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tv   [untitled]    May 13, 2014 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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those areas with my staff and community groups that are focused on the golden gate park center and around the playground but businesses and business owners and residents along the arresting gull that i share along with commissioner pearlman in district 2. we've been working with walk sf and the bicycle coalition and making process and this hearing will hopefully shed light on the despairs of making the aerial streets safer. the 4-year-old child and caregiver that were hit followed by a 3-year-old that was hit riding a bicycle on 43 reading and folsom this hearing is called for through the neighborhood services and safety
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committee and we'll be hearing from the mta and police and others to talk about the compliance with the safer environment. i want to thank supervisor yee for co-sponsors this hearing i'm introducing along with commissioner chiu and supervisor yee and supervisor kim the resolution to celebrate the incredible institution of the schools it's a bilingual preschool it started out of a community-based effort in the richmond district in 1974. 10 years ago my daughter graduated from there and many, many parents point to woody allen ma as one of the unique and invasive schools and.
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i also wanted to say i served on the board of what ma it's brght together child education experts and also parent and community leaders to advance the model of immersion education throughout our schools. woody allen may is committed to providing services in a safe and caring environment that helps children with the cognitive growth through age experiences for all children of san francisco. over the past 40 years the school supports multi lingualism and helping the kids in the movement.
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i want to commend and congratulate judge julie tang and wesley wu and many anothers. they'll be honored at the fry forgetting anniversary woody allen may school the 40th anniversary is at king woody allen restaurant i'd like to ask if commissioner chiu, supervisor yee or supervisor tang wants to make any comments about woody allen may school >> supervisor yee. >> yeah.. thank you supervisor mar for bringing this up. i'm one of the parents where my two daughters went to woody allen may school also and graduated from there. in fact, not only were the founder of this great institution limited to just
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creating the preschool piece of it they were almost the same people that brought the chinese immersion into the san francisco public schools at the west portal. in many ways it's the people that i name really deserves to be recognized not only for woody allen may but the broader sense of the institutions in san francisco. thank you very much >> supervisor tang. >> thank you supervisor mar for also bringing 80 this resolution woody allen may is in our district i know how important it is growing up speaking dual languages for our up and coming students to preserve is heritage and imprinting communicate with many people i want to commend them and wish them many more
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success decades to come and i want to join in the comments of supervisor mar and supervisor yee and supervisor tang i want to graduate the founders judge tang and wesley wu and other for they're for sight in being able to understand the needs of our students and our families and i want to thank supervisor mar for offering this. i want to say that woody allen may is a great example for all we talk about san francisco hopefully passing the reauthorization of the children's amendment and the reeducation fund is a example of how our resources support the schools. i want to say that, too that the spread of dual immersion and multi lingualism the pioneers as
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was mentioned deserve the tremendous credit for showing how educationally and it is not only for preschools it can help flourish as the schools have those types of initiative programs that have students that are multiple lingual to be the leaders. the rest i'll submit >> thank you supervisor mar. president chiu >> i want to note that while we offer memoriams every month we've had two difficult ones i want to thank supervisor kim so far acknowledging stefani and i hope that the trust and justice will be done.
