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tv   [untitled]    October 19, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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if you request an interpreter you actually submit our comment. >> good afternoon i'm going to try to speak a little bit in english but i can't he's going to help me i live across the street from the place they want to approve this thing this dispen i'm sorry we have in order to place this very close my kids they grew up in this neighborhood and right now it oh, it's terrible that place right now is my kids one of my kids a a paramedic saves lives you can see my daughter she goes
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to the university sometimes she come around 12 o'clock and it's very hard for her to find parking and also too many people they block driveways we have two places very close n and kids kids oh, it is terrible so, please don't let it stay close to our neighborhood we love that neighborhood and i respect the opinions i respect the people there need that things to for medicine but our neighborhood at this time thank you, thank you, very much. >> okay. so i'll call names for public comment if i call our name, please line up on the screen side of the room and for
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those who are blocking did door those are a fire hazard make all efforts not to do that (calling names) i'm sorry - i took the wrong pile (calling names). >> good afternoon, everybody i'm e.r. win rosen at age 78 i'm the single dad of an autistic especially less than boy and a thanks to spark we've been sleeping better i have one kidney meaning the one kidney i have does the work for two i get up three and four times a night to pee i took western
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medications forget it they're not working i take a tonnage of a cigar two takes before i go to sleepy go to sleep and i'm alive and not sleeping and falling apart i get a good nights sleep and especially for my child he started having seizure we went through medications from sfaifrt and the side effects were bad so all the side effects one time 83 he came home his face was wloen up issue i didn't took four days to go to the hospital till he
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got off it he's now on it's fourth work of medical cannabis no side effects and also he used to get 20 or 40 seizure once every four weeks and one seizure a day no side effects and also let me make one more comment if i may he is you autistic and when he goes to school he's alert thanks to sparks thank you for hearing me out. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is erie live a few plain clothes from where the proposed
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cannabis i've lived in the area for 40 years and have about six or seven first names in the neighborhood they couldn't be here for this important hearing so i'm going to convey what they asked me to tell you we oppose the opening of another dispen in the neighborhood two similar businesses were opened about two or three years ago we have experienced the change in the neighborhood unfortunately is a change for the worst they have been a long time family oriented community businesses are open for family oriented and the local restaurants and businesses have been saved for people living in the area, however, because of
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the particular businesses opened their operations the fabric of the neighborhood has changed it's decongratulated and for one to go to the existing places because of the change that's come to our neighborhood a couple of months ago i took my family to have dinner in this area and as we walked in front of the businesses my granddaughter asked me how come we have guards in the city this is a 6-year-old baby noticing the changes we're asking you to please reconsider the opening of that that business thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, commissioners i have lived in the neighborhood
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for 50 years and i've watched the neighborhood change in many ways mostly for the better but since the cannabis dispersons have been there it's changed in a negative way this group are worthy but the two businesses there now like the other have said their security guards standing outside and medical marijuana i'm not against it i know it helps a lot of people but for some reason something has happened anybody can get a card now people are getting cards and getting their pot and smoking it out in the street and in the neighborhood hanging on the side streets and hanging anti in
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front of people's homes and coming home at night is frightening so on the 52 block two dispenses and on the 54th block where they want to put their dispen two many in a small area thank you, thank you for your consideration. >> thank you. next speaker. and good afternoon, commissioners i'm dan rush i'm the national director for the medical cannabis in the helm distributions of the united international union a one-hundred 3 million member unit in north america that works
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in human production and retail and enterprise or cannabis falls into that those workers jobs are in danger by medical cannabis dispenses in the area if they're not playing on a lovely playing field workers in the room here today we've been talking about u to that fortunately can't aspect because they're afraid they'll be fired if they speak up we've had communications with the management of spark and thinks there's one small sliver the workers are as if not more vulnerable to this substance i'm
