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tv   [untitled]    June 26, 2014 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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southern part of the city that don't get the resources that other county receive i talk about this ever meeting and seems like that didn't cause a lot of things in how we reallocate dollars i'll be here 2 and a half years more and will hope for improvement but this budget is something i'll ready to support. i'm hoping that there can be other things we could do when the budget comes to the full board to meet the needs in san francisco i look forward to working with the closings colleagues over the next week thank you supervisor farrell for your unique work in crafting that budget and lastly thanks to
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the controller's office and the budget analyst for your help. you, you know, your helpful and i'm ready to vote. thanks >> thank you supervisor avalos. supervisor breed >> thank you. i want to start by thanking the budget committees it was great collaborating with you all but we went through a lot trying to make changes to address the challenges in our city in parking lot with the art it was great to see the spearheaded efforts for the arts we have at the data and support and now time for the action. i'm glad it this budget is competitive and it helps with some of the challenges we have citywide particularly in housing
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yet we looked at add backs as it relates to stabilization that are great city resources but i'm excited over the mayors budget as it relates to public housing. and i want to thank scott wiener for pushing the envelope on park proposal there's a lot of challenges there but we have a lot of resources necessary in order to help address the challenges that our parks face this is a comprehensive budget. i'm looking at to broadcasting those meetings or in the radio thank you supervisor mar for your leadership it was clear each member on this committee cares what happens with job opportunities so it clearly is
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demonstrated in this budget. and thank you supervisor farrell for your leadership on working with a lot of different individuals juggling u juggling and moving things you support in an effort to make sure that everyone can have something in this budget to be proud of. so i also want to thank my staff last year every member of the board complained i didn't thank my staff thank you guys for hanging in there and fight for our district and thank you harvey rose for keeping the meetings great, thank you for your perform when he would get upset sometimes, it was amazing.
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oh, no, he's not here today and thanks to benefiting from the controller's office and his team as well as kate howard and the folks at the mayor's office steve for continuing to work with us and to help us through this process. no didn't i didn't get everything i wanted but i appreciate about that budget there's a lot for all of us to work with and i know throughout the course of year we'll be pushing for changes for the things. i think yes. that was it i know everybody is tired and ready to go home i. too, and i'm looking forward to passing in budget thank you to you all for this budget >> thank you supervisor breed. supervisor mar >> thank you supervisor farrell.
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i want to start by thanking my staff who worked their butts off and the interims and all the other aids as well coordination amongst each other and the communication and fighting for your district and i feel proud that a fair share has been won for the richmond and on the citywide lovely strong, strong support for the most vulnerable and preventing the safety net for children and seniors with sdabts. i want to thank chair farrell for the transparent and balance how he led our committee i do feel that the budget committee members from supervisor breed
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and supervisor wiener and supervisor avalos and i got different issues that we wanted in there i'll say that the budget coalition and this tenderloin task force and s c i u and others i wish we had more revenue to advocate for a budget but i'm going to be a supporter of this i know we need to increase cola and food and heartbroken but i feel there's a little bit to each of the struggles that i just mentioned i think we need to fight for more. i'll say i think this budget balances the citywide needs but each of our 11 district needs lastly to harvey rose monique
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and benefiting from the controller's office and kate howard and her staff really helped our office to understand the process and in the next two weeks i'll be working with allies to work for more revenues as this budget move forward i hope it's not a closed book i'll be supportive of this budget and thank to my colleagues to their staff as well >> thank you supervisor mar. supervisor kim >> thank you supervisor farrell i want to see thank the budget committee it reflects the priorities in the district and it's a balanced budget. in particular i want to let you know that citywide we're going to get that million dollars for pedestrian safety to really make
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sure that we are putting the complete treatment on many of our critical intersections and on top of bike improvements that's something i'll proud this board for vision zero and the fatalities of traffic in 10 years. two really glad to see the security we have a long waiting list of that disabled folks who want meal and thank you to the security task force. i know this group has worked 6 months in advance to put together a budget i'm glad they've focused on prevent actives i think the eviction
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counseling as well as the subsidies to keep people in place are vital to help stop some of the bleeding that's happening and the youbl i'm glad we're supporting them and there i want to see the children's funds increased and hopefully do more around transition i'm glad we're looking at gender liability and i'm glad to see we're supporting breast cancer work it's about general equality in our system and happy to see the board fund in i want to acknowledge the folks for pushing this this is the beginning but we're seeing women across the city it needs the
