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tv   [untitled]    October 2, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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proposed ordinance the only information it this he'd has been authorized to to the the shrldz their vacation day none of that information is posted. >> okay. good that's helpful. >> i want to clarify we've seen the 90 days when i say don't about the 90 days are you referring to the 90 days for so-called hosted you're there and have someone else in the spare bedroom; is that right. >> yes. every day. >> your typically there when they're there. >> yep. >> there are a current legislation proposes that you can do up to 90 days when our gone i know that supervisor kim
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applied the possibility of expanding that to the 90 day period so when people are referring to the 90 days specify. >> the one that effects me i'd be interested in. >> in closing, i have a petition for my district can i hand those off to you. >> yeah. if you want to leave those up there we'll get them. >> okay. >> next speaker. >> and good afternoon. >> i'm eric we own a single-family home in district 7 mercenary manner my partner and i shattered our residence to stay in our home ♪ economy being semi retired we have a small income and in san
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francisco it's difficult for us to stay with the extra new mexico income we get is the only way to cover our mortgage and our tax of our home after all, our guests are from around the world we have only twenty-four hours before a guest arrives but creating a registry it's an invasion of our privacy and two everyone will be able to know where our retains is and cross-references with the fact we work with and look at the photos that are published on those sites everything we do to keep our housed secure will vanish talk about the free advertising to the wrong people we introduce our guests to the local
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restaurants and love to see san francisco so charming and beautiful i'm asking the board of supervisors to pass fair and sensible legislation for home sharing in san francisco i thank you very much >> next speaker >> hi, i'm in district 9 and when i first heard about airbnb i immediately utilized the services when i was traveling i loved staying in a home with a kitchen and i love exploring different nablgdz traveling is not just about investing special i know sites like the eiffel tougher but coming to san francisco i like in the same way i think airbnb provides a
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service in the hospitality industry where people can stay near their friends and family that lives in san francisco and explores the neighborhoods where hotels are not servicing that neighborhood i also as a host i feel very comforted by the fact that airbnb offers or takes out a million dollars insurance policy on every rental and collect a deposit up to one thousand dollars for deposit and airbnb takes care of that and puts a hold on their card and returns it if i don't mention anything after they stay i'm a host and the 90 day limit should be looked at devil between host and no host it's unfair to make a
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one-size-fits-all considering all the arrangements and allowing different legislation for each and have the great opportunity we had a guest at home when we had a pipe burst and at the turned the water off it saved our home and the downstairs neighbor - >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi supervisors and thank you planning department i appreciate the opportunity i'm michael a resident of the mission district i honing own my home there i've been fortunate i have a multiple bedroom home and didn't intend to when i bought the home participate in even the home sharing concept or renting my home but over the last 4 years i've done hosted family
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members one particular family members at ucsf medical school and hosted friends through divorces and most recently 0 people that were in transition that were friends of friends needed to find accommodatess in san francisco and a multiple month process they wouldn't have been able to stay in hotels lastly airbnb is a more recent thing it's great i appreciate the efforts of supervisor chiu in putting this legislation forward the safety issues and insurance issues and so on and so forth those are great things many of us homeowners want to do this aboveboard and not in secret so i'd like to make the one point that we should
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distinguish between hosted and unhosted i've never hosted a guest when i was not home i've also been present i'd like to continue that i appreciate we're looking at that distinction as you've just mentioned i think those are the things i'd like to say i want to encourage us to find the right balance supervisor kim appreciate the effort you're making to try to alleviated the housing crisis. >> thank you very much before i get to the next batch recalling (calling names) are they here okay in that case a i'll go to the final batch i say that and more people come but here we go
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(calling names) you can come on up. >> thank you i'm phil i live in the west portal's area and present those petitions from any neighbors in district 7 so i'm speaking in support of home sharing you've heard a lot of housing is the definitely done good things and allowed me to afford san francisco and make lifetime friends as my guests relocate to
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san francisco and i didn't realize how much it makes me feel connected to this community until i was invited to a birthday party of one of my guests that you turned 80 an saturday i'm expired to see little board working on those initiatives for the community gently it is a balancing act and there's a lot of cards at play the only thing i can't accept is the registration on line we put pictures of home interiors even my face is tasered and we do that because that's how the guests feel safe living with us
