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tv   [untitled]    April 29, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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ecology he served as an american senior account person. in 1974 he roved into the cycling industry but joining a variety of more responsible positions from 94 to 2001. in october of 2001 he was promoted to group manager of the san francisco region ecology and appoint to the administrative committee and was the offer seer the committee. he was widely involved in the leadership of the companies not only in the community but through civic and others organizations.
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he was a member of the clean city cookies and also one of his most proudest appointments was by the bay. the love of his life irene and children and family and friends knew jonas a passionate fighter for life and the genuine human being that provided the best bear hugs on the planet. it's unfortunate that john lost his battle to cancer so we bid john a farewell. i'm equally as heavy to address this memoriam and supervisor avalos joins me. on wednesday april 16th an amazing mother and her 3 years
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old son were killed in a tragic fire that erupted in their home. you might have heard about this fire it got a lot of coverage she was loving and a caring person p if anyone needed a helping hand she was known for speaking her mind and dollars cooking. the little boy enjoyed hanging out with his family and loved spider man they leave behind a host of family that is devastated and including his 16-year-old sister was also devastated.
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they're trying to collect $9,000 for a burial. i ask that the members in this chamber as well as the members of the greater san francisco community consider making a contribution to the family through a website or through the department to the san francisco public health foundation. the he'd is st. public works h please came back any office in giving. madam clerk, i ask that we close the phone bill meeting in the memory of those people and the the rest i'll submit >> thank you supervisor cowen supervisor farrell thank you madam clerk, i want
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like to look at the wifi so we can look at the opportunities to close the gaps to deliver a faster interject and wifi to our residents across san francisco. last summer we worked to have a partnership with google for 31 of our parks and open spaces. i want to continue to grow >> wifi and broadband connection across the city. as we talk about this we need to keep in mind that our benefits are huge maintaining the public safety communication and bridging the digital defied and providing new continuous for it 0 e customers and. just there our wifi and the
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parks projects we completed and will be up and coming in two months we'll have efficient for our employees and good times will be able to use the access to provide senior activities in our rec and park centers. access to wifi and high-speed broadband is important in today's economy as electricity and roads years ago in our country more and more we see public access as a public good but we need to have to. i want to insure we as a city need to meet those demands as we grow our population in san francisco it should be a grossly of the city government. the rest i'll submit
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>> supervisor farrell. supervisor kim >> as sf mentioned several times i looked at it to introducing the reauthorization of the public education enlistment fund. back in 200 had the board of education established this fund. i was postponed and for the next of years i spent time to revisit dollars and the public schools and they've been cutting since prop 13 this measure was - has been acknowledged by supervisors tom a leaders on this board of funding public education and i'm grateful for his leadership we have this funding today.
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california used to be one of the top education institutions in the country we're now 49th in the country for spending. unfortunately, because of the decline of property tax dollars. slowly the programs kept the schools engaged whether in sports ever pe and san franciscans knew this wasn't enough we need to the set aside taxpayers dollars what we with the leadership of the community based organized with supervisor tom we passes the 70 percent vote of the expensive a ten-year measure. the measure articulated that 1/3rd of the peace fund would be allocated for 4-year-old that
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1/3rd for sports and music and the last third would provide vitality programs our wellness centers and professionals and pure resources are covered. we're excited to look at how to put the money back in our schools and where will we be plaza the librarians and previously were there were no art classes when we finally invest in equipment. every time every time i saw the difference the dollars were making in the programs in the teachers and to give you a sense of what was if you wanted we now have 84 teachers and
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professionals if our middle schools we have not had before and at 10 high schools to provide services for 16 thousand ask the and wellness centers. we helped to reduce our suspension in the schools and finally were able to fund the triathlons and accountabilities services i'm proud to reintroduce the power education it started as $10 million is now $77.15 million those are utilized but your teacher's and families are and are making a real difrsz for our young people so excited to pass this measure unanimously with all 11 members