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additional support they've really tried to get through a difficult system. for your district i'm happy to see the effort around elevator repair we know we have a lot of seniors and disabled folks that live unless in the housing authority but working only a revolving landlord you fund to make the additional fix is important. lastly i'm glad to see we're going to give an increasing for the minimum wage in november we want to make sure we have the embodiment dollars we've passed two initiatives and want to make sure we have the education dollars so the policy are fiscal it's important to have the prelims for the policy to be
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effective and finally thank you to our chair and other folks from my office to ivy who bottom lined the budget it's a hard roll to be the truth teller and keep everyone pragmatic and abram and others folks. of course, i want to thank who everyone has thanked benefiting from our controller's office and kate and, of course, harvey the budget analyst for the crest ways he came up to get for dollars and, of course, i really have to shout out our advocates that also keep our protected officials accountable this
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budget if not for the incredible work it's not only the advocacy but the most and time spent coming up with the line items and explaining how they'll benefit the rest of our city glad to see that happening a day earlier. >> thank you supervisor kim mr. clerk a announcement. >> we have 9 member meeting we're not xheemgd with a quorum. >> next open the docket is supervisor yee. >> i really want to thank the budget committee for getting this budget to us and giving us the opportunity to support that i'm disappointed it ended so early i've heard how wonderful
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is is to staying hereafter 3 and 4 in the morning i'm really disappointed supervisor farrell joking aside. when you look at the things that are added in the add back you'll realize the different needs we have in the city. there's not enough funding to really meet the needs of every single item but i am happy with many of the ones that are listed here the food security at the desk piece was very important, several of the supervisors have mentioned the animal care having to judge the puppy contest with 50 dogs and so many of the owners coming up to me and
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saying you know, i just got this dog or puppy and it was ready to be put to sleep and there was only 3 months ago i heard this over and over again so having some additional funding having to provide staffing for the animals is important. the i am very disappointed there was no funding to provide for the early addition education piece there is no or there's so many families waiting on the waiting list for us not to put anything in there was disappointing, however, once we've passed the children's fund for the families first initiative in november i'm
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hoping we can catch up with some of the needs. it was a very regarding for me to see not only the mayors budget but pedestrian safety funding for pedestrian safety issues was added back into many the district this year. so unlike last year there was some funding for pedestrian safety and probably i think it was the only district added back, in fact, this year 50 percent was centered around pedestrian safety. i'm so happy that many of the supervisors are taken care of taking this seriously for an active to ask for funding their district that's rewarding to get
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a sense we're all on the same page. i like everyone else i want to thank everyone involved in the process and i do want to specially point out i'm going to appreciate my own staff one person who's been keeping track of things and jennifer lowe who stayed all night even she was sick. i'm ready to vote >> thank you supervisor yee. supervisor cohen >> thank you real brief i want to acknowledge the hard work of the budget competent and also want to call out how excited i am to see a commitment to youth
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services and youth employment it's important this has been a tough last two weeks with shootings in the parts of the city and cr=certainly one way to eliminate some of the violence through youth employment. it's good to see districts 9, 10 and 11 coming together to stand up for mcclaren park and acknowledge the supporting of housing. and also give voice to the contractor program that's a citywide initiative it's critical for the demonstration happening across the city and everyone particularly minority and women and veteran owned businesses can have an
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opportunity to compete. i want to express my disappoint that cola was not on the list. but nonetheless this we have budget couldn't have happened if not for ben and kate and harry as well as their staff i want to acknowledge my staff all 3 of them you are an incredible team and thank you to the chair and the vice chair for your leadership. thank you >> thank you supervisor cohen. president chiu >> thank you i'm going to be brief supervisor yee and for those of you who long for the late night budget sessions you don't know what you're missing and after years of massive
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budget deficits it's wonderful this budget was much easier i want to thank to kate and harry and your staffs to all our city staffs and particularly my aids and lilly chang and the community folks who have worked on this for many months thank you. >> to our budget committee thank you for the six who worked together who reflected and brought this city together i'm proud i'm stunned it's wednesday night let's get it done. >> thank you president chiu. >> supervisor mar. >> i forgot to thank one person in the room terry the security at the desk has been here pretty much all day we wouldn't have a
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much critical need if you were not here all day the food and hunger issues we as the board want to end hunger by 2020 this will help the seniors and people that are isolated and increase the numbers of people that are hopefully eligible for the food stamps so the half a million dollars that was added will go a long, long way for people so that no child or senior will go to bed hungry but i want to thank the grassroots coalition within the budget coalition firing strong advocacy and to the colleagues making this so smooth as well.
