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tv   [untitled]    June 22, 2014 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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will not damage distinguishing character of the landmark designation and the alter arbitrations are contemporary with the landmark property. based on those finding the department recommends approval of the project to address outstanding issues the project sponsor will continue to with work the planning department preservation staff and provide final speefgsz and details pertaining to the landscaper and the information is in our packet. the department received no general inquires about the proposed project, however, the design team is here and has prepared a short presentation to review the details of proposed
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questions, i'll be happy to answer them and that concludes my presentation. . thank you >> good afternoon. my name is is john her i'm with the lincoln property company since 2007 we've been the owner and caregiver and the developer of 350 bush street which is to be a new office development. which will be centered around the renovation restoration of the my wife and i exchange building. the team that is hear today to present our plan is a great one. we're very pleased with the work
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they've done the team has led by the jeff high on a hill it calls to me ladder of the architects prominent architecture firm in san francisco that is have famous and has done many historic restorations. the violation so far the historical renovation all of the evidence to turning by all this is familiar to all of you who's work is the berkley public library. our general contractor will do the work is hathaway defining witness in san francisco for over one hundred years and many restoration prongs including the city hall. the team is here to present we're very pleased with the plan they have we look forward to our comments with them we expect to
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begin construction on this project later this summer. with that, i'm going to turn it over to jeff hell letter. thank you >> good afternoon, commissioners and planning staff i'm indeed pleased to be doing this i've worked on this project a long time and it's exciting my rift with the mining exchange goes back to when i signed a pair for the title company for they're first house in san francisco. but my part in this today will be short i'm going to let agent turning ball talk about what they've doing we've worked with
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on on many projects. i wanted to remind you that in the approval process for this project the two overriding contrary criteria with the set back from the street for the tower and the shaping of the tower to open the courtyards of the ross this out of the planning code as well as the negotiation with landmarks and planning then so in the overall project the building basically floats back and above the mining exchange and the angle allows the courtyards to be seen i would show you what the actual code shows which is on the left you can see the original scoping for the site did allow for 75 foot high building element to the right but we choose with
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planning at the time and with landmarks to make that portion of our building lower and push the building wedding ward to open the courtyard and mania corn in his on the side of the my own exchange to give them the pronounce and in this view i like the rendering view you can see that coming from either direction that the mining exchange will be the address above physically and individually of this on this side. one of the things we've asked staff about is to do a door onto the terrace on the upper level of the mining exchange the
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photos show is that the door is not seen from the street i'll show you a little bit more on that. on the interior of the building we've worked carefully on the integration of the new and old and working with the planning staff to locate and transfer column structures to be sgrarl with the design and the design in the main hall there are 4 columns 8 in the oriental and those are aligned with the ceiling grid. and over here this shows the windows i was talking about which were added after the fact in my case on the upper level and have an aluminum sash and that's the place in the rearmost of those 3 windows we want to
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enlarge did you see the front window but not the door no matter where you take this prospective. finally, i wanted to show you maybe you're familiar with cloud points it's one of the new technologies you see in science fiction movies but those are lazer so those in not drawings those are recreations from the computer of this cloud point devices of the this and it's accurate within one quarter of on inch both inside and outside the building so this lovely elevation is the work product of this devices we didn't draw
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this. on the interior it's extremely useful expect for one rose even though we think those are in good shape so when we restore the soiling we do the restoration elements but i'll let package turning ball talk about that. with that, if you would please. >> i'm lisa were the preservation architect we'll go quickly. what do see that mean >> you've got 25 seconds. >> 25 seconds. >> i'm not going to be able to finish so maybe we'll turn it eave to questions until you want to give me time to present. >> what two or three.