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it's too easy for a burglar to come in and see what stuff we h have once the address company comes online it's easy to look at the planning site and know exactly when people are not home and get their stuff in closing. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> my wife and i are retired and have one samuel bedroom unit we agree that home sharing needs to be supporting the insurance carried by hosts and renters not charging no more than p than rent and hosts not being able to
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home sharing if there are safety and building code violations is where he 3 kinds of insurance homeowners and umbrella and business we have a fire extinguisher when the rental is hosted we don't think that hosted rentals should be limited to 90 days we're also present when we have guests it's impossible to monitor hosted and non-hosted rentals we don't agree it's not impossible to differentiate we propose number one 0 hosts will only rent when their home will be required to sign an affidavit to that effect and two a large fin imposed after an individual
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violation and number 3 that airbnb and other performance include a no invitation when a affidavit has been signed as a resident i signed the fair to share petition with over 6 hundred and 50 of my neighbors and want to make sure that supervisor breed getting those petitions we've had nothing but positive things. >> the speakers may leave their petitions on the left. >> yeah. the clerk will retrieve that - thank you. yeah, thank you. next speaker. >> i'm tom, i live in district 6 and i'm a huge fan of home sharing i want to tell you a quick story i moved in san francisco to work with a tech company in the city and did very well and able to
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leave that company to start my own i have here not san francisco so home sharing has allowed me to continue and keep my business in the city i have to tell you if that were not for the offsetting the costs in this city i'd have to leave that's a concern for me and on that share my same story i want to say historically speaking registries are a bad thing i c i can tell you with the ability to seek public information i can tell you when a person is not home and their home is most vulnerable i'm sure there are more details but that's inviting my take.
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>> i'm sorry what's our name. >> tom. >> next speaker >> my name is geena cuing i totally supporting home sharing i live in berno heights in two condos i dough u bought 23 and a half years ago before i i represent because of the cost of living in san francisco is so high i have to depend on on home sharing to make up for the cost of increasing property taxes condo dues and repairs, etc. etc. i do not i'm also hosted a i hosted a home sharing even when i go open vacation i'll invite a
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friend to stay at my place to take care of my guests i don't think there should be a limit on hosted home sharing and i'm totally opposed to my information including my address appearing on any registry i don't want someone appearing in my door why their wives kicked them out and need a place to stay i want to know who i'm renting to in advance i need to make sure you know that their, of course, for reasons other than needing a place to stay that i'm not interested in helping them but in the years here's 4 thousand signatures and i hope the supervisors supporting this legislation
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>> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm katherine i live on katrero hill in supervisor cohen's district and thank you for being here i prominently rent a guest home, however, with alleging elderly parents out of state things are happening in f that regard occasionally who knows how much time i'll need to be out of state and in that timeframe i want to keep money coming i work as an independent contractor so the extra income of being an airbnb host has helped me to pay my mortgage and property tax and homework associations i have a
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safe home carbon monoxide unit so it's safe for my guest i have concerns about the registry as a single woman i also feel that i don't want my details out in public to be gotten through the online portals and airbnb helps with the security and i've had extraordinarily experiences they use businesses in the neighborhood it's been nothing but a positive experience for the 4 some odd years and tomorrow will be the 35 years living in san francisco and 18
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years on katrero hill thank you find a acceptable not too intrusive way to get this legislation passed thank you. >> thank you very much you can leave that with the others. >> next speaker. >> hi, everybody i'm nelson i was born and raised in city of san francisco and my family has rented an apartment in chinatown my family runs a restaurant in the excelsior it is a kramentd small chinese fast food place my mom and dad speak limited ernie help them and they have a pretty stream of customers i'm sure
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you're aware of the industry a excessive o explosively - i believe my mom and dad sees the traffic and it's not about my parent livelihood there's a flower shop in a filipino place and other local businesses that deserve the business the excelsior deserves a spotlight and home sharing could do that i hope you'll pass this legislation thank you for your time. >> hi my name is kathy incurring i'm in the castro district i'm a hosted airbnb host
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and i own my own tic and support home sharing i want to thank you all so much for on the work you're putting into this it must be a difficult task and an important issue thank you, very much several years i was one of the tenants that was looking for a place n to live in san francisco and having a hard time because of airbnb i was able to buy a 3 bedroom tic and have one room for me and one for a full-time tenant and one for a airbnb there are two few people looking for a place to stay now and i couldn't have done it without the airbnb and as a hosted airbnb i would
