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tv   [untitled]    April 27, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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to ensure stewardship of the sites as long-term well-run affordable housing. the residents will have the same eviction protections. will have the same affordable rents. will maintain the same grievance procedures, and maintain the right to file complaints with housing authority and hud. there was some mention about the wait list. this remains a centralized wait list with some modification. residents on the wait list with identify specific sites they wish to be preferenced for, but it's a sprlized -- centralized wait list. >> just to point out the same protections and the same standards, is that going to be codified? >> it would absolutely be
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codified at some point, whether in the land agreement or loan agreement, it would be codified. >> are we able to apply a city-wide standard as well? >> our goal is to do the best practice. whatever they are. we will work with the tenant adsoicaa advocat advocates, with the tenants themselves. this is an opportunity to change things, to blur the lines between affordable housing. and take the opportunity to figure out what works best. >> and we talked about transfers from one. >> that's an issue. the whole question of transfers. we have spent a little time talking with the questions of transfers. and i think the questions of transfers is really a fu fundamental goal of getting residents in the right place. whether it's seniors who need more intensive housing. so they need to go from public
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housing to senior housing with ground floor adult bay. so they can stay independent. if it's a disabled person in public housing who needs more assistance in terms of a supportive housing environment. how do we get them into the right housing. or the other way. a person who is in our supportive housing and who has been stabilized. can we use sort this opportunity to find an exit for them. we don't know. we don't have the answers, but we are asking the questions and thinking about this. not in just terms of transfers you talked about. but can we do this in the rules and regulations of fair housing. and can we get people on the right housing so their needs are met. and that's ideally a goal of this process. the other part of this is about
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the residents associations and how they are being supported. that we will continue to do that. and i think again the nature of this work in terms of resident engagement. we are working with the housing rad committee and national housing program, enterprise foundation and city-wide counsel on senior and disabled. we will work with everyone in this process. there is going to be change. and change is always difficult for everybody, including residents and including developers and including other folks and including the mayor's office of housing and community development. and will be on us to ensure that we are providing adequate nom information to all of those group groups. one of the first thing that our developers will do, is to meet
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with the residents and talk to them about the needs in the buildings. there is ongoing work through the housing reg's committee and other resident-related organizations. and make sure that not only do the residents have the appropriate information but that the developers have the appropriate information of what it means to take on this endeavor. and lastly on this question of the resident engagement. who is responsible for all the things that i have promised at this podium? it's both the housing authority and the mayor's office of housing. the housing authority will continue to own the land in this process, again a 99-year lease. the mayor's office of housing will continue to be stewards because of our ongoing relationship at the bond issuer and lender, because we will have debt on these developments.
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we as asset managers and lenders will be always be involved in how these projects are managed in the future. at this point i will turn it over to the president of the housing authority. >> good afternoon, thank you for having me here. i am here to speak briefly about our employee engagement at this time related to the potential impacts of the rad program. and what it has on the employees who serve our public housing residents here in san francisco. we have developed what is called the care initiative. communication, action and resources for our employees. to make sure that we are providing an effective change management to those who are serving the residents. and we have establish eed dates and milestone its of communication to those
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employees. we want to be accurate in terms of how we are talking to folks. in transition, and doing that in small groups and the employees. and again this is a development process and as needs come up and address them appropriately and tailor the needs to the bargaining units with questions on this process. we want to have opportunities onsite for feedback, the acting director will make themselves available for one-on-one meetings that those questions can be answered. and support workshops for people to explore options outside of the authority if they choose. and so that people can see what is being talked about and that those are updated. and to provide those in
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newsletters and touch as many people in the housing authority with as much information as possible as we can. this is a phased process. we are looking at employees being affected in june of next year. the second part of that will happen in june of the following year. again june of 2015. june of 2016 are estimated times. and we want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to support our employees through that process. we want to make sure that we are communicating very simply and directly about any updates that we have on each phase. so that the people can make the appropriate choices for themselves and their families. >> what kind of updates and accurate information? what could the information? >> it could be is there a rumor mill going on in terms of what is happening to employees. is people going to be laid off today. and we hear that notices are
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coming out right now. >> so they are (inaudible). >> yeah, and to make sure that, that was not going to be the case. and they could hear from not only the commission but from senior staff at the housing authority. >> under your understanding is layoffs inevitable or possible? >> there will be impacts to the housing authority and the employees. and that's something that we have made clear, i will talk about in a moment. and that's why we are creating options. for those employees. >> how many are you expecting? >> we are looking at over this two-year process about 100 employees will be affected. >> out of how many? >> what is the total number? of the 100. of the 100. >> no, in terms of the overall employees. >> 100 out of how many? >> around 250 employees.
