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tv   [untitled]    May 26, 2014 3:00am-3:31am PDT

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>> good evening, my name is darcy, i'm a first grade teacher at share dan elementary school. i'm trained and constantly urged to meet the needs of my students and i try to do that everyday. takes about 12 hours a day to do it. i may be naive and foolish, but i look to you, the district, and expect that you will also take care of me, the para professionals at my site and the other educators there. today i had some of that faith and you shattered. you know how much money the employees have given back to this district to keep it going when times were bad. you know how much money will be coming to you because we all work for proposition 30. you heard today how much more money will come to the schools because the economy has been good and your negotiators with you authority offered me a 2 percent raise. and you think this is the
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promised taking care of our employees that we keep hearing about from the superintendent and the school board. i think it's time the stop playing around. my students in first grade know that playing ing around time is for recess time. this is school time, we have serious work to do and there is a lesson to be learned and that has to do with prioritizing. teachers and parents gave the district $60 million over the past four yours. prop 30 will double your funds over the next few years. today the golf nor put 469 million into prop 98 guarantees. today you are wealthier than you have ever been and you offer me and my colleagues 2 percent. 2 percent into 6,000 teachers does not work. look instead at your priorities. what have you brought this year?
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175 new tsas, a floor full of administrators, curriculum experts, if you can spend money on these things, you can spend money on the people who do the work with the children who are your charges. s, if you can spend money on these things, you can spend money on the people who do the work with the children who are your charges. >> good morning, i'm on the bargaining team. i don't know if you realize this or not, but we live in the most expensive city in the nation. the cost of living here has gone up 15.2 percent. 15.2 percent and then a 2 percent raise. we have given millions back in concessions, we've asked for nothing all this time. we're asking for almost to get caught up to the cost of living. be real about it.
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seriously. thank you. [applause] >> i'm dennis kelly, as you know several of the people who just spoke to you don't usually come and talk to you. they are members of our bargaining team who prefer to stay behind and not do that kind of work, but what came across the table today absolutely infuriated people and i cannot convey to you how deeply people felt hurt. we expect there to be some sort of partnership. when we tell you this is a very important year for raising the respect for para professionals, and you offer one dime per hour after 15 years, we know you're not serious. when you say that you do it [inaudible] we are a little stunned because these are not the kind of things the members of the board of education say
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to us. when your negotiators tell us that there are 179 members of our members deserve a 7 percent raise, but nobody else, what in the hell do your negotiators doing telling us what kind of a raise. do we go into your negotiators should make how much money and why? we may have good thoughts about that and good evidence about it, but we don't go and do that kind of thing to you. today's experience at the board across the table was absolutely insulting, frustrating and it made people angry. and you know when people are angry, they want to lash out and do things. we are trying to live within the constraints of the collective bargaining process. as lock as as long as it is not important to you, it will become less
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important to us. please consider your priorities and how you want it to go forward. thank you. >> hi, i'm a very strong supporter of public education. not only am i a parent of two children in sfusd for 12 years, i am also a teaching artist and teaches on grants and the sfusd public middle and high schools. i'm very concerned that the district is going to lose many families. i am coming to you as an elementary parent whose child in two rounds did not receive their feeder school so i'm very concerned about the feed r system. 65 of our kids are feeding, 12 are left out, 6 of those didn't
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put our feeder on their list, 6 of us had first choice and still our assignment is visitation valley. there's a safety issue with that. it has no nothing to do with the teachers, the wonderful administration at the school, but i it would take my child an hour and 17 minutes to get there. i know how the system is working. the feeder system is supposed to work . it's not working. six of our families have given up completely and left the system. we scramble to put money together so our kids will be safe if people are leaving the system. it's not -- it's a district wide problem. the qeia grants were extended another year, which is great, however, as you know that limits the class size to somewhere between 18 and 22 at
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those schools. denman can't take all those feeders. aptos couldn't -- their site counsel is trying to reduce class size right now, hoover and ap couldn't take them to begin with. there are not enough allocations, please consider reallocating in the district for the good of keeping families that support your schools. thank you. [applause] >> the next group of speakers.
