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tv   [untitled]    August 18, 2014 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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registering people then we rummaging request you approve the amendment i'm grateful for our colleagues efforts to provide the nonprofit space. c h s designated the benefit for the tower project and about 17 thousand or so square foot we have invest money for the 10 thousand square feet and this is constructing an elevator and as staff articulated the space wouldn't be made workable in 2009 we began conversations with third and mission related to lease that portion back to them. by 2011 we arrived basically at
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the deal you see before you and embarked on negotiations with the city as the agency crisis will be rolled across the street we agreed to the repeal the evidence will show and agreed to the lease amount in 2011 and continue to cooperate with the ocii staff we are continuing to wait in hopes that this deal what move forward and the initial payment can, released to our nonprofits with the focus years to have this happen which you guess has caused significant uncertainly we know first-hand the nonprofits facing in the
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city we hope to work with one hundred and thirty nonprofit partners we've worked with since 2011 this is on behalf of the staff and members and supporters i ask you to please authorize director lo he to concur with this sins it's been approved by the board of supervisors for the additional 41 hundreds square feet if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them and i'm deeply grateful for your dedication to the city's improvement >> thank you. next speaker. >> i'm tom owens i'm the president of the historical society i want to say that the director presented it's been a long trip i was the original new
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yorker in 2009 and hope in commission sees the wisdom of the endorsement for the project. >> thank you. >> commissioners i'm glad the two last speakers talked about the historical issues. i'm glad to say i remember the commissioner back in the day of the housing authority now, it's company is in our community and, in fact, all over the city buying up property that is going to be used by the city but wow, i want to work with our project particularly in my community you're dealing with people that at the bottom of the to tell up pole and deals with martin
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luther king and you're getting the key to the city. but the thing i'm up here to talk about the history and my perhaps after this are will be in contact with the related california to see we as community people that look like me are going to be involved with our prosper. ace you should get up there and talk about the lines maybe because i've not got form education but i can write songs about what is happening in my community. i'm not here to say yay or nay on this project you're going to do what you want to do and by the way, mayor ed lee knows me it's no mystery all you have to
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do is check the black history and a that ace has been looking at cases that are involved in enterprise i have another mini want to be clear to all that here are ace is phenomenon on the case you know i have a moral obligation i've got kids i've got kids. yes they've got kids i'm a great, great grandfather so i've got a moral education to do what i've doing and has been documented and to disseminate this information to our next generation who are the players on which they are impacting the city that sits by the bay it's time for you all to hear what
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i've got to say i live and breath and document everything i'm going to speak on. i hope that after this i can get our card and i'm ace and i'm on the case >> thank you. we're going to close the public comment period commissioners. do we have any comments or questions >> i want to ask mr. ben. >> mr. woody commissioner singh and yes. there's going to be 4 hundred and 95 residents. >> i'm sorry. >> the dollar is how many units you're going to have in this. >> you mean the space.
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>> yeah. >> actually in the commission approves this we won't lease it out but modernize and expand our paramount which is a 10-year-old building. >> what is your - >> we probably won't lease it out. >> what. >> we want to keep current with what's being built today. >> okay. thank you. >> commissioner mondejar. >> yeah. i have a question for executive director. >> yes, ma'am. >> i had the chance to talk about the space you're giving up the space initially you took the california historical society took the space you needed more space to store your collection
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now you're giving that up what are you going to do for additional needs. >> we still have the space we are that originally gifted in the basement of the paramount we continue to use we have to go up and out so we're searching for alleged space as well. >> so you don't have any space yet. >> we're moving all that; right? we have not utilized the third story space >> so i appreciate that something this is shthd that was difficult. i know your organization has been carrying the burden for a couple of years a year at least so i'm glad we've found something that works >> thank you. >> i concur it's a creative resolution of the southerners
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presented and allows the lease amendment to go forward and offers space to ness in san francisco so it's a good collaboration. do i hear a motion >> i'll post a motion. >> one by commissioner singh. >> commissioner mondejar. commissioner singh. commissioner rosales. madam chair the vote is 3 i's >> next item and the next order of business is 5 b authorizing an amendment amended and stated architecture with the l t unlimited partnership consisting of the, llc a california liberate company and the chinatown development center a california nonprofit corporation
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for a totally agree gait of $69 million plus for a development of no income artificial building on mission bay block 7 west pursuant to the quality control act and resolution number 63, 2014. >> thank you madam secretary and thank you to the members of the public for continuing to join us. commissioners we recently approved a schematic design for this particular development a few months ago i'm glad to report to uscf have paid their fees that's a recent development in our housing manage jeff white can provide you with the details
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it's fitting we're here to bring the final gap financing for this incredible project and the two developers are cdc related partnerships we're glad to bring this back and so with that, jeff our housing manager >> good afternoon. i'm happy to be here to present this request for a housing project on mission bay boulevard also known as as mission bay south block west. the request today is for the gap funding which includes for construction funding for 16.7 excuse me. $16,759,000 that wraps the $2 million
