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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2014 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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interested in knowing how this affects the function and use of the plan from the port and/or jane. how does that recommendation, i know it's a recommendation, but how would this affect your economic plan or your business plan? the objectives for the use of the space. the function, what does this do to you? >> from the port's perspective if the eop is comfortable relocating we think that could work. i'll let them speak to what it does to their business plan and the leasing, but as i said earlier, the port wanted to maintain the two open seating areas and that somewhat influenced how we ended up with this sort of asymetrical layout. >> i think the other thing
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that we considered is also where we can do core drilling. you know, the building is built on hundreds and hundreds of pilings so there's a limitation of where some of the core drillings can occur but with your comments i think we can go back and look, i think moving 4 over to 3 is a strong possibility. i think we just look at -- i absolutely understand your concerns about how it doesn't really match some of the symmetry that's so apparent in the ferry building, especially without the south side not having this happen, you know, simultaneously. >> thank you. my comment before we -- are you done? before we move on, my only comment, if we're going for symmetry to me it would be taking 5 and moving it all the way over to 3. however, as a restaurantur i love the extra large seating area toward the middle and activating the promenade because i know when
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you go by there you see people going in and out except on farmer's market day and the whole middle area feels dead. i actually, even though it may feel a little off because it's so tucked back in there i'm actually happy with the way it is. >> i think we're saying the same, president hasz. i'm suggesting that 4 slides over so 3 and 4 are on center with column line 8, just like 2 and 3 are on line with column line 6. >> understood. great. and we have a motion, we don't have a second. >> second. >> thank you. >> commissioners, then on the motion to adopt a motion recommending approval with
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recommendations from staff as well as relocating kiosk 4 to be adjacent to or with kiosk 3, on that motion, commissioner hyland, yes. commissioner johnck, yes. commissioner johns, yes. commissioner matsuda, yes. commissioner pearlman, yes. and president hasz, yes. that motion passes 6-0. >> seeing no further projects we will adjourn this meeting. (meeting adjourned). .
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>> good afternoon, everyone. everyone welcome to city hall the hall of the san francisco giants. >> yeah. (clapping.) well, today, we have an important piece of legislation to be signed let me begin at the outset this is a movement going on in the city called the sharing economy something that not only have we been watching with the roll of technology and the abilities to connect people you up to an time information and resources and the ability to connect with more and more people but taking place in our city and cities across the country is a movement called the shared economy that is based on a simple understanding that in order to be successful if america you don't have to own everything as i gripe as a child
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of 6 kids in the city of seattle i had to share i learned quickly i couldn't own sometimes even my own pair of socks that we had to share in order to survive and succeed we had to build a family economy around understanding he each other's needs and trying to help that out and, of course, share a lot of information well technology has brought about a huge revolution in the ability to understand what we're doing in the economy and with the interpretation interests in people in the city to say that we can also succeed in this is economy we're already doing it we have all kinds of riding sharing applications you don't have to own what i say a second and third car in the city that can go around and get the tasks
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define we've got zip car and others and companies that are even having scooters being able to share electrical obscurities all around the city not having to depend on a mode or owner their own car and great transportation city and county system we invest serious monies in and prop a i have to get it in there we've got to pass we have task sharing and now a the ability for people to do space sharing i have behind me a great group of thrifty's of people that want to find ways to invite more people to the economy by is sharing information and space they have may this is the first effort in the history of this space sharing movement we've
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been able to regulate so i want to thank president chiu and all the supervisors supervisor scott wiener here and supervisor tang and i know we'll be joined by supervisor malia cohen and others to bring a strong majority to pass this legislation and in an attempt to regulate an industry and to make sure that going forward we collect all revenue for the city as well when we invite people to be part of the economy i think the city wins as well so a win-win win for everyone i want to thank all the speakers today and the representatives from the companies and the employees people living and working here that are finding ways to make it successful for themselves this is i think a great story coit of our city we have an economy that shares the ability to have space, rides, tasks, more and more and i'll tell you
