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tv   [untitled]    July 19, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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programming events for earned revenue etc. as you come up 9 stairs the main lobby where coat check and others services and you'll travel around the building over to here and g enter into this building where the key pieces are a two am theatre space i'll show you images have to have informal gathered and a section of the building right over here the permit and collection we'll highway those and the two-story space so far the temporary and traveling exhibitions we'll offer at sustainable program and
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the forecasting plans for growth and exhibitions as you move up to the third floor the pink areas are the program mask spaces this space to orient you to understand this is the core of the tower so the museum is basically oriented around that and located at&t park those spaces. and then this white zone is the double story of the two small business below. at the fourth floor the top level of the museum spaces within the project we have to main program areas the blue areas which are the admin and the basically meeting areas to support of the functions and the orange that is the program mask spaces that support those that is a critical area for the mission they've identified through the strategic and
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planning process. there is a variety of different functions in the educational spaces larger classrooms and smaller ones that can be breakdown working with david and want the opportunity to gave me the visits in using the components of the space and in ways we can breakdown the traditional barriers of going into the museums and seeing things on the walls and interact in the education process. the next series of diagrams are just the floor plans of the dimensional areas i'll walk you through those so i can get to the 3 dimension all places not only has the museum so integrate
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the space but they've b.c. been working diligently in terms of having a donor process this diaphragm shows a variety of the key spaces within the museum the ceiling and the square footage to develop the fundraising for the museum. and here we get to the exterior images this is what they've developed for the museum and you can see how it is taking on an iconic facade and in this architecturally rich district the facade sxept is meant to be somewhat i have to stand up. the facade concept is meant to address a variety of issues and
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design things like mexican cultures but to address did climate the sun and widen in terms of conservation there are some perspectives so people can see what's going on in the inside and outside so the museum is connected to the area rather than close off like the old traditionally thought of mexican design again actually, i need to bend down here i see if i get the cursor back those folks are at jessie plaza and you see the glass facade it invites you in
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and the whole notion they hover and create the space in which the museum is located and drama as one enters into the museum from jessie into the museum. here's the main entrance the gentleman in played is about to purchase his ticket those folks will walk along the gentle wrapping staircase and upstairs. here's the image of the mexican can you see the nice two-story volume and on the left is the facade that separates the facade you can the contemporary scombrush museum in the background you see the
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flexibility of the space offers the mexican museum in terms of curation and a vent space, etc. with the connection to the upper level there's a real unique opportunity for the museum to have sustainable operations will will be in the areas as well as their challenging sculpture and exhibition program this is an image of the am theatre that's being built you see the scale of the a.m. theatre it's meant to be casual this is not a space to have formal dark images and gathering of school groups and formal talks about with curators
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there's a staircase where you can go flo from the second to third story not only does that am theatre connects the museum and helps people flow through the galleries. here's innovate prospective from the arresting son looking at towards the staircase and the amount theatre you're seeing the character? an 1904 concrete industry as part of the design move forward the architects will be working with the museum to determine the lighting but there's a real i doubt it for the finishes to yeast a wonderful aefshth their exploring. this is a view from the third
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floor looking down the a.m. theatre it shows the facade that faces along mission street you'll see how the daylight comes into the building that's one the chaijz champions working out how the daylight is controlled so wonderful light intrusion opportunities but light and others issues as the design move forward. this is another shot of a.m. theatre space and in the arson building the special and traveling shows will be housed a two-story volume that lousy
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contemporary artists push the scale of their artwork by but show the space the artists have to work with that concludes my presentation. i'm happy to answer any questions if you have them >> the presentation and do the question is that okay. >> yeah. we're going to do that in public comment so. >> andrew. >> commissioner johnson and members we were still in the transition planning but i'm happy to report what we promised is completed number one we got to the transparency of the
