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tv   [untitled]    May 12, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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public should be aware >> the only thing i want to acknowledge ocii has not take the opportunity to go over the analysis to see how the change impacts. open space, bikes lanes and more importantly my considerations are the public housing correct me if i am wrong i see the yes signs they have not had a chance >> i would say point to the fact it my sincere hope this is not yet the beginning of a new set of processes with respect to this particular development because all that meanings maples we have to stop and wait for the outcome maybe in the grand scheme of things not necessarily
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front and back anyone here we were supposed be in a process to move forward by a plan that was adapted by the board and signed by mayor in 2010. so inadvertently stepping into a significant process who be belie everything that the first process was to set aside so this is critical for this hearing >> thank you, mr. booer. >> thank you supervisor wiener. this is a very important hearing not only because we get new community right but having the right strdz standards to reclaim the right streets from traffic danger. you've heard the testimony the
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fastest roads kill and wide roads kill. there's a huge body count from bad streets designed. and it's probably the biggest safety problem we have as a city. it also makes the city less liveable for all of us we've turned our streets into bad things this is gentiles the elderly and the children that are the worse impacted by balanced designed roads. the top 3 reasons people leave is the insafe streets and housing costs. so making streets deadlyer there's got to be better ways in streets are bad during the
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construction phase restrict the use but designing streets that are overly wide for decades to deal with an issue only happening during construction is stood up. we could look at fire trucks and so on. there are many, many miles of streets that are 20 feet or less clear hundred of thousands of people live on those streets their narrower than 20 feet so we can't fight fires here i think there's the best streets to live o on. we should be able to have fire safety but widening streets to 26 feet is bad policy >> thank you director. >> thank you good afternoon,
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supervisors i'm sheryl brinkman ii happy service on the sfmta board of directors but i'm not here with that hat. thank you for this. i firmly believe we can build save streets and accommodate the emergency vehicles i know what calendared staff we have at sfmta we also have an amazing opportunity to build the neighborhoods that will be safe and welcome for all road users and help us to meet the vision zero and goals and an opportunity that a lot of cities would love to have thank you to your oversight 10 to 15 years from now the board of supervisors or sfmta is not trying to see how those streets would be safe they are will be. in the hearing today we've heard
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a lot of good ideas to accommodate the fire department and the speakers have good ideas. i think that using the example of extreme conditions that are horrible didn't help the conversation it circulates the fear in people. i think we have more to fear from everyday poorly designed streets from the conscionable horrible concentration we see. i'm confident we can moved with compromises >> thank you. >> chairman and supervisors thank you for calling the hearing. san francisco beautiful director. san francisco beautiful spearheaded the upper plan that went into the complete streets designed for the streets for the new development comply with that
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and the intent for the best designs we have for our country. we have we appreciate your careful attention to the changes so the publicity u public take the opportunity to talk about the public spaces. we looked to hamburger about those issues and looked forward to hearing from the department in communicating with the elective body and each other so we can have a process and street design that's liveable everyday. thank you >> thank you very much director ramos. >> good afternoon supervisor wiener and supervisor cowen. thank you very much for having this hearing today. you might recognition me from the sfmta board of directors, however, like my colleagues director brinkman i'm not speak
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on behalf of sfmta but on behalf of the transform that's a nonprofit organization seeking to design for walkable community. frankly i've been working there 8 years making it a career of undoing what we're talking about doing making the streets less dangerous from the beginning and instead not design them to be more liveable and walkable and safe for everyone. i've almost made a career out to trying to make at a easier for the facilitytion of good growth and development within the cities. i understand the concern of the developers this has been vested mayor ed lee by the community and a process by which the fire department had a chance to review earlier we need to move on and find other compromises.
