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tv   [untitled]    May 31, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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mendoza-mcdonnell requested is valid and if you could give that to the board it will be greatly appreciated but right now, we're ready for a resolved and mr. haney. ms. maufas. commissioner mendoza. dr. murase. commissioner wynns. commissioner norton arrest president fewer. 6 i's. thank you very much. art on to our next item. discussion thank you pursue discussion of other education issues. no one. cds resolution. none. i think we're time to vote on the consent calendar. >> mr. haney. ms. maufas has recorded her vote
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as yes. ms. mendoza-mcdonnell. you severed one 12 and 13 >> k-4 and k 5. sorry. and k thirty. k. dr. murase. ms. norton. ms. wynns. president fewer. 5 i's. thank you and now consent calendar resolution severed for board and immediate action i believe that ms. mendoza-mcdonnell severed a few. i have a cough which questions on those 3 impedes retroactive
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two of the schools requested work to state and there were pete dollars i'm curious why p dollars would not get realized or peace dollars are not released until 0 january or february or the holdup on something like that what happens and i have a question on you want me to tell you all the questions at once and on k 13 that one has a taefrnd achieved other resources but prop k has unify money let's use the peace dollars it didn't make sense it feel arbitrary and the peace dollars will be released he at
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the beginning of the year not after the school year starts >> so commissioner i can give information about the p dollars and the allocation i expect the answers are due do site specific circumstances more than systemic real quick the p spending plan includes modified amount of money that allocated i believe $10. student those allocations are part of the phased looks that get allocated in the string for the upcoming year and then yipped in september in the fall based on actual enrollment like $4 million to other sites that
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should have been available at the schools that initiated those k resolutions back in the fall so i'm not sure part of the issue you've heard about in the budget committee the drop down activity does sometimes lead to sites thinking this is the best the closet to what i think happened at the site. and that's my guess as to why those captions were selected on the resolutions but there should not have been a detail that required or prevented those dollars from being loaded and available >> thank you. so i guess then leonard flynn if someone could follow-up with
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those two schools and give me an explanation why they're using that as an excuse for p dollars oh, thank you you know >> hi supervisors. >> flynn they actually didn't know they could use those specific monies they were counting on other missions they didn't know they could use the monies we're guiding them to make sure they know from the beginning they can use it. that's my only concern around the retros is the commitments that we pay the money but it
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didn't appear to be available i don't want to get stuck with on the other hand, people $1,200 and do know where the money is coming from i know i have lafayette been her we need to be able to identify the funds ahead of time it's january that we started the contract and here we're identifying the dollars in almost june. thank you. >> so are we voting that one now. >> on c 12 and 13. >> mr. haney. ms. maufas. ms. mendoza-mcdonnell. no. dr. murase. ms. norton. ms. wynns. president fewer.
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5 i's >> thank you. okay superintendents proposals first reading. did i this is an adaptation of instruction materials can i have a motion and second please. so moved >> we're going to refer this to the committee and. >> this is the first reading we have executive director jim ryan to discuss the material to the public. >> good evening. the ap calculus and material recommend for call your attention is in the board on education in room 106 between may 28 and june 6th for
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proposals. >> i don't know where i'm at. okay. i'm sorry. can i have a private conversation with the deputy superintendent. now we have a proposal from commissioner haney don't we? we have one public comment >> okay. what package is that oh, in support okay. although this resolution was poisoned it's been introduced for the next board meet pr my i have a motion and second please. so moved >> we have one public speaking
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kathy run. >> good evening. i'm katherine watching representing the protection of the state rules educating our state that will be voted on i know the board is aware of the report by the youth and education law project that clearly highlights this for fix for the transparency to the state and local levels as of many others problems in education finland? at the state level as well as the san francisco presentation in this case anyone wants a copy 10 years ago the legislative put an