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fiscal audit we're in a sustainable state our bills are being paid and we have a lot of predevelopment till tilt we did a lot of work people open the board were on the board it's not a reflection of the quality but i added 7 new members to the board several from silicon valley valley and givers to charity and they understood it was important to raise money and we're being selective we made a decision to add a couple of people that at one time had a relationship with the board and he had to get ann rockefeller and she's the daughter of
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rockefeller but thanks to the director i spent time with her and she's business owner back on board and really involved in developing the rockefeller gallery, and, secondly, i spent time in mistake city i was born there and served as the general council of the united states and spent time with the president of the mexican we planned about what we're going to do with the museum and we worked on a program between the national university of the mexico they're to share materials and provide a artist and residence once a month an artist comes up with a
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sculpture or indigital art be at the museum doing master classes and working with schools the second part of the arrangement they'll borrow cabinets of ours to mexico and third we're in a unique situation they've development with the secretary of mexico you take one the murals and point the cursor to the character it will be offended to the schools mexico spend $20 million developing it we'll geting it for free the president of mexico is coming up on a private visit he wanted to be here for the groundbreaking
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and thirdly, we got as a result of that he insisted i make a correction with the daughter of diego rivera and we got together as a little aside her father and my father were great friends she has now joined the board and joined the actor and director of one project and she's going to work hard with david the director of the museum to move the mural to the museum to make it a principle piece for the main entrance way so we preserve it those are the aspects of the key characters then we spent a
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great deal of time working with wells fargo and we worked with those folks with a number of individuals one was just the ceo of the grant foundation and the metropolitan we developed 11 galleries between $8 million and we've developed a naming because we needed to have an undenouncement fund not by burdening the city of $30 million and in addition, we have an ongoing operation of the museum fund of about 15 noildz
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million dollars so it's a $45 million fund we are very lucky to have's per diem and wells fargo and target and for naming opportunities we're headed in that direction and lastly we've developed the ferries peas for the treasures of the mime we have digitized a lot of the collection with a lot of folks that is given out to givers it's a simple price $50,000 we felt this was very important to go out and make the solicitation i'm happy to report i can resign next year and be on
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my way. >> does that conclude the staff presentation? okay. excellent any public comment on that item? >> there are no speaker cards. >> thank you to the board and staff for providing our report on your summary a you've provided extensive information about what you guys are doing i won't see this as opposed to the c ii commissioner that warmed my heart i'm interested many making sure the mexican museum is a success it answered a lot of my questions how you guys compared to other museums how you guys have going to be successful i have one quick question about
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the design it i think this is a yes or no question it looks like the restaurant portion is not connected to the museum through slater or stairs is there a connection of entry. >> you're correct it's not connected and the mime is a different separate deal a separate arrangement where the culture facility is part of a lease it's a stand alone transaction but the design team is trying to integrate the culture space and, yes the design team is looking at some food element in addition to the
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museum. >> other questions. commissioner singh. yes, thank you madam president. i have - and yes, sir. >> you're going to sell some bonds. >> i'll elaborate part of the land development agreement that is the original document that got this started in 1993 under the former leroy king that was also contemplated the three include the 7 point accomplice million dollars that clause has been transferred into the purchase and sale agreement and referenced in the lease agreement that's part of the packaging in addition to all the
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monies we have to raise for programs and for the endowment as was laid out for or part of the financial panel that includes a partial contribution from the city it's no longer a tax bond to work within the city to identify where the supplements will come for the improvements. >> thank you. i saw that as well, you know, making members and getting lots of donations i remember back how many meetings we've had more than i can count we were there for many, many years and now so i want to also
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shawn jeffrey is a good person for the mexican museum when it is the opening day. >> shawn can still come up if you want him to but we're hoping the project will start construction sometime in 2015 about a 40 month process sometimes in 2018. >> how many years we've done it 10 years or so we've come to meeting so, you know. >> a very a long time. >> i want to move this item. >> thank you very much. second >> thank you very much. my questions or comments >> i have a question about the
