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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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i would be a liability if it came to that. >> i do have to say we are doing the orange carpet and william is
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in there. it's really good to see william. he had some problems. he's here. the giants are bringing through here. that is a great feature. you go in the clubhouse at any point in the season you are going to see willie, they are here all the time. orlando zepeda. >> it's something special and you can't say about every ball club. they are getting closer. >> don't say that if we are not getting close, dave. >> we are getting close because people are looking at the stage. the fans are getting closer to the stage. >> that's unsafe. that's a hazard. >> i think we are probably not that far away.
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maybe 5-10 minutes away from them getting out here. the dignitaries are seated. the rain has stopped. >> it happens and people are all seated and getting ready and the nice thing too is i think when all the peach -- people get to speak to the fans, i think it's going to be perhaps more special than it has been in the past because these are hard to do. when you do it again, i think you are going to recognize how special it is. >> it's a dynasty. teams don't do that. it's tough to be that dominant all the time. here is willie may mays.
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he's in the clubhouse and it's interesting that joe came to the team and he stressed to the young guys how important it is to talk to willie mays. you are young at heart. we can get into our phones and kind of shut out everything else. he made sure he would go over to the rookies, the joe panik and say, hey, willie mays is here. go talk to him. you get this chance very rarely to talk to one of the greatest players of all time. go talk to him and you will learn something from him. >> jim was a giants fan. he got to meet willie mays
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and he invited har back to the game.
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>> when i say go, you say
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giants. go! >> giants! >> that's what i'm talking about three world championship san francisco giants! [ cheers and applause ] you know, i stepped up to the podium and said to you all it's so nice they did it twice. it's so darn nice we did it thrice. okay? i don't know if that's a word. i'm going to use it, "thrice". well, ladies and gentlemen, it's my honor to welcome you to the official celebration honoring your 2014 world champions san francisco giants! [ cheers and applause ]
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by the way, fans you too are champions, right? stronger together, altogether we are giants. this never gets old, right? who cares about the rain. this feels good. we can keep doing this every other year, don't you think. take a break and do it again in 2016. today we are joined by a number of very special dignitaries who helped san francisco become the best baseball town in america and you are the best baseball fans in america and dare i say all over the world. a little bit louder. and now please join me in welcoming today's very special dignitaries and yes, first of all representing the honorable diane feinstein, her
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husband, richard. the honorable nancy pelosi and her husband paul pelosi. the honorable gab in newsom and his wife. the mayor and city and county of san francisco edward lee, the mayor willie brown. also with us today kathleen sullivan, the chief of protocol for city and state charles schultz and the on -- honorable george schultz and now starting with president ceo larry and his wife.
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jenny johnson and susan. greg johnson and lindsey johnson, allen and maryann buyer, rob and trina dean, steve and torrey humphrey, david jenkins and lisa sphere, gary and terry and giants senior vice-president and his wife amanda. and the skipper's wife kim bochy. former manager peter mcgowan and his
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wife. and bill newcomb and his wife sally. let's hear it for former giants owner bob lorie and his wife connie. representing the stone am family jim rooper. and the distinguished alumni jay trav key. the hack man. jeffrey leonard. former first baseman jd. now a man who is often mistaken to be my husband is tiny felder.
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greg, rich robinson, how about it for terry winfield. brian johnson, everyone. and the man that needs no introduction, i simply say to you the home run king. ladies and gentlemen, mr. barry bonds. you can show him your love. of course. do it, do it. now on to our giants hall of famers starting with mr. gay lord perry. the baby bull orlando zepeda. the dominican one our beloved
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willie mckovey. and last but not least the best player to ever play this game, the great willie mays. [ cheers and applause ] all right, now we have to take a moment to thank the city and county of san francisco and our community partners, bank of america, aaa, dignity health, miller coors, please give it up to our community
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partners. they made it happen today. we also want to recognize comcast sportsnet bay area which brings sports to our area all season long and they made it possible to be viewed by giants fans all over california and of course a big shout out to our listeners to fans flagship radio station on kgbrb sports leader. we have a very special greeting from a san francisco favorite. let's take a look, everybody. >> san francisco giants, you have done it before and you've done it again and you will do it again because the san francisco public loves you and i love you so much. congratulations and have a great day. >> the great tony bennett.
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awesome. [ cheers and applause ] >> now, everyone it is my pleasure to introduce to you the best broadcast team of all of baseball please welcome our very own hall of famer mr. john miller. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. first off, we are all awed by you. it wasn't a great day out here but here you are and we say let's hear it for you, great giants fan. yeah. and i know this sounds odd because we have a parade, it hasn't rained here for the last three 3 years. so let's hear it for the rain. [ cheers and applause ] >> that is an all time major league record the first time the rain ever got cheered.
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let's meet these 2014 giants. first off the legend who finished his 11th season with the giants mr. mike murphy. [ cheers and applause ] the giants had a lot of injuries to contend with this year. the training staff was key to their success. let's meet head trainer dave, anthony reyes, ortega, carl coach and
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ogawason. now, the coaches of the giants third base coach, tim flanery. full coach, mark gardener. catching instructor, bill hayes. first base coach, robot roberto kelly. assistant hitting instructor joe los la bay and bam bam mule ins. for the giants dave rageti
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and ron willis. also giant coaches jose, shawn did you know -- dunne ston. and from the bullpen tier a. >> there were nine managers who led their teams 32 through at least three world series title now another with his third world series championship, he i'm guessing will be the 10th to join the great managers at the hall of fame, he's our own bruce
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bochy. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's three. i'm counting on it right now. let's hear it. 3, 3, 3, 3! yeah. wow in five 5 years. now let's meet the players and he played a big role in the giants success is. in the last five games there were no home runs except he hit one that was four 4 inches from going out in game 5.
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juan perez, no. 2. [ cheers and applause ] a lot of giants rookies on this team including a young infielder no. 6 ehire adrianza. they won the world series again with him out there everyday center field this year no. 7 gregor blanco.
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[ cheers and applause ] without the world series, he would have been this series mvp. he got out shadowed this time even better. an incredible season, incredible right fielder no. 8, hunter pence. [ cheers and applause ] >> he hit 444 in the world series. back in the division series when it was very much in doubt who
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was going toin, it was the 18th inning in the post season game history in the home run, no. 9, brandon belt. [ cheers and applause ] the giants hit a hole in second base and they tried to fill it with this guy and that guy and then finally they could have not won it without him. he may have started the greatest double play ever seen in a world play,


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