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tv   [untitled]    April 27, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PDT

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to other types of land uses what effect the businesses in san francisco and make it more challenging challenging to fill the vacancies. as they've come consolidated number one retail uses are playing a role in filling the vacancy places and seeing the retails it's likely to effect new businesses. based on the businesses that are located in san francisco this proposed change is unlikely it have a wide range effect subsidies only accounted for 12 or more corporate places they have 12 or more locations with the same trade name in the u.s. the appropriate concentration of
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commercial directed vary significantly. the existing concentration of formula retail you see in this map we looked earlier you'll see did county react differently it's not possible to define an ideal level of the concentration that would be applied. changing the definition of formula retail to businesses with at least 20 other establishment will exempt some face growing teaspoons company. so start ups in san francisco like the soup company those changes are over the they recalled of 11 their significantly smaller than well established chances that concludes my report. now you've heard the full content of the report we ask for
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your the comments from you and the public. this is by community experience and developed knowledge. the work to date is to meet the timeline of the legislators it's crucial to understanding a broad understanding of the issues we're looking to continue this engagement process through the commissions hearings. so prior to hearing the ordinance on june 5th. thank you >> thank you wonderful we'll open this up for public comment first. i have a number of speakers please line up on the screen side of the room (calling names) you can leave it in the container please. good afternoon, commissioners. >> i'm richard i'm a resident of
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chinatown. i favor nor liberal listed policy for national retail store coming to our many neighborhoods specifically chinatown. currently only walling great and subway have a staff in chinatown and well, i don't know what happened no chinatown those merchant use the they're busy and they're in chinatown but their employees are underpaid and overworked. i believe those at least the national chance stores they will pay the minimum wages or more they will follow the rules and regulations of our, you know,
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labor standards. we too have a very good office on the labor standard but they understand and i hope they will hire more people and bring everything up to code so our low income wage earners will have a better chance to make more money and contribute to, you know, up keeps and then if we don't pay enough we don't think the hospital or health care and many and school lunch and so forth. for all those reasons i favor that you liberal lists more chance stores coming to our neighborhood.
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thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon commissioner president wu and commissioners i'm ilene i'm here today on behalf of the builders and managers coalition. we're going to talk about the district 3. we know there are interim controls on proposed formula controllers that exterior next february we're concerned about the proceedings as the policymaking those controls don't go got 3-d district i ask you to look at the correlations between formula retails and large spaces there's a correlation and if you think of the mega district the consumers
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shop there we don't want to have an absent with the kind of retail personal service kind of goods and activities would use when they're working in the city and saves them a trip. i think the other thing to be mindful of the formula retail controls it puts the heavy hand of zoning on the market effort you'll see the number of vacant store front their co- related with formulate retailer. to be mindful and not do a kind of change we'll recommend the least 20 or other establishment because this allows a lot of low san francisco homegrown stores to get in but you'll get the
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kind of variety in the store front we want to have occupied we don't want to have vacant. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please >> good afternoon. i'm dee dee workingman from the chamber of commerce. the chamber of commerce has been working for the last two years on the formulate retail controls and we're pleased with what we see in the study we think it captures the current conditions of affairs regarding retail of all kinds of in the san francisco commercial districts we agree with the conclusion for the most part in that you can't have a one side fits all policy citywide that will work with the unique commercial corridors each one is different and has different needs what will serve
