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tv   [untitled]    April 23, 2014 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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with those and the grants and all of the support that we give our students in the classroom through qtea, thanks very much. >> thank you. >> thank you, again. and thank you for your service on this committee. thank you very much. >> and i know that it is time consuming and it is voluntary. >> item f. public comment, i don't see any. >> consent calendar. >> motion and a second on the consent calendar. >> so moved. >> thank you. >> any items withdrawn? >> president fewer there is one correction this evening, 2 a, 144-22 b1, award grant number four on page 23 of your agenda. and the amount of money has changed from $120,000 to $478,884.90. and the amount is including benefits over a three-year period.
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>> could i ask you a question. >> okay, so the term, i asked a question about this, is the term of this actually three years and not one year? >> yes. so initially, it was thought that it was a one-year contract and the benefits were not included in that initial figure, but it is actually over a three year period. >> so, is the compensation and benefits 438? or is it the compensation, still 120? >> it is the compensation and benefits. >> okay. >> thanks. >> any items removed for the first reading for the board. >> okay. any items severed by the board for discussion and vote? >> commissioner wynns? >> thank you. i would like to sever w16 and w17. on page 50 and 51. roll call vote will take place
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under section o. h, none tonight. >> i, none tonight. >> requests to speak regarding general matters. so we have many speakers signed up this evening. as i call your name, please come to the podium. and let's see, jennifer green, alex, thompson, and margery miles, racel and hope williams and christie feori and lindon hill and davis, ana arevalo, dens rodrequez, michael hooper,
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sellers, okay. and i will call the next list after these speakers. two minutes each, please. >> thank you. thank you very much, i want to thank, is this ester very much for helping us guide us through this process to have us all here. >> excuse me, audience, please, two minutes. >> thank you and thank you board, and district staff that have provided us with information, as best that you could along the way. and we are new traditions public elementary school and we are a small school of 260 students, and half of whom qualified for free and reduced lunch, we have a vonning pta representative tonight with 160 ems and we love our teachers and students and family and we are proud of our school, i am the pta president and i am jennifer green and i work for a non-profit as does my husband and we love, we rent and we stay in san francisco, because we love this school.
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you have a committed caring community of parents and teachers and professionals and a social worker and a student alumni ready to share with you their wealth of experience and perspective and also we have the parents and listening on the radio tonight, and we offer the on the ground experience and how the decisions made here will effect us. and we are here as a result of a combination of experiences starting with our difficult in tracking our own pta trust account, and even with the best efforts of committed district finance staff. and the difficulty of hiring new monitors, has been impossible, and lastly, we are receding our preliminary budget, that was cut with the increase in students next year, we participate in the community forums and we manage and raise the funds for the pta and we run a small non-profit to support our school and we learns that the terms and
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systems and floors and formulas and we want a better understanding and more transparency, regarding the decisions to be equal partners. we support and believe in equity like you and we want the students who need more funding for the critical basics to receive them at our school and every school in the district. not every school can have or afford a pta to make-up for lack of funding, or relying on us does not and we just..., i can't wait hear from all of us. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> two minutes. >> my name is alex thompson and i have a second and a fifth grader at new tradition and as we struggled to find out how the per funding could be going down as we grow and reach the maximum capacity of the school the staff at the district has given their time and helped us walk through the formula and the floor plan calculation it appears that there is a flaw in the weighted student, the k-3, there is no way for the amount
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allocated under basic education, to pay for the classroom teacher at the agreed upon class sizes. the teacher's base salary cost must be subsidized by amounts ear marked in the wsf for ell, and sfef, and including the larger class sizes allowed in 4 and 5, the only way for a site, basic allocation to pay for the classroom teachers and nothing else. is if we are at 99 percent capacity. that means that two students make the difference between having funds set aside for ell and fes, needs or instead using those funds if just having the teachers in classroom. for the last three years t has been too low to pay for teacher salary and this is resulted in the floor plan funding calculation to be used at half of the school programs in the district and 50 out of 102 each year. and this constricted funding
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seems to provide the minimum necessary to be called a school and does not provide what ever child may need to learn, grow and reach their potential and it has us asking, and fighting for every available dollar at the district, which gives the appearance of schools being pitted against one another for money, what is needed is a balance way to provide all students at all schools, with more than the bare minimum, the most important assets in every classroom is the teacher and right here the face of our education system and the ones that interact with each child every day and they know that their students need and asking for more help and resources, we need prioritize and keeping the teachers that we have and attracting new ones. >> next speaker. my name is mary and i am a parent at new traditions and i have two children there and i went to first grade through 12th grade here. and we started in a rabbit hole, about a year ago, trying
