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tv   [untitled]    May 13, 2014 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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>> thank you cohen why not go back to district one and continue in the numerous order supervisor mar. thank you president chiu and thank you to the small property owner commission and the leader for choosing the theme of shaping our community. i want to show you the item that i'm going to give to the amazing business that we are honored to acknowledge from the richmond district i wish it were a green apple but if i could ask pete from green apple books i know the apple
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represents gratitude for raising our communities and create lifelong learners and green apple books are that example they're an anchor for the city and a fiercely independent small property owner and i think pete and also kevin and kevin the trio that's the current ownership and their staff is a high road business for the city their leaders that have been combifb back to our richmond district green apple books was founded in 1967 and passed the business 0 on to other owners kevin kevin and pete. maggie is here unfortunately oliver wouldn't be here but i should add that the 28 staff ride their bisexuals and walk
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and take muni to work and i think pete in parking lot has advocated for the muni ride to work days he and the green apple books have survived the amazon type of companies borders their fiercely independent they support san francisco and loma the locally owned merchants associations to keep the small property owners strong in the city. green apple books was given the prestige honor the leading trade association as the bookstore of the year their nationally known as well.
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many of the bay area to the local press uncommonly acknowledge them as the best independent bookstore in the area. also in the course among many businesses larger and small green apple engages in business practices they pay their employees strong health care benefits and generous other benefits and their union in his as well their unique i think. also i believe that the city should be doing much more to honor and incentive intents those high road businesses that respect their employees so co- owner pete pass has been involved in the ground level what the merchants association making clement street better as
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a dad, i know he rides with his kids often in the sunset where he lives and pete and green apple serve on the independent book ceilings association and they've revielthd the association with many, many family and other types of activities along clement street they've been instructional in lift earthquake an event in san francisco one book program and they support of the local arts from installing a beautiful new mural above it's store to regularly promoting the work of local multiplications and it was great and a lot of local musicians and local authors.
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i've spent so many hours on the pz second floor my daughter loves the granting i didn't smith room and other places she grew up that a in a server environment as she grows as a teenager she'll be a lifelong learn i thank green apple for that i love the comic books but green apple has adjusted to the times their online presence and social media for people that want to get on the e-mail list green and they tell you about the great events they post everyone every week and their e-mail list is useful you can't get to green apple physically you can go online and
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order the books theirs free shipping over 35 bucks. i want to add that green apple supports our community so much our bookstore that's fiercely independent they're great for businesses so, please join me in giving green apple books a applause >> thank you supervisor mar for the honor we appreciate that and the kind words and appreciate our support in the revitalization of our commitment the and it was particle fund from our office we appreciate the support for the government led small property owner. i have to thank my staff interests 28 people that work
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there they do all the literally and figuratively heavy lifting i think it reflects welcome pole vote with their wallets and shape the landscape if they spend a dollar on line it is online but locally at the store it recirculates into the community we spend all our money in the community as do our employees san franciscans can buy books but they choose to buy it at my store this reflects well on the values and the curiosity and the intellectual rigors of the poly populace of san francisco right back at you san francisco.
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thank you >> (clapping). >> next our district 2 oh, let's wait for the photograph to be taken. thank you green apple and supervisor mar on to district 2 supervisor farrell. colleagues first of all, i'm doing it is my duty to thank the small property owner commission and regularly begin from the small property owner office. we have a tough choice every year we picked this year i was so incredibly excited and i don't know how to present this it was presented an overlooking apple i'm presenting to a
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doughnut shop but to honor all-st all-star doughnuts i've been talking with affidavit they cannot afford to break away so we'll have the merchant leader around the cal area to speak on their behave this is a doughnut shop it used to be called huntsz in the 50s and the core family has owned in for 20 years on chestnut street i used to go to this doughnut shop i looked on line to honor those people and family all the reviews are after people going to bars after night
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and the heavy traffic i'm excited after going to church me and my children go to the doughnut shop celebrating the diverse community on chestnut street people love to go driver's license the core family everybody knows them people yell hello and it's opened twenty-four hour a day that's another incredible store tom and louis migrated from cambodia and their son runs the shop and starting working there in high school they've backing the process it's managed at the 9:00 p.m. and stops and
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3:00 p.m. it's a local business i've been going to my whole life and especially with my children. i'll say we've picked up a few doughnuts so we have a box of doughnuts colleagues, i have a box of doughnuts for my colleagues and members of the public if there's doughnuts level even if left we have doughnuts left in my office i'm bias they're the best doughnuts in town. i really want to thank the core family it's a great operation so want to recognize patricia to speak on their behalf. >> all-star doughnuts is an institution it's interesting to see the orderly clients come
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into 9:00 o'clock and sit inside the shop by the window and the other folks come into fourth in the day and the young mothers and the all sort of people coming in from 2 to 5 and people that finish their dinners that doesn't have deserts come to this basing place but at night we're the eyes and a easier we're connected with the police department or the bay area if anybody needs help someone will find them help. this is a real institution and they should be honored. i didn't plan on speaking but someone had to they have the best rolls in town.