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one neighborhood best and so on we have to fine-tune those to work best in each neighborhood depending on the needs of the neighborhood. i'm happy to see the suggestion of about increasing the threshold the number of 11 between what you are formula not formula retail and lifting that number to 50 pr it's important we support local businesses and san francisco stature up organizations we we don't want to punish successful we love the mom and pop places we love them; right when tyler two or three and suddenly we want to open their 12th one we punishment them because their going to fall into the definition of formula
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retail. we can capture the majority of formulate retailers but allow the small businesses to grow and succeed we're supportive of that that's an intrith suggestion. i feel less supportive of the suggestion it's okay to expand the definition of formula retail to 11 or more locations worldwide. the argument you're not going to capture that many businesses this is called formula retail controls today and tomorrow. tomorrow you don't want to put a policy in place that discourages international chances from coming into san francisco they want to open their flagship store but their discouraged from
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that that would be a mistake that's a policy we won't support. that's a recommendation that couldn't of that study but germany think the study speaks to flexibility and balance and is really great and we're pleased. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm technically can brown i'm here on behalf of myself more importantly for the people i serve i'm a health aid i've been in the bus for public service a a long time. it's important to me. the people that i serve i'm passionate about it. the report was beautiful but i want you guys to remember that
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the seniors they don't have access to get a lot of places because they have to depend on their family and friends and paratransit and other forms of transportation. i myself that's where i come along that would effect them and my job as well. i do a lot of walks with senior citizens to cvs to give them a sense of independence and quality of life. a lot of the sentencing the baby boomers are able to stay at home longer they have people like me to come and take them on walks or pickup their prescription or walk around the neighborhood and see what is the go on. ii want you to be mindful it's
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not about the business the business the business about the people. seniors are part of the community a lot of times we if the record could reflect about them and their needs. so i guess i want to say if they can get here a lot of time are not aware of what's going on i make it my business to talk about current events with them so - thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm paul wormer. i'd like to take the observations i have in the upper philadelphia district and first note that the percentage of
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formula retail in the upper fillmore is very small 28 percent for the clothing, however, if you instead count formula retail dipped today and looking at the multiple national companies it's subsequently higher because it's a highly desirable street and when you have this people want to go there because there's customers. this is an interesting district in san francisco i see a lot of relating low priced stores. it's repeat happening it's an exciting place called the mission. how many of those cost effective stores serving low income populations are going to withstand the competitive threat the trigs e pricing threaded
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bleeding i can't get into the fillmore anymore because their taken by national contributor but there are a lot of little groceries on corners and there are a lot of other businesses they can't be paying much rent because their customers are not that wealthy. think about how that plays out when you define formulate retail there are a large number of companies that are not captured by the definition which i find that an extremely appealing area maybe i'm paranoia we z don't have to worry about those that are using those merchants in the
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area. thank you >> if you want to come to the podium i'll call important names. >> hi i'm here on behalf of the youth that use those stores for jobs year around we need those jobs to keep the kids out of trouble it keeps us businesses. we're all young adults we need to know how to work and we need the working experience you put all those small businesses there won't be enough work for us they won't hire us i've worked at targeted and safest way if you take away that stuff where will he go. that's all >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi commissioners good
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afternoon. i'm here to speak on the on behalf of the stores also. i just want to say those stores provide a large amount of minority with jobs if you take those away we won't have much to look forward to. i'm also to say that the stores are helpful for elderly people that only have the use of the public transportation access to pharmacies easily and also i want to say that the stores is also helpful to a lot of the in connection families in a lot of the community in san francisco so if you take those stores away the crime wave will go higher in san francisco. that's all i have to say thank you. >> next speaker.
