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tv   [untitled]    July 4, 2014 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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at the martin luther king middle school. her ability to teach and put programs together. my son had the opportunity to go to ford valley university in the seventh grade because of the ability she had to raise money and network with colleges at that time. he had to the opportunity to work with bob moses. so miss marshall is an outstanding teacher and educator. one thing my son came back ever back and told me and said, dad, what is the most powerful thing you can carry in your wallet? i couldn't answer. can anybody here answer? the most powerful thing you can carry is a library card. that is the key to education.
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i'm going to step back. i know my two minutes is not up, but i want to let you know that she is an excellent teacher and thank you for hearing me. >> good evening commissioners. it has become apparent that in this city where the member of the community steps up to the plate in an attempt to promote the betterment of black and brown children, that person's position is compromised. the present facilitator of the citywide tutorial program, miss marshall, worked in the bay view when no one else would. after almost 30 years of dedicated service, miss marshall still has to fight to
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maintain her position? what's going on folks? as african american students still struggle as was i think di kated in an earlier statistical presentation, people like miss marshall are being moved, are pushed away from the community that needs her. as i stated two weeks ago, she was unfairly evaluated and i declare that her evaluation must be null and void and the director of the access and equality must be removed and are disciplined accordingly. thank you. >> good evening everyone. i am here in support of -- my name is carolyn mcdaniels and i'm a product of the bay view hunters point as well.
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and i'd love to talk to these folks that just left here, but i wanted to say that miss marshall -- this young lady that just left, i call her my daughter. our daughters all went to school together. miss marshall taught them how to run programs when my daughter graduated from high school. she not only ran the summer program for the bay view hunters point baptist church, she also ran an after school program. she was -- they were the first ones to be involved in the african american parade and i've always been with her as the parents. i support her and everything she does, everything she has put her finger on, i can actually say has been successful and i really would like very much if the board would hopefully support her as well as we do in the bay view hunters point area. thank you very much.
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>> hello board of directors -- school board people. i usually listen to you on the radio so it's kind of interesting to look at you. i'm here because virginia marshall came into my life through my children who were at the schools district and i watched her not only help them profoundly, but scores of african american children, es pshlly boys. and you know the statistics in our city regarding our african american children and our boys. as the other speaker said she went into the bay view when other people wouldn't. not only, she has led the honor role for african american students for the past, i believe ten years. i volunteered with her a couple
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of years ago and became cap i vated by it. it's a lot of work and she puts in hours beyond what is required of anybody. i sent a letter, an email, to superintendent carranza, i don't know if you got it. my request is to see if she is whether or not in a hostile environment. that needs to be checked carefully. if it is in fact the situation, then it needs to be rectified and the people who are causing it need to be penalized and she needs to be treated with justice and equity. nice to see you in person and i know -- i think you were away, maybe didn't get a chance to respond, but i want to urge you to check carefully into a hostile working environment. nobody deserves it.
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thank you. >> good evening superintendent carranza and the board. i would like a reflection of miss virginia to share short expressions to you this evening. we will start -- >> can you please identify yourself? >> i'm reverends ronnie [inaudible]. i would like to start with [inaudible]. >> good evening everyone, to the superintendent carranza, to the board of education commissioners and supporters alike, my name is [inaudible], i am here to speak on behalf and in support of miss virginia marshall. as a result of miss marshall's hard work i have been able to participate in the annual black
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[inaudible] contest. a [inaudible] report or review of miss marshall would be contradictory to the work that she has provided and put into our community and i just would personally like to thank her and commend her for all her support and hard work she presents and all the love she so freely gives to everyone she comes into contact with. thank you. >> [inaudible]. >> good evening everybody. i am here this evening to speak on behalf of miss virginia marshall. because of her efforts i was able to participate in the black oratorakle contest in which i was able to display my talents as a speaker and musician. she is also a founding member who sponsors the annual black honor role in which i have been able to participate in for the
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last five years. this event recognizes the academic achievement of black students here in san francisco. because of her efforts she has contributed to my future success. thank you for making a difference in my life and the lives of many others. thank you. >> [inaudible]. >> good evening everyone. i think that miss virginia marshall deserves and a plus. >> the love of my life and supporter of the community, mrs. marilyn chizm. >> good evening everyone.