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two minutes each, please. >> good evening, board. i represent the families of the american indian education and what we're here to say tonight is thank you. we finally got a place that we can call home, sanchez school. and the last time we came here in november we were pleading with the board to hear what our needs were to establish the needs for our students and also for the educators so that they can learn about the native americans and the many things. i was thinking tonight about sanchez school and there's something very special about it. it's on [inaudible] land and, you know, we're planning to have this saturday, and
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everybody's welcome to attend, our wisdom moving forward event where we recognize the students in our community for their efforts and we also going to have blessing ceremony at -- once we get established, our furniture and everything. we'd want everybody to come there and to join, but we especially wanted to say thank you tonight. you made it a priority, you kept your word and we can't thank you enough. thank you. [applause] >> next speaker, please. >> thank you. good evening. my name's ika, i'm currently ly enrolled at lola high school and i'm the student representative for the thank
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the board members for taking the time to recognize our needs. also, thank you for supporting who we are and our goal to not only educate our students, but to also educate the teachers of our district. and as a little gift from us to all of you, we would like to give each of you a certificate of appreciation so thank you very much. [applause] >> that's a first. [laughter]
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>> i think i speak for the board. thank you so much. this is fabulous. this is actually, like, so cool. thank you so much. this has never happened here. we're silent here which is
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really unusual, so thank you so much. that's great. thank you so much. i'm glad that it all worked out. thank you to staff that made it happen. [applause] >> next speaker please >> good evening commissioners and superintendents. i'm the president of the social justice community at rooftop k 8. we plan campaigns and events we feel will help our school community. this year we got the opportunity to apply for a grant and we took it. we designed a campaign, submitted an application and got the grant. the problem we identified for our grant was the lack of women's programs. for the past few months we've done lots of research and planning around the lack of
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wellness program the school district funds. after getting all this information we decided to put it all together and this is what we got. we are very excited to present it to you. >> hello commissioners, my name is cindy and i attend rooftop middle school. when i said rooftop what did you think of? if you think our students are rich white kids from the valley, you're way off. rooftop has an extremely diverse population. i myself am filipino, but at any given time i could be work wg one of my classmates who is russian or indian or african american. there are also special needs students mixed in with those part of the gate program. through my experiences with rooftop and my family, i think rooftop is a direct reflection of san francisco. [applause] >> good evening commissioners and superintendent, my name is
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ala and i'm a member of rooftop middle school social justice committee. next year we will fund a full-time social worker, but k 8 schools are not included. rooftop only receives halftime social worker, which our school funds full-time. our social worker works at the elementary campus only. we still are the same needs for the these positions as other schools, but seem to not receive funding for them. we rely heavily on [inaudible] as a middle schooler it really helps to get help if your personal or home life is affecting your school life. the district is cutting 2/3 of our current support but adding support to other schools. we started to realize the
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fundsing gap. at rooftop i've [inaudible] of seeing a friend go through a hard time and not being able to do much about it. also knowing at other schools they have the proper su porlt makes it much worse. people assume that rooftop is a high performing school on average, so we have everything we need, in actually just because the district does not consider us high needs school, does that not mean we need at least some of the support other schools receive? [applause] >> my name's i'm worried about drugs and alcohol at my school. peer pressure and wanting to look cool is the reason kids might want to try drugs. we need a full-time social worker to guide our kids to make better choices.
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we need the same services. [applause] >> good eveninging commissioners and superintendent, i'm gem ma and i filled out one of the biggest problems at our school is having only one guidance counselor. he helps kids find the high schools that are right for them, but helps kids with big problems and handles discipline in our classrooms. he is too busy and needs help. i'm worried that when i'm trying to find a high school i'm not going to get the help i need because he is too busy. i'm also worrying that kids at bigger middle schools will have an vantage over me because they have the help they need. >> one common thing people think of when they hear rooftop alternative is hard working pta.
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the truth is we only have such a strong pta because of necessity. our school would not thrive as it does if we didn't have a counselor or social worker. we understand that we aren't the only ones that need this funding and we might not be the most high needs school but shouldn't be put lower in the line of need because of our pta. [applause] >> good evening, my name is gabrielle and i'm a 7th grader. what it comes down to is that the school district only funds a halftime social worker for the prek to eighth grade students at my school and next year we'll be losing some interns that provide counseling. all this while next year at regular middle schools they'll be funding a full-time social worker, a halftime nurse and counselor.
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although our pta is strong enough to fund the social worker, she has to spend we feel like it's only fair for the school district to provide for k through 8 middle schools at least a little bit what they provide for normal middle schools. we face a lot of the same challenges as the students at larger middle schools. we feel the school district should fund a full-time social worker. [applause] >> hello board members and superintendent. my name is priscilla and i'm an incoming middle schooler at rooftop. i'm here today to ask if the social justice committee can meet with superintendent carranza to discuss the issues and resources that rooftop gets. thank you for hearing us. [applause] >> thank you. next group of speakers, chris
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foally, trish quan, susan, karen, and gram bell. come up to the podium please. >> i'm a teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing. there's some changes in our program that i'm not sure you're aware of. seven years ago you did a really good thing. you weren't providing deaf and hard of hearing services for students. the parents protested, they started to create a lawsuit, you met with them individually. commissioner wynns was here as part of that. they came back, passed board resolutions to create a preschool through high school deaf and hard of hearding program, one for auditory and
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one for sign language. that has never really been implemented. in the past three years alone we have had seven different administrators, we're about to have another one. none of them had really had a background in deaf education. we have been told that those scc classrooms are scheduled to be closed and go to inclusion. our parents don't know about them. there's supposed to be quarterly parent meetings, which have not occurred for three years. it's gotten so bad that aptos had ada accommodations put into it by one of the principals over there, and they were pulled out. at the individual classrooms, if i remember right, that was $50,000 per classroom at the individual school sites. this apparently was done much cheaper for the entire school. our students are there. i've been pushing that program and telling people that would
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be a really good place to have their children and i just recently found out that it was wrong. my apologies to the parents that i told that. it was in all good faith that it was there. you did -- had parent choice before. many of my students are great [inaudible]. but for others of my students it's a disaster. i've had other students with no language whatsoever. they reach the middle school year at their -- thank you very much. >> thank you. >> i have copies of board resolutions for you on that one and the newspaper that i had read that i came to work here because of that. [applause] >> good evening. i'm trish quan and am a parent of a deaf hard of hearing special needs child and i'm very concerned that
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there is no deaf hard of hearing fcc program and we have a need for a deaf hard of hearing magnet school k through 12. i do want the implementation of the resolution that was decided in 2005 and an administrator with background in deaf education. for example in my last iep, there was an addendum stating that it was best for my son to stay at the school he is at right now and to retract the recommendation because i was astonish eded. i don't think that's even legal. i request there's a administrator present [inaudible].
