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tv   [untitled]    April 30, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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that you know, it can't happen by magic, and or else it would have been done. so, it needs to be supported with the funds for the appropriate people doing the appropriate work. and i have not seen anybody in that department slacking, so i appreciate the work that is done, and i think that it is really, and i at least i will say it, i know that you have staff and in the curriculum that have been work og this since we began, the board resolution and they are actually, they have worked themselves sick, literally, and we can't have that. but that is speaks to the dedication, and the desire to see us do better for our students. and so, you have to say, what you need. because we can't have folks
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working themselves sick because this is a monday umental task and so many years it is a hurtle that we cannot overcome, and i do not believe that. and so, please communicate that, so that we are supporting you adequately, and to do this work. i want to say that, and president, fewer, i don't, and as soon as i was the chair of curriculum i had no idea that it dropped off and you have so much to present to us, maybe on a monthly basis, updates would be really helpful and then we can figure out when it should come back to the board of education with all of the information so that gives you a time span as you develop the work and find out new information to present it to curriculum. and the committee and then we
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can decide that all of the board members who are responsible with the curriculum committee members. and can hear the update and what is really imperative for them to know at the appropriate time and of course, the board members could come to the meeting and so you should not hesitate to do that and so i want to say that as well. if we could make that a standing item and we will just leave it for updates, no matter how small or large, and hopefully, we can cycle in some different staff, presenting, and that do this work so that we can have a different perspective occasionally from the folks who are in this work as well. and i think that will be very beneficial for the members and the board members who decide to join the committee, and then lastly, i want to add context to president fewer's comments
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about kol man. i have been in this discussion a long time but i did not get to this discussion on my own, i got into this discussion with the teachers and families, and students, at thur good marshal, and phillip and burton high school who are doing this work already. and were amazing and although, the staff there, and educating me as a parent. and worked with me as a parent. and in lots of areas that i didn't know about, and then, also worked with kol man because i know that kol man was at thorough good marshal and after the incident but truly in collaboration with the staff, and the families that had already gone through that a, to g, requirement and rigger and many of the things that kol man brought to the table that were so important and need to be said to the district. and the board of education and i am appreciative that they came forward with a city wide campaign to do that and so i will speak to the kol man staff
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and acknowledge their huge effort in organizing the folks across the city but i also want to acknowledge historically the staff and the families and the students at the academic high school that were really at this board, championing a, to g, for all students. thank you. >> okay, wow. i think that we are done, goodness, and okay, let's go on to... thank you for the presentation, thank you very much and sorry to keep you all so late. >> item n. consent calendar resolutions. none, tonight. >> and let's vote on the consent calendar. and it was moved and seconded under section f. >> roll call please?
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>> haney? >> yes. >> maufas. >> yes. >> mendoza n >> yes. >> except on k-1, which was retro. >> on thank you. >> dr. murase? >> aye. >> miss norton. >> yes. >> wynns. >> aye. >> and miss fewer. >> yes. >> and seven ayes, >> thank you. >> consent calendar resolutions severed for board discussion, and immediate action, i believe that we had two items. >> yes, so thank you, this is just and i hope with your approval even though i did not ask before i told mr. gold man that he did not need to stay for this and i just wanted to point this out that we have two contracts, on page 50 and 51 that look like they are exactly the same they are exactly the same. except they are actually to
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serve two different groups of schools which is not mentioned anywhere in these two items so i called him and discussed it with him and in the future, this is prop 39, the new prop 39 energy efficiency, money and these are contracts with the same three selected companies, to do this for different groups of schools and they are also the same amount of money making the confusion, additionally confusing, and so, he assured me that in the future, we will make sure that they are distinguished and that any such contracts will not look like we just made a mistake and listed it twice that is all. >> okay. >> congratulations commissioner wynns you passed the test and you caught it, we are proud of you. >> okay, i think that we are ready for a vote. >> are we ready to a vote? >> haney, on w16, 17. >> yes. >> maufas?
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>> yes. >> mendoza. >> yes. >> murase. >> aye. >> norton. >> aye. >> wynns. >> aye. >> fewer. >> yes. >> seven ayes. >> thank you. >> and superintendent's proposals first reading. move and seconded has already been through the committee and back to action the recommendation for amending board of education policy on the use of tobacco alcohol and other drugs to update its current version to include changes and include additional language. , r, board members proposals, none tonight. >> so moved. >> sorry. >> second. >> thanks. >> board members reports. can we have a report please, from the committee meeting of the whole on april 15, on special education? >> commissioner murase?
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>> yes. >> we received a very thorough and comprehensive report from our special education division. and i had it here. entitled needs not labels, service not programs, and names not numbers. by dr. liz dranco and assistant superintendent and shaw, director and it really gave the committee an overview of the shifts fundamental shifts in special education and a way from service delivery type of model, and really much more focused on out comes.
