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tv   [untitled]    October 20, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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[phra*-ut/]. >> thank you very much. >> i'm a resident of district 10 and i'm here in support of what the youngsters did in and attempt to stand for something that they have known for so long. i want to acknowledge that unfortunately san francisco is changing for the worse. we all know change is good, but unfortunately, the diversity of the city is exiting the city because we can't afford to be here. it offends me as a resident to see that something as precious as a park that is available for the youth, continues to be
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visible in the community as being targeted. i would like for the panel to acknowledge that the diversity in the city, the latin culture, the african-american culture and even the asian culture has made this city famous for the culture that is here. but that is exiting, because we know inequalities do exist in the city. we would like to see a stand taken against that. so we can continue to be present in the city. but any choices that you are making in regards to -- for instance our parks, please be considerate these are impacting to our future. these children are our future. these youth are our future and they are seeking every way to remain a positive, visible presence in our city and i hope this is being taken seriously. we know we live in a
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capitalistic society and we would still like to be visible in this society. so please be aware of this when you make your choices in regards to the parks, because the parks are definitely instrumental in the life of our youth and your future as well. >> thank you very much. [ applause ]. >> one last time for the speaker cards. [ reading speakers' names ] if there is anyone else that would like to comment under general public comment, please come up. seeing no other comments, general public comment is closed. >> first of all i want to thank everybody who came and testified and if it's not clear to you, this commission does take this issue very, very seriously and as does the staff
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and there will be plenty of follow-up. there is nothing on the agenda to take action on, but we do appreciate coming out and spending the better part of your morning here to let us know your thoughts. with that, i'm going to recommend a ten-minute recess and we'll get back to the regular agenda. thank you. >> we're on item 6, the san francisco zoo. tim woo anthropy. >> good morning. >> i know my report will be
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somewhat of a shift what we have listened to the last couple of hours is to present well-being and safety for your youth in the city. powerpoint, please. >> it will be a minute. >> as we wait for the powerpoint we're above attendance in september at 65,000 versus budget. we have our community access program, that provides opportunities to school groups and communities for free admission and we had over 18,000 students from san francisco schools having free fieldtrips last year and our zoo mobile delivered 447 visits
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one a day over the past fiscal year and i'm going to wait to see if our powerpoint comes up, because we have some fun pictures for you. if you were looking at a photograph now, what you would see is our new nature connects exist which is an exhibit by artist sean kinney who creates nature-themed exhibits out of logo and it's of butterfly with 6500 lego pieces. there are eight exhibits in this particular presentation. we are working with our social media groups to have contests and one is to guess the number of pieces in the exhibit.
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another is to have parents encourage their kids to create their own lego pieces that are nature-themed and have a best presentation contest where children will get a box of lego and free giraffe feeding at zoo, but unfortunately you can't see this. this is our annual halloween weekend october 25-26 this year. we have a lot of activities going on from pumpkin stomp and chomp where the animals are given own donated treats and we have bouncy houses and grocery outleft is our sponsor again. i don't think we have any more video. so if you visualize the next picture that you would be seeing of our new south
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american tropical rainforest theme from the consul generals from chile and argentina. so we're hoping to have it done within the calendar year and look forward to welcoming you all to that. it will house not only free-flighted bird, but first herbtologyical collection at the zoo, my snakes and frog and one is going to be great for rainy days and look forward to opening that. we have several species of south american animals that we're showcasing and one that we wanted to mention we have a
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macaw donated by the late robin williams who entrusted it to our care, featured in the avery, as well as other animals as and finally we have our wellness center officially opening. the wellness conservation center is a pilot project at the zoo that does not appear currently at any zoos in the country. we just had stanford sophomore college group of students do a week long study at the wellness center, creating everything from new prototyping labs to feed the ant eater and one that was popular was creating a pooper shooter, shooting into the lion den to give them enrichment because they love the smell and taste of all of that. so very enriching work