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i have a memoriam that's incredibly difficult for me to do on behalf of rubbing i didn't kim in the heart of my district she worked there she was tragically taken away from us latin last night she was the victim of domestic violence her husband was charged with murder. she was the heart and soul of tagalog she was incredibly generous soul she was one of my favorite people in the city it's ouch a cliche to say she was loved by all but she was by citizens seniors and kids in between i know that my district telegraph hill and the neighbors
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in telegraph city will not be the same i ask we adjourn and rubbing i didn't may justice be done for you. colleagues, i have two other comments i want to echo supervisor yee's around the operatory voting and voting will be happening in my district we had dozens of 167 projects that will be presented. i'm gratified and want to thank supervisor cowen and supervisor yee for moving forward with the participatey budget and also i want to thank supervisor breed for introducing her elective drafting requests i hope the state senate will do the right thing but if they don't assuming we can elective this locally
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we'll have a local solution to dealing with the issue. the rest of the items the rest i'll submit >> supervisor yee asked to be referred. >> thank you. i want to echo president chiu's word in regards to rubbing i didn't i've known her for several decades and known about her services she served the community throughout your district but beyond that. in fact, she was there so long that several executive directors went by and left yet she was still serving. i'd like to add my name to the memoriam >> thank you supervisor yee. mr. vice president seeing no other names on the roster it's the conclusion of the introduction
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>> thank you if we can do the memorials on behalf of the board i'd appreciate that. >> supervisor kim. >> i didn't want to speak for roll call but may i speak. >> of course >> i wanted to i have no legislation to introduce today but i wanted to give voice in resident 10 to know that the participa participatey budget go to the website for the real money as your go to sf pb dot net the voting is open at various sites the site locations are on the website. we'll be allowing people to cast
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their vote in english and spanish and chinese all the way up to sunday and you'll have an opportunity to raise your voice and tell us how to spend $100,000 i'm looking forward to a robust discussion. thank you >> thank you supervisor cowen. >> colleagues why don't we recall item 12 related to graffiti prevention and supervisor breed you want to start the conversation. >> we were able to clarify that there are no legal concerns as it relates to the change from 10 years to 7. so i'm willing to accept the offered amendment from supervisor kim. supervisor kim do you want to repeat specific line of the change? >> yes. happy to make that motion again. this is on page 7 line 2.
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and it is really asking that mta went and enforcing the code look at individuals that have committed that within the last seven years instead of 10 >> supervisor kim has made a motion that will be the order are there any final comments. >> thank you supervisor kim so far offering friendly amendments to the legislation and again thanks to my co-sponsors to support is the legislation it's great elective and garage legislation without using additional dollars to implement using existing resources and making sure our departments continues to work together and this is the message we can look forward to the day when we
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reduce the graffiti off the difference so with that colleagues your support. >> can we take a roll call on the amendment. >> supervisor tang. on item 12 as amended >> supervisor yee. supervisor yee. supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. supervisor campos. supervisor chiu. supervisor cowen. supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. supervisor mar. there are 11 i's. the ordinance is passed think the first reading. colleagues i'd like to go to roll call for introduction i'm not sorry to general public comment >> commission.
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public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction. of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to three minutes. speakers using translation services b will be given twice the time and if i need to have the power point on ask sfgovtv and i've been asked and provided with the l s b cards from the gagaer month family i'm to acknowledge them (calling names) as well as steven so if i could ask the members of the public to step forward to the public comment line we'll take public comment after that. please first speaker mr. g.e.
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month >> all right. mr. board president and members of the board thank you for the opportunity to speak i'm a native san franciscan proud little high school grate that would go in all over san francisco i write the legal defense fund. my father was a piece of the asian-american when they first came to america in the 1980s and ensured the racism he lived in the lower pacific heights when filipinos were called monkey it was the era of the brown monkey my first cousin was shot and
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murdered in his apartment building he called home this last saturday i'm urging the supervisors for justice i met stefan when he came he had two jobs and was forced into the roll after his dad died i take care of hi families. he was an "x" particular young man and stefan is dead his self-imposed shooter maybe free and that was a trafrt of justice simple gather the facts and make the case against the murderer the da has enough evidence but may not have the political will.