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>> this is not normal koo i don't like doing this. >> i'll try to hit the highlights. >> okay. so i think kelly has covered the context of the building those are historic photos and this is the mining exchange hall on the right. i think this has been covered also and she covered the scopes i'll kind of going over the section view the project it shows the relationship of the tower and the mining exchange building and basically, he south set back thirty feats with columns that go through the building and as they go through the plaza. again at the front is basically repair and patching crack repair. originally there was some racking detail at the top of the
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pedestrian times we plan to restore that. and kelly mentioned the signage has been at the freeze of the building it had different names we plan to tampa off the non historic sheet metal sign and record anything this significant underneath. those are the steel windows that will be rehabbed. the front entry on the left is is a rendering from the figure drawings there's a non-historic aluminum door there will be a new bronze door. the roof is in poor condition is is a standard and will be
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replaced. this is the entry hall the original plaster ceiling had alterations with the florescent lights they're not original and this is the plan that shows where the column falls from the 7 evidently of the tower on each side of the entry tower it shows the columns and will not interfere with the quality of the escape the ceiling will be removed above the entry hall and the ceiling will be removed and we'll document it and replicate
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it there those are the entry hall the plain simple plaster finish those are the images of the exchange hall. would you like memo me to talk about those >> to be hornet every sponsor has the same amount of time we've extended it but going back to landmark preservation comments and you can handle that ms. skags and to the current building go we're going back and working it on old judgment we looked at it for the first time but it was looked at for that the first time back then and commissioner wolfram do you have a comment >> i have a question. >> so if it's okay. we'll have
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staff address each of the items so that's been handled. >> i have an overall question maybe a hypothetical question but given the circumstances of this property starting development in 2001 and pit off until 2007 and come back 13 years later what will happen if they set the record straight construction and remove all the defining features of the building and the economy tanks and they stop it the project what is the guarantee they'll put that back together there was one 1 on montana street all of it was stored you may recall that but this is an unusual project and i believe the interior of the building is looshdz to the
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landmark didn't include the interior so it's not a building we can't pay attention to the interior that's my overall question. >> commissioners tim frye department staff before ms. wong chimes in i want to make one point of clarification that's a unique project and technically only the exterior is designated but under the planning commission original approval the basis for their approval was relied b upon them restoring the interior it's protected but as a condition of approval as part of the project. it certainly didn't diminish our approval for the project but just as a matter of clarification the looked is for the exterior walls.
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>> to answer the question regarding how we can security guard the reinstallation of the fabric that's removed and salvaged and protected i don't have an answer i want the project sponsor to come up and maybe answer to give us some clarity regarding they're proposed program. >> good afternoon, commissioners that's an interesting question to be sure i think one of the answers we can give you this is a fully funded project that is ready to come out of the ground within the next couple of months it's a sister project to a building on 500 pine street that will have an extension of st. marys square because it's a complicated
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frontage it's taken look to get all the approvals in order and to get it funded by with that said, you know, there's a recent jim dale came on as a partner this is they're first project in the united states and eager to proceed with it we're confident once construction starts it will be implemented to answer our question what happened to the existing building with this itself dismantling there will be specifics for preserving the elements that are removed. for storing them in a place they won't be damaged and we'll ultimately be required to put those things in place even if there's a delay in building the project >> thank you.
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>> and the deputy city attorney ms. burns do you have a comment. >> i'll add this won't be different than any other project in the city if for some reasons the conditions of approval were not met we'll go through our normal violation process they have active permit we'll suspend the permit and code procedures we have that the planning department and the department of building inspection are very used to enforcing so it will be no different than other projects we're proposing conditions. >> commissioner wolfram. >> is there any way to apply some kind of bonding i think it's different because the building is being dismantling i further this won't be the case we've seen economic circles starting in 2001 so we want to
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be sure that it will be put back. >> i don't know if that's possible for you to add in our comments to require or request that that happens or a even phased. maybe the restoration work >> maybe just so the sponsor understands we had another building there was this brick turn of century this was a big element within the building and then it was being held by the a distant relative that almost hostage so no one knew where the stuff was may be simply we're aware of y where it's stored so the developer moves on so the next person knows where the stuff is. >> can it be sold with all that
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material. >> so that that it remains the position of that property, you know, this is a legally i have indeed mr. fry. >> so part of the permit process going forward is to work with your staff to develop all the spiefksz for dismantling and restoring the element for the specifics for putting them back each the conditions will actually be part of the approval permit when it's done the planning department will sign off on the architecture addendum so if there's an an opportunity to address storage and so forth. >> well storage i'll say the elements are city go with the
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property; right? those elements don't become the position of son-in-law. >> the storage warehouses is going out of business and you can't get them back this is technical and i think the staff understands the persistence by another building on this so we'll be able to handle it at staff level. >> commissioners sorry to interrupt tim frye department staff you may want to include that they require a storage plan and a regular check in with the planning department of the condition of the stored elements before their ree run installed. >> commissioner. >> i think commissioner wolfram raised an important point. i guess i would add that we could certainly request a construction schedule you're
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talking about specifications that the planning department approval of this that is part of the speefksdz where the materials features are going to be going and the construction schedule, timeline, for the whole project so i'd like recommend we you tell that that in there the recommendations on conditions >> any other comments before kelly addresses the landmark preservation. >> okay. ms. wong do you want to - and could you repeat kelly wong can you repeat questions >> sure. >> do you not have this we're referring in the packet. >> commissioner wolfram wanted to make sure we had this this was what the approval was based on and we're rev reapproving that.