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initiated on the ballot to protect all tax properties except for education and what that meant over the last 10 years education is increasing tacoma the debts of the state now totally billions of of dollars and children are literally the only interest to the state. san francisco reports that 34 percent of our stable residential property takes are allocated and spent on occasion the actual number is 18 percent this measures will give education the same preventions up to their property taxes and the libraries received 10 years ago. well, it doesn't bring more money the fact is it costs nothing but that hurts the
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loopholes. i'll say quickly for the prison experiences they've risen formal our future and this is effecting the taxpayers they're losing their chance to do something better than be last in funding every year >> i thought we were the largest economy in the world. we're not no? okay. thank you very much. new board members report so report from the augmented budget from the certifies committee commissioner wynns >> thank you so the budget committee met on may 14th we did every month we have the intent to look at the k resolution
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those but mainly the staff presentation on the updates do we have a quorum. yeah. she's here. an update open the online progress we're trying to develop welds the committee to continue by the way, all the board members got a copy and we want to continue to urge the stvp staff to get that done i know everybody wants to do that it's necessary before we do to an online process so that's another incentive that's the day of the
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realize of revise the main concern the governor proposes to basically take away most of the money a third of the bhoern anticipating getting through the lcff for the next seven years because of the proposal that more than doubles the contribution of school districts to stirs pension obligations so that's a sort of punch in the gut for everyone like everyone like us almost all school district are engaged in goeshgss we're anticipating having for revenue to give our employees the richli deserved salary increases i urge you to look at the information and pay attention to the budget committee's information we'll
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get more about that in the opportunity in june to discuss and learn about the implementations of the state budget that's it because we're having those 4 meetings we'll not have a regular meeting in june >> okay. now let's see report from the augment policy and administration committee mr. haney. >> yes. so i'll give a quick update our quickest committee meeting of all time an hour and a half how far we discussed that same issue we continued the conversation with updates with the cal proposal and heard about that which commissioner wynns last updated we pulled the conversation about the board of
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education and we heard this resolution that was introduced for first reading related to the educate our state ballot it was forwarded to the board with a neutral recommendation the reason why we did that despite the fact that the two committee members that were there myself and sxhorn were supportive of it because we knew with the resolution we considered that night was going to be edited so we had a new version that's what you saw toefrthd tonight so our neutral recommendation came so we can have a future conversation on second reading one of the things not covered in that committee he meeting how it impacts city financing we're going to bring this back in the
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heard in rules how this initiative motive, in fact, effect this that's it. >> that was very interesting report from the select committee of 2014. oh, i was to interested incredible. commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell >> thank you. we have had a great presentation by puc and our sustainability folks from the puc on a tactic that's been well supported by commissioner haney and myself on the accessibility in the water filling station in the district there are many filling stations our goal is to have one in every
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school really soon we have a list we can share who has and who doesn't and the plan going forward excuse me. and then laura ma ran shared the 20025 policy we had good discussions on the bigger projects that fall under the divisions thank you. >> if i may president fewer i just want comment it's incredible that puc partnership and combination with the water filling stations commissioner haney i appreciate supervisor mar's comments regarding the
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comments and ms. ma resistance presentation. i look forward to here her work and the philanthropic support >> are you okay commissioner. do you want some water fill that up. so let's move on to the next item which is the board will be going into closed session thus i now call a recess to the regular meeting. a >> the closed session action.
