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tv   [untitled]    May 28, 2014 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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she is it's a beautiful piece of art (clapping) okay. now without further ado, you've heard repeatedly the wonderful support we've had from the friends of the library our executive director here is talk about his work director scott (clapping.) thank you lewis it's a great pleasure to be here. you you've passed the bond that built the building but you made all the furnishings and stacks i helped to raise from $20 to $79,000 we've got over 4 hundred and 36 donors who given so thank you for your generous support you'll see the names on the wall and if you want to make a donation one gentleman gave me a check for $1,000 this afternoon.
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we wouldn't have done this without the support of julie i want to call out julie (clapping) there's a couple of other people i want to thank minimizing i didn't for the honk honk they've provided food in the ecology so thank you to them. again, thank you all for your support (clapping) >> all right. julie are you ready. >> i am so ready. >> it's been a delight to work with julia she's kind of the distinction of pioneers and leadership and thank you julia for your committee and so without further ado, jill will i from our neighborhood
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(clapping.) >> so i'm going to bring it on home you have to get through me. a few housekeeping things so we're going to let you into the library the friends have t-shirts to commemorate the day and the tack could truck and mel is going to be here and the children's activities so you guys happening we finally got our plaza so enjoy the day. so to me the fight the structural to build this library has been the struggle to decide what kind of neighborhood we want to be. in our neighborhood we've political leaders who know us who understand us who hear us and who have worked with us to get what we want.
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mayor ed lee our supervisors aaron chiu that's a good one (laughter) i was trying to get offer this director reiskin and supervisor chiu have put themselves open the line and our commissioners and library and planning and rec and park they've been asked over and over over and over again to make hard decisions there were so many times it would have been easier politically and administrationly to get out but they stuck with us and helped us get over the block (clapping) in our neighborhood we know there are amazing talented and talented capable creative people working in our city government.
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know those people are not obstacles or add surveys they're our allies and friends. in this projectile it started we're talking about 2003 but in 1999, gary that was the city architect that came into planning rec and park sat in the table at the looked at the set of plans and said we can make this playground bigger and we did (clapping) i know lewis is the head librarian i had the pleasant opportunity to get to know him over the 11 years if you like the library and the longer hours and the quality of stiff that's outline lewis and people that have made the library greatest
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and he's under the hammer and stood but us we're enormously grateful. (clapping.) now lewis herrera and phil have been lockstep on this project since phil came on board we owe phil a lot he basically, had to adapt a child we have to have a bigger project and phil stood busby us and made this happen (clapping) we don't notice sometimes mohammed in public works because they make everything work smoothly but i remember the day mohammed was moving rocks and pushing a wheel bare he's been
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with us throughout the project and his team is wonderful we owe hyperglycemia minimum a lot (clapping) and because this is been a big project we have to acknowledge john from the city attorney's office (clapping) and then this project has two fairy i didn't godmothers who adapted this project and breath it close to their hearts and made it there's without their help we would have gone less jill born and rec and park karen this is their project (clapping) and i could go there are so
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symmany city starves (calling names) there so many people that contributed to this project i'm hoping to go into detail about the rec and park but i hope they know how much we appreciate their efforts. in our neighborhood we have neighborhood organizations that come together not for power but for service we have neighborhood organizations that serve not only their constituents but everyone in the neighborhood even people they don't know we have neighborhood organizations that serve the people in the neighborhood not only today but years from now. people we may never meet the people after us this project required the cooperation getting the land and making this happen the friends of joe demay this
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and the friends of the community center and the russian hill and the p t o or every single school in the area they've called people to meetings and written letters and lobbied for supervisor chiu and lobbied the mayor those people and organizations have used the clot and constituents to make this day unhappy happen and we're grateful to all of them (clapping) in our neighborhood we have a very lot we could easily be separated by owner or age and income or interests or affiliations but we choose the common causes we ze we have time and time again worked as a community to make good things happen.