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of the this board and, of course, at the bottle in november 2014 and want to acknowledge the work of commissioner low and supervisor avalos in crafting and work with our community organizations particularly one measure with the children's fund dedicated to young people here in san francisco. i know a lot of meetings are occurred there's a lot more work to be done and quickly on the technical issues we have taken out and simplified those policies to be easier for the next 10 to 20 years and feeling taking out the in kind services a policy debate between the city that had not been resolved and i'm going to audit and simplify this for the future. feinstein it's great to be on
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the board of supervisors we have so many board members that have children in our public schools. supervisor yee who was the executive director of the children's and supervisor avalos who worked asia on advocate and supervisor mar and many, many others. i know tom felt along fighting for the school issues and it's great to have not only strong support but support from folks who understand this because they've gone through the system. i apologize we've got the final edits so i have not been to look at this yet but look forward to more co-sponsors throughout the day >> thank you supervisor kim
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supervisor yee. >> i want to continue the words on the peace. i was fortunate to be able to be part of the group advocating for this and to get to an opening place and then i was able to have the public schools reap the benefits of the advocates interests so it's interesting to see it come full cycle again. here we're i've been working and my office have been working diligently to look at the school piece. 10 years ago when the state was
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ready to possible pass legislation to support a universal preschool and i remember the discussion in san francisco as well why do we need to put this in the p fund when the state is going to fund everything. and myself and others argue that, you know, something the state also tries to do something and until they actually do something we can't depend on their passage we need to look at the 4-year-old so people in the public have already acknowledged the benefits of preschool at the 4-year-old age at the time. so again, when you look at the
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education gap of who's not succeeding and not succeeding we have the preschool gap many of the low income families with their 4 and 5 years old were not having that experience. so incorporated it happens there's been more research and more education that's been done and, yes the 4-year-old is really important to have they're one year of preschool but if you have 2 years of preschool experience you've till coming into kindergartener better. everybody knows about the brain research the bulk of the development gets he developed with the foundation of zero to 5
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yvmgz. we want to make sure we have the few changes we're recommending we're incorporating into the legislation is that we open up an office of ac e about two years ago, i wanted to thank supervisor avalos would authorized that at the time. so we have the office specifically to look at the child development piece from zero to 5 and we're recommending that we move the administration of this from first 5 to ac e to coordinate better. i want to acknowledge for the first seethe of the 10 years
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they've done a comboob but it's time to think of a bigger picture. the others pieces rather than restricting to 4 years old we want to make it more flexibility because the 5 years old who can't enter kindergarten because of the cut off age with you as we get an influx of funding maybe have a two or three-year-old having that experience like the 4-year-old. but still having our primary focus on the 4 years old. the other changes we'll to make is to have a community advisory committee to provide some
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community input so those are the major changes we're asking for and hopefully those changes we'll see our field in the early education will be which stronger as we move on. thank you very much >> thank you supervisor yee. supervisor cowen. >> i just wanted to make sure i clarified my requester to the memoriam i want to ask the board to close it out in johns memory as well as the victims from the fire. >> colleagues, can we go that we'll take that without objection. >> thank you president chiu i want to thank my colleagues for their support of enhancing our schools our family and children's services in the city. i wanted to make sure we
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acknowledge the community of coalition that's been working on this for over a year and a half but also the superintendents from the school district and the mayor's office in the children in our city coalition as well but i wanted to acknowledge as we put together prop h in 2013-2014 with the supervisors and i think the teachers union ucsf played a role for the community based ones and margaret is nodding her head and many school board members and staff and also the athletes and nurses and librarians were a part of the coalition. and supervisor yee mentioned the preschool for all. it's important a great opportunity to get us together
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on the same page we used to call it the education group but it's important to rebuild it for the future and thank supervisor kim i'm also added as ass an author of the peace part given any participation with the other forevers but i wanted to say that 2014 november could be a crown achievement as we strengthen san francisco's efforts for children. it would be seen as a children's bottle to make major gains to keep our families and children in the san francisco but to build on what tom and others started we can advance that for the future i'm pleased with the colleagues and hope everyone supports those pieces in november >> thank you supervisor yee.
