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tv   [untitled]    May 15, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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chala or hopefully or miss garcia can come to the next hearing that we can have the strong suggestions and others said that we cannot wait for a year or two years before making sure that we have health access for everyone. and i wanted to also thank tran from supervisor or from the assembly man's office and to making it clear that universal healthcare was the intent and i think that this or the 75 percent for example, of the money, 80 million dollars in 2012, that is pocketed by the employers and not going to the health needs of workers, that is definitely it is shocking but it is not surprising given that we have known about it for many years and i hope that today we can move this forward so that we close this loophole and insure that everyone can be covered and from what miss tran said on behalf of assembly man
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amiano we are removing barrier to many vulnerable people and children and to having access to affordable healthcare is the critical goal and i am very pleased that supervisor campos, hillary from his staff, and coalition of health equity and labor that is here today are moving this forward right now because we cannot wait, so i am really glad that we can move parts of this forward today. >> thank you. >> supervisor yee? >> yeah, i just also wanted to mention that i spent most of my life in non-profit organizations and it has been a long time and so i remember in the earlier parts of my career. with the non-profits and hardly any non-profits have health insurance. and then, when we started to discuss, and the need, many of the non-profits and this is going to kill a non-profit and well, most of the non-profits
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have health insurance today and it did not kill the non-profits. and so i want to, and i want to use it as analogy for some of the people from the small business, and that might be saying this. i want to thank everybody, and i know that terry left and i want to thank her who spent a lot of work in making sure that we have the most legally sound piece of legislation that we can have. and i think that where we are is i think that it is very clear, that there is anonymity on this committee about the need to close the loophole and i am glad that is clear because the issue of the loophole is becoming a bigger issue with time and if you look at the numbers in 2013, the total
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amount that was not spent on healthcare, and as was intended, was 93 million dollars. and 875,000, and so that is, and that means that it is about 1.8 million dollars, a week where, that is supposed to go to worker healthcare that is not going to worker healthcare. and i say that, because as much as i want to make sure that we give the department enough time to address the other issues with the legislation, i do want to remember, this number of 2 million dollars a week just about, and that is not going to provide healthcare, to the 26,000 plus workers and their families and you know, you think of the 26,000 workers, and you know, how many kids does that mean? that are not being able to get that cough medication and you know that are not able to see you know, a pediatrician, you know, you can imagine the expecting mothers that are not
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able and you know, you just think of all of the people that are being and so i just want to figure out how we give the department enough time, but at the same time, move forward to close the loophole. and i also want to say, that well i understand that this is a very complicated field, i am like many people here, really disappointed with the presentation from the department of public health. and i am really disappointed that there is instead of thinking about how we can continue to be a leader in this area, and the way that we have, and prior times, and in with the leadership of people like mitch cats, and instead of thinking about how we can make things happen, what we hear, is obstacles. and the problem is this, that we don't have the luxury to wait. this ship has sailed. the affordable care act goes
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into effect, you know has gone into effect. and there are individual requirements on not only businesses but also on people that we cannot afford to wait until 2015, or 2016 however, time whatever time the department needs. we have to come up with something now, in fact, we should have come up with something a while back. and so, i am very disappointed, and i think that it is disappointing because i think that san francisco is losing ground and we have gone from being the nation's leader when it comes to healthcare to now being behind places like new york and vermont and others. and i think that it is very sad. and so, i don't know exactly how much time is needed by the department, but i would like to suggest that we maybe continue this to the call of the chair
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with the understanding that i am going to try to bring it back as soon as possible, and we will work with the department to see what is feasible, and i am actually thinking that if we could come back in a couple of weeks, and that will be my intent, because i do think that there is not a lot of time to waste here. but, i would suggest the motion to call, or to continue it to the call of the chair with the understanding that we will try to work with the department to bring it back. as quick as as possible with the understanding that they need more information, supervisor yee? >> i move it. >> so we have a motion. and can we take that without objection? >> without objection. >> continued to the call of the chair. and again, we are going to try to see if we can bring this back as early as in two weeks. again i want to thank everyone for being here. and mr. clerk, do we have any other business before the committee. >> that concludes today's
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business. >> meeting adjourned. thank you.
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[gavel] good morning, everyone welcome to the san francisco supervisors budget and finance committee, i am mark farrell, i will chairing this meeting, and want to thank sfgtv for taping this meeting. clerk, any announcements? >> yes, chair, pleaseen