1955 the rate of institutiontion held instead today in 2005 we would have nearly a million people in mental institutions but i have another statistic from the bureau of justice statistics. it's from the 2006 report. i'm going to have a handout that's one page i would be so grateful if you board of supervisors will read it we have 2 million people in prison according accident justice of statistics 4 hundred thousands
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are suffering from psychosis. we're not throbbing anything but psychosis. 4 hundred thousand is 40 percent of the million that would have been institutional listed had the rate in the city not having had institutionaltion. the point is we have people institutionalized and 40 percent of the population that would have been institutional listed (inaudible) >> thank you very much. >> next speaker. >> i'm going to sit this up this is the way to


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