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tv   [untitled]    November 27, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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occasionally you, you see waters dripping down on you and the cause of that is basically, the cooling system has not been replaced in over 10 years that's one of the things we need to focus on and focus on the doors and finally on this one we need to leverage newest facility and muni on third and 25th it got the most room and the most potential we've started the process to build that out and make it a full service maintenance facility some of what has happened this is not a reason to stop and applaud but this is a good trend typical mean distance between failure it's a trend you're starting off low and moving in the right direction it's might have and consistent we should
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continue that and get even better by focusing our maintenance programs on things like doors and steps and propulsion that represents the majority of details again, we can't get the new cars here soon enough but we have almost two years the public is excited they realize the potential for the cars on our outreach process to ask for input on 3 factors most importantly the comparison configuration got own 9 thousand responses we met looker-on the design we'll have that done by the end of the year some of the key systems integration issues we'll work through them and we want to move forward and make sure we stay on schedule to have
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the first car coming in december of 2016 and really in terms of transformation was it maples not just new, new is sometimes not better in this case it's spectacularly better standpoint we even though up the procurement we looked at with 2 hundred and 60 cars long term contract and great communications from the signage to the announcement standpoint by most importantly from a performance level you see the current l l r v what the proposed siemens they're a whole new generations and whole new way of doing business and great maintenance practice and great savings for the maintenance and reduced the time of details and maintenance because of the location of the components and
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the modules vs. the old ones we're excited we feel that we'll really help us meet the needs of the future and really begin the process to make us what we believe will be the premier of the light rail system in the u.s. with that, i thank yourself time and happy to answer questions. >> great. thank you very much so you know we clearly have a path in terms of the new vehicles that are arriving i know that the agency is doing more and more to try to keep those vehicles in shape and keep a higher percentage of them in operation to increase our reliability and again, we have seen results sometimes the
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result are up and down i know earlier in the year there was accident and now more vehicles s are coming in so i guess the question is how this all sounds good but how can we avoid slipping obviously only so much control over accidents you train the operators to drive correctly but with the best driving there's going to be accidents and mechanic problems and given the small margin of error then we have with the l l r vs how can you maximize the chances of not slipping back again and also in the context of growing ridership like bart and caltrain
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and b c a is growing it's ridership our population is growing where people want to ride transit so in two or three years from now more people trying to get on the trains than now and before the siemens arrive you can't expand the vehicles how should we be thinking about that. >> a couple of things on the vehicle side how to keep the car count up and reliability we focus on first of all, on the reliability side euphoric number one you don't look at our maintenance prevented active maintenance it is mileage based and the number of miles going up as ridership goimz goes up there will be expected to be more service in the next couple of years it's important that the inspections be done on time and
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correctly and thoroughly so it gets really to good supervision or first level supervision that the investments we make and the benefits on over halls are driven at the components such doors and computation that are failing the most where the trucks where the brake we need to focus those forevers the schedules are very important we need to do more work on the schedules because we're do have to schedule to what we have in the capacity and having a full compliment of operators who are putting service on the streets give us more flexibility in that regard but the scheduling and the detailed recovery strategy, if you will, it becomes very
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important and better supervision financially i'll say the other thing we're looking at and have the pilot going on which is critical to follow the city processes sometime and the acquisition of parts can be a long process especially, when you have vehicles like ours where many of the parts are no longer made and have to be mustards or purchased from say a supplier that's not close to san francisco we've undertake a pilot program for better planning and focus our inventory that helps those kinds of things but most importantly from our standpoint the management and the supervision and the instant attention to keeping the service out there and making sure that
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we do our inspections and organ our workforce so we get work done in an efficient manner. >> okay. i guess another question is when the first wave of siemens l l vs arrive in 2016 i believe and 2016. >> 24 or 28. >> 24 starting in december 2016 to 2018 and the t line the central subway in 2018. >> 2019. >> so those vehicles will be dedicated to the central subway or - >> no, we don't do that with our real cars we operate the system because all of the lines go through the subway they'll be
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by the times, if you will, there's be substantial mileage so on any line in the system. >> at one point we were told the first wave would be the central subway but that's not the case as you no, it isn't the central subway will pay for a small autumn but not speculated to the subway. >> so once the central subway opens the t lines like the other lines will be siemens. >> yes. >> will they be able to link together or vehicles that are multiple car. >> they can mechanically couple so as opposed to training lining
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if it's a two car train you'll see the power systems and lighting through the two cars siemens will not be able to do that but if say awe probate were to break down and siemens were coming up they have the ability to come up to tow or push so in that sense you'll not see a mixed fleet. >> so in 2015 we see the first one that are roll call into service. >> yes. early 2017 and we'll have 3 cars on the property so theoretically a 3 car train. >> okay supervisor kim any questions. >> okay. thank you very much, sir. >> any public comment on item 4
