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tv   [untitled]    October 27, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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class city. i think we're treating conditions for generations of talents to be born in the city and personally having entered the public school system speaking only spanish and english lerner and but i remember the first time that a teacher actually said to me, richard, you're going to college, right? that was my spark. sales force, being the first to say we believe in you, that partnership has been the spark for our school system. >> sorry, i do get emotional. i get emotional because i see myself. i was an english language lerner to myself so it's personal to me. >> i know when the kids come in and leave from the eight grade they're leaving from the best.
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>> there's, like, barely any women in certain male fields and i want to be the one to break that barrier. >> every single one of my students has an amazing story. they're the people that are going to find the cure for cancer, end the war, the people that are going to make sure no one's hungry. they are the ones that are going to change the world. [music]
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[applause] >> okay, please welcome mayor lee, superintendent [inaudible]. please welcome them. [applause] now, i want to tell you that, as anyone knows who's ever tried to do anything philanthropic in this world, if you can pitch, you have to have someone that can catch. we have the a team right here and in san francisco our superintendent does not have to work with our mayor, they're peers. they have formed an amazing partnership in the spirit of all these great kids right here. and principal lee, you're just a fantastic leader of our public schools so we're so thrilled to have the three of you here. mayor lee, put this in con
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focusing for us. you have a huge vision for middle schools in san francisco and you've brought us into that. tell us about that. >> mark, first of all i want to say thank you to you. sales force started here, they're growing here, they're going to be here and what a wonderful conference you have, dream force. the whole thing about giving back, you and lynn and sales force foundation have set the gold standard for fin lan philanthropy in this city. i want to say an thank you on behalf of the city and county of san francisco. >> thank you. >> you know, two years ago we had this conversation when we talked to each other about what our passions are and you began by saying let's put actions in. you put wi-fi to all the schools, made sure we had training for our teachers who
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weren't equipped for the new technology and this second year an unprecedented amount for our schools, $5 million, not just for equipment, still training our teachers. you created an innovation fund to get the motivation for the teachers and principals to get them back to their very first day of why they wanted the teach for our city. san francisco unified school district, that is the great equalizer of all. when you have the opportunity to invest in our kids you're going to see the talent come years and years to come. we look forward to this and you have caused a great revolution amongst all the other technology companies. now we have sf city partnering just at sales and sales force foundation and they're now circling all the campuses and it's all the 130 campuses, all the schools
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will never have a teacher or a principal say that we don't have enough money or resources to educate our kids. this is the transformation that's going on in the city and we have dream force and sales force to thank. thank you for being in our city and thank you for being a great company. >> thank you. i really appreciate it. thank you for inspiring us and thank you for coming to the keynote instead of going to the giants' game. thank you for that. superintendent, you've partnered with the mayor in an unprecedented way, you've come together and we've never seen such incredible leadership in or san francisco public schools so thank you for that. where are we going with this investment >> i want to join mayor lee in thanking you on behalf of the 57,000 students in public
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schools. our vision is that every student in every one of our schools will have not only exposure, but opportunity to engage at a very deep level with technology, bt not technology for technology safe, but to transform their learning. i saw so many people talk so eloquently about how they're changing their business model and customer service. our customers are our students and teachers. we want them to have the best technology as well and our vision is that not too long in the future we won't have anymore textbooks and i say that because the textbook that is presented today is obsolete by the time it reaches our classrooms, but by students being able to access technology in a deep way, they can find and create information very quickly and deeply. we know that that's a 21st century skill and in san francisco we're so fortunate
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to be in the mesopotamia of innovation and technology that it makes sense that our public schools would be at the forefront of that kind of learning. >> thank you so much, and to both of you we could not be doing this without you. you both have delivered incredible partnership that has enabled it. thank you. now principal lee, you're a general on the front lines of all of this and i've seen you firsthand with the other principals, you set an incredible example. part of our program is to enable principals as much as possible and give you everything you need to be successful. how is this affecting your school and what else can everyone here in this conference and watching online do for our public schools? >> i'd like to echo what the
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mayor and superintendent indicated as far as the great work you're doing for all of us, and all the organizations you're supporting. as a native san francisco citizen like yourself, i'm proud that a home grown guy is doing so much for our city and all the organizations. it's just incredible. this is my first dream force. after this morning's speech after secretary of state hillary clinton i walked into one of the areas and saw the booths and i was just overwhelmed with all the technology. and my dream force is for all our students here, as all of our other 57,000 san francisco unified school districts to have that opportunity, to be able to work for all of your companies at some point in time.
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we have a very different population here in san francisco and that many of our kids are socially economically disadvantaged. my particular school has 90% of the families are disadvantaged and for you, sales force, to be able to provide support, not only from a technological standpoint, but the innovation fund. it's phenomenal. thank you very much. >> thanks to the three of you. how about a huge hand for the san francisco unified school district. how about a huge hand for these kids right here. that's what it's all about. come on kids, stands up. you can stand up. these are our kids. let's keep our eye on the ball right here. this is our future. all right. woo! great job, you guys. thank you very much.