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my name is marilyn, i'm a parent and community activist. i met miss marshall a little over 12 years ago with the i rights program. you've heard my children speak. they've talked about her dedication and love for the black honor role. she puts in so many hours, i just wonder when she ever sleeps. so concerned that after so many years she gets a poor evaluation. i don't think she just woke up one morning and decided she was going to have a bad year. something is definitely wrong and it needs to be fixed. i ask each of you to think about if you were in her shoes, how would you feel if someone gave you a poor evaluation? would you accept it or fight gengs it? i think you'd fight against it because wrong is wrong. my dad always told me that it's easy for somebody to keep on doing the wrong thing, but it takes a big person to step up and say this is wrong, i'm sorry, let's fix it.
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we are asking that you now fix this. it's wrong. she is wonderful. let her do her job. those that are standing in her way, please remove them. this woman has given so much. you talk about the disproportionate ratios of our african american students that are being sent out of classrooms. thank you for listening. >> that's powerful, isn't it commissioners and superintendent and board. i too have known miss virginia marshall for a number of years as we are truly add vo kates of education in our community, we are truly willing to stand and fight when there is injustice in our community. i was before you two weeks ago when i, plained to you on may 8 i receive add phone call from
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miss marshall, very upset about the event that had occurred. i made a phone call to your office and associate superintendents offices to no avail and we're back again to say please now, let's gets it right. it is time for us to not sit by and sit back and let you destroy what is effective and working in our community. it saddens me that we have to stand here when you are rolling out a new plan to say that you are throwing a lifeline to black children and brown children when you allow an educator who is committed for the advancement and of our people. we're telling children not to bully. why are you allowing your staff to do it?
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if you going to walk the walk, you going to talk the talk, talk it. it shouldn't take 60 days to get this done. i just you will get it right. i trust. commissioner. er, superintendent, board, get it right. now, we will be back if you don't. and we will be back in greater numbers. i don't think you want that. let's get it right. can we? will we? thank you. >> thank you reverend. >> amen. >> great. >> amen to that. my name is beverly [inaudible] and i support virginia marshall. amen.
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>> good evening, my name is phoenix thomas, i just recently graduated from [inaudible] school. my parents along with a few other families established a black student union at my school. i was able to connect with other african american students and their families. through my years there is one other person that has helped me with my education in their own special way. that person is virginia marshall. miss marshall oversaw the black honor roll celebration which my academics were recognized. i was awarded with my peers. miss marshall's efforts in my communitity has enlightened, uplifted and embraced the african american students. she has given me the opportunity to do well in school and strive to reach the education i deserve. thank you miss marshall and
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thank you guys for listening. >> good evening and hello. my name is lexi and i'm a parent of an upcoming 7th grader and freshmen. they've been recognized and awarded for their 3.0 plus gpa during the black honor roll celebration. this wouldn't have happened without the hard work of miss virginia marshall. she has supported all of us and has worked tirelessly and we are all here to support her unconditionally. thank you. >> the next list is dee kelly, [inaudible] and king leanne lee. thank you. you each have two minutes. >> thank you. i'm president of the united
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educators of san francisco. i want to look forward to what you're considering tonight and back at what you've donen't tonight you adopt a budget. it has the same amount for raises in it that your earlier budgets had. it's $10 million and it is budgeted. now you have $7 million less in deficit. now you have $6.6 million more in money from the city. you have another million dollars in rental revenue that you didn't have and the budget that was signed in sacramento gave you another million dollars or so. money has flowed into your coughers. you have the beneficiaries of all the good work that you and all the rest of us did to pass prop 30 and redirect spending. your budgeted amount for raises is the same as it was when you started negotiations. rather than face the reality of what you have and the on
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obligation you have toward your employees [inaudible] do you want the contracts to be achieved, that become the question. after we put a wage package on the table back in april, you side delayed six weeks before responding. when we changed to term the length of the contract and the amount your side made one offer, did not wait for a reply, called for formal impasse procedures to begin, thus wasting the rest of this month. you have demonstrated and you will demonstrate tonight in your budget that you have the money. your side does not deny those claims. they do weed l and they do whine a bit. they can't spend the new city money because they don't know what the real amount of state money is, but the state knows, we know, they gave it to you. they raised the same boogeyman they always raise about the fiscal emergencies happening
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just three years from now. that magical third year has been brought up over and over and we've never had that fiscal failure. on august 14 we have a date set for a membership meeting. we will be talking about a settlement at that time or will we be talking about going on strike? we had hoped we would have a settlement by now. we have come very close and very far on a number of very important and significant issues. calling for an impasse at this time is just an absolute waste of time and it's what you people have chosen to do. it's come from you. signed by the two of you. >> next speaker please. >> my name is [inaudible] good
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evening, my name is [inaudible]. and my eldest son, elan wu is going to be middle school this fall, but unfortunately the middle school he's going to is too far away from our home.