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predevelopment funding that was previously approved and $17.5 million for construction. i realize you've recently seen the schematic design and approved it conditioning but i want to refresh our memory on some of the block 7 approvals. it has a relatively long history. in november 2005 and march into custody ucsf entered into the d da to develop of the affordable housing at its own expense by certain date in june 2011 the citywide loan committee approved the funding for block 7 west. then in june 2013 ucsf decided
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it wouldn't have affordable housing on block 7 and paid liquidated damages for block east. in 2013, the commission approved the $20 million in predevelopment funding. then in december 2013 of the ocii commission approved the assignment of the ucsf d da to block 7 partners which has director bohe mentioned is consisting of chinatown community development center. in january of 2014 the department of finance approved the assignment and in january of 2014 the commission then continually approved the schematic design. more recently in june 2014 the citywide affordable housing loan committee approved the
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$16 million president hasz plus for the development of block 7 west. in and again as director bohe mention last week ucsf paid their liquidated damages in the liquidated affordable fee for the development of block 7 west. as a refresher there's a location map it's a little bit small hopefully, you'll see it block 7 west is outlined that's where the 2 hundred affordable housing units are going and block 7 east is where the family house is going to be going. a refresher on the lovely lovely dine those are a few images.
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the building itself consists of 2 hundred and thirty thousand square feet and a mikdz use of 10 thousand feet plus there's one and two two berms it will be four stories of housing over park the development will include a development and laundry room and fitness facility there will be a 28 thousand square feet kwashgd for private residents and their guests. the target population will be householders earning up to 50 and $60,000 call roll the medium income at ami is 61 thousand
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$800. 40 of the units will be for the householders at ami. i wanted to go over the occupancy preferences you've seen those before but it is somewhat unique as all the projects the certificate of preference holders has first priority. after that, they will be up to 25 percent of the units will be available to an applicant who is an employee of a public hire education institution located in san francisco an applicant of an employee of a health care institution located in san francisco. the next priority for applicants currently living and working in san francisco. and after that there's a priority for the members of the
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general public. the project financing is ken conventional there's the ocii gap funding and 4 percent tax quality and 4 percent bonds and a first mortgage in a private bank and developer fee. the agreement that we're requesting approval for today is an amended and restated loan agreement i've mentioned that wraps into the former 2 hundred 4 zero million in predevelopment funding and additional funding and construction funding. the terms of the loan 3 percent interest rate it has a 55 year
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term and has a residual term that is consistent with all our loans we do. the project is also going to a ground floor lease for 99 years. ocii will remain the ownership of the lands and at the completion the transfer at completion again consistent with ocii assets will be transferring the land the ground lease to the mayor's office of housing of the housing community development. the mission bay citizen's advisory council has been supportive of the block 7 west the cac is interested in the development that helps to
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support of the population that lives at block 7 west. next and to take over the schedule. the sponsor is a planning on submitting an application to kidding lot and to the 10 percent bond in october of this year. in january of 2015 we apartment bringing the ground lewis to the ccii commission and in 2018 the board of supervisors will look at the bonds and in 2015 they've closed and start construction. also when we start construction we'll be reviewing the marketing plan had he inventing the marketing outreach. and the marketing outreach to
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help with getting folks ready for the c p holders to have them have time to apply and be able to be qualified to rent the units. we apartment the temporary certificate of occupancy in 2016 and achieving 90 percent occupancy in spring of had 2017 and closing out the project the contract staff is working with the small business requirements. telling you thus far the developers have achieved a strong support and with gonzales architects it's a filipino owned s g e. the developer is looking at forward to have the
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participation in the development phase. today, the developer team is here and lisa grady and whitney jones from cac is here i want to ask the rest of the team to stand for a moment. thank you very much. and with that, that that concludes my presentation. and we're happy to answer any questions you may have >> thank you. madam secretary do we have any speaker cards >> yes. one dr. espanola jackson. >> item 5 d. >> excuse me. i don't want b
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but i will speak on it absolutely. >> i thought i was doing c i'm sorry baby something the man spoke about was affordability of housing i have a grave concern when you say affordable it affordable came out in the early 70s. with the redevelopment agency for those of us with sftsz we could come back into our community but we have one of the staff members who's name is olsen lee who is working out of the mayor's office with affordable housing and i received and i'm very upset i've gone to the board of supervisors but it seems like no one haiti's wants to investigate what's going on in the city how it it
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is it st. possible that he as an individual staff will say what affordability is and the fact i've received a letter that, in fact, 2016 high certificate wouldn't be any good it was not the mayor's office that set up the certificates it was the board of supervisors. and i don't understand how a staff have all this power especially you was the employee you now make decisions on those infrastructure now you're making decisions dealing with the affordability for the people those of us who live in san francisco. are dealing with the ami we don't make that kind of money here.
