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tv   [untitled]    September 27, 2014 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> so not too long close to a year commissioners you guys have a question for mr. lee commissioners. >> how much outreach have you done. >> we walked around the neighborhood and talking to the neighbors and residents there's addresses on p there patrons that who frequent our areas i've talked with them and they've signed the petition of support, local businesses in my area. >> commissioner hyde on the one hand. >> so how do you find out you needed this permit. >> by - and but it wasn't complaint from outside it was just. >> just doing a routine check.
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>> okay. >> all right. commissioner lee. >> so i remembered an establishment prior to yourselves it's in the back there's a bar in front of your place correct. >> right. >> so i don't know there's a lot of activity in the front so if nobody knew you were that the back. >> that's true it's a popular spot called the islands 32 our building is the same building we you see if you're standing in the front you see their bar not ours we're hidden in the back. >> commissioners any more questions? go ahead and will the doors to each one of the karaoke rooms have windows or - >> yes. with the abc license
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we have doors that's open 2 by 4 feet there's no lock on the doors it's very visible from outside no obstruction from the windows added any given spot. >> very good. thank you. >> i don't see any more questions or comments i'll invite the police to come on up. >> good evening. i'm officer 80 business i have not been here in a while with comma i've met with mr. lee today i've met him numerous times in the past i do a lot of bar visits he's tenth
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he's not had complaint we'll have will complaint in island 32 so in front of of the area the clooiz client 2e8 at island 32 they're obviously different and island 32 are causing the issue not comma i have to question he says he didn't know he needed the karaoke permit he's owned places in the past i find that hard to believe but he's run a good business we're re789d approval only open the condition that's in the industry standard the windows he talked about he does have the window for each room i believe he has 5 rooms they're unobstructed and as well as we're going to ask you put the fact that the doors don't have locks on the permit as well
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he he's currently annexed boyd but that and the fact he abides by the san francisco good neighbor policy and that's all we're going to ask he's been responsible he's done everything we've asked we recommend approval. >> great any questions for movers moore anyone from the public wish to speak on this item is there any public comment? optional comma lounge no one great the matter is with the commission commissioners do you have a motion to make. >> move 20 approve with the police conditions. >> there's a motion is there a second. >> second. >> by commissioner akers. >> the motion to approve same house, same call? >> yes. >> sound good the motion passes we're going to move on to 6 e honey hive.
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>> all right. this is a the honey hive is where the l lp is at as artist gallery in the outer sunset and danny is here they've hosted a number of events realizing e realizing they need a permit they working hard on their application in getting community support and you'll see a bunch of stuff in your binder we have a couple of letters from neighbors carville station has no objection but sent conditions as well as an officer here to speak here's danny. >> i'm going to read this thing you probably all ask the honey mission to have a place for the artists to express themselves it is a friendly and safe
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environment to see in san francisco with a vibrant creative history it's increasing difficult for the artists to find outlets for their work we take this serious as creators of art event will not be our primary sense of income but fits into our finance statement we've applied for this to show case a widower events like 6 to 10:00 p.m. and as the managers of the f this gallery max and i will personally make it our mission to make sure the neighborhood residents feel secure at our events aside is from artists and patrons the local community will benefit since gallery customarily apron
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i's biz businesses we believe this is good for san francisco as a whole as recent changes to the city then to displace it's creative spirit any questions? >> commissioner hyde. >> so i see you've done a lot of outreach but there are a couple of complaints that is that there have been unrule evenings happening at the honey hive i was wondering is there something you hope to aid those complaints. >> yeah. we plan to do as many sound and proofing measures as we need to make sure those residents feel secure and i'm happy to take suggestions it from county members and implement all the necessary changes that needs to be made. >> and are you aware of the
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good neighbor policy. >> i am yeah. we're happy to be in compliance with that and outline other applicable things. >> when do you think you'll do some of the sound dampening. >> so of the sound measures we need anymore funding some of the sound like death penalty enmeasures are easier max and i are aid experts we're going to do everything in our fink ability we're going to use quiet rocks a sound like proof sheetrock to implement that within three or four months. >> in the three or four months do you have plans to keep, you
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know, the sound contained are you going to unplug people for a while what's those plans. >> we'll be happy to make sure that our performances are again within compliance with with all the regulations we'll get a d b meter we'll be happy to comply and in terms of other measures there's a lot of lows expensive measures even heavy curtains make a huge difference things like that. >> if you haven't done those before why are you going to do it now. >> we haven't had problems until the last few weeks. >> why do i think that is. >> most of the community seems to be pretty supportive of us. >> so tell us why it has