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and so i really wanted to congratulate dr. blanco and her team for a very thorough treatment of the subject, and we were able to see much more detailed data than we have already seen, on special education. and, like the data that we saw earlier tonight, it is not all good news. and there is a lot of work to do, in terms of additional professional development, for our teachers, and meeting the needs of our students, but again, i am glad that we are at the point where we can be angry and outraged and determined to fix some of these issues because we are seeing them through data for the first time. >> and thank you. >> and may we have a report from the commissioner haney? from the rules policy and legislation committee meeting of april 16, 2014.
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>> sure. >> bulk of the time was spent on the legislative overview and we went over a wide range of bills and received updates and we did not do as systematic as we said of a run through, in terms of positions, so we didn't take a whole lot of new position and that sort of thing, but one thing that we are doing which is new is that we are making sure to review, all of the bills on a regular basis that are local, and assembly members and senators are carrying particularly as they relate to the children and youth education and so we spent the time doing that and we had those brought to us and we didn't have, and we have a standing item, which is the board of education and there was not anything to discuss on that and then we did have a review and a recommendation and we had a positive recommendation for the superintendent's proposal its it relates to the update on the policy of the use of tobacco and alcohol and we forwarded that to the board with a
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positive recommendation >> okay. okay and, then i have a report on the ad hoc committee on personnel matters and labor relations and we had a few informational items one is the retention demographic data of our-para professionals and they presented information regarding bi lingual professionals in response to the recent annual report and we had an update on the transition plan to convert, the temporary and exempt the student nutrition workers to the permanent status and what we discovered was that on the update to transition are nutrition workers and to the permanent status, is ta that really the power does not land with us, it is with the civil
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service commission and the city and so we have made a commitment to advocate for them on their behalf because they have been working for us for a very long time, and some of them between 20 and 36 years, and as the temporary employees. and which is not right. and also, we looked at some retention, demographic data on the para professional and what we discussed is actually forming a more robust para professional to teacher pipeline, did you want to add something to that? >> president fury did hear the public comment talking about the exempt staffing and sfusd and i would like to ask if at the next personnel labor, committee meeting we could have a discussion not just this one, was focusing on the nutrition workers could we get an update on sort of across the board,
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how many of our staff are in that sort of temporary exempt, because i did hear a mention of it. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> and then we also learned is that the majority of our para professionals are in special ed. >> okay. now item t. >> the other commissioners don't have the meeting dates. >> go ahead. >> i would like to congratulations the association of chinese teachers who will be celebrating the 45 thing anniversary this friday for the scholarship dinner pushp and george washington high school is having the hall of merit dinner at the cliff house on may first and the san francisco dental society is having their school children's poster contest on may second. and on may third, education revolution is having their annual day at the ballpark
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where the folks can access all kinds of resources for special needs students, and all day at at&t park and i mentioned resources for summer learning and so there will be traditional classes over 20, a, through, g approved courses available on-line and summer school, applications will be available from the high school counselors, this month. and the summer learning date are june 11 to july 16, 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 and additional information can be found at learning, thank you very much. >> and any other announcements or anything like that? >> none? >> okay. >> i would like to say that we are looking for a date for the budget committee meeting, but we are... >> well, mack can't come at 5:00, why did you need it at
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5:00? >> my daughter is coming home that day. >> and tag in. >> i can get there at 6:00. >> okay. >> and the 14th at 5:00 and we will start with commissioner mendoza and myself and they can leave early and you will come late is that okay? >> may 14th, at 5:00, the budget committee here. >> you know, just to remind me of something that we smud talk about the rules committee, is the board supervisor does have a process by which we can create a quorum if none exists for a special committee, if the president can designate someone as a committee, and i wonder if we need that in the rules and some kind of a process like that. >> can we explore that and undesignate people? >> just kidding. >> can can he bring it to the rules committee? >> yeah. >> that is what they do when they can't get a quorum, what they do is unappoint someone
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and replace that person. >> could we explore whether or not the president can do that? >> so, yes, so, this... and forget that i said it. >> i am not proposing that we write a letter to the board of supervisors, write a letter to me. >> why don't you explore it. >> yeah, we could, we will find out what the board of supervisors does. >> and? the meantime we will have the meeting on the 14th, here is the most important thing for the public and for the other members of the board. excuse me, all of the budget committee meetings are augmented we are having that at that time because it is after the release of the may revise and so this will be and we will not have had a budget meeting in april at all. and we are and we are, but, in the next month, in june, they
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will be a budget discussion, four of them. there will be a budget discussion every tuesday in june. but in order to, but remember that the budget will be presented to you, the draft budget, and it will already be in development and so this is the one opportunity for theed abouter to get information about what is in the governor's budget and the may revise and remember that all that we know so far, is that revenues up to march, were 1.5 billion dollars above the governor's january estimates and april is the month that all of the revenue comes in. and so there may be significantly more money and we should, or all of us should know as much as we can about that and this is the opportunity to discuss that. and so the 14th at 5:00. thank you. >> forgive me, i have announced this, the student assignment committee several times for originally being schedule on april 30th, but that has been
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changed. and to may... >> april 29th. >> okay, all right, april 29th. >> all right, thank you. >> i would also like to mention that this friday, the 25th, is the annual bike and roll, to school day. and so i may roll there, and... >> the way that she rolls. >> like a ball. no, and any way, i would encourage all students and families to bike or roll to school. and then i would like to also mention that april 26th is the birthday of mccap len who is a dedicated student nutrition worker in nevado school district, thank you.