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i think our first choice is hoover middle school, which can provide transportation, which is very good to us. unfortunately the school that we see is [inaudible] valley images school and that school is not even one of the school choices i put in the application in the first place so i think it's kind of unfair.
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my other two sons, they remain at [inaudible] elementary school next year and as a working mom i find it almost impossible to take three of them to two different school at the same time in the morning so i really hope the district will consider my case and get me out of this difficult situation. thank you. >> thank you very much.
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next speaker please. >> hello, my name [inaudible] good evening, my name is irene and my daughter's name is isabella hebert.
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from home to the school.
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or allow my daughter to take a school bus to alamo elementary school so that -- and then from there then she can be kind of, like, a go to cis from alamo school bus. so i hope that you can help me to solve this problem. thank you. >> thank you very much. mr. steel, would you mind taking down their information and we can have education placement follow up with them? thank you very much. general comments is now closed. we will now resume back to our
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regular agenda to item 8, and this has been moved and seconded on june 10. this is the fiscal year 2014, 2015 local control and accountability plan for the san francisco county office of education and the san francisco unified school district. may i have a report from the committee as a whole from commission erer er murase. >> the committee as a whole met on june 17. we had extensive discussion about the revised version of the local control and accountability plan and commissioners gave feedback on the fiscal year 2014, 2015 recommended budget. >> thank you very much.
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superintendent, would you please introduce your designee to read the recommendation. >> i'd like to ask the [inaudible] to take it from here. >> thank you superintendent and commissioners, i will just read the requested action. so this is superintendent's proposal 146-10 sti, fiscal year 2014, local control and accountability plan for the san francisco county office of education and the san francisco unified school district and the requested action is that the board of education approves the local control and account blt plan, lcap for the san francisco office of administration and the school district, covering fy 14, 15 through fy 16, 17 subject to annual updates. we have some speaker cards signed up for public speakers. please line up to the podium please, and you have two
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minutes eechl. each. josh davidson, hi again. [inaudible]. anyway, hope i didn't butcher your name. hi josh, you have two minutes. >> hi. so i'm just davidson, i work for the early education department in the kitchen. i'm a member of seiu and i'm here representing close the gap, which is a coalition of labor and community groups which is really around assisted capability initiatives. in the interest of aligning myself with restorative practices, rather than giving the scolding remarks i've written down here, i'm going to try and model the behavior i'd like to reenforce and encourage. so we're really glad that the
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updated lcap that is available tonight included the appendix a that was left out of previous drafts. and we appreciate that some additional information about community input has been included in that report. we think this is a real area of growth for the district. we think that it's important to do more in this -- sorry, i'm used to be scolding. so this is a different attack for me. let me try this a different way. we think there's sort of two existing visions of lcap from our perspective. one is an idea that the community and parents and students and workers can organize around ways to make the district better for students, particularly of color and underserved.
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in the alternative it seems like there's a vision of lcap as an -- okay. we believe that there's an alternative vision of lcap where it's just another set of forms that the state require bs s be filled out like the state established budget forms and we've heard a number of times -- i'll take my five seconds of music, if you don't mind. we've heard a number of times [inaudible] constrains the thinking and the way we can present the information about accountability to the community. and i feel like that's really -- if it 's really the problem with the forms, then maybe we should solve the l cap problem the way we solved the budget form. maybe similarly for the l cap we could provide additional
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useful information to the community. the budget book has gotten so much better over the past few years, i think we can do better with l cap too. >> thank you for that approach. >> good evening. i'm susan solman, i would like to echo what brother josh davidson had to say and just add a couple more comments. it is nice to see there was an appendix a with information, and at this time unlike last week it still looks a little thin. it doesn't -- i'm going back to what commissioner haney said earlier about teachers, educators asking how are things going to be different at the school sites and it's not evident in appendix a, which is about the supplemental grants. there should be a description of how the services provided
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are the most effective use of funds. what i see in appendix a is a list of a lot of things with money attached to them, so having a list of those things would be very helpful and would help make the a in l cap more easier to do, more accountable to the stakeholders. thank you. >> good evening commissioners and superintendent, i'm sarah, and i'm from public council and i'm here on behalf of [inaudible] whom you all know and is very sick tonight. i want to talk regarding the resolution and the l cap. i think the resolution needs more