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>> this is the letter this was written by the historic board we have a duty to make sure all the concerns that were addressed by previous entity that looked at this particular project clearly be a part of your analysis and your condition of approval. >> ; right? >> so kelly wong departmental staff i'll go down point by point spiefksdz and plans we're submited and that's not something to deal with the specifications for the exterior work again is appropriate and again, i had stated in my presentation that we'll work with the project sponsor for the drawings details and specifications to be submitted for approval.
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and bullet .3 the property around the roof will also be accurately replicated based on the documentary evidence and the new materials will actually be in terry cot so we have the general approach to reciprocate those elements based on historic documentation but the actual details finalize will be forward to the plaintiff including the shop mark ups to be required to insure their reciprocated in detail and accuracy. the front door design was actually included in our packet
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we've had meetings and meetings with the project sponsor and team to review and approve those those are capable designs and will be finished to match the historic steel windows and but their simple and contemporary. the skylights along the roofline will be reciprocated to match itself existing steel metals with the height of the seems and as well as the exact same profile and height of the existing skylights. and i believe that actually touches the last point as well. or actually, we have 4 more here. in terms of glaifrgz for the new
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administration at the front windows that will be clarified in the drawings and specifications this specifically submitted to the preservation staff for approval and review. the main entrance door i addressed with the dark finished color to match the existing field windows we'll have to defer the poly chrome painted could have ferreted ceiling within the exchange halls we will work very closely to make sure we said what specifically their proposed and the removal and the cataloging and make sure
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they provide the appropriate documentation prior to the removal and the pant analysis that's required for understanding the paint color and schemes are and will be. and the last point rewarding the panel on the second level i believe this is for the exchange hall where the wood panels will actually - hold on one second. >> isn't that the wood standard panels? >> i believe this is i don't know what the white standard panel i interpreted that as the panels on the second floor of
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the exchange hall. >> kelly. >> i'm sorry to interrupt maybe those guys can fill us in but a panel that separated the glazing on the front of the building because there was going to be a floor in the main entry space that clear glaiz done or has that been revised? >> jeffrey high on a hill it calls to me er there's no floor movement or things like that in the front so i think it maybe refer to the restoration process of the glazing in the original building we have no intention of changing any of that at&t park just a restoration process. >> thank you.
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>> okay. so we've gone through the items commissioners questions or comments. >> commissioner johnck. >> yeah. on page 8 of the 9 this is the background property description there's under interior restoration the last well, one big long paragraph it's related to the exhibit delay representing the economy located in the room south of the entry hall and the park is publicly assessable and close to the entrance of the landmark building my interest in the projects that come before the commission are to insure there's more public accessibility that the public knows this this fabulous restoration is going
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forward and that the public will be able to enter this hall; correct and how will they know that? my - my thinking goes back to the holiday building we've approved and it's done and absolutely fantastic and the public still doesn't know of that work of art below the street level we've talked about having public signage or something. that's another story but i'm thinking how will the public know they can go in there is there signage without detracting from the site can that be put there or what does the owner say >> kelly wong department staff currently no project for the signage on the building exterior
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you can include that. >> commissioners sorry to interrupt tim frye department staff there are standard ascertainment on the interior or roof of a property my understanding from the approval from the original approval do not include my provisions you're welcome to include it as a comment in 9 sure it is a condition of approval but we'll work with the project sponsor so the public knows there's an interpretative place on the exterior but nothing required at this point. >> so the commissioners will support something along those lines. >> we're looking at a column. >> commissioner wolfram. >> i have a general comment been one concern the location of the new columns in the exchange hall. it is shown opa