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lawsuits i want to have clarity is the mexican museum named in those lawsuits. >> the challenge by the hoa of the four seasons and several individuals were challenges against the sequa entitlements as well as the zoning and in june challenging the zoning maps approved the challenges have been directly against the various city entities and the developer an interested party as well as the mime as an interested party we're very much defending the lawsuit with the other stakeholders the wonderful thing that's happened in front of the judge jack in june she basically dismissed the sequa
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challenges it's basically taken out the air of the one of the main allegations in the complaint. but the zoning challenges still stand >> there's a trial date in october we're confident welling we the entire joint defense will prevail. >> thank you. commissioner mondejar >> i have a question besides that any other challenges yourself resolving and congratulations by the way, you're on your way but do you anticipate any other obstacles or barriers to this very long term project. >> christen from the prospective of ocii no, i think
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you've heard the mexican museum say are there's a lot of fundraising to be done and i but their gearing up and starting to go into full steam the resolution as of the lawsuits and we'll be on our way. >> so we have moved and seconded. >> commissioners. commissioner mondejar. commissioner singh. commissioner rosales. johnson. madam chair the vote is 4 i's >> thank you very much the next. >> this is authorizing the executive director to enter into a memorandum of understanding for the office of community and infrastructure in the city and county of san francisco city administrators office not to exceed $3 million plus for 2013-2014 for services under
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ocii exclusive direction and ocii rents discussion and action 2014 madam director. >> so on this item actually i'll take feel one first, we spoke and the city administrators office wants to clarify the mou with the city attorney's office they've received it today so i'd like to continue this item to a future meeting the date will be set when the city attorney's office provides their analysis to the city administrators office and add it back into the agenda. >> does that cover everything
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we'll continue that item and next item, please. >> the next offered of business is items six k authorized the executive director to enter into the mou in the city of san francisco controller's office for financial systems and counting an audit support not to exceed $100,000 plus 2014. >> thank you members this mou is an implementing mou for services that contracted with the city we entered into a similar mou the commission authorized to approve the budget of mou with this type of the controller's office last year and before you is a second year authorizations with that, i'm
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doing i'd like to ask our deputy director for finance and administration to present. >> thank you members i'll be brief this mou with the controller's office is not not to exceed to one hundred and 675 thousand dollars it's for their accounting review services they provide and our use of the cities financial system for 54 thousand it's with the staffs support with the accounting efforts for 25 thousand and also, they do a contract for our independent audit services a major economic of stale e scale they audit the city's system they don't center to redo the audit it is the city council portion the total is leonardo da vinci and $75,000 and last year
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$3,000 plus we've reduced that because we've finished some of the major audits so we don't need as much support during this year so really that's it if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them. >> excellent thank you very much any public comment on that item? >> no public comment. >> thank you very much any questions. commissioner mondejar >> how large is your staff. >> i have a staff of 7 that encompasses one martin luther king assistant and my accounting manager rosa and don and other assistants but in the accounting especially own the accounting side its rosa and richard and some of the things related to
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payroll and our staff has helped and so then also under me is john you've seen here on finance works on that it's a very, very lean staff by it really works from day to day operations we need did controllers for the search a lot of specialized accounting around closing our books and he secondly, it allows for proper internal controls we can initiate a transaction that gets an outside review to you make sure we're not making errors in someone helps so to have that are external transactions we have a very good
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working relationship. excellent thank you very much. >> i was going to ask i'm not on a auditor are there any reasons why having the same auditor would not be a good thing or we had the dollars and want two different auditors. >> if we weren't truly independents that would be a problem if we ail decided to do something improper that wouldn't work their hired to be fully independent and they would have sanctions against them given that's an independent auditor the controller is hiring that's a theoretical disadvantage
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there's always the group thing it's more expensive and in this case it's reasonable to have a joint independent audit. >> do we have a motion and a second. >> please announces your vote. >> commissioner mondejar. commissioner singh. commissioner rosales. commissioner johnson. madam chair the vote is four i's >> please call the next one. >> public comment on non-agenda items. >> that i any public comment on that item? there are no speaker cards. >> is there this anyone i came back pick on. >> the next order of business report of the chair. >> thank you very much no report of the chair just reiterating th