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so 100 of those may be impacted. and again i want to be sure that is understood that something is happening in two phases over time. >> can i ask a quick question, of those 250 employees do any of them live in public housing? >> yes, they do. >> do you know how many? >> i do not. >> how many live in san francisco? >> i believe that a majority of them live in san francisco, i can get those numbers. >> a large number live in public housing? >> i don't have that number but can get it. over time we are looking to make some time to have strategies in plan for employees. and to allow for employees to be absorbed in programs that may
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experience growth. the document that is talked about, we want to ensure that housing developers that are taking over management at properties will interview those employees. they know the people that live in public housing. they know the issues with the buildings. they should be interviewed because of their expertise and time and commitment to the authority. we are also committed as an authority talking with other employers to ask them to inform us of job opportunities of staff, including the city and county of san francisco and other bay housing authorities. and we want to be sure that if the employees hear of those opportunities to communicate to senior staff so we can get that information to employees and they can take advantage if they choose. with regards to communications, back in jan 6 we were advised
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that the housing authority was approved for the rad notification. and we wanted to meet and confer over the impacts of the program. and over a week we spent a letter to the bargaining units and a week after that sat down to have those meetings. to date we have had seven meetings with sciu and two meetings with special organization and three meetings with specialty crafts and to be specific about those employees that may be impacted. currently in negotiations still with all labor negotiations with the employees that work at the housing authority. we believe they have been very productive. we have a lot of work to do still. but to ensure transparency with
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everyone, we made promises and even items that don't need to be approved for action. we wanted to hear them at the full commission and at the recently established committees. at the residents of operation committee and finance committee. so that everyone has a chance to hear what is going on at the same time we do. just to conclude again, as we finalize the presentation. we should view this opportunity as one, that provides better housing for our residents. we are talking 27,000 residents that can benefit through improved living conditions through this program. and those are leveraged through $440 million in tax equity debt. and the mayor of the housing authority said $560 million in
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rehabilitati rehabilitation. and we said that capital budget had $5 million in the bank to deal with needs. and lucky to have that go towards elevator repairs at needy sites. we want better management from housing developers with better expertise for the benefit of our residents. thank you very much, and we will take questions after public comment. >> thank you. i have a lot of questions. but i think supervisor avalos, i want to go ahead and open for public comment. you want to take a break? okay. >> one minute. >> yeah, me too. we don't have a quorum if one of us leaves. we will take a five-minute break and be back and open it up for public comment.