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confused by supervisor avalos opposing another medical cannabis that is color to our dysentery the thing we want to do is ask this commission please push off the date and let us talk to the manager i think they're fair minded and if we give them an opportunity to hear the workers that are struggling there maybe a difference so thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. i'll call for names
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(calling names) if i called our name you can come to the podium. >> if your name's been calls feel free to come up and i'm with the united local local 5 we represent 35 thousand retail workers right here in the bay area if san francisco it's macy's and walgreens and we have other on the 52 hundred block i'm here to speak against this the project on the 54 hundred block spark opening up a second dispen if the excelsior district
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i'm confused i don't know what the plan is what the deal is when we we had the first medical cannabis in the neighborhood they're a great actor they have a security guard it's the safest block in the neighborhood when we asked for a second dispen supervisor avalos said in the neighbors are against it there's too many in the neighborhood he's on record from the city council and newspaper he's going to adjust the laws to keep lucky he out and now spark is wanting to open up a second go dispen it doesn't matter whether it's one hundred and one thousand feet it's two blocks away from our
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union shop in the neighborhood so we're doing the best we can to keep the union jobs in san francisco and establish a dedicated regulated industry in san francisco we want to know what the plan is what's the deal it is changing and not a leveling playing field or at this point so thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. next speaker. >> if i've called our name, please come to the podium i'll call for names (calling names). >> hi, i'm joshua the safety management as spark so spark the security of the community and employees is the major concerns one of the major goal is the ability and expectation to work and community with the surrounding neighbors and law
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enforcement by developing the open relationships with the community our safety team better protects the area our facilities is monitored twenty-four hours by dedicated safety people and fire alarm companies and outside patrols during the hours of operations we have three to four safety staff inside and outside our facility we develop a safety plan and manual that sets the policies and procedures including the emergency situations we've seen is medical cannabis bring down bad situations we help to gather video evidence recently our safety team helped to identify a
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burglar we have helped to gather the information about hit and run subject our external left to right helps our safety team works to have a comprehensive code of conduct and enforce issues before they become large issues issues that i deal with includes double parking and other things we work closely with the neighborhood and the neighborhood group like the market group we help with the homeless abatement and home in our new locations we'll work with the folks. >> commissioners that maybe a good time to hear in the sfpd. >> my name is caption i cover this area i'm not here to august
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the benefits medical cannabis but the amount of medical cannabis clubs spark has been very good in their outreach and joel is great by which to run is, however, i want to bring to you today is about the maim of clubs in the area and blight it brings on it is not necessarily with the businesses that are running you'll have definitely people that come up here and talk about you how they're working with the imprinting communities i'm telling you a different story so i want you to listen closely to the people that are affected that work and live in the area i've had complaints there are so many community groups and their affected it is not just the double parking and the bus zones and the congestion it causes a lot of time it is the take ones
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of the clientele that comes out of those places whether they go to the neighbors or sit in the store front or residents and smoke their product we've had merchant where they walked in with the clients and they walk in and cut their product up open a table in the restaurant and sell it those are actual exclaims we've got and that's what you want you to consider had you consider putting other pot club into the district other dispense one is enough not 6 but something has to give you recommend for something else to come in one has to leave at least that's why there has to be strike guidelines someone talked about surveillance we would like
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to see in the clientele if there's to purchase this is your medical marijuana get out of here we will ask a hand for people that are residents or merchant in the area it's not about spark and initial d that' what i want you to consider i have nothing on spark i support they are movement they're running a good show so is green frost their moving forward that's why dynamic i i'm not not opposed to spark but more medical cannabis dispenses from the area. >> thank you caption.