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for the stanford student. that concludes my report without any of the video. >> thank you, well-done. >> anybody who would like to make public comment on item 6, the san francisco zoo? being none, public comment is closed. information only. item 7 is esprit shadow impact. >> dawn cam nathan and i would like to athnone spacy bradley who has been work on the projects over the last year give birth to max hunter. [ applause ] >> so we're all very excited and pleased with that news, and it also results in my doing my first shadow presence in about six years. so i apologize for the looseness of the presence, i think [sa-eus/]y can present a capital committee on this
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project and given today's events and for brevity, i'm going to provide a brief summary of the project and staff recommendation we have city planning staff available, but they are at their own commission hearing and if i have any questions that we need to ask, can i text and go find them and retrieve them, but the times was somewhat out of alignment for folks' original expectations. today what is before the commission is a proposal or evaluation of the shadow impact of 77 tsp street of the park being impacted esprit park located the entire block between minnesota, indiana and 19th street. it's one of our smaller parks under two acres and as such the shadow ordinance or the guidelines that have been adopted by the recreation and park commission recommend that a park under two acres not be
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shadowed more than 20% over a cumulative year. at this point, the existing conditions 10.57% of the existing shadow cast on the park as can you see in the table on page 3 of your staff report. the proposed project will add another .0058% of additional shadow. and this is in addition, to the project that was recently approved by the commission at 650 indiana. you can see on table of page 5 of your staff report. the impact of this project, additional new shadow cast would occur in the morning. the shadow cast we project to be 6 minute and 45 minutes with average new shadow lasting for
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approximately 15 minutes covering a portion of the northern corridor of esprit park. the northern portion of the park includes wooden park pathway and grassy area and exercise equipment. this is our summary of the impacts. i think we have had a good ongoing policy discussion of how to weigh the individual projects versus the unknown future and in recently approved paths. we have taken that conversation seriously and have been working with city planning to begin a discussion about ways that we can fine-tune this process and i would love to work with the commission on thinking that through in the coming year. with that being said, staff recommends that the commission recommend that the shadow will not be significant or adverse to the use of the park based on the facts set forth as required by planning code second, 295. also known as the sunlight ordinance. with that, happy to do my best to take any questions. >> any public comment on the
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item? being none, public comment is closed. >> >> >> commissioner low. >> what kind of outreach has been made to the community on the shadow? >> we have representatives from the developer here today, that question might be best posed i don't believe and i'm not aware of extensive outreach. it has been -- the projects had been supported by the dog patch neighborhood association and outside of that, i'm not aware of any additional conversations. >> mitchell benjamin, architect. we presented the project three times to the general group of dog patch neighborhood association. and changed the project accordingly per their comments. we met with the board of dog patch neighborhood association additionally a couple of times.
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we've met with the immediate neighbors about the project. we had a required planning department neighborhood meeting, initial neighborhood meeting, but we also met with immediate neighbors who wanted to understand the project and any impact that they would have where they are living next door. we have also -- the project sponsor gary cohen has been involved in dog patch neighborhood for quite a while now. and over the years until most recently have been involved with the school, have been involved -- there was recently a children's playground that was completed and opened about six, eight weeks ago, which the project sponsor generousy contributed to. part of this project includes a proposal of widening the sidewalk, and more importantly, building a parkway between the
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sidewalk and the street itself, the street is extremely wide, 86'. >> is that going to be a greenbelt way a po o. >> it's not privately-owned. it's in the public right-of-way. our office has presented similar projects in other neighborhoods in hayes valley and we work with the planning department to figure out exactly how it would be -- the first-round of what we're proposing and then it goes to the various other departments within the city. but it's in the public way and it's public. it's just taking existing -- actually i have existing photos, if you are interested. >> did dog patch neighborhood association, did they raise any questions regarding the shadow cast on esprit park? >> not at all. not at all.