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>> on this thursday is the night of the academy and it is the adult night of the academy of the sciences that none of you have experienced and it is awesome and friday is a zoo fest at the san francisco zoo. >> and neither are free. oh, and that was the question. >> okay, wow. item t. >> okay, commissioner murase? >> i just wanted to say that yesterday i attended the pack meeting on race equity, and it was eldorado and i want to say that we had predominantly spanish speaking families and was good to hear the transition and to hear it in that language first, but i really want to
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commend those families for coming ut and participating in this discussion and sharing with the district and with the pac, the parent advisory council, what racial issues that they are grappling with in the school district and the next one is this friday at cobb elementary school. and i want to appreciate the pac and the families within the pac that are volunteering to do those. >> they are cool and they rock. >> commissioner mendoza. >> so one of the things that we had the select committee this thursday and it is moved up to 3:00, from 3:00 to 5 and that will also and it will be two items one is the jobs plus initiative, and that the mayor has and then an update on p. and on the public education enrichment fund. >> okay, wow, item t, closed
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session action, of april 8, 2014, and the matter of seiu verses sfudv, 090512, the board of education by a vote of 7 ayes give the authority to pay up to a stipulated amount, and man claw, verses san francisco school district, and penya eal, the san francisco court number cgc 13529436, the board of education by a vote of 7 ayes give the authority to pay up to the stipulated amount, lions verses the san francisco school district and pena, the board of education by a vote of seven ayes give the authority to pay up to the stipulated amount, by a vote of 7 ayes approved the contract for one supervisor for special education and the board by a vote of seven ayes
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approved expulsion of two high school students, closed session actions of april 15, 2014, the board of education by a vote of 6 ayes and one absent, norton, approved the expulsion of one high school student, the board of education by a vote of 6 ayes and one absent, norton, approved the expulsion of one high school student, approved the expulsion of one high school student, and the other informational items are none ton, and
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>> good morning ladies and
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gentlemen. thank you all for coming i'm tom o'connor i'm a san francisco firefighter i'm a member of the cancer prevention center today, we stand before a memorial to honor the firefighters who have died in hospitals and hospice today, we staples before a sea of by boats to honor those folks a number that is growing every year. every time firefighters enter a burning building we have chemicals and car gins that are interour bodies and for years the deviating effects and recent
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studies by control of disease control have demonstrated that firefighters are sxhooum to cancer and now it's time to push back. it is the for that us to let the memorial serve a purpose are that it is time to let san franciscans and the world know that long arrest the fires are put out the firefighters are fighting against cancer we're indicating is to ban toxic chemicals in first one and clothing. chemicals like deadly flammable retardant for children's clothing and known car gins that were band by governor jerry brown recently but perhaps that banned come too coon the
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chemical companies with fighting back we're asking for san franciscans they need to know firefighters have to fight for a paycheck and too often those empty boats are for uncertainty today on firefighter cancer awareness today we've asking for the chemicals be out so the families can be taking care of. san francisco recognizes she will take care of people who deprive they're all and soon president chiu will announce that. we also ask today you all remember those empty boats and real heros are leading us everyday and we want you to know the boats represent a firefighters like dan and john
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murphy and clyde. 3 brothers we buried in the last 4 months from occupational cancer. we want to send notice that firefighters will not go quietly aefrm we lost a firefighter men and women we'll make every effort to let the city and country know that a he or she has passed serving others. again, thank you for coming and now chief joanne will introduce mayor ed lee (clapping.) >> good morning and thank you to tom o customer local 78 and to the cancer prevention fountains we're pursuing proud to raise awareness and address this important issue an issue
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that disproportionately facts our folks. but not only are our active but retired members and it includes the families we want to raise awareness and get the word outline we're concerned and do all we can it protect our members who put their lives on the line everyday for city and county of san francisco. now i will introduce a big supporter of the fire service and fire department that's a privilege to introduce our 43 read mayor mayor ed lee (clapping.) thank you, chief. good morning, everyone well, to city hall. first of all, i want to thank the chief for the introduction and leadership in the department thank the fire commission but
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today it's all about the firefighters. and i want to indicate to you very strongly my stance with our firefighters. that as we ask them from day one to take on the life threatening risk of savings accountability 0 people and going into buildings and getting on top of the buildings over one hundred and 50 firefighters putting out those disagrees flames in mission bay. or we shared with station 49 celebrating the reobama of businesses because the firefighters did their job over a year and a half going to do so that fire no, the west portal. our board of supervisors appreciate the firefighters we together as part of the city family acknowledge how important
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the fire department and all it's firefighters so when we ask them to take the risk of running into building and doing all the herselfic things there's a moment when we say we can do something for you. as tom started earlier over a shorter of years recently we've become familiar with data that's telling us somethings happening to our firefighters as they fight the fires the toxins it's embodied in the things their buena we're asking them to you think so what and do you see that gets into their lungs and skins and causes repercussions that perhaps takes them years to understand


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