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tv   [untitled]    April 29, 2014 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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again. later on i'll introduce some san franciscans who worked not only on those days to make sure we all will be survivors of the inevitable next big one april 1906 at the 712 a great shock is felt some 25 seconds later now 3545 to 60 seconds along the first causalities when los allow rent buildings go collapsed and hundreds are kid. more have in mind are adams to the death town hall as collapsed structures immediately catch fire and protest rescue attempt and now fire chief was fatally
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wound and died later. now due to severe earthquake damage telephone and tale tell photograph is improbable a few messenger were sent out before that but it failed and snow mayor is unaware of the quake physical officials came to his door and he left his home to see the 0 disaster doctor 6:30 a.m. all available troops are ordered to appear and 17 hundred soldiers come to the firefighters aid and next another aftershock caused buildings to collapse and
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throughout the day the city survivors 26 shocks and fires rage and they're not stopped until 74 hours later and many buildings go collapse and firefighters began dooichlt that building and one p.m. the temporary hospital is daunt to the firebreak the sick and injured go to temporary camps and 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon hearing the luther mayor smirts tells people to shoot to kill and the hopes of the city are dashed as shifting widens and fires go into forward the city 89 p.m. there's a stand but the
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fire breaches the fire bloke and next 2:00 a.m. california jp morgan comes out and the newspapers the call and the chronic and examiner borrow the presses so print a special joint edition and responding to a telegraph message the- it repetitiveness van ness avenue and facing the decision to pull his city to pieces the mayor agrees to let the army has a firebreak to stop the imagining first one and many of the blocks were that finally realize their
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homes about burden and 5:00 a.m. the next day the inferno is hallucinated and mayor sxhith announces a broke and there recent an unprecedented evocation and saturday frill 21 after all the flames are diminished the mayor declares it over and sunday cable cars begin to run again on market street 18 now today no one knows when the next earthquake will come but san francisco is doomed to come again, it may strike tomorrow but maybe tonight as the city sleeps thank you very much.
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and now before we move on it it's a appropriate to have a proclamation to have read by mr. norton >> thank you, thank you. whereas today marks the one hundred and 8 history of the 1906 san francisco earthquake the defining moment in our cities history and whereas we're grarthdz in the presence of the dignitaries and honor the survivors therefore be that roerltd that we morton the first, by the grass of god and protectorer off meblgs do hereby proclaim this the one hundred and 55 day of our reign to be
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individuals day and order all the citizens to perp for the next one that will occur. (clapping.) lightning empire norton. yes >> and now we have a have special announcement that our great don nasal has to say please welcome her, she as a historical society announcement. >> for one hundred and 7 years old i look good. i just want to acknowledge this special lady where are you and thank you for being here we've lost leo and remember karen that kept this going. i want to acknowledge the
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guardian of the city we painted the two twin silver giants the little hydrant and a quick announcement the one hundred anniversary of the x police commission pay attention next year we want to acknowledge this and the city hall. now my silver boats from yesterday have a wonderful time. thank you, bob >> lilly i shoulder known her real name. ladies and gentlemen, f this is the first year that survivors can't join use at the lotta's fountain. for years the show where from men and women but earthquake survivors there are only 2 we
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send our best woishdz to restricting who's one hundred and 12 and let's hear it for her >> and before we bring up the mayor and the achieving and former mayor willie brown i want to go through an i do not like that our jay johnson wrote about that this year after the earth convoluted the sky caught you fire on 1906 starting at the 611 the monitor earthquake plus aftershock and the firestorm that followed described the city and untold countsless hundreds died and folks fled to the midwest and east the most celebrated opera person was
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dumped from his bed from the palace hotel he vowed never to return but enough folks stayed to get a what needed to be done. at the end of the movie the san francisco survivor declared we'll build a new san francisco and on market street honors the survivors and celebrated those who kept the father. although we have no survivors expected to show you the question is why are redoing this ask the hundreds of folks who come out like you to gather at the moment and stair at the sky wondering why. if you ask chief joanne
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haynes-white and the city of the department emergency management they know this will happen again and ask the young people who are showing up knowing about the past and future this is why people keep doing this because everyone in the san francisco bay area they're the ones that ride out the tremors and they're the ones who will be there to help when the next big one comes to call. ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome the survivor families and here to give us an opening address welcome our fabulous mayor, mayor ed lee (clapping.) >> good morning, everyone. >> good morning. >> wow. this is what a crowd you have one hundred and
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8-year-old people look like. i had breakfast with anita and we wanted to join you as a contribute and a reminder we're looking at the 1906 san francisco earthquake as part of our history every neighborhood in the history needs to understand what occurred and what people did and didn't do we learn from the the events that's effected the cities history. i want to say thank you for making sure that everyone understand. of course, we celebrate the lives of people i'm sorry we don't have the survivors here i was wording, if any. i was going to see ruth norton one hundred and 12-year-old we're ready things to the fire chief
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and excessively we continue to practice just a few weeks ago were traveling for a tsunami going through what we would do to make sure we practice over and over again. because while we may fear an earthquake we don't fear what we'll do in the aftermath. that's why we have a 4 hundred million earthquake safety bond this june we are going to continue reinvesting in our high pressure water system and make sure our applications are seismicly save and get people into save places. this bond compliments the one in