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to find out about funding if our new monitor and now we end up here and two minutes is not enough time. and we find ourselves here to talk about the preliminary budget for next year, which is according to the sfusd website, under the budget faqs the school sites receive and the students who have circumstances that pose unique challenges for their academic success and received the extra funding for the schools to support them and the students from the low income household who qualifis for free lunch or a student who is a english language learner will carry extra funding to a school site and that is from the faq on the website. and additionally, from the website, new california, elb standards at a glance says that all english language learners at every site received at least 30 consecutive minutes a day of
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daily dedicated eld. our school site has exactly 50 percent next year of english language learners and children from low ses, families, and yet, we are not, we are not getting any additional funding other than the base grant and 50 percent, so i have been to two community forums on the budget so far and this is a flier that i picked up for another one and it says that it specifies that the media students and the foster youth, will get the resources that they deserve and that is not what appears to be happening. when we met with young recently and tried to explain what the alex shares and sandra you asked us what did we lose and we were sort of shocked and put on the spot and we said that we did not lose anything, but we realize that we didn't have anything to lose. so we are hoping for more not less. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker please?
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>> hello, board and, my name is rebecca and i am the also the past pta president, i have one sixth grader as well as my son in the third grade. and just to piggy back on alex's great words as we know the most important asset is our teach and her they are the face of our education system and they are the ones that interact with every child every day and we need you to prioritize keeping the great teachers that we have and attract the new ones to have the resources available and not asking them to do more with less, consider a minimum a cost of living increase, san francisco as you know, has the second highest cost of living of any city in the country but there are 13 cities in california alone that pay teachers more than san francisco and pay them enough to live and thrive in the san francisco communities in which they serve. >> thank you.
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>> good evening, my name is hope williams and i am a mother of a 5th grader at new traditions and uls a para professional at new traditions. >> to give you a history, i come and i was born and raised in san francisco, and i am a second generation, para professional and my mother gave, and my mother worked for the school district for over 30 years before she had to retire, and so i know the history and i love my job and i love the children. i come before you, because i am asking you to consider the population that we don't talk about. the children with special needs. that is having a disability is a challenge they should not be penalized and by constantly reducing our jobs and our hours and our pays, but yet forcing us to bridge the gap to meet the needs of these children are unfair. para professionals make these than $25,000 a year but yet we have to support our children and we want our children to
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have a quality education as well. we want to have the same opportunity as others. i would like for my daughter to see the efforts in the work that i put in to change children's lives and to be inspired to want to change their jobs. but how can she do that when she looks at me struggling every day to meet the needs, but still loving the children that i work for. so when i asked for you, i asked for you to put a face to when you put the numbers to the minutes, put a face when you are considering to consolidate jobs because you are not just effecting the children, that are trying to get an education but effecting the children who rescind our children to get that same quality education. and every child should be given an equal opportunity. >> good evening, my name is linda hills and i am the elementary advisory, and i have been for 16 years and i have had five of my grandchildren to
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go through the school and one at mission and one graduated from lul and the thing that i am talking about because i am a grand parent raising children in foster care i am concerned about the title one money that does not fall in our school, we have 41 percent of the students that are eligible and they say that we have to have a 51 percent number to get the money how the money falls no these. and to support the schools and the needs of school and it takes the burden of the parents and it also gives and it gives the sweat equity, and consider those dollars and not looking at the dollars and they are entitled to bring in the resources that we need to
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support to give them a proper education, thank you. >> next speaker. >> hi, i'm ra cell and i have a fifth grader and i am the pta volunteer who organizes the school tours and the new family transition, i am concerned as a resegregation i was drawn to the diversity and the commitment of the arts and alternative school it is the students came from all over the city creating a rich and balanced community of faith and languages and connection and beliefs, new traditions is losing the diversity that makes it special and successful. in recent year, budget cuts, has or we have lost and become a school and loss busing and each of these reductions are african american community has dwin delled and our