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>> hi commissioners i'm jay with the san francisco realtor. we believe in walkable exciting merchant corridors with we want to echo many workman's thoughts and recommendations. we that that having a number above the current 11 above the cap is exciting keep that in mind that number to 20 unite it defined as the retail institution now i, you know, which kind of neighborhoods that are serving the formulate retailers you're letting in or keeping out. the report we think highlights the success of the cu process in preserving neighborhood character and letting in business owners that help the neighborhood. we highlight the grocery store
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and the pharmacies providing walkable merchant corridors. expansion of the rail use will hurt the cu process that exists we're concerned about that. form of because the cu process has been so successful we think that over all abandons that were suggested i similar attack that process and don't allow our neighborhood character to evolve in the process. the report highlights the vacancies that remain vacant because formula retail rents it for the spaces and formula retail is the only answer to the spaces so we recognize the
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importance of large spaces and the formula retail filling those and we lifeline leave an opportunity for that to happen >> thank you and before the next speaker comes up i mean, i'll call for names. >> hi i'm a residential counselor with the homeless view in san francisco. i support sponsors being built her in the city open a personal note i see the good that having those i refer to them as chains in the city for the sole fact they provide jobs for the homeless. when they opened the city target here in 0 san francisco like within the drop in center i work in i haven't seen a time a
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higher rate of our youth getting hired. i remember in one week we had 6 youth getting hired at target. i go in the city because i like the small businesses that san francisco offers. i understand the opposing side to having the store but i try to focus on the positive and the fact it creates so many jobs. san francisco is constantly going to get global traffic the tourists here. someone was speaking earlier and said this is the unique city because of the water on both sides we're not a normal city. i don't feel that the small businesses would suffer as much here because this is a tourist
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city san francisco is unique there maybe change everywhere but i support this and still go to mom and pop shops along with chains. i think having them here create more jobs so far people who need them to better the situation that they're currently in like those that i work without in the street. thank you >> next speaker >> i'm ann i'm a resident in chinatown and many elderly and for them to shop in the big and
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larger labor store to beau things by one stop. also a big store like walling ground or target and safest way would save our money in town by - also a large store places would be helpful because the price of a reasonable the place is safe and clean so i would really happy to have a large store like target and labor space so thank you
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm here in support of having nor chance stores within the san francisco community although do you want was we saw on the map was fooling with a lot of retail stores and have tourism there's place around san francisco the fillmore was mentioned although there are businesses that are being started and coming to the areas we have a lot of large spaces that are still available. we should notice the mom and pop stores are not able to move into the largely spaces but they're available for larger chance stores and are able to give people jobs and i also work on larkin street and was around
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with the city target opened up we had 6 clients and 20 or thirty that were building their resumes trying to get to space where there was an available job. as for me to you like the idea i'd like to see it everywhere i notice on her map it's been designated in some areas like the bayview and little blocks we've having had a lot of mom and pop stores because the upper chance stores are not willing to take the chance but i'm hoping you guys are considering this but adding some type of hiring the residents of the
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neighborhood or some type of having them work with the programs they do work with the community as all the chance stores what goes on into inside did community it's possible that small businesses and big businesses can still work in the same place and be successful we know in san francisco you go down dot what if i still buy t-shirts downtown. that won't stop me from going into target and buying a giant t-shirt has well. i think that san francisco keeps people left out it's a unique dallas place to have all those things in one place we have so many different places in san francisco we'll be able to fit
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larger retail and smaller retail stores and still provide a place for the community. thank you. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. i lived on alamo square i'm retired and take pleasure on shopping by foot. if you restrict the cd to only local businesses you're likely to see to that there are retail goods and services that i need that are not available in my neighborhood because they won't be supplied by local people increase no guarantee if i restrict formula retail local people will fill the need. i walk now a lot but if you do
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this i'll get many my car and drive do those other retail locations. this city has a policy of discounting driving in cars. so if you employ any sort of a tight restriction on formula retail your in effect encouraging me and other residents to drive and i don't think that's what the city should or what it wants to do. so i. in in favor of no restrictions on formula retail absent that i think our restrictions should be as highs as possible to make sure there's are plenty of opportunities for people to walk to the store to buy the goods and services in my
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neighborhood. thank you >> thank you. >> i'm matt i own a retail company in san francisco. i am an advocate of healthy retail in general, i think that's what i want to point out to the commission. vacancy is really the excusable of all our neighborhoods the city doesn't benefit from a tax base stewardship. i think i've been could go this for 23 years and have come to the commission and one and lost battles. the commission thought that blockbuster would put people out of the business and as we can all see in retrospect in hind
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2020 there's no greater example of social darwinism i got back from vancouver and two things there's a complete onslaught against retail right now. the e customers is growing leaps and bounds over the retail. there's a threat to a healthy environment no where in the country it's the internet. you couple that with the increase in the minimum wage and the restaurant tours, the most wild sweng commodity pricing every. every. we see beef rising 10 to 20
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percent a year and the mandatory health care the impacts to have the courage to try to get a store open her in san francisco is enormous. i feel like it commission we've got so many rules on the books a discretionary review can stop many opportunities and the weighing in on the use i feel this is an administrative active overkill to continue this and i really two last points last year 75 percent of the retail was filtered and the other faster growing is medical you have to take care of the baby durmdz so in a cp


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