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seeing none, public comment is closed okay. so sir, thank you and to the agency i know this is challenging aspect of the system but incredibly important and do everything we can to maximum misses the vehicles until the cars arrive with that, could we then continue or actually why not a motion to file item 4 we'll take that without objection. we'll file item 4 madam clerk call item 5. >> item 57 an ordinance mit the planning code and this is supported by supervisor chiu i'd like to add my name a co-sponsor to item 5 and aaron starr from the planning department t is here. >> thank you, supervisors aaron starr for the affairs the
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planning department item is before you to allow nor exemptions from the height limit for mechanic equipment on hospitals the proposed ordinance will ply to the structures with regard to height and the structures will have equipment without limitations as long as the following new equipment that can't be honoree the exposure and minimal endorse and necessary for the function of the building and no other feasible all of the elements the office stipulates that any outdated equipment must be removed prior to installation requested by the city of san francisco their burn center in the bay area can update it's
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treatment facilities and comply with the state protections the department thanks supervisor chiu for taking up the sponsoring it was heard by the planning commission over october 13th and adapted by. >> unanimous vote that concludes my presentation. >> thank you mr. star any questions and okay public comment on item 5 seeing none, public comment is closed and can i have a motion to forward item 5 to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> so moved. >> we'll take that without objection. that's the order madam clerk, any other business before this committee? >> there's no further business. >> then we're adjourned thank you i'll second the motio
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been moechld please call the roll. >> commissioner mondejar abstain arrest commissioner singh madam chair rosales madam chair the vote is 2 i's and one abstention. >> the minutes are approved thank you. >> the next order of business is consent calendar authorizing the executive director to enter into an agreement with the city of san francisco i city ac throw the mayor's office of community and development a $250,000 between the neighborhood center and the formal dissolution law action 90 madam director.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners and new brunswick u members of the public thank you for joining us commissioners this is a proposed assignment of on economic development loan to the center made in 1994 certainly like as we've seen a number of items got catch up in dissolution and at this point we are recommending the assignment to the city as the housing successor so the city's plans and missions neighborhood plans for affordable housing project in the mission at the 24th street location can happen with that, i'd like to ask clinical 10 the senior real estate developer specialists to walk through the background and the proposed actions for your consideration. >> thank you director bohe and good afternoon, commissioners over the last several years the centers have been 2, 3, 4
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discussion with the mayor's office of housing and community development on a property 35 unit affordable housing project for protecting households on a property on 24th street in the mission district predevelopment funding for the project was approved in 2012 but unfortunately did project faced impeded a loan agreement between the former agency and n nc out of experience the item before you for consideration this afternoon is the assignment of this loan to ccii to be modified in support of the affordable housing project before getting into the details of this assignment request i'll status with background request and the affirmativeness of loan first background brob b director
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bohe mentioned back to 1994 in the early 90s, the prospective jurors program called the 24th street revitalization program for small business loans and public space improvements in the mission district there this program nonprofits were eligible to purchase rerehab and use 3w4r50ig9er commercial prompts on 24th street to encourage the revitalization the program required any acquisition provides the property to the community in terms of jobs and retail original attractions in 18994 the former agree approved the agreement in the amount of 2 hundred and 50 thousand for ac acquisition of the properties and 3 to 5 on the bowling alley
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under the terms this site with the exception of the space n nc was urging for head start to be used for commercial and leased to nonprofit commercial tenants, however, after n nc worried this site the bowling property can't be converted due to existing commercial zoning and the property required expensive upgrade as a result, it wasn't leased and the balm i didn't alley site was leased to commercial tenants during the term the formation easy those problems and in 2002, the former commission authorized an agreement to authorize $90,000 to 24th property but the go upgrade were unfortunately not
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made and the funds dispersonas percent in substantial years this t the provisions of loan agreement were not completed prior to the former agency so currently, the loan which has maturity date of november 2014 is still in place and secured by deeds of trust for forgiveness only if the terms have been met on the agreement so in february of this year nc c made a request to ccii to informative the loan for the loan agreement to reinvest the loans in the affordable housing project that it needs occ determined it can't be forgotten first, as i imaginations e.r. mentioned all terms and conditions be met in order for the loan to be
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forgotten n nc has unfortunately not been able to meet all the conditions for the economic development purposes due to the provisions mentioned earlier and forgiveness of the loan needs to imply with the law to have companies to make finding of the forgiveness of the loan in the best interests of the taking industries now the assignment of the loan all the time at that occ we believe this is consistent with the law and allows the funds to be used for the affordable housing project as requested under the proposed translation n nc adding it will contributor a
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total of 2 hundred and 50 thousands of sales that represents the loans to the affordable housing project to effectuate the use of the loan in the affordable housing project occ will fit the needs of affordable housing project consistent with redevelopment dissolution law the project will be funded this will benefit the taxing entities through affordable housing which you know is a critical need in san francisco and in particular in the mission district where the project will be located that will wind down the former agencies activities as required by the dissolution law to occ that concludes my presentation.