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>> okay, we are back, and thank you for your patience. i want to make the time during public comment efficient. so i ask that you stay within your two minutes. so that you respect other speakers who have been waiting here for a while. i will call a few names, i ask that you line up to your right. and walk to the podium and as soon as someone finishes speaking. come on up to the podium and you
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don't have to wait are in your name is called. i will start with charlie walker, ace on the case, michael brown, rico landry. mr. walker. >> good evening, i would like to compliment you for calling this hearing. and i am very upset over the fact that that man over the housing authority stand here and tell you a deliberate lie. they are selling those units to those developers. i am involved with one of the companies, the only black company that bid. there is no black company involved in their construction. they think this is a joke of theirs. but for him to stand and tell you they are not doing
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demolition. they are already doing demolition. and he has no respect of you as a supervisor, and stand here and tell you a lie, they are not going do that. they are going to tear down potrero hill, and those places are already falling down. and to add insult to injury, what you don't know, the developers get the land for free. because the government is going to give them the money to do the work for the city, and they ain't out of a dime. and they don't have no black contractors on the job, and only say they have to have that
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tabernacle group work for them. this is no way -- 40% of the all evictions in the housing authority are black people. you know. so this -- y'all need to do something about this. because this ain't going to work the way it's working. all they are doing is figuring a way to put black people out of these housing units, that's all it is. >> thank you. ace, you were called second. come on, mr. brown. >> mike brown, i concur with what charlie just said. and if you offer anybody destitute another money for relocation, they are gone. you take section 8 voucher and out of the city. we are calling you on city leaders to ensure that african-american economic development that we are doing in
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excelior and hopefully you can include some african-american equity in what is going down. because everyone is winning except us, they are getting ready to build the warriors thing over there. and getting ready to move on the rad. like i said, people take money and they are gone. and you got them bought and paid for. and what do you ensure our being endangered. what is john evulus that will have his name on. you have a unit with 40% african-american population and now sitting at 4%. if we can as a nonprofit acquisition that building that is 27 units. then you lend your name to include the african-americans to
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stay here. because we have economic impact, then we can provide jobs and things of that sort. that's what i count you y'all that you ensure our viability in this city, thank you. >> thank you. ace, you want to go last, like you usually do? or you want -- okay. >> hi, how are you doing, supervisors. my name is omar hamilton, i am with the new community leadership foundation. i am vice president. at this point we have 100 members from bayview-hunter's point and the western community. and i came to listen in and to hear what is going on. and sometimes when i listen, i have the urge to speak. i am from a family that is born
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and raised, and our family has been displaced and i am a survivor, probably five of us that still live in san francisco. i think that's very important. to me this sounds like this is the final stages of urban renewal. when you look at the final print, and a lot of information they give out sound like that fame plan we all have been hearing through all the different stages. this stage seems more strategic when you think about it. know that london breed and yourself, and with all the questions, i can hear the sincerity in your voices. and i know you have our best interest at heart. and i definitely want to say that we are willing to stand by both of you guys when can comes to this issue. it's very important that we protect the african-american and
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latino community, all communities that this disadvantages. and make sure they have quality housing and building on the economics and everything like that. if we allow this to happen, and it's a backlash in terms of redevelopment. and we know all the key players that played a huge part in that. we will be outmigrated. we want to be sure that doesn't happen and preserve the cultural in san francisco. >> thank you, i will call a couple of names. daniel. larry edman. robert woods. romitta mason. sabrina cheek. i don't know if i am reading these names right, hope you forgive me. teresa lee. >> well, good afternoon. not good morning, good afternoon supervisors. first of all, thank you supervisor breed and supervisor avalos for being here and calling this important hearing. i don't think that one hearing
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will be enough. this is a very heavy issue. however, we got to start somewhere. straight up, to me hearing from hud, hearing from lee, this is about developers again positioning themselves in san francisco to take advantage of low-income housing. of disadvantaged people who stay in these dwellings throughout our city. and if we don't stop them, we are going to pay a dear price. now i looked in this 30-page presentation or booklet, and the question is for me that is a big concern, the depopulation of black people in san francisco. and nowhere in there could i find anything that speaks to the depopulation of black people in san francisco. i think no matter what, if we look at the public housing, and