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>> next speaker. >> and my name is angela i'm a homeowner across from the site where they want to open a new cannabis defines pen my parents bought that home and they assigned their homeownership to me, i'm the owner i'm here to say oppositions to new medical ensues i'm facing a room of supporters and perhaps but i'm not going to say that's not the reason i'm here i'm here because i do not want to blame or challenge any club operators or medical cannabis patient i'm here today to pinpoint 3
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intended consequences happening in my neighborhood bays duce to the bunches of those clubs number one drugs got into the wrong hands the patients are consuming and reselling marvin in alleys and intersections and inside their carts for example, on 6230 and on mission street the clubs have caused our neighborhood much trouble and safety and investment everyday we have to smoke second smoke marijuana we hope this district 11 supervisor of the san francisco planning department accountable to those clubs federal and state this is not against spark this is my neighborhood we don't want any
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more here. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon ma'am, commissioner and fellow commissioners i'm ed breslin i'm with the unit cannabis the united workers union we find we abide by a code of ethics and dignity for our workers what's most surprisingly here in a city where men 3 blocks away in the general strike died for organizing yet we have the mayor of a democratically elected mayor almost coming in like wal-mart thank goodness we don't have a
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wal-mart this is sparks second locations you've heard from the community that there's the impact on traffic and there's impact on the neighborhood, i implore that body to work with the planning department to open up the green zone even more so that in anticipation of 2016 which will be a boon for our economy would like colorado and tourism the money going to colorado is going to schools $43 million just this year we need to think about that i ask you please at least put in project in abeyance and let's organize the workers we want dig if i did sustainable jobs for
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your workers thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi, i'm rochelle i own a restaurant on 5210 mission street we've been there 21 years and it effects me very, very much i've been speaking with supervisor avalos for the last two years bus i am the only place that has parking is like 7 or 8 parking people come and park only we have signs all over the place they don't respect they threaten, they at the mission over and over gak was paying for a security guard even the security guard felt threatened many times i've gotten people inside my restaurant i don't sell alcohol with marijuana all over the table we have to tell
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them not once or twice to go outside the building all the time their young kids constantly if we open the door we have to tell them please go somewhere to smoke you are they're not contributing to the community garlic at least they put a squared at my plays but we don't need another place absolutely i heard i don't know if it's true i i know the other 1 across the street is 2 and one block 3 doors from my place and 6 doors is mission organic i have
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nothing. nothing against people with mcds they need it . >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> thank you, commissioners i'm annie each of lived in the excelsior thirty years i'm a homeland security and raised two children my husband and i love the excelsior i'm extremely dill in my community we work harding to get the businesses that the residents want to participate in that the residents want to shop at we need stores and nurses and bookstores and small grocery stores we need book shores and amenities in the neighborhood i too am not against the medical
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cannabis spark sounds like they're a very good organization but you are hearing from a neighborhood that is saturated we do not want another mcd in the neighborhood i've heard there maybe yet another application coming before you that would be 5 within less than a mile and a half if the problem is the green zone then he'd the green zone but it is absolutely ♪ equal to locate yet another mcd in a neighborhood that is saturated you've heard from residents, you've heard from merchants who have taken time to come to this hearing
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i don't think that's a usually thing i explorer you to pay attention to what we're saying and deny this application thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm enrique rodriguez i live in our mission area for more than 25 years just two blocks away from the spark new proposal location at first i did not know how i felt about another medical cannabis but after the ones in the neighborhood they're also kept and also observed by the police that doesn't present a fair sense of security this was one of my censures of another
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dispense opening in the neighborhood the safety of the community after speaking with joel and having my question answered i decided to visit the current location and how clean and professional their current store front was and despite the busy accredited neighborhood and to my surprise it was one of the first dispresence i've visited with the security at the front didn't have a weapon and greeted me with smile and conversation i believe that spark will force all the bad dispenses in the neighborhood to have a higher standard spark in my neighborhood to have access to good clean medication as well as
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it offered a member at no cost acupuncture and a safety place to medicate that being said i gladly welcome spark into the neighborhood and to specifically change the medical marijuana thank you. >> if i've called our name, please come to the podium i'll call more names (calling names). >> hi commissioners you it up to speak on this issue i'm michael smith i'm the executive director of my tree hospice known as my compassionate care we've been providing services in a medical setting in the castro to over 12
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hundred san franciscans with advanced aids the majority have died by increasing now we're able to bring people in at dedicates door and put wealthy on them and teach them self-care skills and decide charge them sparks has been a generous contribute and provided support to help us do we have had despite kits in federal funding no one should have to suffer and die alone specifically in the last 5 years spark has step down stepped up they're free cannabis to maintain dollars real advantages to


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