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thank you. you know, i have to tell you we had done the first year investment and then we decided are we going to go for year two. there's a lot of programs we start and then they're not working so we're kind of evaluating, are we going to go for year two so i was at a personal trip out to or san francisco zoo and while you're in san francisco if you haven't had an opportunity to go out and visit our zoo you should do it. i was there and the head of the zoo comes running over to me, so great to have you here, are you part of sfusd, is that why you're here? no, what do you mean? oh, well, it's zoo force. it's zoo force, come overhere. so we went over to see the giraffes and i was looking at
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them eye-to-eye and then we were surrounded with all these great kids who are from the school district with their i pads and they were running this incredible application out at the zoo and it was crystal clear to me and it's completely sir ren diptous that we had to continue this great program. before we go on to the next chapter i want to ask will i am to stands up. will, would you stand up? welcome back to dream force. >> thanks, sir. wouldn't miss it for the world, this is awesome. >> will, you're a huge advocate for public education. you are working on an incredible program in your own hometown with college track. can you give us quick insight into your vision for public innovation and where we node to go? >> i was one of those
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disadvantaged kids from the projects and my mom bussed me out to brentwood and palisades to go to school ever since i was 7 years old and that education is what brings me here today. those opportunities, that perspective on what wealth is, what families that live in houses is like because when you're in projects you don't know what poor is. and the schools that surround those projects are poor education. teachers get paid far less than what teachers got paid in palisades. the funding per student is less so my mom had a dream and a vision to send me out and bus me out to school. and then after i graduated and made something of myself and followed my dream in music i realize that had the magnet program was suffering, there
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wasn't investments in buses and more importantly palisades was kind of moving towards the same type of funding for education than roosevelt high school that i come from. i started meeting awesome people like yourself, because my success in music brought me to crazy corners in society to where i'm talking to the head professor at sern laboratories in montrose. anyways, so i meet that cat and that's what inspired me to go to mit all that time and meet with professor patrick at the artificial intelligence lab and i started meeting all these wonderful awesome people that impact culture in a totally different way. and then i met lorraine jobs after i saw super man and i
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asked her, can you bring your program to my neighborhood because that movie, waiting for super man, waiting for somebody that's not real, but the real problems. so the title of the film hurt me more than what they were talking about in the film because it isn't that they were waiting for congress or waiting for la unified or waiting for something that -- they're waiting for somebody with tights. i was like, you're superwoman. and then jack dangerman, hey, you're map tools are awesome, can i use those tools for my classroom. i want my kids to make maps too. so i started coupling all these things together in my neighborhood and now our kids are building robots, going to
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china with the state department. learning mandarin. they went from 1.7 gpas to now 3.2 and 4.0s. these kids are rock stars. [applause] you know, as you know, it's expensive because you got to pay for college, and it ain't free. and you got to pay for first robotics. these kids are -- someone did that for me. someone made sure i hopped on that bus, someone made sure the magnet program was funded, someone made sure that there was a line for my family to stand for cheese and milk when we were growing up. i remember that like as if it was yesterday. like, she going to miss her place in line. i remember what that felt like
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and how strong my mom was to not be embarrassed to wait in line. so all the work that i'm doing is just paying it forward for the things that were done for me. so tomorrow when we launch the company that i started, the kids that are a part of my program, we created our apr and stk kit to make it easy for developers, but the platform is pretty rock solid so our kids have created an app on our wearable device. it's a real wearable device so a lot of people in the audience could be like, really will i am? great. [laughter] but this is, like, -- i'm shooting for the stars on this one. i funded it, founded the company, got awesome engineers around me so for me to tell a kid you should take a stem course and then i go off and go on tour, that's
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hypocritical. i'm saying you should take an interest in science technology and mathematics and bringing electronics to the market because that's what i'm doing too. >> well, we couldn't be more excited more you. >> thank you. >> you're great example, not only in music but now in technology. you're going to see unbelievable company and an unbelievable product launched right here in this room tomorrow. we're so excited to have will and all these kids here too. i tell you, in this room you can just feel the good vibrations, can't you? .