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changed in the last two weeks what's come up. >> in the last most we've had the first noise complaints and nobody harassed addressed us directly until those happened we were confronted by the police to let us know that happened so, you know, with that being said they'd why we applied for our limited performance permit not knowing we needed to have that in place before and before the residents had a problem. >> how are you going with those other performances and go to 10 not much more than toungsz e i 10:30. >> and the neighbors were
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complaining. >> yeah. >> so some of the complaints seem to be about external issues in addition to the noise complaint have you a plan to address so the good neighbor policy for example, requires having a phone number that's 12krb9d to our neighbors and someone that answers that to field the complaints directly and things like having ashtrays or something to be respectful to be respectful of blocking situations i think those are steps you can take to help mitigate complaint with our neighbors. >> we've put up signs in the past for the record to make sure that everyone respects the neighborhoods i've had high foreperson in the window just
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recently it was broken so i'll be happy to put it back up. >> the phone was broken or the window. >> the window. >> the phone should be something that's in the bar a number for the bar so people can reach you directly so people say hey, i'm hearing too much. >> for the record it's not a bar just a. >> you're responsible for that a hundred feet around your perimeter as well so if complaints happen within the one hundred feet that's your responsibility to make sure the crowd are contained and mindful as far as ash trades i think that is actually not something that space can do because of the
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department of health. >> you can't have an ashtray outside of a business. >> you have to send people to the situations 15 feet to litter open the sidewalks that's the department of health i wanted to clarify that. >> one of the letters the neighbors claimed about the ash trace and are you representing yourself. >> there are a number of recycle benefited from the honey hive and residential buildings and a lot of recycle people coming through some people are taking making contributions and some people are removing things i don't know specifically whatever has come from the honey
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hive. >> i have a few questions i don't know if the other commissioners do can you talk about the 0 entertainment there's guitars what's the nature. >> we have all kinds of music june resolution generally on the weekend we try to do as many as we can because it's been structural in keeping the space annexed float overwhelming so once again max and i are both musicians we've had every kind of general ray refrom hip hop to india rock and indian music salsa and all that kind of stuff it seems like well received by the neighborhood and yeah. comedy poetry.
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>> a whole variety of things are you promoting that in a certain way or people coming from all across the city in the bay area. >> generally a promoter the local band will promote their show they do open occasion we also play and will take an active part in promoting the show. >> we have a promoter registry to require all promoters to plug in so we know who to call if there's problems. >> what's the capacity of your space how many people. >> we're an occupancy b building so 49 people is the capacity. >> so not huge. >> right and partly why i'm asking especially in that part of the city there's folks that feel there you go a larger draw
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for people not from the neighborhood and not take the rocket to clean up after themselves so you've been doing our part but it's important for the permit family commissioner lee. >> so when those complaints came up obviously were up running for awhile without problems why all of a sudden i know is it maybe, you know, a lot more attendance e attention is coming to the place you've brought if am first day sound do you have an in house sound system. >> we have one in house sound system that's donated. >> you've read the complaint from the neighbors. >> no, i haven't been given any complaints. >> so my question obviously you
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haven't read it by a by what is our recommendations to address some of the complaints obviously you haven't read it and i'd be happy to welcome suggestions from the neighborhood indirectly and again, we didn't know we having had any opposition in the neighborhood until the police showed up to let us know so. >> so the community didn't come to you dribble. >> that's absolutely right we've done everything in or power to reach out the community we have a petition with over 2 hundred signatures and the beach association and a local organization the youth sunset. >> commissioner hyde. >> yeah. i want to say that now it's not about not working if you're granted this permit this permit is going to be about making sure that this doesn't
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happen again and so i just want to make sure you said that now there's been a little bit more peace involved like if we continue to hear complaint or receive complaints from neighbors then we will will take action on it and there is a chance if it continues we going do let you run with the permits there's actions i don't think you're not going to do this but it's important we put this out there if you didn't know about those complaints it's important you don't get anymore. >> absolutely and i'll be happy to do everything necessary to comply with the good neighbor policy that we reviewed and any and all applicable recollections as far as that goes we have a bar that's close to us that
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seems to i think a lot of the neighbors might confuse the patrons of the bar with the valley. >> i believe that happens a lot of times so. >> so the community isn't required by law to go to you directly for complaints so it would be great if they have that opportunity and took that opportunity to having that number available, however, hopefully, you'll get the information from folks that claimed and do outreach to them indirectly. >> i'll be happy to do >> the initiative is on you. >> have you looked at your police conditions we're going to try to clarify them in a second but have you negotiated with