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in addition the directors comments we could not put parking on the development on those streets that are under construction and with places you could put is jack to hold up fooikz but in a nutshell we appreciate the safety concerns the fire department but people get killed not only in jaywalking but get killed in krooksz from high-speed traffic >> thank you very much
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(calling names) those are all the names i have so if you want to speak please come up and fill out a card. >> thank you supervisors for having this hearing. i'm with the citizen and disability action and the advisory committee. but i'm here to talk about as a i would call myself a citizen in training with a lot of experience in pedestrian safety. and part of being citizen in training the older i get the more confused i get you had a clear idea when i got here but there's a lot of miss
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interpretations of rules and who knew what and when it soolz the fire department come and finally looked at what going to happen in the development and came up with a concern and solution which i feel is a simplistic way of coming with a simplistic ideas. the fire department and the development should look at how they're to build the buildings and the safety standards in building them and what kind of materials to prevent or reduce the probability of fires. and also look at other solutions just then saying we need widower
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streets so one safety vs. another when it comes to pedestrian safety. so all those condominium conversion of who said what the bottom line is we really need to look at the solution that the fire department now is coming up with not just simply say widened the streets. thank you, thank you very much >> next speaker good afternoon supervisor wiener and supervisor cowen. i'm dr. verona honeycutt i'm with the citizens advisory committee that is working with the city to oversee the development of the shipyard. the shipyard is the communicated driven project and the cac is the longest community oversight body of any project in the history of san francisco. we support moving the shipyard project forward we're already in
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the implementation stages of sfaes one housing development. fwraerng very surprised to see this project today. we at the cac has sat in meeting after meeting and some of our members have been involved with the project forfully to 20 years we've heard everything we need to hear about the shipyard where were the public works and the fire department why did they not work through the process earlier so we wouldn't be here he 11th hour to figure out one way or another what to do. we're at the cac are in agreement we know the firefighters jobs are not easy and we appreciate them. and we're appreciative the
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conversations how to improve those streets but we do not want to discussion to be a reopening of the shipyard plan and project we definitely don't want that. the project design was approved in a buy in from all the vice presidents it went through the board of supervisors and the project is in process at alice griffith. you need to know supervisors that the shipyard a a great 0 source of pride and represents not only jobs lenar has provided over $30 million in community benefits more than any project in the horrifies of san francisco. ? a monument overlook project we're grateful to lenar for his leadership and going on engagement with the city and
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community leaving. the cac wants to see the project continue on schedule. thank you for your fine work you're both doing and we appreciate your efforts >> thank you for all your work. thank you. next speaker. >> for the record. supervisors the subject, of course, is the hunters point shipyard master plan. >> could you talk into the microphone. >> i'm marketing internal revenue a development planner a member of 15 years with the hunters point shipyard cac and i was the chair of the subcommittee. my comment on the hunters point shipyard mastered plan that was approved the brief comments the hunters point shipyard master plan was in the making for over
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20 years a direction the city department of planning the numerous citizens in the wizarder san francisco community at that particular time in the planning process and the master plan in its final plan was done and the hunters point shipyard master plan take into account all the known points from the san francisco in the 21st century and my comments the fire department apparently has the master plan as follows:. where i began any career in planning in the 1970s the suburban plan were widened to accommodate the fischer and relate to this they're more
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extracted than the 18960s and paving over larger acres of lands must be acknowledged while no one can deny that adequate assess it is important disseds problems can't be fixes by yesterday's solutions and they must take into account all of today's circumstances looking at the major cities across the choice they never thought years ago. this is critical that everyone comes together because sustainability long term and short term is absolutely preliminary circumstances that new solutions that integrate all concerns is required.