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myself as well as representatives from the n nc n are here to answer questions you might have. >> thank you do we have speaker cards. >> i have no speaker cards. >> no speaker cards mr. mar questions would i like to address the commission on this translation i'll invite members of the public to come up and victor for the neighborhood centers or centers we have as project manager indicated we've been working on this for quite some time this is the best approach to to resolve this issue in light of the dissolution laws and it will be highly unlikely to get the terms and the conditions of the loan agreements to enable the
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director to forgive the loan this will be highly, highly unlikely what the project intends to do is take one residential dwelling that was never intended to remain as part of the inventory so the the president to take that asset the single dwelling housing which when it was rented rented to students who at that time, were going to stanford university and he everyone thought they'd move out but because of the rent control laws once they graduated and become professionals they decide to stay there so we're not in a position to take any action to evict them the only thing would have been the ellis act and in order to fulfill the
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economics he development requirement to generate a commercial space out of this housing unit it will mean we'll have to get rid of a housing unit a special condition to convert it into commercial 0 it is an impossibility so to cut to the chase the best outcome the key language that is in the assignment we'll take once we sell the asset we'll take a total of $250,000 and allocate it to the bigger project the higher immensity housing for seniors or special needs residents of san francisco which is highly, highly needed we've been working closely with the mayor's office and members of the public members of the community that support that that project it will yield community
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e community space at the center that will be complimentary to the type of housing that will be built out so it's an ideal type of program in order to move forward we need the supported from the commission it is a bit of more complicated than it ought to be but no way around getting around it from the local prospective good thing the upside because m mc has been responsible and keeping the asset in working condition navigation the 24th street property has created more jobs than complamentdz it exceeded the number of jobs it wasn't the same category of jobs
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complaemd but a lot more than required under the amendment that that fulfilled again that legal be combonlt stopped it from the full term caught between a rock and hard place the mayor's office has identified this as one of four important projects in the mission district and we're working with the, in fact, we've got a meeting with the mayor on thursday to look at feinstein's opportunity to get the project underway. >> okay. thank you do the commissioners have any questions. >> this loan is going on for a long time is it a loan or grant? it's structured as a loan but it is structured so it can be forgotten at the end of the
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term if all conditions met in if not due >> what are the conditions. >> the loan agreement basically says all conditions have to be met and as was alluded to provided permanent jobs and done a lot of wonderful things for the community the big-ticket items we couldn't finds inclines for meeting the converting the space or renting out the space for commercial purposes that's the intent of the loan as you've heard they were not able to do that to rent to the tenants. >> okay. thank you. >> when just because you've mentioned it it when that condition was compassed did the agency not knows or the party know that the zoning wouldn't allow commercial purposes. >> an balm i didn't. >> awning on balm i didn't and
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victor mary confesses might be able to talk about that. >> well, we actually discovered when we approached the agency over 5 years ago to try to see if we could have a part of the loan forgiven at that time, navigate we scheduled the item to come before the commission over 5 years ago but we decided that that was better to just let the time run because it was going to be an impossibility it was not dlofrdz until i reviewed the loan document and brought it to the council more and more wills this was a mistake that had been made in 1994 unfortunately yeah. >> do you have any questions i
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want to raise before the impanel supervisor bustos that's not here. >> i have questions so when we make this loan there are interests payment that have to be made were those payments made and the interest payments under the loan are only made in it was in default and custodial due otherwise no interest payment. >> no interest payments so thank you sure. >> supervisor bustos is not here obviously he had a a lot they couldn't avoid and was committed to before articulating on the commissioner duty he expressed a concern from his prospective he was concerned that a building on balm i didn't was being


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