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2010 so we're ready. i'm ready are you all ready? all right. thank you again, i want to say thanks to the chief and the emergency management they're using social media anybody using sf yet >> next door our sf organizing we're going to have a whole generation of people in the city that loans what it's like to go through this we're going to be a strong program and train a lot of people in cpr and again, i want to thank all the investigators today, there or so many of you to celebrate and thank you, everyone for continuing to make this city strong and thank you, everyone
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so much. >> mayor ed lee let's hear it for him. before we bring up is more city heavily weights we'll hear from former mayor willie brown and chief joanne haynes-white and chief greg suhr and executive director ann and a special welcome to the 2014 survivor award honorary lee whose been putting this or in for 25 years let's hear it for him (clapping) we mentioned donna who's been keeping lilly alive and ron for his generous support let's give ron a noise hand and ladies and gentlemen, let's give a round of applause for the 1906 san
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francisco earthquake for not letting it fad into history (calling names) and grandchildren's and the san francisco chronological and other s those folks will be going 40 for bli bloody marys and the fashion mrnt and the american red cross and the neighborhood emergency response team and welcome some more of our great leaders welcome chief joanne haynes-white everybody let's hear it for her >> and the applause has to last
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until she gets here. >> how are you bob. >> good morning. good morning, everyone thank you for coming out it inspires me every year thank you to bob native san franciscan and we had a celebration yesterday at john grill. it's a great time to preserve our important history in san francisco we thank you for the opportunity to not only commemorate what happened one hundred and 8 years ago it's we want to remember those who lost their lives in 1906 and being prepared for the next emergency we do our jobs the police department and fire department but we count on you in for sdafrdz to be prepared and
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there's no reason not to be there's great website arthritis an sf 72 organizing it tells us what you need to do to be several sufficient and the fire department and i'm sure we have emergency folks here. this is a great city to live in. i'm hugely proud of the fact i'm born and raised here i want to acknowledge all the men and women who do the work everyday in the federalist and thank you for coming out to celebrate our rich history >> so chief joanne haynes-white let's hear it for her great job.
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city boy talk all right. another great native please welcome the fabulous greg suhr everyone (clapping.) good morning it's this is so exist to be out here with everyone thank you so much for being here it's critical to be prepared as the chief and the mayor said this year we know it's going to happen even if it's remembering this event the city farthsd who did the planning to have the great water system they score the city of wouldn't be brnd down didn't he have the greater voice in the
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morning. so, anyway thank you so much for court of law and please continue to help us out when we ask for things to keep even better prepared i know that dp m does a from job we appreciate the support. we were out saturday with a nert training there were one thousands of people training and training and training we revert back to that and we'll keep the city as safe as possible again good morning it's early and i'm going to give it back to my colleague >> councilmember ferraro greg suhr. houser everybody doing this more than i feel like ed sullivan is
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ann here by the way, is former mayor willie brown i'll pretend i'm former mayor willie brown i have a reading here on the 1 hundred and 8 from sxhooert congratulations on the 1906 san francisco earthquake and fire come arbitration i welcome the survivors civic leaders and community members and visitors who have gathered and this is an opportunity to reflect and see old friends and meet new ones it's through this event we'll come together let's hear it for senator leno
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i have to stall for two minutes that's a great day we'll ask for a moment of silence let's talk about amongst ourselves >> of a great thing and this is dave let's look at his outfit is a fake firefighter but - she's here. this is i want to know what anns title is >> executive director. >> executive director of the department of emergency management. please welcome the fabulous ann (clapping.) again that applause is supposed to wait until she gets here. the fabulous ann everybody (clapping.)
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good morning, everyone thank you very much for coupling u coming out to the one hundred and 8 anniversary of the kwaekt. we thank you for the opportunity to remember those people in san francisco in 1906 who responded that was a community that came out and it's the spirit that keeps san francisco resilient thank you (clapping.) i was hoping for one more minute but that's okay (laughter) this is my impression of john miller here's the one one pitch he has a voice like lou rawls it's a 511 it's time to ask for a moment of silence who perished and who survived in san
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francisco. let's start right now for a moment of silence. thank you very much let's hear it for those people who went through all they went through and the survivors are her. right now it's my pleasure to bring back to the stage the mayor and chief we're going to dedicate this relief again ladies and gentlemen, we're going to hang the relief i'm not sure where it is. is it this one? we're going to dedicate the relief to the last person south of market boys leo who passed away this year and his late
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daughter hung a reef and we're grateful to the family who are there for the family dedication to remember those who perished and honoring those who rebuilt san francisco from the ashes. >> he's the speculated engineer. (sirens). patrick and ladies and
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gentlemen, (clapping) oh, yes now, it's time i took out my old cocktail napkin who's going to help me sing this. all right. remember the song. it's in the key of z >> it only take and places you under your regular calendar a tiny corner of this great big world you love a place my home upon the hill i find i love you still i've been away but now i'm back to tell you san francisco open your golden gates you left no stranger wait outside your
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door. san francisco here is your wondering one say that i'll wonder no more. other places only make we love you best tell me you're the heart of gotten west. san francisco. welcome me home i'm coming home to be roaming no more. thank you lilly coit. right now it's 550 i wanted to invite everyone to go to market and church and walk to lefty on your mark start with the bloody mary bereft again, thank you san francisco and another great
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celebration they're not serving until 6. so for those of you who brought a flask you can start thank you for a all our great civic
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>> good afternoon, everyone. welcome to the disaster council. my name is ann and it is a pleasure to have you here today, in our emergency operation's center. and i will just jump right into the agenda today, we are going to start off with mayor lee is going to give us a few


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