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tv   [untitled]    May 11, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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size of the boxed and that's the way it should be solved through legislation is to require that a few size make up be taken by the utility to the site and placed there and photographed to that's a real photograph and a cut off of a human figure not how big that door is but a 6 foot person next to the mark up. secondly, if the legislation didn't call on the specifically the notification that is being sent should be sent to a somehow foot road us from the proposed site and thirdly, it's important that the city has skin in the
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game is one that park or at&t park or other public land can be used for citing this this is a suitable location as well. at&t keeps on insisting those or off limits but we need to see this in legislation as well >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon chairman i'm kissing it on the executive director for the san francisco beautiful thank you supervisor wiener. i want to echo the words of our where had president we know this legislation is a slam dunk we've been listening to the public and works to address each the issues
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so thank you on behalf of the board and members. there's others who couldn't be here by thanks for this process it's a huge improvement thanks for your support >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hi i'm gary the president of the urban heights neighbors and on the neighborhood association. at&t uses the loopholes in the current system to avoid taking care of accident boxed and it's currently, the responsibility of the residents to afford it. there's a droifb by mayor ed lee to exhaust all possibilities in placing them on private properties if any has been placed on the private prospers we're to see them this is to
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make n this a balanced but not perfect but a healthy start >> is it true, mr. weighing. >> good afternoon jim with the chamber of commerce. this is a 36 page of legislation we don't see many of those and it's extensive and necessary because this issue is a neighborhood battle for years but your concern is there does the legislation expedite the installation of the 21st century technology and systems for san francisco businesses and residents does it encourage the installation even if excessive products for cable television and telephone services for the same residents and businesses. if the stated goal is a clear
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set of goals and rules and process we can support it if the outcome is to put the most modern technology in the technical metrological driven city that's our goal in cooperation with the residents and businesses to see the best technology is available to all of us >> thank you, mr. lazarus. >> next speaker good afternoon. i'm ms. butler in the noah residents i want to compliment you for your efforts. i also want to second with the gentleman from the hate ashbury said about requiring at&t to
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provide an accurate make up b of what this is going to look like and with american people accurate designation of where exactly it is going to be placed if that hadn't happened they need to do that it could be included in your legislation. and also have concerns i realize you are trying to address the neighbor pitted against neighborhood but i'm not convinced that the neighbors coming tooth and talking about various locations the what if what if at the end of that meeting the neighbors are not in agreement about where the box is going to be placed and if this happens i can see that then who decides where will the final
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decision be made and by whom that's not in the legislation >> in the department of health of public works. >> okay. >> and i notice at the board of permit appeals the lawyers from at&t stayed that one cabinet will serve 3 hundreds households in the city and according to the last census fingers we're going to have more than 11 hundred of those boxed on the situations of san francisco it's not a pretty picture and i my final 0 thing what is the significant legislation are we addressing that. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> next speaker. >> hello supervisors thank you
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for having this hearing. i'm here on behalf of san francisco beautiful. i want to thank supervisor wiener for taking the initiate that everyone has been doing by installing - to install the facilities in the neighborhood just being a lot of pain for the people in the community. i believe through this new process the community will be involved in choosing the appropriated location in the neighborhood and also building that by having the translation services available this community will be at the table and feinstein i want to echo what my colleagues said about sf does support the legislation >> thank you very much is there any additional public comment on
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item number one. i'm sorry, i have your card and forgot to call you i apologize >> i'm jim i'm with the hate valley association i want to thank the supervisors for their works. a couple of points to reinforce we're the tech capital of the world and yet in terms of technical involvements for a smaller cabinet or not within 3 hundred feet we're stuck with at&t's own technology and we also are accepting their answer it can't be any other way. i proepts prop we have a technical consultant on retainer to look at this and for the
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potential for underground and we need our own person if we have them do it we have the hen watching the henhouse. there are disterrorized of the boxed in addition to them being undersized in the photographs they're not shown playing them on top of the platforms so the idea of having an accurate representation is really possible and finally in terms of the mrachlts recommending them is all good having a performance standard to have 50 percent private placements for them to say they've tried it's inaccurate. >> thank you very much
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thank you. a thank you. any thomd on item one seeing none, public comment is closed. mr. gibner related to the timetable >> john gibner, deputy city attorney. two questions came up prior to public comment one was whether there is a deadline for the applicant to distribute or send out the notice of intent the answer is no the ordinance didn't set a timeline for the applicant to publish it's notice that it's notice of intent in the applicant were to take an extended period of time inevitable the applicant will consent to a longer than 60 daytime period regarding whether we can extend the time period
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beyond 10 days but this item coming back to land use next week we'll discuss whether it's possible to extend that period or not >> thank you and just to in terms of the timing and legislation because of the glitch with the noticing of the fees under the newspaper we're going to need to continue this for one week we can't put it out of committee today but out of committee technique my intent next monday to notice that for a committee report. supervisor kim >> seeing there's a continuous until technique i'm happy to hammer those out what want to say to the public it's not
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expensive. >> john gibner, deputy city attorney if i make that amendment technique it will not be subject active. >> yeah. if we can do it inconsistent with the law i have no problem to extend to to 10 days supervisor cowen you want to see something. >> if there are no additional comments if i can get a motion to continue this for one week. before we do that my apologizes the amendments that i distributed at the beginning can i get a motion to adapt the amendments >> motion to adapt. >> we'll take that without objection. on the motion to continue for one week that will be the order. thank you.