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thank you (clapping) >> thank you supervisor farrell i might suggest next year one session where each puts forth our top doughnut shop. >> supervisor farrell. it's my pleasure to make the introduction and thank all the incredible small property owners in our city we're truly blessed with the leadership and the economy you represent in our district and neighborhood. it's my pleasure to bring up my friend bobby winston he is one of our cities major enclosures before we started the small property owner he was the founder and producer the shakespeare festive value and today, i'm recognizing him always the owner of bay crossing
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it is one the flagships and ferry building prout transmit information and consumer support to over one hundred and 25 thousand visitors and locals every year. they've helped to feature articles of interest on the san francisco bay area for the mar time issues of interests we get to experience in the bay. in addition to the business bay crossing and bobby's folks are involved in the local community. last year they took the lead no installing the beloved sign at the ferry building this is for deputies and children to see what the ferry building was and is in the 21st century. colleagues a few years ago the
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legislation was to build courts near the ferry buildings working in papering with the and the rec and park department bobby and others took it upon themselves to launch an incredibly popular botch i didn't league in the plaza. there's been 40 teams competing and a wait list of other folks if you want to put together a bofrn ball team you're going to have to beat district 3. bobby thank you and give you an opportunity to say a few words >> (clapping) >> thank you, very much president chiu it's kind to recognize the ferry building public service we're proud to be
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associated with the bofrn team you yourself might have a team and recognize john who heads up the hard working young people that do the work of the body of information. thank you very much we're deeply honored. thank you very much. (clapping.) >> on to district 4 supervisor
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tang thank you president chiu and congratulations to all the honorees today and want to thank our office of small property owner for supporting the merchants throughout the city and thank you. today, i'm honored to recognize an individual who he as his family started a hardware store they're the founders the great well hardware i'm grateful to honor you are that the great wall opened up in 1983 it's united states same angel. albert is a general contract and he and his family opened a hardware store it carries over 20 thousand items with prices that are competitive with online retailers and larger hardware
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stores and their staff is knowledgeable. as you know i live in the sunset district we face challenges with the salty air i opened my car door and my key stuck and i got a during draft key go to green wall. and a new service they can make duplicate car keys with chips their expensive at the car dealerships and somehow they leave happier. the staff helps. another customer review said don't underestimate their loaded with tons of hard wear and can
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advise you on projects around the house the prices are competitive and tons of people you have to dodge it's a family shop. albert lives in the sunset district and has also there singles is 1970. the at home of companions go is small property owner shaving our community i take the opportunity to share how al battery has helped shape that albert become a member of the park side administered association the people of sunset and, in fact, albert is a second generation member and as his mom was a member of the armors in 2011 he became the secretary and shaped
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the organization and become a vital member of the organization. he's helped to orientation a street fair and helped with the movie night and helped with the dance in the sunset strip that's happened for several decades. last year, we helped to plan a holiday tree and host the tree lighting ceremony and albert can be seen on a ladder decorating with solar lights we hope that will arrive other trees. albert saw the tree later by garland and with an one of the albert's notable will help to establish the in time status in organizing the street fair
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that's status landlords and they couldn't accept nominations but they have their non-profit status back they've helped to write grant applications and closing one to help us host the years in the community. albert's service to the community serves as a honor and he helped to shape the merchant is association so thank you albert very much >> thank you supervisor kim. that actually sound that he me more biz than i am but the board of supervisors and you have been proactive in making small property owners grow in our community and keeping us with our diverse base that's
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important for you for our city right now there's so many people that want to come and visit. i can't stress enough that's one of the things that is important we maintain our small property owners i was recently with my wife we took a trip out to barry to and i went intog going through it was a diverse community and all of a sudden i pulled into a highway and there was a bunch of new shopping centers people going from las vegas to la and many were vacant storefronts. this is what those big corporate companies can do to our merchant corridors and i can't stress enough you guys are helping us to stay vibrant in our
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communities and strong and healthy fun and safe so thank you very much. (clapping.) >> thank you supervisor tang why not go to district 6 supervisor kim. >> thank you president chiu it's motives honor to bring up mom
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and pop to the stand. (clapping.) so for folks that are don't live or work around 6th district and mission you might walk past the mall and miss the restaurant j p many are our filipino and latino families in the south of market that's construction workings not only for home chicken but as a vital role to the space in the center is the chief who's also known as mom or is mayor of summing ma who said i'm proud because everybody calls me that i have lots of envelopes and noise. they own the jc restaurant with
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her husband who she neighborhood in 2010 originally from the provisions of laguna in the philippines she started with an organization south of market and also the alice fun seminar center she cooks for them her brother who owned a filipino restaurant she took over in 2010 and renamed j.t. i want to read a little excerpt if an article a mom. in selma residents over the age of '65 make up over 10 percent of the population and many living before below the poverty line so the snvr sdrablz folks says it is important if you live
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in a small room or places like testing i didn't see they provide the community ways to survive i mentioned before many of the community call her the mayor the selma it is used by central latino and other residents for example, the west by the way, mutilate you center sing carr i don't care and they want to cook at the home to save money but they come to see her. she wrote if they have a problem they can talk to me and knows a lot of filipinos that are working as caregivers and one member 87 and living in senior
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center called her. she's added with other organizations to distribute to shoes to children. and the restaurant is a place to have people come together. she says it's a central placed and it's vital to the community and they flock for the relay and they come to the restaurants asking about housing. she had 4 children 2, 3, 4 manila where she has at - not seen them since she's come to the country she has hired a lawyer to help her children grand jury to san francisco. mom is known for third place
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word winner and also a minister at st. patrick's cathedral and encourages people to look at the filipinos that hours folks for decades. she helps educatorer and ask people not forget the brick and mortar places and i should mention when you visit make sure to ask about her travels and families she's got 6 photo albums and all here church activities she ended by saying i'm happy she gets to the restaurant at the 4:00 a.m. and
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often doesn't leave until 11. she's a resident in san francisco and we want to support the heart of san francisco so i want to thank you so much for obeying being the center beyond nourish us and being a refugee and letting people come and hang out at your restaurant we want to support businesses like i in san francisco (clapping) >> thank you for i don't know what to say i feel so good. all my sports are here supervisor avalos thank you. first of all, thank god and
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especially to my husband and sports the last two years i almost closed the restaurant but thank you because they support me like their supporters so thank you and thank god (clapping) >>