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>> thank you supervisor mar. i'm going to go into motions but a few people to thank. first of all, our clerk clerk linda wong for staying the long hours and thank you for being a great clerk and victor young sometimes when the hours go along but thank you and to john gibner, deputy city attorney our city attorney for being a great sturdy >> supervisor breed. >> one last thing i want to thank supervisor avalos for helping us stay the funding for clean power. thanks >> all right. and i do want to if i didn't do it earlier thanks supervisor avalos fewer
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leadership you do an amazing job on the budget committee are you have the most experience as american people aid and committee member thank you for your leadership it's been a pleasure. okay colleagues we have a number of motions to entertain our first motion to have the similarly ordinance items one and 20 reflect the changes as indicated in the summary for the 2014-2015 budgets. can we do it unanimously budget committee we'll take that without objection.. item 2 a motion to amend the annual salary upgrading the stipend assigned to hetch hetchy to pay for the costs for the employees who their limited to
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plastic bag one. the motion and a second can we take that without objection? so moved. okay i'd like to ask the mayors budget director to all the budget >> good evening supervisors through the chair kate howard we'll be submitting a series of is it correct adjustments to the budget first appropriating the issues identified by the budget analyst and second making technical adjustments to balance work odors and make technical changes to salary and fringe benefits that saves the city additional money and third releasing the mayors resource for growing the budget to
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increase the size of children's fund set aside and fifth appropriating an additional $3.7.06 expending some of those funds on mandated cap colonel la increase and finally adjusting transfers between the two years for balancing reasons. this provides an additional $19 million plus in the first year and $13.06 million in the second year >> thank you, ms. howard so colleagues, can i have a motion to accept those motions. a motion we'll take that without objection. and a slight
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amendment to that number one items 33 and 34 balanced in year two and accept the technical adjustment 3 we'll take that without objection.. okay lastly colleagues, we have a motion to approve items one and two on the agenda for the salary and authorization for the controllers to balance the accounts can i have a motion and forward them to the board with recommendation. second from supervisor avalos we'll take that without objection. madam clerk, any other business before this commission? >> no, mr. chair. >> congratulations everyone we're adjourned
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>> so what brought you out here for the bike ride today? >> i grew up in san francisco but i have been living in new york. i wanted to see what san francisco is doing with [gravel] >> i'd like to call this meeting of the public utility
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commission to order at 1:35. you can be assured that some people will be paid to do it. we'll try to make this a quicky and as always, we hope everyone will be satisfied. madam chair, will you please call the role. city clerk: president courtney. >> here. >> city clerk: commissioner vt vietor. speaker: here. moran. >> here. >> torres. >> we have a quorum. >> thank you donna. the first item is approval of meeting minutes of june 10, 2014. commissioners. >> i'll second. speaker: it has moved and second. any discussion? >> any public comment on number 3, approval of the meeting minutes of june 10. seeing none, public is now closed. all those in favor, signify by saying aye. the motion carries. madam secretary, next
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item. city clerk: item 4, general public comment. >> i have three speaker cards. if you're interested in speaking, please fill out a speaker card and hand it to the secretary. the first card i have is from joan gerado. >> welcome back, joan. >> thank you. i wanted to speak on an issue not on the agenda today. the transition of the francisco reservoir property to the recreation park department. and the memorandum of understanding was made public on eight days ago, and most people have not looked at it yet. i wanted to say that many of us citizens believe that the spuc should take the risk and go to