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thank you very much. thank you very much >> dr. jackson. >> dr. espanola jackson and, you know, it's too bad you have two minutes number one i'd like to say the history of bayview hunters point most of the people don't know anything about the shipyard area not holland. when the baseball field was at the candle stick i had to go to the department of public works to get the stop signs put up in my neighborhood because those of us who went to church because the ball players wouldn't let us in you're not concerned about the height of the citizens of
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san francisco because if upper if you were you would want to know history. now and then in 1962 the alice griffith project was built and there was no epa point a time itself area a land field the shipyard is land field it's a toxic site and that was put together by the navy not us there was a lab board set up to say when things what about exchanged in the city and guess what the ramp board was kiss continued by last mayor because they were pushing down everybody's throat lane and people that dying and still dying and sick public utilities the public health department and city planning and the
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supervisors have been the rubber stamps for the continuing of the people in bayview hunters point the death of those people if you pass on this you're not different you're not different than being raciest against the people >> this is a hearing no votes. >> you're going to come back later and vote you've been doing it all the time. >> thank you. next speaker. . >> thank you, supervisors i'm rick hall. i i don't not will have is prepared speaker but a resident of district 10 and sometimes go to the meetings associated with district 10 and i do support whatever district 10 residential groups want. i live in katrero hill part of
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the district 10 when i go out to district 10 places like captain sullivan's meetings. i've learned a lot about my other neighbors and learned that they're not just - it's different out there not the sort of intense castro and everybody wants walkable streets they drive a lot and have concerns about roads. their - they don't get the transportation they need i know we've got like a team out there but to where this project is going you need major transportation changes. and until you get that those people are going to out in the
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ear are going to be driving. i really need to get our transportation. and in sync as a driver i suggest somewhere out there place a transit he metropolitan center capturing the people avenue off the 180 let them park and take the transit and use that as a hub to develop what bayview hunters point needs. thank you. >> thank you very much appreciate it. ms. hill son >> good afternoon. i deal a lot with land use issues not
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only for bayview hunters point and alice griffith park it's going to be a key thing for the entire city when the streets with widened to 26 feet i know in the planning code their relate to the height ever buildings and a lot of that height comes the bulk and density and what you might get later than is an entitlement right with the additional weight of street going to lenar go they'll not lose the people that have testified didn't said they didn't know whether or not they'll be at the front or back it makes no difference they'll be additional rights granted. i'm getting worried about about the development. i understand about the safety of
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the firefighters i've learned bmw the jack's if you want a few of the trucks 26 won't suffice he need 34 and you can't go to anthony that's stretching things. i'm beginning to one day suddenly after 2010, i thought that was done i didn't go to the hunters point shipyard and candle stick plans but this is odd. thank you >> next. >> good morning. welcome supervisor wiener and supervisor cowen and thank you for calling the meeting i'm lynda former planning commissioner and over 20 something years i was the chair of the land use planning and transportation for the bayview hunters point under the
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san francisco development agency. as my counterpart sister agencies the cac said earlier that the verona honeycutt we've had thousands and thousands and decades and decades of plan in honor we talk about bayview hunters point it was a resident and any resident in the city you can attest to this we've come here over and over and over and over again to the construction of the shipyard and thank you for all the questions. i know and i want to put it on the record under chief joint and his wife san francisco has had the longest safety of any department in this country we give her a lot of accolades for that. we need to san francisco has an obligation for the performance
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for the obligation of the shipyard. 2010 were here and you need to think about the entitlement if you cause any public delay i think the san francisco will be gookd and alice griffith has a deadline written into it that i hud you're going to stop the project and given climate of the economy with the republicans he lose an opportunity we have the infrastructure plan in place being approved by the planning department we should move forward with this project. thank you for your time >> thank you very much any is there any additional public comment on item 2 seeing none, public comment is closed first, i want to thank all the departments for being here
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today. we're this is a team of departments s it really works well together even though we don't see eye to eye on everything this is a one of the strengths i thank you. this has been a useful hearing in terms of flagging this issue wherever one falls down after we announced that a few weeks ago i got passionate e-mails there are views on our - from our members of the public and staff it's an important issue to be discussing this our streets are the major
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topic of discussions and mr. jacobs said it's 28 landmass this is a twice as our park system this is how our city gets around whether the fire department or biking or walking we want it to be safe and usable for everyone. as this process the concerns what the impact will be in the long run and people raising their children and grandchildren and having the liveable walkingable contact or streets that are overly wide and less safe and less inviting for the community tote. i don't agree that having a liveable what canable is for the castro or the other valley it's
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something that people that value in hunters point shipyard or other place deserve to have complete streets and i think that's incredibly important and be concerned about the precedent it sets. i disagree are some of the perspectives that were expressed but agree we have a frank discussion. so with that said supervisors if there's nothing further >> no, thank you. >> and thank you to the public. so with that cohen i'll entertain a motion to continue to the call of the chair >> thank you we'll take that without objection. >> folks if you could clear the room we have item 3 through 6 to
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get through. thank you >> okay. >> okay. thank you everyone
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madam clerk call 3, 4, 5 and 6. >> so coordinate the private property and right-of-way and item 4 is the mischievous of the technical zoning district are that item 5 is the ordinance amending the ordinance code to establish a public right-of-way and the next is the amending of the police code. >> okay cohen is the author along with the mayor on those items. >> thank you for the folks that have remained for the discussion of item number 3 through 6. >> to today, we have a couple of proposals before us. the san francisco plaza