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we have of the 4,000 residents in public housing, that's an issue we can't ignore. 20 years from now, when i am a young 65, hopefully, will still be there. so i think that's what i am really concerned about. the black depopulation, and someone has to address that. what will san francisco look like in 20 years? when all of these other things going on. how can we make sure and put things in place that the depopulation won't fall even lower than the 40,000 of us that remain now. thank you. >> thank you. >> hello, my name is larry edman. and i realize that i stay in district 6, and jim kim said that we're the largest black
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residents in san francisco as of tuesday. if i am not in bayview or western edition, i feel disconnected from our (inaudible). of blacks in san francisco, they found out two years ago in the library that we are facing (inaudible). i hope that people come out in tndc where i stay at, and i know that (inaudible) and (inaudible), but tndc allows many criminals. you know i stay in a crack infested hotel where people can smoke crack and attack you. there is things that this city needs to be looking at, that crack in tndc and many don't
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know us down here. we are treated as part of the homeless. i hope this resident can do what lincoln did as emancipation and eisenhower did (inaudible), our president has been here 19 times. he needs to come here and find out what is going on. this housing thing is transferring across the nation. whatever san francisco do, it will affect our nation. he needs to bring back housing for humanity. something that jimmy carter started. he's in the paper with the five presidents. it's time for america's greatest terror is no housing, and that's the war on us, and we must stop this. and i hope mrs. breed that it can start here today, thank you. >> thank you. mr. washington, you are cutting in line? i am just messing with you. come on, ace on your case. >> okay, let me say now, i only
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have two minutes, should i save the last minute for the sock -- song. all of this talking we are doing, it doesn't make any difference, hud is responsible. hud knew 20 years, when i was involved with hud and the housing authority, 20 years, before they built hayes valley, and i was with the supervisor and niller and (inaudible) started with san francisco and now we got rad. everyone is sad. and everyone is mad, because we don't know about the things going on here. ♪ may name is ace ♪ i have been on this case ♪ some people don't want me on on their case ♪ ♪ but it's not history, just
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look at my history ♪ ♪ i have been working on cases and conspiracy ♪ ♪ what is going on down, down, down ♪ ♪ the black population is going down ♪ ♪ and when these benefits come, we ain't going to be anywhere around ♪ ♪ listen this 50%, hiring is just a bunch of shit ♪ ♪ when i can't afford to pay the dog-gone rent ♪ ♪ trying to be a san francisco resident ♪ anyway, there is corruption all the way from the head to the butt. and i am sure that there is f.b.i. around here, and speaking of ed lee, he knows me ♪ ♪ it ain't no mystery, if you ask ed lee ♪ ♪ he will say that ace is
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working on some damn conspiracy ♪ >> thank you, mr. washington, next speaker please, someone give that man a contract. >> hi, i am juanita mason, and i work at the hospital, and this is my co-worker and we have 40 years of experience at san francisco hospital. experience is priceless. i am the property manager more holly court and almany. i know about the rehab issues. i am in agreement, i don't understand how the rad program can help our public housing residents effectively. the issues at holly court, i hear about the problems every day. we have the plumbing issues and the mold and mildew, and we have the walls sweating. we have so many issues in holly court.
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it's ridiculous what rad is attempting to do is probably not going to work. my biggest concern is for our residents as well, as far as our residents are already isolated in living in public housing. our residents don't have a voice in this here. if you ask how many appeared in the vision program, maybe 10. we have to start informing our residents about what is going on. so they will have the proper rights. as far as the employees, we are very concerned about our jobs, which is definitely totally important to us. and more than that we are concerned about our residents as far as the services they will receive. we are with them every day, and so we are very concerned about that. i think that's it. >> thank you. next speaker.
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>> good afternoon, my name is sabrina cheeks, i work at the housing voucher program. i have worked there 20 years. i am here about the rad program, and i understand that it's important to implement to improve the housing conditions for the tenants. but we know that our jobs will be eliminated. and we are rushed into negotiations and after four months i still don't know what will happen. even though we had a meeting with management, they speak about the housing voucher program. and i work for them and that program is not well, and that's not said wooch. we have a program that is not


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