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disadvantaged community has decreased to 41 percent which is too low to qualify for any scg li funds, i am concerned that if the district ignores the needs of 41 percent of our community, it will not be long before those families are forced to choose schools with higher percentages of families fracturing our community and destroying our diversity and creating a system of segregated schools, thank you. >> next speaker, please? >> next speaker? >> thank you. >> sorry i was outside. my name is margery miles and my children at new traditions our pta fund-raising goals have increased in the last four years from $40,000 to $160,000. we pay for our outdoor educator and our arts and music education and half time district teach and her more. we are a school of 209
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families, one parent calculated that 68 cents of every dollar spent at new traditions beyond basic staff and building maintenance, is actually pta money. that is 68 cents of every dollar is funded by the pta. and that does not include all of the in-kind donations and parents' time and volunteering. we are keeping our shining jewel of the school, and with a lot of unseen elbow grao*es and we are doing it with the teachers who are seeing the work load increase every year and we are a full inclusion school and so our teachers have a mind bogling range of differentiation. last year my son second grade teacher had 22 students. and she had a student who was just managing to write her name, and students who were reading at the fifth grade level. and she is also teaching pe and did this all with only one
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schedule hour of prep time a week and with almost no support staff. next year, our student population will increase yet again, with a corresponding decrease in district provided support staff. and school site funding. i understand the district's desires to replenish the reserves this is what the pta is also trying to do this year since we dipped into our reviews last year to grant our teachers biggest wish, to fund a half time eld arts future. and the reserves are meant for the rainy days and in our district, it is still raining, we want our school to be able to function without depending so heavily on parents. >> thank you. >> can i have the last 40 seconds? >> okay. >> allow her 40 seconds and take one minute from the next speaker. >> we want our school board and district to prioritize the
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greater assets our teachers above expensive contracts for programs that will become redundant with the next change in educational theory. we want you to pay for para professionals a living wage to work with the special needs students on a daily basis. instead of funding reresearch projects with outside consultants. and associates. they visited our campus last year, to tell us that we are doing a fine job with our model of full inclusion and we want the reserves but we want our children educated today. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker? >> one minute, 30 seconds. >> my name is chris, and i am a teacher and a single parent. i have three children, one of which is a third grader at new traditions, i signed up for health insurance. and i was shocked to find out
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on my pay stub that it was $700 to insurance my children, i called multiple times to verify, $700 a month, at my previous school because i had moved here i have been here for two years now, my previous school in washington state i paid $100 a month and so i was shocked. and so, for the last year, two years my children have not been insured. and because i can't afford, i make too much to qualify for the state programs, and... sorry. i am working so hard at my job but yet i can't afford to provide for my children and that is just wrong. i am moving i chose to move back to washington state because my children can't have health insurance. and i do get planning time and i do get prep time and all of the things that i do not get being a teacher here. and i love the school that i am
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at but i am forced to leave to provide for my children and so i worry that more and more amazing qualified teachers are going to leave if you are giving them what they deserve. which is planning time prep time, and health insurance to cover their families, and you need to think of people and families as well as it is really important, i urge you to make a change in funding for families with children. >> thank you. >> next speaker please. >> next speaker please. respect the speaker's time, next speaker please. >> good evening, president fewer and members of the board and student delegates. my name is kina, and i am here tonight, along with parents and students representing san francisco flex academy and we are a tuition free public charter high school here in san francisco and we are located on post street in union square and we are losing our space because
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the san francisco real estate market is out of control. we stand here united today, and everybody stand up. yeah for one simple reason, please help us save our school by reconsidering your recent offer of the gloria rdavis site and save the high school that has already positively shaped the lives of 400 students over the last four years and literally saved my daughter's life last year, the solution is simple, offer an alternative spaces outlined in skaolt's response, and the great thing is that we really don't need traditional classroom space, we could use any school district office space or building that can be converted into a secondary school we are flexible no school has succeeded in the davis location and offering this location to us and the students goes against the core of the vision plan from which i quote, we must insist on it where the
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family learning and justice is a part of what great learning look like in san francisco. and san francisco flex academy is one of the very models envisioned by the 2025 plan and the mod sl one that should be followed closely and providing san francisco flex a location that actually works and the san francisco unified school district could be a proud partner in our success and it is a really great place. and we hope that you will personally observe what the school districts and educators from around the world see when they visit and we encourage you to speak with us, and learn about what the school stands for and what it has already done to change the students' lives and the future and their hopes, and last page, please embrace us and please consider another location, thank you. >> excuse me, just for clarification, sf flex academy is that one that is all on-line