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dog patch association actually wrote a letter to the project sponsor. the vote was unanimous in support of the project. and on top of that, they were thrilled that the project didn't go to the height limit. they noted that they saw that the project didn't go to the height limit. and more importantly, they are really enthralled that we're doing this beltway, this greenbeltway between the sidewalk and the street. >> and the capital committee, the inclusionary housing is on-site? >> the inclusionary housing is on-site. >> seeing no other questions, i have been asked to do a roll call vote. stacy, would you call the roll. >> commissioner buell? >> yes. >> commissioner low? >> yes. >> commissioner bonilla? >> yes. >> commissioner harrison? >> yes. >> commissioner levitan? >> no. >> commissionermcdonnell is gone for the way.
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>> yes, he had an important meeting. >> so therefore, it is approved. >> we're on item 9. >> commissioner the items before you is discussion on action to approve the allocation of $645,000 to fund the deferred maintenance projects of which there are propelled sharon meadow repair and renovation and nursery roof replacement, mission playground fence replacement and hamilton pool shell replacement. >> for context commissioners in february of 2010 the commission approved the annual
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use, 50% of the annual fund balance in the open space fund contingency reserve to undertake much-needed deferred maintenance projects through the rec and park system. for '14 and '15, the open space fund contingency reserve balance totaled $1,598,531, and the contingency reserve strait of juan de fuca three subfund balances are in your packets attachment a if you wanteded to see those. 50% allocation which you have approved for deferred maintenance that fund balance $645,630. as is our practice, when i bring this to you every year, i also report on the previous year's deferred maintenance project and last year in fy13-14 the commission identified the roof replacement at the [sha-eurb/] sharon
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studio to be funded by last year's fund balance, which was allocated at $608,5000. the department after your approval used the job order contract authority that we have to proceed with the project and accomplish it within a specific timeframe when the sharon arts studio was not offering programming. so that the roof replacement would not interfere with those patrons. however, problems were encountered last year between the contractor and the authorized subcontractors and that disagreement delayed the project beyond the window we had to not disturb sharon arts studio programming. so consequently that particular project will be re-initiated this year via the city's informal bid process. the money that you authorized last year $608,500 has been carried forward and will be available to fund the roof replacement this year. so that
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will be going on along with what we're proposing here. so for what we're proposing for fy14-15 in the current year, is a list of deferred maintenance projects that will leverage gift funding to complete infrastructure upgrades, and also address two cases of infrastructure failure. addressing the first category, leveraging gift funding, there are two projects,. first one is sharon meadow irrigation repair and restoration. last year after the bluegrass festival the department received a generous gift from the harmon family for $63,000 to repair and restore the sharon meadow irrigation system in golden gate park. thus we would be able to
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achieve this $183,000 irrigation upgrade for only 66% of the actual costs. the additional benefit is repairing the irrigation system lines up with our water conservation goal and will be an efficiency measure for us pursuing that particular strategy. the second project in gift funding would be the rpd nursery vent system replay the. in 2012 the department received the gift of $15,000 from the parks alliance, designated specifically to fund replacement motors that operate the roof ventilation system in nursery greenhouses 1, 2 and 3. the motorized roof ventilation system is critical to the nursery operation and maintaining the desired temperatures for greenhouse plant propagation and to complete this greenhouse repair the department proposes to include $45,000 in the estimated labor costs as a deferred maintenance project.