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madam clerk, will you call item it is to vacate a portion of kent street as part the rue railroad improvement project >> and supervisor cowen is the author of this resolution. >> thank you, colleagues the resolution and it's companion ordinance are necessary for the councilman to make an emergency repair for the bridge, however, a recent inspection shows nights in need of repair i have distributed also some other amendments that will specify the temporary recent 40 for the
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right to maintain a bridge we've until we resolve any flying issues we have mr. john updyke a represent if the sfmta. we're here to provide answers to a few questions you may have a have a brief presentation so mr. updyke please proceed with our presentation >> thank you supervisor cowen and members of the committee john updyke with the real estate department. i'll keep this brief. as the supervisor mentioned you have technical amendment that is to address the issue that arose regarding the title we'll need to have is making neither quiet will action then follow the vacation process and just to
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protect this we'll introduce the amendments so the rights for rail operations won't be inhandbook subsequential. briefly i'll show you a couple of maps. those are actually from presentations that the sfmta continues to make to the community under the outreach process this is the bridge location which is the area of the vacation before you now. and i want to dive in a little bit deeper and show you the specific location. of the street vacation which is a portion of the gwyneth, 92 come and ma kilogram as shown on the map. as the supervisor mentioned it is all about the existing
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brooklyn bridge in its delipidated condition and this is for the project a shot of the bridge. i would dive in with further daily detail and this bridge was constructed in 1911 >> that sounds like it's right showing it's age. as am i. this particular item is a notice of intent to have the hearing for the street vacation which will be at the full board at the dates noted in the amended resolution. as the supervisor mentioned i'm joined by mta staff if you want further details we're happy to answer questions but i'm happy to entertain your questions.
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we're seeking a no recommendation full load with the out of committee load >> thank you, john updyke. >> thank you. i'd like to call up the representative from caltrain for a short presentation >> thank you. would you like to see the presentation we've prepared and shown to the board is that it and sure if you have any other comments you've seen the presentation haven't you >> can you brief go through to refresh our memory. >> i'm patrick with the project with the caltrain bridge and what i have is a presentation we
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showed to the board when we declared the state of emergency to inaccurate the repairs. a quick history of the structure it was built in 1907 not up to current codes and we've been planning our replacement project since 2006. we've been to the community several times and reached a point we're planning on moving forward with the bedroom construction that closed the street and redirecting traffic on to other roads. on in late march we've conducted inspections and ongoing spriksz
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inspections for known conditions some of the conditions we've found warranted a immediate action train traffic was shot down to reduce the structure process and it allowed us to continue with the safe operating conditions i have a couple of pictures. those are some of the pictures a little bit farther back we're looking at one of the main gir derz for the support beams and closing in on the conditions. is conditions we're looking at is a cracked main underage for the structure this crack has been growing for years we've been mortd it and it is cracked now all the way through putting us in a position to lower the
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load and activate an emergency repair. additionally as this happened a decrease in the traffic in the area we've had a critical defamation in the crack where the web the main center portion of the beam is bending out of plain and it's a failure mechanism and it will continue if not addressed. so eave completed our emergency inspections based on this condition and have a r5ir7 designed the board issued a state of emergency we issued a state of emergency contract they've been fabricated has we speak and once the repairs are
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in placed currently, the traffic is 10 miles per hour then we'll be able to get traffic up to thirty miles per hour and we'll taking a hit of 4 to 2 minutes from the train this is a temporary fix and it is showing of the overall condition of the structure we need to move forward quickly with the replacement project. which is bringing us to the vacation requests the portion for today. and then that walk from here it moves into details we're sharing with our board with the timeline. if there are any questions
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regarding the technical position i'll field them out >> colleagues, any questions. >> no questions. >> thank you very much. >> mr. chair i'd like to bring i bring opening up one more presentation from the sfmta. >> good afternoon. i'm with the transportation authority. i'll provide some brief context as john updyke showed previously this fits in with a larger he set of projects. the impetus behind the replacement aside from the condition of the bridge the impetus is an effort to replace it in such a way it that facilitate a oakdale station.