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learning? >> it is mainly on-line? >> mostly. >> next speaker? >> identify yourself. >> yes, michael hooper. and i am a parent of a student at san francisco flex. my son gram has attended daily, the school there for the past three years. and so he is a junior and he has one more year to go. we live in san rafeil and so gram finds himself to the ferry and he takes the ferry, and he finds himself away to get up the hill, and does the same, you know, the other way around, and it is a challenge. it takes him over an hour, you know, to do that. he is not alone, there are kids at our school that come from east in the south, and in the north, and pittsburgh in the east. and we would have people from hawaii, if we could get them there, the school is targeting, towards a unique set of
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children. and the children that work, better, with a unique delivery. and a blended learning style, rather than the traditional teacher and 30 children learning style. it is very important and i know this is a part of your policy. so, it is very important to embrace this school. the fear is that we will lose this school, and in so doing we will lose the 60 kids that live around the bay area and probably the 80 other, kids that live in the san francisco school district. and we need to do is find a way to keep the school moving it to gloria davis is not a good solution, the accessibility as illustrated by our case is just hopeless. the same with the folks from napa and the folks from east, and the same with a lot of the folks that live in san
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francisco. so what we ask to you do tonight, is reconsider the allocation of davis, to san francisco. we know that there are option and we ask you to do that. >> thank you. >> my name is denis and they notified the parents that they needed to find a new location, the space was on april 4th i received a letter stating that they had secured a space, and the space was offered by the san francisco school district. and gloria r, davis was built to revitalize that district, the hunter's point district and since then five schools have been locate there had and they have failed, all five have failed. and the area has not been revitalized and continues to have a reputation of high,
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crime and gang related activities. this location is not acceptable for our children. and the students already face many challenges during their years. the schooling years, safety, should not be one of them. san francisco flex academy needs a new safe location. and our high schoolers deserve your support and your mission statement says, to provide each student with equal opportunity to succeed, by promoting and it goes on to list and intelligent growth and creativity and etc., and physical and mental health. and so i am asking you to please support us and find us a new location, thank you. >> next speaker, please? >> hi, my name is terry and i am also a parent and sf flex. and i just want to say that i have been a parent in the san
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francisco unified since my son was in kindergarten. and i was at sherman before it was a good school. and i helped to build that school into the gem that it is today. and i helped to build that school that the school yard that you hold up as an example of this amazing project that the parents came together and did. and my son went to roosevelt, and i was a pta board member for both schools and so i believe in the district. and my son, was struggling at roosevelt, he was struggling with the concept of 30 manage kids in the classroom and he learned differently. and if i could have found the school that would meet his needs, in the district, i would have done it. but instead, we found sfflex and it has been amazing for him. and he has gone from being a struggling student who tested high, but had low grades, to you know, a dean's list student. and that is the potential that he had, but it was not being met by the school district.
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all that we are asking, and we are not asking for money from you, we are asking for a better location, an unused site and we proposed several different sites other than davis and we were shot down. and we offered to pay a premium over what you are required to give us, and we offered to pay more per foot and offered to give more money to your schools for your teachers to get more money and all that we got back was no, davis is the only site that can work. and as far as transit, it is just hard to get down there. you know, there is examples from people trying to come from the east bay but for san francisco people it is hard to get down there. i mean for my son to commute from our house down there it is going to be a long ways. and it is hard. so that is all that we are asking, we are asking you to consider that there are other district buildings being under utilized and we asked to partnership with the leadership high and they agreed. thank you. >> thank you. [ applause ]
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>> excuse me, just for clarification, i just think that if you are not from san francisco, you may not realize, that we have one of the largest concentration of school aged children living in that area and that area houses many, many of our families and actually, in san francisco, we value our diverse population, thank you very much. >> next speaker. >> good evening, everyone. my name is ana and i have been with the district for 14 years. working in the benefits office, eight years. i have had no evaluations, no complaints, on february 14th, i was released from my position. because of unprofessional conduct from an employee that had said stuff about me. i was put on a leave for a
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whole month, once i was returned i was told that i did not have the position. i have done my position very well working with everybody in the district, i am one of the analysts that work. and i get this, unjustice, my salary has gone down like 25 percent and that is my mortgage. i have two children, and i am a single parent. one in 6th grade and my daughter in college. and i need your help. i need my position back. this is not fair, i have asked if there is something that i need to change, or be, or be helped, and i you know, i am willing to do that. but, you know, you don't give me a chance. give me a chance. don't


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