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tv   [untitled]    April 25, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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happening effectively and consistently and accurately. that's what our employees deserve. i appreciate the comments and if you need information, please let us know and we are happy to come in. >> thank you, supervisor avalos, what do you call, the joint -- power of authority. i think we need to have discussions around that so we can have consistency in terms of a public process for information for the public with this process. as i said, i have reviewed the application and reviewed information. i thought i understood it, and still not completely there. we have to continue the discussion around this issue. again thanks everyone for coming out. and we will definitely have other hearings to continue this discussion. would you like to make a motion
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on this item? >> you want to file or continue this item? >> continue. >> my motion is to continue to the call of the chair. >> thank you, without objection our item is continued to the call of the chair. madam clerk, any other items? >> no, that concludes. >> thank you, meeting adjourned [gavel] day. >> thank you for being here today to welcome air lingus to san francisco international airport i'm john martin the airport director i want to send a welcome to lingus to christofi
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mueller (clapping) joined by a number of digital tars including the mayor of san francisco mayor ed lee. mr. mayor (clapping) for san francisco and the city of cork the sister city has a relationship we're happy to welcome the deputy mayor laurie king stone raise your hand. and the cork chamber of commerce ceo conner healy. thank you (clapping) also present from the san francisco sister city committee the chairman during mat. thank you (clapping) and the business committee chair
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jim. (clapping.) and a warm welcome to the consul general of ireland phillip grant (clapping) and we have a large irish community in san francisco a lot of those folks joined us we want to welcome san francisco former gentleman representing dianne feinstein (clapping) we're pleased to have ireland's award winning service ireland and san francisco share special connections including strong hi, tech industry and a general with the bus community and 20u6r78 industry. on either side great connections of service where passengers fly
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connecting to bubonic listen and san francisco one hundred connecting flights to benefit from. we really aim to provide world-class set of standards for the industry it exceeds customer expectations and we're reviving one-hundred $2 million in upgrading our facilities including this bar-and-grill terminal to add amenity and additional services and building a new 4 hundred room 5 star hotel connected by your train system we're committed to have the services for the airline partners to air lingus and all the passengers using the airport we're to going to make this the
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easiest airport connection airport. it's now great pleasure to introduce the mayor of san francisco mayor ed lee (clapping) >> thank you john. congratulations to, you know, last year, we had 16.9 million investors come electro there 0 the airport that's express or implied so i want to congratulate john. more and more i'm coming out for events this is another wonderful occasions welcome the ceo from air lingus they spent 10 hours in the air on this flight the first and he hopefully, we'll
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endanger this in the future and because the relationship with e.r. land i want to see that san francisco and ireland are benefiting from our economy because of the relationship. certainly culturely and with the presence of our business community and sister city that's a strong reflection. over a year ago i had an opportunity to go on my first visit to cork a year and a another thing. we had a great time representing san francisco and being the the chairperson the master person of the parade for the stds in coverage we're talking about where we got the responsibility name of the lee river in coverage this was one of my first invests and i also met a
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group of kids there when i was brought to the black castle center where they teach off-street parking projects on science my technology. i made a mental note i had a great time watching the kids and being kathy how they draw in a 3-d way and seeing the excitement. i made a mental note if we're lucky enough i ended my trip meeting with the chamber of commerce and conner reflected open that we were he will hopefully a decision to regig this direct flight and i really want to be gracious and grateful to the a airline for making this appropriate decision i want to welcome not only the crew and ceo but on this integral flight
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thanks to the generosities of those we sponsored 5 of the kids for could do joe's to be in the trip they're here today, i give them some cookies with my face on them (laughter) i figured john self-we gave cookies out to the arriving passengers from the international flights we'll jump over the sky tracks someday; right? we were just laughing and celebrating we were named the third most important airport in the world they consider our airport to be friendly if we did nor cookies co- do joe's.
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they're to spend 5 days here we have a lot of technologies copy companies in the be sure but we look at bubonic listen and they're considered the nation capital of the world and from bubonic listen not only from europe but from east africa and here in san francisco we consider ourselves the nation capital we have a lot of technology companies her and the kids will be visit game developments and companies their bebe at the academy of science and the "x" platform. i hope you enjoy users here but again congratulate air lingus again for this inaudible flight
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and know we'll be supporting our convoys e criticize efforts on this action let me thank you for the opportunity to present mr. mueller with your plaque and please, mr. mueller please come on up as we palatium this day to be air lingus in san francisco (clapping) >> thank you, mr. mayor. a representative from the state assembly bill couldn't be here
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but a member of the staff is here to air lingus. i want to ask assembly member to step forward and ask christofi mueller to step forward again as well >> thank you, everyone and good afternoon. i'm norway restrict i'm here on behalf of the assembly member 39 i phil i'm here to present this plaque to air lingus. we want to thank air lingus and mr. moourt for visiting us today and on behalf of the assemblyman phil congratulations on this occasion
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(clapping.) san francisco o has a strong partnership r with attracting international service. i want to ask you to join in in welcoming sandra (clapping.) thank you, john it's my pleasure to add my thanks to air lingus we're thrilled about the tourism time between our two countries. the tour is the number one tour industry is the growth is strong it's extremely important to making sure that flight is both ways coming in san francisco and
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going to ireland. dublin is a gateway and we look forward to working with the central europe. over 50 of irish coming into san francisco come from dublin i was with may team and to promote this flight we look forward to working with i for a strong relationship pr congratulations and welcome again (clapping.) thank you, john i'd like to welcome the ceo christofi mueller >> good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, may i ask the crew please to join me on stage we have the gun is all over the place but please join me
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(clapping) so mayor ed lee and keep in mind guests thank you for the warm welcome i'm overwhelming i have not seen people to pick up their came forward to take beautiful pictures this was what difficult time for ireland but this is a contribute to what's been called in the previous speaks the technology sector in the bay area and dunn listen where month american companies have chosen to base their european headquarter and we hope to contribute to this relationship. but for you who don't know us
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lingus we're very, very old but still very modern at this time 78 years old and very modern we serve almost 90 percent of our tickets on the internet and have the most equipment we fly and recognized as being in ward regard to direction policies. it's not just technology it is going both way the island enjoyed the visitor numbers in the united states and that is attributable your landscape and very attractive hotel prices we want to continue we increased our capacity 15 percent this
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year hopefully 20 percent is usually unusual but you tourism inbound is important and the vice chairman of the island and jim is here with us to make that point again but also out bound tourism in upper california is the most attractive tourism designation in the united states and we see that today. i check the 5 o'clock we carry only 95 from the island and the rest is in paris and all over europe that's basically the next step not only to connect idling island to california and europe but the whole world. we have an irish community in
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san francisco we believe approximately 4 hundred and 50 thousand people and building it or not lingus makes half of its revenue we call them relatives and family. we have 70 million people worldwide but it's a huge market and that's basically our mission we want to complete the mission every year and this flight to san francisco contributes. we have one hundred and 50 years old we thought of something of our flying equipment it is in 3 o'clock we e 3:30 we took over the north atlantic and the designation is ireland the sf our more importantly all the the
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aircraft's is called for our crew after 12 hours of work still big miles. >> thank you very much (clapping.) i'd like to ask the crew to remain up front while we had a toast and ask the mayor to come up. a big toast to the air lingus in san francisco welcome san francisco. cheers (clapping.)