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find it difficult if i had a 90 day restrictions i wounded be able to keep my home with respect to the business use of the property audio haven't seen this but how about the opposition given to the massage therapy and all kinds of things and i wonder in you know there are so many owner restrictions like the registry and the reporting finally, i think it would be truly be a shame if the hundreds of thousands of visitors couldn't stay in an airbnb in san francisco thank you very much. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> so my name is john i'm a resident of noah valley we have a house with a in-law unit unit
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we rent it outstanding out on the airbnb site the people we have our in-laws stay there and our guests are not as disruptive as our in-laws we're both physicians we don't need the money it's a great experience our usual guest is a grandmother visiting their grandchildren i have two quick points i wanted to see point one when you start collecting taxes from our guests urge you to increase the property tax i have about 5 perris so you're going to get more value and a lot more money for the actual real estate in the city i send about 5 percent more to the city that's if you can have number 2 if you were a landlord
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i would be thrilled with the service like airbnb i, see the ratings of my parents whether things are clean and the tenants are doing great things the landlord should love this they can see whats going i were a tenant i would love the reviews and we review everyone or every person that stays us again another good thing a big plus for someone that doesn't need the the money we travel with airbnb all the time now thank you doctor. >> next speaker. >> i am bruce i live in diamond heights for 20 years and mission 12. >> can you speak into the microphone please. my most concerns about the 90
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cap i had my parents stay with me their 86 my mom came afro-f for two weeks i helped to raise two of my nephews and had another envelope here and i like the flexibility i have in putting a 90 day cap on when i can and can't have guests would be a burden open me financially and it's not an insurroundable airbnb has worked out the taxing and payments issues with the city so i don't see 0 how this is a big problem i guess i have one question how likely are we to see a vote
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before the november election. >> no answer. >> no answer? okay. thank you >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hi my name is jean new i just not to point out people have been taking in border in their home forever it's been around since the becoming beginning of time and it's been a vessel to match guests that are a good fit many of us want to rent a room in our own home it is not the role of the city to limit us to a certain amount of days it's new mexico income we need to pay our homes mortgage and our children's education homeowners experience guests they and their families live in
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your homes and provide local information and steer their guests to the local shops and 0 groeshz grocery stores they stay in san francisco for longer ways we provide the accumulations hosts make their homes safe and safety is uppermost importance we carry the insurance company that covers us for short-term rentals hosts who their, their homes don't want to operate illegal but without time restrictions they've prouder of the service they offer to their guests and proud that be contributing hotel taxes stuff like that stop the property developers that be ellis acting our worker there's plenty of
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work to be done but please do put a restriction on folks that are doing home sharing we're happy to provide the city the information they need in the homes we share thank you very much. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hi i live in berno heights as a homeowner and lifelong visitor. >> sir, i evaporate called you yet but it will be in a few minutes. >> hi, i'm bobby lee i think you called me before i begin i want to make sure that supervisor kim gets this 2
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hundred and 70 - it's for district 6 and i guess just a couple of points i want to really focus in on the registration that is being put if place i trial building if you make it, too difficult for the registration you want to implement into this new thing we're experiencing online with home sharing that that's going to be forced underground i mean if it becomes two difficult 40 in registering and i see and people being involved in the money pot craig's list i've all right said if it's too indemnify a techie will create an approach to be able to do this in the lines of being you know within
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the legislator leg loyalty in references to the permission in a sense being given by the city because of it's registration it comes down to the landlord and tenant i think the functioning aspect of this is below the surface of the knowing - cutting-edge it works flunl within the city i see that going on. >> thank you there were nelson and eric and katherine b i called bra they're not here okay
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then i'm going to call the excuse me. the last batch of cards that i have. (calling names) >> hello my name is paula i bought new condominium in the mission for the last 12 years due to financial hardship i rented a room in my home nobody was evicted this allows me to keep a roof over our heads when i saw the only option to sell and move away in fact, home sharing has helped my family i'm not financially


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