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of tuesday, may 27, 2014, dub employment the board by a vote of 7 i's approved the contract for 4 principles >> what. >> are we on give a thumbs up. >> i'm on. >> can you tell no there you are. oh, embody that's human resourcesable i now resume the normal meeting this the it a employment employment we've approved the contract for 4 principles wore administer and by a vote of i's did not renew the contract item u.s. accountability dawned items for
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the gift of the month of april informational tractions and adjusts to the middle school patterns. this meeting is (clapping.) >> we are thrilled thrilled thrilled to be here so good morning and thanks for your patience and so we're here to kickoff our 2014 summer jobs plus program say yeah. (clapping)
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so i'm eric mcdonald the chief of police operating officer we're thrilled to be partnering with mayor ed lee it takes each one of us to effect the kind of changes in our community across our country we're thrilled our here your presence here represents we create a community and environment with our young people have the opportunity to grow and thrive and become their own leader in our community so we know that a summer job is more than a custodial kind of babysitting opportunity i was told you two weeks ago by a national fund we're not name who actually has a general disdain for the mayors youth program
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across the country they believe they're only custodian but those 0 transitional opportunity i know i have one of the jobs so we know it is possible and so again in addition to joining with the mayor to reach our goals but trying to have a national furnished to understand this opportunity. last year, we set a goal of 6 thousand summer jobs and interning for the young people and 17 to be exact yeah. (clapping) and you'll be hearing more about our plans and goals from the mayor shortly but before we go there let me pause and thank a number of people and partners who to make this possible first
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thanks to the mayor's office who's represented the leadership team by hydra mcdonald. yeah. (clapping) the department of youth and families represented by maria sue yeah. (clapping) the office of economic workforce development represented on the leadership team by todd and ronda and thomas meyer's yeah. (clapping) and also our san francisco unified school district yeah. (clapping) now we also rely on a network of nonprofit partners that are workforce development entities so they're our door ways if you're representative of a doorway where young people are knocking on -
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(clapping) thank each you good for your leadership in this partnership and thank our corporate sponsors so our premier sponsors in 2012 pg&e and jcpenney morgan chases and bank of america and starbucks thing them (clapping.) you would you have seen on the billboards a number of silver partners that the enterprise and all of the partners thank all of them (clapping) and then a special shout out one of the things we've built into the program and continue is we've asked companies to become
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champions when you're a champion we ask you commit to hire young people and provide the financing finances but the other thing importantly is to reach out to other employers and tell them how wonderful to have the young people in their space wow. okay sorry >> my phone is calling someone. okay, here we go sorry. and so the opportunity to have to have employers reach out to other employers shout out to 3 that did it jimmy john by a juice and the hotel and starbucks thank you for your leading the charge (clapping) so as i said three years ago
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president obama issued a challenge and mayor ed lee took it to a new level 5 thousand the first sum and 6 thousand the next summer and we've reached 78 hundred none of this happens but without the u knitted ways no other mayor does it like our mayor so, please welcome our mayor, mayor ed lee >> thank you, eric (clapping) welcome to san francisco employers city hall. well, you looked at what's happening in our city when it comes to job we got news our unemployment rate went inton down to 4.4 percent thanks to all of you working together we
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brought one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state, in fact, we're just above our marina and san mateo i swear because of the san francisco they've got lower rates we've got the airport in san mateo and we buy the wine. thank you to everyone that is here today and again, thank you to eric and ann and u knitted way and to all our corporate sponsors here as well ginly thank you for me as mayor this is one of the most important things to do in our urban centers we can help our youths get jobs we enjoy the 4 approximately 4 percent unemployment they're probably
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the youth at 10 to 12 percent unemployment to make sure we do everything we can to get the youth to earn their way it allows them to get the money net to help their families and get experience in our corporate settings and thank you to all the youth that are here as well that are peppered thought the audience we'll hear in them and thank you to kim she began and she'll talk later i want to give a shout out she's a rising star and she'll end up managing one the hotel and if not ownership it as she graduates from sf state and thank you to another hero on the stage that someone
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who's interception viewed ran it down to the other side of the field and when i saw him my breath was about as short as his was when he jumped into the end zone that's mr. 49ers and he's going to speak (clapping) let me begin by saying this thank you to the departments that are with us today they're a great help. we're focused on the most challenged youth in our city and that's what makes our program special because yeah. it could be easy for kids that are successful and have jobs we're reaching into our public housing and the sectors of the city that hardly ever get touched and asking our employers to step up
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and whether hiring of slots lib starbucks is doing or giving money so the resources are there or whether doing both with the combination of starbucks and the pastry shops. or whether jcpenney morgan chase or bank of america all the employers are funding this with the nonprofits. i want to ask you for a moment every year i'll tried to do this and third time i get a little bit better just recall for the next thirty seconds who helped you get our first job oftentimes we only think about that we realize someone helped you those are the times