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this means good height and good look. thank you >> so what brought you out here for the bike ride today? >> i grew up in san francisco but i have been living in new
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york. i wanted to see what san francisco is doing with infrastructure. >> cities are where people are living these days. the bay area is doing a lot with construction and the way to change the world starts here. >> we are about to take a bike ride. we have 30 cyclist. i'm really excited to hit the road and see what the city has in store.
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>> i definitely recommend it to people. it's a fun afternoon and you learn so many things. >> this is so much fun. i go to parts of the city that i don't come to. this will make the city a more susta leaders. >> hi everyone i'm patrick the director of earthquake safety forever for the stoifbl and we have the ryan white fair to teach people about the made sure soft story ordinance and connect them with the services they need you can save thousands of lives and if those buildings are
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rooiftd people will be allowed to sleep in their own beds while the city is recovering. >> we're here at the earthquake ryan white center for people to comply with the ryan white or do a ryan white on their property to connect with the resources they need. i came here wondering what to do as a owner of an apartment building moderate to comply with the must rules that went into effect last year >> we don't want to go to 10 different events people said so we advise people of the event.
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so we try to be incentive not everyone is going to be able to come 0 so this fans the afternoon and the einstein >> i've decided to be here it's amazing to see all those people's here it's critical to be prepared and to recover from disasters as finishing as possible. >> i've been to a lot of shows and this one was a trufk turnout a. >> since the structure the building represents the super structure the lower part of this particle on the buildings on the corner they shack quite a bit. >> so for the floors above as
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shaking that top floor is fog go-go have no more mass and we saw in 1984 more structure destruction where we're ryan white this by adding a steel frame typically you want to brass in both directions and see how strong the building is. >> we've adapted a thirty year implementation program i worry about that was a retrofit requirement this is what we do to mitigate the shom and have's evacuation for the people and our partners. i had questions about what kind of professionals are involved in this i want to start to put together a team of people to
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help me get through this. i'm a structural engineer and i'm thrilled at the quality of the contractors and engineers >> we've taken one civic awesome and put all the vendors in one place. >> you have financing and engineers and contractor and they come here and every we're rebuilding are that the office of the city of administer and the depth thought i environment and other partners. >> all those things one little piece of a resilient piece of - >> and i felt more positive about things i thought about how
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to pay for this. >> we didn't want to have one financing option it didn't work. >> we found information about financing they are different options for different types property owners. >> we've seen them offering financially and a pool of styles for a complicated way of saying they'll be able to pay back their loans over the next two years. >> we have 3 options and secondly, to get a loan for the ryan white and the third becoming in the past program participants in that. it is encouraged along coastal
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easier where we have set time like sand and a high water table to a cause the sand to shake i'm going to get this visitation on the same bridge you'll see the water come to the surface this knocks the foundation over and pushes out the ruptured pipeline >> it is intimidating i'm talking to people as a layman who needs help. >> this is a difficult process for people to navigate we're only focused on outreach so we've got the informational and we've spoken to many different owner groups and community
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groups all across the city. >> outreach is critical for the retrofitting program the city has to get out to the community and help people said what they have to do and do it and raise finances so this program is an advocate and resource for the community. >> so why not skip to the theme. foremost and most to come we've been presenting community meetings and going face to face with community owners and helping people understand what to do >> you may be wanting to know about the sf green but this will allow you to have is a loan for the property so if you have the
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property the loan will be summoned by the new owner and this is pay back for your property taxes and the low rates this is a fantastic option. >> i'm in favor of the program obviously we're going to have a earthquake this is from an investment stewardship. >> after a few minutes with folks even if you don't agree you understand the concept. >> we've talked about being able to do this now we're going to be forced to do this it's a good thing but to pay for it. >> it's not only protecting their property but every dollar is for mitigation it truly is protecting our investment overall the city. >> it's the right thing to do.
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you can look at the soft story building and theirs like the buildings that collapsed in the earthquake and your shufrtdz to see this >> people are getting caught to get this done and if people can find a place in our homes of shelter it will keep people in their homes. >> together we'll work out of getting out of 0 disaster and making the community bringing back to what we love. >> as a level of folks we've talked about we make recommendations to make every


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