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for me, the bright spot of the effort that's been involved has been the people i've gotten to know. dear lizzie has been the coordinator >> steering community 345rg9 to terry to amy miles and june here today who was mark to help collect signatures to take over the area and we have others we have our artists john who did our logos and nick who took our affirmatives and tony williams that did our website and abby the artist that cooperated the
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children to do the piece i think she was there at ever hearing. my favorite hearing was the one who brought frankie who was 6 foot two and brings the shirt he we're to the first hearing that is this miniature outfit her son was in diapers he's at the ucla now so liz diaz and tina that come to help looking back it was a structural. in our neighborhood we don't all have a lot of money but all of us gives something. this project has put me in the position of knocking doors and asking for help you want to acknowledge bill chin that's the
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co- captain and carolyn ferry religious who helped were indebted with the friends of the library board that was helpful. we've got neighbors my friend maude and so many people that dug deep but especially touched by all of you who gave enough so it pinched i know there are a lot of people they had to give up something they wanted or needed in order to contribute money to the project and those of you the ones who had to thing two or three times before signing this check thank you we've put our money to good use (clapping) and perhaps most important does this have a banner on it - most
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important ♪ my neighborhood we believe in imagination and in the power of design to solve problems and to make things better. design figured out thousandth how to make coit tower accessible without a ram and how to make our north beach pool to have is a new clubhouse you without rebuilding the entire pool and research hills a great urban playground and design has come to bear in this project. and i'm grateful to the tenanted architects for proving with their cleaver design that a triangle is a fabulous shape for 0 lib (clapping) and it's been alluded i want you to go to the corner and have a
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look at the new plans for the new joe deimagine playground (clapping) all you have to do is pay for it. so lizzie i met on the pioneer project at the coit tower she's a talented scraper architect she works now for mohammed if you've seen a park in the city that you thought was fabulous julius and sunny side if you've gone to a similarly park chaps are lizzie was behind that interest congratulation (clapping) the thing about lizzie i've appreciated over the last two decades she knows how to spec the stones and pleasant but ear
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heart she raised two kids in the neighborhood she knows how to convert that empathy and energy to places. i remember lizzie working on a plan saying i know the mothers are going to go up on the boardwalk and standing with her on open day and see people use the park exactly as she would and having the mothers think their discovering something new well, we're lucky to have lizzie do more. on that note paid political announcements i have to mention we have 92 percent of the money
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we need to build our playground and it's going to be a challenge for the neighborhood we're going to really right from fundraising for the library to the playground we're going to be asking you to feel the pinch one more 7, 8, 9 and have a beautiful done in charge program so i hope you consider at some level becoming contributor to the park and don't it soon so we can have all the nice things so it is a beautiful place. we're not finished with the library because we've been delivered today with a beautiful instrument that's ready for things to happen it's brought out the poets and the play rights and the mugsdz eager to use the space so robert carlson
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has been a fantastic programmer we want this to continue it's a challenge because all the other branches have figured out it out robert used to be the only one doing fabulous things but the branches are doing this. we have a wealth of people and wealth of resources in terms of the talent we can afford to participate in some way to help to attend the event that will go on in our beautiful library. a special things to scott and friends who stood bus us with the comments show you they've managed to approach our project so to deborah who helped to orchestra and scott and to the
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board thank you very much (clapping) so this is the wrap up i'm still trying to make up for aaron chiu how about if you love david as a supervisor you'll love him a state assemblyman (clapping) so this is the deal i've been talking about this library for 11 years. we all have. we're testified here and spoke at the community meetings and advocated with our city officials talking about this library for more than a decade as of this day may 2014 our library gets to speaks for itself and i like what it says about our neighborhood. thank you all (clapping) >> yeah. julie thank you.
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i've been handed some subsidiaries so it's about that time i want you to indulge me i want to acknowledge our wonderful that management team many are here michael lambert and karen laura our collections person and chief lombardi i didn't thank you for your wonderful patience ladies and gentlemen, and are we ready >> 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
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>> yeah. >> yeah. >>
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ok, well, remember last week when you hit vinny in the head with a shovel? [chuckling] i do not recall that. of course not. well, it was too graphic for the kids, so i'm going to have to block you. you know, i got to make this up to you. this is vinny's watch.
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may 28, 2014 >> >> san francisco >> >> >>
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>> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> >> >> >> >> >> may 28, 2014
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>> city of san francisco >> budget hearing please stand by... >>
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