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again achieving $60,000 infrastructure upgrade at 66% of the actual total costs. the remaining category of our proposed projects this year are addressing infrastructure failure. the first of those is rather topically today the mission playground fence, mounted on retaining wall that runs the length of southern perimeter of this play ground site was not included in the recent renovation of it's approximately 20' high and almost completely covered in ivy that has overgrown. weight of the ivy, covered with the torque and lever arm has caused this fence to lean and break from its foundation on the retaining wall. the department has removed the most dangerous portion of the failed fence and replaced it
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temporarily with a 10' fence and propose to remove the remaining length of fence with ivy and replace it with approximately high fence and screening product and the cost is $215,193. >> no ivy? >> pardon? >> no ivy. >> the ivy is not coming back. that will be eradicated and we'll provide a screening fabric on the fence for privacy purposes. >> on the ivy, the residents who own that, have we talked about replacement for that or do had he they want? >> they understand that it the ivy encroachment failed the
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fence. we proposed privacy screening fabric. the second project then in the infrastructure category is the hamilton pool plaster pool shell. since the capital renovation of hamilton pool in 2010-2011, the pool shell has sustained cracks on two occasions. we plastered over this the very popular pool, the one pool that has the water slide in it. last month a third significant crack appeared in the pool at midpoint. and we believe that this recurring condition is a result of a poor product specification of a bonding agent for plastering adherence to the underlying concrete pool structure. consequently, the additional pool shell cracks will continue to occur unless we address this underlying cause. so we
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propose to demolish the existing pool shell and reinstall a new plaster shell with the appropriate bondinging at. we can accomplish this project during the upcoming maintenance period that starts friday of this week and cost estimate is $110,780. so the total you have there with 25% contingency to cover all four projects is $654,630. so our recommendation to the commission is approval of this amount from the open space contingency reserve to fund the proposed four deferred maintenance projects. >> i have a question. >> i apologize. >> is there no recourse to the pool contractor on that bonding? >> there is not. it's outside of the warranty
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period and they built it to spec, so we can't get them on poor workmanship and we.ed patched it twice. >> is there any public comment on the item, with that we'll entertain and motion. >> so moved. >> second. >> all those in favor, say aye? >> aye. >> the secretary informed we didn't get a motion on item 7. is there a motion to approve item 7? >> what was item 7 -- i'm sorry, i would move to have that approved. >> i will second that. >> moved and seconded and roll call vote please. >> commissioner buell? >> yes. >> commissioner low? >> yes.
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>> commissioner bonilla? >> yes. >> commissioner harrison? >> yes. >> and commissioner levitan? >> no. >> so moved. >> thank you. we're now on item 11. -- item 10 is offcalendar, item 11, harding park golf course approval of fourth amendment to the master tournament agreement with the pga tour. >> good afternoon, commissioners, tom hart with property management. i would like to mention why no. 10 was taken off calendar and assure everyone nothing is wrong. we have been working on filling up that agreement. our counterparts -- my counterpart with the organizations have been quite busy after we announced that the 2020 pga championship would be held here. they became very consumed with work, preparing for the 2014 championship held in kentucky
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in august and then on the heels of, that they had the ryder cup. so we have been in contact with them and i think i will be back next month with that agreement. i'm here now to present to you the 4th amendment to the master tournament agreement. the third amendment which was approved by you and by the board covered a total of nine tournaments over 16-year period that was to end in 2021. the fourth amendment will actually give us a possible 11 tournaments from the beginning of our signing with the pga tour and that will take us through 2025. something rather different with this amendment as opposed to the others is that we actually have two guaranteed tournaments.
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match play tournament carries the cancelation fee, as well as president's cup. those are definitely ours and our office has been in discussions with them and we feel it's very likely we'll have at least two or three of the other optional tournaments coming our way. the first being possibly the 2016 match play, and then as recently as last week, we added 2018 into this parameter. the site fees have been increased to $1.1 million per event. with the exception of the president's cup, which is $1.375 million. in addition to that, we are eligible for participation fee of 6.6% of any gross operating revenues that exceed $10 million for all of the events, except for any possible charles
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schwab championships and the threshold for that is lowered to $8 million. the terms of the agreement, there have been no changes to the terms of the agreement. other than the scheduling and the fees, if you have any other questions, i would be glad to help you. >> is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> entertain a motion. >> so moved. >> second. >> moved and seconded, all those in favor, say aye? >> aye. >> thank you, tom. >> item 12 is harding park golf course approval of supplemental appropriation request. >> good afternoon commissioners. i'm katy petrucione and i'm here this afternoon to ask for your approval of a supplemental appropriation request tot mayor the mayor and board of su


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