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>> so i want to wish everyone a good morning and thank you all for being out here we'll get this started some very important people has something to say about this tunnel project finally opening my name is vince a commissioner with the public utilities commission i'm proud to be here it's exciting just a moment agree we saw the waters coming down the tunnel we're standing 80 years ago we began it deliver precious resources to the customers we serve open this very location awe as accompanied 25 years ago we had one of the biggest quarters in modern times this is a semireminder of how important it is to invest ♪
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infrastructure to make sure we are prepared with protocols in place i want to give a shout out to my partners in labor many lopez and san mateo building trade and the engineers in the house the work you've done at the project managers the things you've done exceptional and an >> inspiring momentum the water is coming in and the next speaker will have a little bit more to say about the water he has a background it education and transportation and really knowledgeable he is an attorney went to arthur dong college and
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one of the most important leadership in salting dave the president of the board. >> welcome everyone to setting san mateo county it is my privilege to celebrate this incredible accomplishment san mateo couldn't hearsay been pivotal to the water supply back to 1952 when a dam was constructed across the creek and create a water entry nor the city of san francisco and, of course, san francisco and the puc has been critical to the couldn't the san mateo we're the beneficiaries of the remarkable hetch hetchy system which was first brought water here 80 years ago that in and of itself was a remarkable piece of engineering a gravity system over $155 million and serves tremendously well, for 80 years but today is an open tun time to
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talk about the upgrades that have occurred and celebrate the accomplishment of the molestation that tunnel as was mentioned the trying anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake and we read in the paper the u s is seeing movement in the soils and the geography it suggests another quarter could come sometime soon so this work is done ahead of that it is not often that you know government can get ahead of that problem it could have he'll seen an earthquake and seen an off water supply but thanks to the foresight of the puc the investments have been made at that strengthen the system to when the earthquake is caring we'll be better off
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the peninsula is a tremendous beneficiary of the upgrades as and mentioned we receive all of our water from the hetch hetchy system as well the alamed in santa clara couldn't county we're talking about a benefit to after all us so, i say my thanks to all of the people to the self-puc and the contractors labor and others who have seen their water bills go up sometimes, we is having maybe a little bit disgruntled but the outcomes of the investment they'll be proud and celebrate with us again my pleasure to welcome to the san mateo county for this historical event. >> our next speaker is a yack
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of all trades yesterday touring our meeting he continued to make sure that the san francisco giants were in a position to win that game i know that harlan kelly makes sure he shares the credit i see members of his team here for me it's an honor to be working with those folks including andy moraine we're going lucky to have harlan kelly managing this entire system (clapping.) so good morning, everybody. so can you imagine in 1906 we had a major earthquake and the city of san francisco broke down this was the impetus of our water system a startup and 1934
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was the day that the city engineer actually designed and built this system and at a later date this system in operation right here 80 years ago so 25 years ago we had another ground shaking event was the loma prieta earthquake in 1989 that was the impetus our our water system program 83 projects $86 million we are investing a main backbone of our system is the tunnel an amazing system the ferries tunnel that is built under the bay most people thought it was the bay tube but it is the actual tunnel under the bay it was amazing you know, i had the opportunity to go down and witness the actual correction that was being done it is like a factory underneath
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the bay it was just to expressive how the contractor our design team and the management how we all worked together to finish this project under budget it's significant i'm here to sing praise to everyone the one that thing that people don't recognition when we talk about water infrastructure it is also buried invisible so if we look at a dam or you look at streets and bridges you actually see that infrastructure is failing but when you look at buried pipe and tunneled you don't see that condition so when we actually bring this in operation i want to everyone to remember we deliver water underneath the bay my job as 1yrd or general manager we're invested money it maybe invisible but vital to deliver
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you water the source of everyone's existence i want to thank the team the team that was put together because it was amazing the first when he landmark the options we were thinking about putting a pipeline where the existing pipeline we were looking that but wanted to make sure we put something in place that was ritualistic to earthquakes we of time the funnel was the best option and want to minimize the virginia and the tunnel was also the best option it was more expensive by our with twhoerl customers think this is the best option i want to thank everybody i'm excited i here the water flowing thank you very much. >> thank you very much harlan i want to give a shout out to
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betsy she works with the public utilities commission and she helped to set this whole thing up and just handed me more notes about construction numbers i want to thank betsy for all the work today. >> it's important to note especially i come out of a labor union for the workers we were confronted with one of the biggest recreations in 2008, when this project was getting jump started the numbers were more 60 percent of the half million dollars were performed by people in if the bay area and the apprenticeship hours were built by residents of san mateo county it's about doing the work but making sure the community gets an opportunity to perform those functions in our industry and get health care and pensions
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and everyone else this was a triple bottom line effort the next speaker is the chairwoman of i scombrietd spending time with her i think some of our board members are here i want to welcome ruben and marty and john weeds they're on nicole's board nicole please come up to the front. >> well commissioner courtney and timing hines and harlan cell thank you for inviting me here i'm happy and revved to see it water come through thirty this area 12 years ago we only mingled this this is a great day
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the 4.5 million residents and the corporations that my agency represents truly building that this is a project that will sure the emptying emptying supplies in the future this is an expensive project but critical for each one of them their water supplied risk to the community it e community from the 80-year-old pipeline no longer exist we say the first every tunnel underneath the bay and not only is this an expressive job with the team meeting their deadlines and exceeding many but $29 million under budget i want to say there's another projects on the water system program that remains to be completed we look forward to our work with the puc as we see these move forward
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this is completely reliable in the event of an earthquake including the new dam in our work with the puc we're proud of the fact the $4.7 million is one hundred percent ratepayer funded our communities seen the cost increases in our builds and yet stand here today and see the benefit i look forward to the work on the water improvement program and on behalf of everyone say thank you to the team for their completion of the job thank you (clapping.) if you haven't had an opportunity really do take this opportunity to look at the work of the men and women and the law workers and the electricians they take care of the


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