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tv   [untitled]    November 17, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm PST

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>> good morning, everyone we want to get this solicitation started here we have a life changing veterans event dollars been a path this building has taken to join this new purpose in ending homelessness pens eness he wanted to acknowledge some of the veterans all of whom are participating in programs to profit shares and ma are applicants likely to be living in this building if you don't mind a wave of the hands to the people in the media want to talk
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to the real people claernsz cook is an army veteran and jacqueline with the ryan corp. and joe jackson and enrique is an army veteran in the back and john mills is an army veteran john thank you for being here and march is another member of the marin corp. and raul an army vet is raul here and thank you so much and gary is here from the navy we just can't say how grateful we are for yourself being here thank you so much (clapping) so with that, we have a few speakers and more important is our mayor 24 building wouldn't have happened without the may be mayor placing 78 hundred in the budget and thank you, mayor
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let's give the mayor a round and this is one of the major initiatives and await him it wouldn't have happened mayor ed lee. >> (clapping) >> welcome to the new home of a one hundred and thirty vets. >> yeah. (clapping) well denver i want to say thank you you've burn pursuing this project for a long time a complicated project one that we had involved so many different agencies i'm grateful for your work i've shown with a direct work of hope and to the board of supervisors and president chiu is here we worked closely together with this legislation and get the entire board to say a big, big yes to getting this done one hundred and thirty additional units pr it doesn't not end chronic homelessness but
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we're very, very cross to hud i want to say thank you firing you wonderful sport not without the vouchers and federal partners to match up and trent thank you for being on the ground of this and keeping me advised all along the way to get this done to our housing authority i know that barbara is here i want to say she and hud worked to get accident additional vouchers really great thanks to our veterans county veterans office and the veterans advocates bobby you've been so thorough in our events to do everything to have the job plummet and desirous to do more we're delivering more pea and ladies and gentlemen, i
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also want to say thank you to the numerous agency particle the scores and plowshares that continue to work closely with us i'm in. >> truly, truly an organization on the ground in the community working with every single veteran and making sure that they have not only hope but every time we see them we're advancing in the services and support as i was prarptd to the veterans' day parade yesterday, i, literally see a lot of people that who are very happy to see things doing their way or in is job front we're recruiting veterans through our portland's and job kr50ur789d they're feeling the success of city involves them but one of the hardest things to do is housing that's one of the most challenging thinlz in the city of san francisco i want to give
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a personal thanks to sampling the owner of this building (clapping.) and partner in this i know hadn't alone easy to rehab and randy shaw and others who know who are experts n sro's adjacent to this south of market and in the tenderloin hard to get sro's they can be attracted to so many moneymaking ventures they said have to make a be long time partnership with the city in order to open this up and rehab it a lot of trials and tribulations in this particular building were our agencies to get awe with board and get this done the results restore coloring to our veterans to closer than ever to ending chronic homelessness in san francisco this is probably the
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second of two major projects i think we'll have something to announce bobby you next year that brings us home to the goal we have joined with president obama to say we're going to be part a national effort to end homelessness bus the real reason is the vets you look at them in the face and shake their hands and give them the honor four serving our nation and say how can we help you be part of the success of the city i want to make sure every time i shack a veteran's hand i know somebody their part of whether job creation or the trurms services or housing or just the meals so at the, associate themselves with others and get to the job creation he want them to have having our veterans being more
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2k3i7b9 and successful withism and the backdrop of a city that's grateful and supportive that's my goal as i became mayor with all the agencies a big, big thank you for accomplishing it this i'm proud to take the tour excited to see every room i can avail lists how people can become independent and grace themselves with what the city has to offer and services to support you on the ground level thalths why it's valuable and housing services is a way let's go to work and by the end of the year this place will be filled before that gets filled we're on to the next project i'll tell you are you aware right now we have partners in the business community and government working
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together with plowshares and the nonprofits to get this city it one hundred percent for everybody thank you very much (clapping.) while the cameras are not rolling that lets pull people we have a veteran and little mayor referred to plowshares i want to share that many gardening is here that supports plowshares and in august we did a week so groups went out with salvation army and the city employees and counted over 4 hundred homelessness veterans we identified them our next speaker is clarence cook someone visible claernsz was the first participant in the heaven and because of the attendance of the
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mayor this was the city hud and mayor for 420 eddy street we have had unit of housing for alcoholic issues to get cleaned up and be successfully housing claefrns has written a story and testified at the board of supervisors someone that is important in his life his fin say she let me know what an important roll she have a with that, clarence please come to our podium (clapping) >> kind of moving yes my name is claerng cook i'm a veteran and/or veteran and the veterans of vietnam came home we are. treated as baby killers for a job we was ordered
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to do awhile over there and making sure that all veterans be thought of as veterans and people and not as baby killers i've slept on the ground thanks to safe haven, i.e., he no longer sleep on the ground i'm very employable thank you safe haven i'm seeking employment today i have stopped using heroin i no longer use heroin (clapping) i no longer steal i no longer go to jail i spent in 1981 to 2011
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in an outdoor prison walls i went into proiven prison in lah, lah where i have worked out in the field he did 2 years and 11 months on a 4 years sentence and had to put - i'm no longer living like this because of safe haven because of the plowshare and because of my beautiful fiance please i ask i'm very humble today, i appreciate the opportunities you given me the mayor and a to plowshare and given me this opportunity to get our lives back together and i'm very grateful and thank
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you it is veterans day and this is a great monument to veterans day thank you very much (clapping) i want to give a lot of credit to our next speaker i've tried to cite many programs with the mayor and get push back from the neighborhood we're happy to have the president of the board of supervisors and i think a little bit of it was a rough building that anything is an improvement but due to the for a second if supervisor david chiu helped to sponsor the legislation to get this building (clapping) thank you beven and mr. mayor it's a wonderful beautiful day here in san francisco it's beautiful for a number of reasons he frvrment is clearance