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them. >> i believe charles came and inspected all a roster of his inspectors and have you reviewed that. >> agree with it are disagree. >> it seems relatively reasonable. >> why not have a seat i think most of you guys want to speak on behalf of this we'll have the police come on up so is there someone from terryville station officer caan. >> yes. commissioned i'm officer charles caan i'm the permit officer and entertainment commissioners josh king and tammy blackwell stone and other inspectors i was assigned this by e-mail sent by kent blackstone so i looked at
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4117 just to make correction it is 1-8004117. >> yeah. >> yep. >> so this is a limited live performance review for the applicant who's appeared on the podium he's applying for american people entertainment commission and doing business as as honey hive locked on the street in san francisco 0 on wednesday i outreached to him i was in fuel duty and conducted exterior inspection i noticed a sign posted out there for limited performs and i met mr. daniel and he complied with the posting affidavit there after i reviewed his application on page 5 of the
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application 10 i looked at the type of performance plan and he indicated it was live music from various general trees and on the space that's provided it sound 5 was specified and described what kind of applications and most of the people will bring their own equipment the sound dampening measures so i'm not the expert if in area i referred to the inspectors shawn and his partner to go down there to inspect and daniel made an appointment and showed me the equipment in that area of 1417 judy district attorney street is near the beach and there's a lot of residential and a church a bar
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down the block near the end of the judy district attorney line there's a lot of people out there and certain conditions which is the 4 conditions 1, 2, 3, 4 and also the good neighbor policy which i submitted to ken black stone so i want to find out what type of measures that are done to an outreach to neighbors in hits application he wrote down pending. >> what we asked some of the questions i don't know if you heard those. >> i did and what has he done to address the sound. >> the sound proving and dampening there are speakers inside and it effects the neighbors even though it effects the neighbors he lives upstairs
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but won't claim. >> i have a question to conditions one and two are you basically asking for further sound proofing number one and number 2. >> just about noise complaint and about noise complaint. >> yes. i'm concerned about the neighborhoods in the area i want them to comply with the good neighbor policy. >> exactly okay. thank you do you have questions for officer chan? no, i think we're good thank
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you, very much we'll open this up for public comment i have 3 speakers so if you're interested in speaking we may have run out that's okay. i'm going to call 3 and maybe you folks want to line up single file the first person edward martinez and casey and carson >> hello commissioners, thank you for being here and lou gehrig's disease us to speak in the my son max i'm mr. mar is i'm a neighbor to the honey hive first of all, we have a good idea of what we're talking about as neighbors those are photos of the space in their using and
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they've backed up to several retains including mine and there's no sound proofing this is probably a 40-year-old building with single pain windows and it is loud like having a it's like having the music in the backyard basically anyways back to the honey hive we've been in the sunset for 20 years we've decided to raise our family out there we love it and support all the small businesses ever in the sunset we feel it is important that by the feel we spend our salary and keep them thriving that honey hive was one of them fantastic the building itself in the past the 12 years
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i've been there has active the pd will be a better reference b there but today spades for around there but besides that we we were in - we welcome the hive when they came in it was the bottom line in march of this year when we start to hear music which was one day out of the week maybe another time of the week and it was fine it was loud but it was fine because it only happened once or twice a week or month the the frequency became greater and greater so back in march we're sitting here in september we're backtracking and talking about guarantee good neighbor policy there's never been an outreach
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to that i've seen outside of their social media they have on their website that's another story but they haven't outreached to us other than me going to the gentlemen representing the hive hey can you close the windows and keep it down a little bit that's the only connection i had with them and they did at one time but again, the levels were out of control i don't know if this is a department building issue definitely if 43 they go over the 49 issue we know it's a police issue because - >> your time is up. >> thank you very much. >> so only 2 minutes per speaker next one is casey and the next one, if those people are not here we're going to get
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more people coming in. >> i'm casey gardener i've been a volunteer at the honey hive since 2013 i have been coming to the honey hive basically just because i believe in the space i believe in what they're doing i a few number of my workshop members i volunteer my time every week to bring the listy community to the outer sunset through running this has been despite needed i've seen artist displaced or have been overlooked due to the fact that everything in the city is hard for the artist access especially, if at the don't have the capital the reason we hold those despite the fact we run into issues this is our first
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year we need the microscopic to keep everything else going i know that danny a personal friend of mine he's not making a huge profit off of this evening he puts back into the community efforts he's been with my community stacey space and basically pays the rent from what we get there from that, we want to comply with what you guys pose to us we want to keep helping the community thank you. >> thank you that first deeply beep means you have thirty more seconds. >> well, then (laughter) i did want to say i've helped with security and with assisting in certain events and sometimes, it's based on the fact we're volunteer run and we're still trying to gain the marketplace


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