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tv   [untitled]    April 28, 2014 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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concerns from the public. a grievance procedure, how to write a good resolution letter and how to evaluate reasonable accommodation requests. so, again, the session is open at this point to a-d-a coordinators, but it's something that we're hoping to institute on an annual basis and hopefully make them open to the public. thank you. >> thank you. all right. we're moving on to agenda item number 9, co-chair elections. i will now call for nominations. councilmembers may nominate themselves or another member. councilmember wong. >> yes, i'd like to nominate derek to be a co-chair or candidate. >> thank you. does anyone second the nomination? >> i second it.
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>> great. are there other nominations? oh, councilmember zarda, do you accept the nomination? >> yes, i accept the nomination. thank you, yes. >> okay. do we have any other nominations? all right, then. if we don't have a ton of competition, but we'll still do our secret ballot.
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>> okay. the results of the election, we have four votes for derek and one absentee. >> okay, congratulations, derek. >> thank you very much. (applause) >> i didn't give you an opportunity to speak before the vote. would you like to say a few words now? >> yes, i would. first i'd like to thank my fellow councilmembers for your support. it has been an honor since first starting serving on this council this past fall.
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i wanted to thank the mayor's office staff for their support. i really want to address you in the crowd, everyone here today, everyone on the bridge line, everybody watching on tv whether this be live or on a repeat. everybody who is watching this on an online stream or watching this as an archive, i want to let everybody know that i'm going to be working very hard with our co-chair and our council to make sure that this council's ability, its power, its capacity comes from our community. our community is our strength. i'm a huge proponent of not just handing out an informational flyer, but sitting down and having a discussion with people in our community. this body has such potential and it's shown it time and time again in the past from the current members and past
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members. i just want to take this moment to say idell wilson did a great job in her time with leadership from what i witnessed myself and talking with her privately, seeing her in subcommittees. i saw a person who has very passionate and very caring about this community and it is an honor to continue on in her stead. so, i look -- i look forward to working with you, chip, as well as the rest of our councilmembers, but most importantly with our community. there are several opportunities for participating and becoming involved within our council, whether it be serving as a councilmember, whether it be visiting or participating on our various subcommittees either for disaster preparedness or physical access, or most importantly coming to us with your own subcommittee ideas. pitch us your ideas. come up to us. talk with us. contact the mayor's office on
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disability -- going to read their number aloud. 415-554-. , my apologies. ~. 67 89. i want it make this heard and heard loud. my past with advocacy, it happened in high school and college, being a youth with chronic medical conditions and adhd, i witnessed firsthand that disconnection in your community and what that means when you don't feel like you can actively participate or that your voice is not being heard. and i just want to issue a challenge to everybody here, everybody listening and everybody online to take a moment and just think, if you don't think you can participate, challenge yourself and call us because everybody here on this council, everybody here on this council has said the same thing. i don't know if i can do this,
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and here they are. so, i am issuing that challenge to everybody here, everybody online, everybody listening. come forward, talk with us, let's see what you can do. >> thank you, derek. okay, we are back to public comment, item number 10. i have no cards filled out. so, any further public comment today? my name is larry juicy edmonds. i ran for mayor in '99 and i was homeless here and i got eight votes [speaker not understood]. i know that god has given everybody a special talent and it's up to us to bring that star ship out. and i feel incredible being here today thinking third friday, the mayor's disability council meeting. learned that from idell wilson.
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i know that this is probably where i really need to be. oftentimes i'm many things, but i found out this is really who i am and a lot of times in the good and the bad that i know that i do have a disability. i know that i do have greatness. and i know that i can serve. i know that i love people. i'm a humanitarian. and i think that that is to uplift my life is to actually pass on information and resource to people. and although you don't always get it back in return, sometimes i try to learn to be bad, but i'm not a bad person. i can only pass on goodness. and this is really what it's about. and just in case you are a [speaker not understood] kj karaoke. i did presidential karaoke and
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i did rock with you, michael jackson, and [speaker not understood], i have 300 songs that tells you about how i deal with disabilities with my failures and my successes when i can go to a place and let my voice out. i'll be this sunday in the golden gate park with [speaker not understood] celebrating easter and 420, and earthquake. like i told you, my first earthquake was in san diego. and then october 17, '89, i was hurt in san diego when they had the earthquake here. so, when i got to go hear willie brown present on his mother's birthday the bridge and i met willie brown in '94 and '95 when he was running for mayor, i felt kind of great. i always connected myself to greatness in earth. it's a good or bad time, but you have to put yourself and
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see what were you doing and how you passed along. i think we all need to learn to make sure that our days are just as good as the bad that come, take a lemon and making it to lemon ade. so, go online, kj, juicy, jucye with the e, and you'll hear my music, songs from 11-6-12 presidential candidate, presidential karaoke. [speaker not understood]. >> okay, we move on to our next item which is correspondence. >> we have two correspondence items. one is a letter from co-chair chip supanich from the oakland disability commission. the second piece of correspondence is a notice of
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board vacancy from conard house, inc., a private california nonprofit corporation gives notice that two director positions on its nine-member volunteer board of directors are vacant. >> thank you, heather. agenda item number 12 is councilmember comments and announcements. are there any councilmember comments or announcements? there is, councilmember zarda, co-chair zarda. >> i just wanted to thank the commissioners and the representatives from the s.f. youth commission that came here today during our earlier public comment to bring up their draft resolution for including disability history curriculum into the san francisco unified school district. i believe that that's
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characteristic that i want to see more of within this council and their commission and in reaching across and kind of seeing where our partnerships lie and how we can overlap and help each other out. so, i just wanted to thank them for coming. >> thank you, co-chair zarda. any other announcements? all right, then, this meeting is adjourned. [adjourned]
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