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you have people that comes out of the city in san francisco those are the people that are counted as how much money is bag made in san francisco it boo boo bothers me my tax money running out of san francisco none of my people are working i've mentioned this before i've been a resident of bishop since 1948 and my income is less less then $12,000 a year i'm 8 percent 1 years old you have a one bedroom 48 or 55 thousand all of us have been here all our lives that's why i passed out the justification of black folk in san francisco this is happening all over i was going to speak on that someone needs to checkout
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olsen lee and someone brought up the name of human rights. we bayview hunters point we're the ones that pick up the mayor when the mayor of the city said i don't want you see you colored folks picketing in my city they met from 64 and they became a commission on the other hand, and guess who was the first director mayor ed lee and everything went on the shelf it's a shame of what happened in this city and your time is up >> it hurts. >> thank you you for your comments. do we have any others speakers >> yes. mr. washington. >> since in the recorded i want
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to not piggy back but what she said with you it's observe she's mentioned olsen lee and mayor ed lee is lee twin brothers i go back to others lisa i'm losing any mind here but this is important it will be coming out in some of my notes my 25 year history how the city has a game change that dramatically changed with ed lee coming to be the mayor the history of mayor ed lee he was a lawyer and dealt with remained when jessie jack son came to town. yes. i was back so there documenting things and here 15
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or 20 years later he's the mayor he seemed like he don't care but the power redevelopment agency has been changed now with checks and balances but when i put out this case and all the people you will clearly see when you connection the dots of olsen lee i agree with dr. jackson this man has become integral on the future of the african-americans he may not be a minority but seems like he is forget about us he is the most powerful person controlling the housing, you know who the mayor's office affordable housing this goes into the federal government he have to go to state and talk to
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governor jerry brown and i agree with dr. jackson there needs to be investigation but dr. jackson don't fear because as we walk those hauls we know the fbi is walking the halls they're here they are here. is thing we interesting have to bring the consciousness up here people that don't know about the city of san francisco they're saying that san francisco is a city it's a pity they come here and see what's going on although, the city we've been almost eliminated now i've got 17 seconds left we got all the community with the classes of complaining of something we've been complaining have been undermining in their inclusion from everything my history will
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show that >> thank you no other speaker cards. >> we'll close the questioning. >> commissioner singh. >> yeah, you is all the housing about pay no longer thirty percent of their income. >> that's right. >> thirty percent that's a lot of money. i mean $50,000 income 50 or 15 thousand or 50 is going to the year-end >> that's how the rents are set and tagged we use the rents that the malice and community development publish on the hud rents. >> i agree with dr. espanola jackson and it is going to be dollars building in the mission
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bay. >> pardon me. >> the 40 some stories. >> 340 stories. >> no, no how many stories 40. >> 40 stories. >> is that 4 stories. >> 4 story buildings yes. >> that's not documented 4 story buildings. >> i could add regarding is affordability level for one bedroom that relents $980 it's comparable to what we all know the san francisco rents are for one bedroom are approaching 3 thousand or more. >> that's good okay. >> i move this idea. >> i think commissioner


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