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he's the only child there that is non verbal and deaf and no one to communicate for besides his para that i had to fight for. i want you guys to consider following through with the ada considerations for the classrooms and the quarterly meetings. thank you. >> good evening and superintendent. my name's chris foally, i'm just a concerned citizen. as the designer of a commercial residential buildings for the public, i have requirements set forth by the federal government and the state in the form of the california building code and universal building code and these include provisions set forth by the american with disabilities act and the guidelines ensure that all people with disabilities have
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an equal opportunity to use and access the buildings i design. it is my professional obligation to ensure the accessibility in every building. ing. it is my understanding that they have been programs and services to enable students who are deaf and hard of hearing of having that equal opportunity. the fifth through 12th grade levels have not had that implementation and even some of the previous improvements have been uninstalled. i'm curious why the resources for these have not been allocated and the resolution not fully implemented. my understanding you guys are voted in by the people and have to carry something out that has not been done. so what are you guys going to do about that? [applause] >> thank you.
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public comment is now closed. item k. are there any advisory appointments to be made? seeing none -- >> i'm sorry. just on that last item in public comment, may i ask of the superintendent to give us some feedback on that in the future, please. i don't -- i've heard it here, but i'd like some follow up information on that. thank you. >> thank you. i'm l, special order of business. >> so moved. >> second please. >> second. >> we have a reading of the recommendation by the superintendent or his designee. >> thank you president fewer. i'd like to ask our board liaison to take this. >> thank you. this is an action item.
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the subject is approval of appointments to the child care planning and advisory counsel. the recommendation is that the board of education of of the san francisco unified school district. any appointments are aliba gibson, september and to be reappointed is ingrid meskita. >> sorry, at this time i'd like to call erika maybomb up to answer any questions you may have. she is the coordinator of the cpac. >> no public speakers have signed up. do you have something to add. >> good evening commissioners and superintendent carranza. i want to thank you. i know this has been many months in the process of deciding how to best move forward with appointments and i
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was -- i'm happy to give a background. i know you have a lot on your agenda today, but i have been working very closely with carla bryant and i think we have come to a -- talk about it in rules committee and ten brought forward, but i want to be clear with each of you that i'm happy to meet with each of you individually to give you more background on cpac. and in case you have someone you're thinking might be a great representative, half of our appointments are also appointed by the board of supervisors and for me i have five different categories that appointments must fit into, 20 percent public agency represents, 20 percent providers, 20 percent community members, 20 percent parents and 20 percent discretionary. but if there's no openings on
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the board of education side, i'm also accepting applications and i'm happy to fit that person in if there's an applicable spot open. whether it's appointed by the board of education or the superintendent or the board of supervisors, i just want to get great diverse voices on to cpac. within your packets, i believe is our needs assessment, which is a very large document and i'm happy to come back and give a presentation. every five years all local counsels are mandated to do a needs assessment. it's really comprehensive document and i'm happy to meet with you individually to review some of the information and high liethd what you might be interested in. it has citywide information as well as code specific information. i would love for it to be a
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resource to you and not on a shelf somewhere. please come to me, cpac is a resource to you and i'm looking forward to continuing building our relationship. >> thank you very much. i believe commissioner maufus has a question or comment. >> i just wanted to make a comment. first of all, every single time i've seen you come to us regarding cpac you have been just amazing so i truly trust with your involvement this process has really been thorough and i can see it's of the highest caliber so thank you very much for all the supportive work you do. i want to say that to you, thank you. then regarding -- i'm not familiar with the [inaudible] but the two new appointments have had a long relationship with this [inaudible] and believe she is well qualified to sit and also doctor gibson as well, just wonderful, well
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qualified women to really help us move forward with the work, so congratulations. thank you. >> ingrid is also fantastic. >> i take your word for it. >> commissioner [inaudible]. >> i strongly support this appointment, but i did have a question in terms of the three members of the counsel, can you give us a sense of the gender breakdown and the ethnic breakdown? >> sure. so we have 25 members. it is predominantly female. currently we have -- and i can send you the appointment list as well. we have one male -- this is something that's questioned as far as ethnic