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just mentioned obviously, we're celebrating veterans right now and san francisco is a city it stood for petition but we have not always remembered those who have sacrificed to keep our peace it's one thing this dedicate monuments and show a parade but to make a significant investment to make sure those who protected us will be houses and put on a path to be part of the future of san francisco i'm excited and secondly, as beven alluded to this as a building that ones ways called the worse right now in san francisco my first year in office we get count also phone calls i know that randy shaw and d.c. are remembered that and others for all the agencies coming together and both on the government and
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the mayor and the nonprofit community and for - it is truly special we want to tell you this is a building like i was honored to work on a few years ago we're intom what we're going to do when it go comes to the issue of homelessness in san francisco we're leading the way that president obama said ending homeless in-laws in 2015 and when we have agencies coming together with our veterans administration when the mayor comes together with the board of supervisors we move forward and i can't be more delighted open this veterans day we're moving for our veterans intoxicate make sure that san francisco remains not just a symptom of peace but a symptom to take care of those who keep our peace thank you so
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much (clapping.) so the mayor mentioned earlier the important role of the san francisco housing authority and the executive director is here and another gentleman and the mayor thanks them about seven months ago for the 25 cities initiative we're one of the cities to end chronic homelessness by the end of 2014 but we've sat at the table its difficult in this housing market to be successful we know we're competing for folks where greater income but this official said we're going to figure out a way to get projects that are going to be here and support this building and figured out a way to make it work in san francisco i'm pleased to
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introduce hud's representative. >> thank you denver and those of whoa i who know beven how can i say no to him first of all, i'm pleased to be here today and this is such a testimony of what happens when you work in a collaborative way i really that this hud's contribution of $1.7 million for residents and vouchers those vouchers noble will service the first move in but folks permanently here everyone can move on and really it is the lisp and calculation of this city in the mayor's office to the office of housing the housing authority and, of course, you know plowshares has been invited aided and abetted the veterans administration works together this doesn't
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happen await a leaders so we have been such is leaders in the program to mention the one hundred and thirty units is a whiff in addition e emission the second voucher program in san francisco for veterans the mayor said we've got more coming a fantastic trajectory the president has put down a maker to end homelessness by 2015 and all homelessness by the 2020 we measured the number of homelessness individuals had a 33 percent reduction if 2010 to 2013 and that takes all rescues offer 22 percent we've hesitate in the right direction i'll close by saying the veterans in this room headed the calls they put on the uniforms and served
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now is the. to the he'd their call when there's a time (inaudible) there are issues like homelessness for our developers i want to say to this future residents of this wonderful thank you for your service and welcome home (clapping.) when the mayor thanked sam one of the things to know there were 8 other entities boyd on matter of the at large leasing this building including the university i want to undertook score this is not possible without the city and we appreciate that (clapping) our next speaker is robin i want to acknowledge to meet every
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week, we talked to make this successful and dennis is here (clapping.) and we have another person here (inaudible). (clapping.) >> and another individual is here (clapping) and anyone who covers homelessness in san francisco sees the dynamics and it is told us commented she didn't take no for an answer and gets a lot done we're proud to have here her as our from the va. >> i'm pleased to be here joanne remember that was just a building and look at it today from a building to putting together the va two gigantic you
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bureaucracies right and with our counterparts we're going to make this happen and had to work with the city and then have this city and the va figure out how to do a contract let me say that again, this (laughter) va figure out how to do a transaction remember (inaudible) and you but (laughter). >> i guess i'm making a point that, yes we're so pleased to be housing veterans the veterans who served this country deserve a place to stay and a place like this the important part of the va is that we bring services we're going to take the most promised homelessness people off the streets we have to get to have room when we have our other vouchers it is difficult we have
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to find units but the hard part between the city and the partners keeping the veterans here and keeping them safe this is an undertaking for the social workers so would have to be talking with the vets everyday and thank you so happy veterans day you did say and welcome the mayor said let's move on to 9 next project; right? (laughter) (clapping). >> one final statement we'll wrap it i want 0 acknowledge other people the mayors senior policy advisors jeff buckley is here and i'm sure you're aware of amanda freed was structural in making this happy and this is
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so much of the work with telling ma and steven with the housing authority but a new policy director joining us (clapping) and the mayor's office without the partnership of airbnb they're in this building and help us getting to running and make innovations and another gentleman is here put our hand up (clapping) >> he knows the mayor loves innovation and being a student at berkley created an app that my company that has surplus food they are to take a picture of that and agencies that have braubd can automatically say we can take those sandwiches and that food and put it to good use so we've been partnering and
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exist to work specifically in this building even though people are housed their hungry and right behind her is anita another great organization you might know they developed a cook book and have a welcoming kit with a pocket and you can use it in that apartment so we're hoping to build cooking classes to see that all those companies when they have food not able to use we can work together and bring that into the building and be used by people living here (clapping) and so with that i'm pleased to binge up the human services agency a person that has worked well over a decade and recognized from permanent affordable housing and the overseeing of veterans programs
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trent moore (clapping). >> you know we're so pleased to be partnering with you know the va, with the mayor's office of housing and others we've been on 0 journey for a number of years and 150 is a former city building one of you are administrative offices it's good to have the workers working with families and making my office getting to see the labor everyday and this is an office it is a model that will be a trurms model and my staff is here and, of course, dennis and
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you know i can't fail to mention my boss and putting money into the budget to support it and this is a grand lobby a 5 - we can't be more thrilled of one hundred and thirty housing thanks. >> so we're going to take a tour of the building you can take the elevators so that's where the kitchen is we have workers and every veteran has (inaudible)
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