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the may claim a lay it justices deadly force but what a reasonable man would do in the case of stefan his facility mistake was getting off on the wrong floor and it's a matter of police work >> thank you, mr. geremo. >> i ask that first, the police department and the district attorney's office to take this case seriously. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm mark the brother of stefan on saturday morning my second father was taken away from me, you have no clue how
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much he provided for his family he had a bright you future we loved him i was a nice man image the threat to the community if the killer is allowed to go three free. we can't get our brother back but he deserves justice it didn't have to end like that. we can't moved until my brother gets justice please do our job and give us justice >> next speaker and first off thank you to everyone. self-serving fan was my second dad ever since my dad passed away he succeed in all challenges he had our backs he
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was independent and strong and took the challenge and faced it. i know whatever we do won't bring him by the way, back how are they to allow the may be that shot my broth to be free. as well as my neighbors they've got their own kids to protect they hang out in the hall's and how can they set the man free like that. this casca happen ones and can again, our haven is not safe so, please give us justice >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is rocky i'm a very good friend of stefan. i met staffing fan in 2009 at a
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friends barbecue and we did everything together all house parties and giant games. the whole time i've known stefan he's an extremely caring that friend. as for the event that tripled this past saturday morning i know the facts and i have faith that the investigators and district attorney's office will provide the justice for steve for that purpose. i want to share the facts with everyone is that stefan was a wonderful human being and friends and family loved him very much and anybody who knew stefan knew that he didn't deserve what happens to him, i
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hope all officials will deliver justice and closer for stefan and his family. thank you. >> thank you. let's hear from our next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm peter the executive director of library yours association the 3 topics the branch project is opening this saturday the north beach library we're also glad with when a new library opens. i should say there's a number of miss steps along the way but the completion of the project is 4 and a half years late it's doubled the cost and there were a number of issues that came up i'm glad to say the library association helped to improve. the libraries open hours were
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also glad to have more of those and some scheduled for the may implementation but there's a whole range of real public ripoffs those hours include and we worked very hard with other community members to stop the worst which were the libraries original attempt to cut an hour from every single section that ended at 9 o'clock. 42 times a week there's a system in the library we worked to restore those as well as some subsequent cuts like at park branch and noah valley. finally there's been turmoil with the office the mayor can't
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find folks for the positions two were a did he part of the point and the vice president left and now a third commissioner has left and the library commission has cancelled about half of the openings for this year >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon president chiu and supervisors i want to see happy bitter to nicole crosby happy bitter from me and the whole city. you say it's your birthday we're going to have a good time the sun is really going to shine i hope you have everything good to
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find and hope you have a beautiful birthday. and i hope you really have a beautiful birthday. we can float along the stars and in the city skies and we can fly. nicole have a happy time up and away and in your city city birthday. today. up, up and a birthday way nicole >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> members of the board of
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supervisors ray with open government i want to talk about something our founding fathers it's tax wut representation i am a member in the city i live in supervisor chiu's district his staff would rather pious on me to make it go out. if you want to talk to mr. chiu you need to have a check in your hand or lawyers at your back the only option i had woos was to come to the board of supervisors meeting i don't think we'll allow public comment for this next speaker he thinks he can take the constitution of the united states and tear it up at will i would have taken him to
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the task force you see the two pink items those have been vacant for two years they've dared to fight against supervisor chiu and the members of the board of supervisors. the 32, 3, 4 in he can't tell have been held over 2 years so the task force can continue to run he isn't satisfied to tell you i can't speak but rig the game in the city's favor. and if you really want to know who he represents i ask you to think who has a check in twhar hand and votes in their pocket - and lawyers at their side. an interesting statistic i saw 5 hundred and 94 meetings with
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lobbyists so if you've got a lot of money supervisor's chiu's is your man he didn't represent me now and certainly won't - >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. i'm here to bring voice to echo it's been said accident city of san francisco is splitting citizens on a merry go round when seeking help but i beg to differ there are men and women in san francisco that are celebrating mother's day and then when they are with a lady that brings me life do you know where the lady is she sent words to keep you focused she stated on a budget so you can eat not one time has she been to the
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cemetery that lump on your neck is your head you need to use it. i charge you with abandonment you can't deny the charges she's the outlining proof of the charges. some in our house is two hot and too cold to all the ladies that are homeless and in the shelters i know it's rough. you hang in there. if life laughs and death pass there is a tomorrow even if you're a drunk, a drug fend you're a queen and i want to wish i a happy mother's day and i'd like to wish every female on the board of supervisors a happy mother's day. and particularly the lady with
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the angles voice >> thank you very much. >> next speaker >> thank you, mr. president i'm christopher i live on howard i rise to express my gradually for the current tuesday manner that happened during my comment too weeks ago on the day it went on in the line while people were waiting to offer their comments. someone wanted to display their sickens things were happened southern california so well, i was o implies to the tape.
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i want to thank my members of working on the shaky jail situation await public demoralizing w from anyone. and finally, i wanted to thank member wooerng his preoption with the trivial in the face of the 45 vehicular homicides is a demonstration of managerial class negligence what is supervisor yee priorities certainly not my inconvenience thank you, mr. president, >> i want to tell you that the comments should be toward the full board of supervisors not any member individually on the bo