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so we've been working and the transportation authority board approved in july of last year an option after we considered a number of orpgsz to facilitate the bridge and the local access through the area. the option was the replacement of the caltrain bridge it is shown with the circle. the station is the orange portion so the objective was to accommodate further proofrmz and the option that was selected in last july to do that is the bedroom it closess the vacation before you today that will be before the board tooth and coordinated with a new student city called the connection our that will provide local access
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through the ear. that's a little bit of context we were looking for the la county of the futuristic station so as caltrain is moving forward with the replacement of this bridge we're working with the dpw and the planning department on design and environmental contemporaneous for the connect our road with caltrain and with the further construction timeline of that. so given the board immediate then ever need to replace the bridge we're going to bring in the construction of the connect our road immediately behind the bridge so the timeline is it will be under construction beginning in the spring and completed in the fall and then dpw will construct the connect our road in the fall of next
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year and taking 6 months. that's the overall context and we've gone through a long community process to make sure we're meeting all the sometimes previously competing but hopefully, this is the solution that brings the need to replace the bridge and access to the area and the need for the future station to be able to happen. with that i'll be happy to answer any questions >> okay. seeing none mr. chair, i want to give comments. >> that i public comment on item 2. (calling names) >> and that's the only card i have so if anyone else wants to speak please step forward.
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>> i'd like to go over briefly what has happened in prop krngs of the old station. in 2004 the consultants engaged the community and lapped on a beautiful station design including the circulation of bikes and pedestrians in particular. one of the key points there was an opportunity to fund a station under the pass through the bridge replacement. then in 2008, prop one a passed and things went south pr in 2009 san francisco was innovated with the so-called rail corridor program. the cdc was directed to defund the queen bridge replacements because the station and pass was going to be replaced with an
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embankment. in the time swap the formula would the full bridges in san mateo this work was completed in 2012 and fast-forward to 2014 and the spending an additional $13 million for the exact 4 bridges because the city of san mateo wants the tracks so if you want to go go ahead with accident legislation first of all, the pets can't cross and the viebltd felt old caltrain station from the transportation alliance will be severely commodity and in closing it's time to say enough to have the city evaluate the option >> thank you. any thomas on
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thomd seeing none, public comment is closed. >> sorry i didn't mean to impede on your public comment and thank you for the account for the last 10 years. so you you've heard in the report there's an urgency to get the bridge repaired and i request ask for your support for the overall resolution and amendments >> great. thank you. colleagues supervisor cowen has submitted some amendments to item 2. can i have a motion to adapt those amendments >> so moved. >> we'll take that without objection. and to the full board with positive recommendation. >> we'll we'll take that without objection. >> okay mraild madam clerk, any other business before this commission? there's no further business. >> then we're adjourned
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>> so become everybody this the may first thank you for jefferson city us for the celebration of asian pacific it's the international looibd to celebrate of the success around the world and may first, it the the state of hawaii with this we have a special, special hawaii culture and the asian panicking american heritage thank you for
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american ails for the hawaiian airlines thanks to hawaiian airlines. i know that ms. sue thank you. >> happy day. we're going to go around and you know the other neighborhoods. let's go back to the business of 14rg9 the business we have is telling the truth year in the city and county of san francisco many of you know apa heritage is at the national celebration started in 1978 around the country a lot of countries celebrate by in 1995 we celebrate a special time of the year with the apa family to come together and have our own celebration and get to kno