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mr. president, that includes roll call >> why don't we go to general public >> at this time, members of the public may address the commission to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to three minutes. please direct your comments to the supervisors and not to individuals. if you want to a document to be displaced on the overhead projector please advise us >> first with regard to item 28 the late night group i'm interested in this to supervisor wiener i hope i can operator in
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that check on page 4 line 7 you have language that is comprised of you hope that didn't limit the participation to the groups. on item 33 the record retention and destruction schedule i'm pleased it's before the board i didn't notice a packed from the clerk describing the impact to the changes due to expanding the retention fund for the documents perhaps you can sever that item i'd feel better about it. i also wanted to appreciate supervisor cowen's memoriam for john. it's a great loss for all of us who have worked with john in capacities. i also will mention personally to other losses the pass week
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len who was a business owner and a personal friend of the family len and i hope our scleshg feels better she had a bump on the head >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> god bless you supervisors and the city and county of san francisco. i'm conceive dennis i want to talk about the deinvesting of fillmore. the jazzy laundromat has been around for years people all over san francisco would come to the jazz laundromat they economy that was the chapter it
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laundromat in the san francisco. it closed down. the dollar store we don't think on going to get our household items, our bathroom items and that is closed down. and now we have a church that is the heart of the fillmore that's been there since i don't know when this is a on the corner of fillmore and fell now, it's turned into a roller disco. so i'm asking the - the board of supervisors you've helped out other districts the mission, chinatown, help out the fillmore. we need to revive it district and keep people of color black people of color in that
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district. thank you very much. >> next speaker. >> good evening supervisors. first of all, i want to say i'm honored and pleased to come here and give things to supervisor london breed and supervisor avalos for a very informative meeting last week and near and dear to my heart the advancement of affordable housing. i didn't see the media there. i want to thank supervisor london breed for her convictions and telling the fbi and even former mayor willie brown. i also want to give credit to supervisor campos. last week itself covered the union march marked to city hall they're doing a wonderful job
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and contribute to supervisor cowen. for the hunters view and didn't see any mention of the black media there are. we have black well come back to the city but my philosophy ladies and gentlemen, is to talk about that i'm going getting ready to start a new show it's called this week at the city hall. and i've got to get the peter's i'll be coming to you all because there are a lack of things that's going on that the people don't know but yours truly will be here at city hall i want to start a new show called this week at the city hall. there should be no problem her.
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and first, the african-americans plaques talking about the boycott. >> next speaker. >> supervisors and ladies and gentlemen, in the auditorium i'm mr. lawrence i've been a city and county resident for 45 years. i want to see it supervisor kim was applied that senator feinstein's kids were in public scott taylor's schools that's not interest true pursue i want to thank the gentleman with the taxi service. very briefly i'm talking to you about the taxi business are that i know some of the supervisors
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don't want to deal with f it and the public utilities commission is taking over we have rampant law invaders operating as taxis 31 they park in taxi zones and sit in cabs and they're sitting in taxi lots while you sit here doing nothing our income as mrujd and like taking 3 supervisors and divided their income. i'm submitting a letter my 7th in a row now to mayor ed lee and senator feinstein you've given her husband more money and a lot of it exams comes from the sfmta. it is operated by mr. bloom and
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they stand to make $350 million or more. 4 times in the years you have not even given me an interview i have 11 pages on that - >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you mr. president. that's not working. oh, sorry. wrong technology. sfgov please. i'm christopher i want to comment on managerial comments.
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thought polk and tenth street. more than 45 drivers were in the box when it's red this is against the law and entered the box when it was already red it's against the law and talents the pedestrians to wait at the lighted and those who are watch the light and it's predatory it's steals a few seconds of a pedestrians life. those chiropractors are more important than any pedestrian and their time is more worthy put a smaller and snap a picture of each perpetrator and showing share the info with the
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registered insurance company and remember this is just a data collection and direction and despite of the fact the planning department thinks this it that didn't impact the investment people will change their predatory behavior when they get a hiked insurance premium. there are we go that worked. thank you very much. >> next speaker. >> hello, i'm vicky hoover i want to speak to item 26 this wilderness act. as a resident of san francisco and national chair of the coio


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