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often the larger companies are doing the same thing if you look at the what's happening in the bio science wourld you'll understand they've been sharing their laboratories and big pharmaceutical companies find the ability to have their laboratories shared in order to bring the pharmaceutical products out this is another industry that is happening virtually in all industries so i join this group in celebrating this occasion we're regulating and suvenl get more revenue that will support the services that the board of supervisors and i know will be coming at us tvn let me from the author and sponsor our board president
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david chiu (clapping.) >> thank you, mr. mayor after two years of credibly hard work and countless meetings and testimony and a lot of discussion in the city we're feinstein at the point i want to thank everyone behind me and san francisco thank you for sharing (clapping) i want to take a moment and specifically thank some of the stakeholders we worked with tenant organizations and landlord representatives and small property owner owners and labor and management we worked with neighborhood advocates all over the city and worked with many departments the department of building inspection the city attorney their staff and commissioners, i want to thank my aid amy chang that worked on this two years of her life and
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the colleagues the board of supervisors in particular supervisor wiener supervisor tang and supervisor malia cohen and i want to take a moment and thank an individual not with us ted was one of the first leaders in the tenant community we worked with over a year and a half ago he helped that the legislation in april with us in spirit and thank the thousands of individuals from all over our city the seniors and artists and tenants our landlords and homeowners that represent the amazing diversity of home sharers here in san francisco thank you for being with us today (clapping.) i am very proud of our san francisco board of supervisors in recent years we've worked together to resolve the land use
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issues recommended to sequa and confirmations and we've done it again why are we hear we're here because everybody knows that the status quo of short-term rentals is not working we've seen an consolidation in short-term rentals in our city technically it's not been legal yet no regulatory enforcement structure for years we've not had a solution everyone knows we need an approach the heart of our approach is addressing the affordable housing how can we all afford to live in our city without changes in local law short-term rentals has made housing be fooblthd more difficult and easy at the same time, we need city policies that reflect that on the other hand, current practices have pushed many san franciscans out of our city whether or not you're a
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landlord ellis acting a whole building or a tenant that entered into multiple leases and engaged in bona fide we'll have a regulatory and enforcement structure that says no to you if you're using airbnb or others to allow housing to be used around the clock as vacation rentals you'll face penalties for multiple offenses on the other hand, we've heard from thousands of home sharers who have been struggling san franciscans to struggle to live in our great city seniors and workers from all ero e over san francisco if you're a permanent resident that lives in the city 9 months out of the year and play by the rulings you get liberate
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insurance and registration with the city and abide by the law safety laws and may your 0 full share of tax you'll be allowed to live in san francisco i want to thank the planning commission and the board of supervisors for having made dozens of amendments to increase enforcement and mayor we're protecting affordable housing and making sure we're maintaining our quality of life but at the end of the day that is about how san francisco once again buildings in teaching and showing the world how we share today, we have two thousand of home sharers that are you here to tell their stories one has a name that sounds like a baseball player ray deposit inform can you say a few words (clapping) and. >> as a senior and former teacher i'm proudly proud to be standing here we going to
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sharing our world to add more security to our retirement in the need of fixing my together it allowed us to help our son with his graduate school not only has home sharing behind us but contributed to the success of the small businesses in the western edition as well spreading the misconduct to all the neighborhoods in the city not centered downtown and i'm going to introduce tourists to other parts of city that we wouldn't have experienced one example is on embarcadero street a couple said going to eddy's for breakfast they returned to eddy's there after without home sharing we wouldn't have been able to share your guests will milestone like a couple becoming
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engaged honey murndz and first visits for grandparent and marathoners and families going home after a successful surgery supervisor chiu said at a recent meeting no, i shouldn't - supervisor chiu said he was initially opposed to the idea of home sharing until he heard how it helps people stay in the homes in our city city of meant a lot to me to be a participant to speak on protective that changes that will have a tremendously positive and life changing folk for home sharers across the city we thank commissioner hur for peterson thank you to supervisor breed
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supervisor cohen supervisor tang and especially supervisor wiener who chaired the land use committee thank you, mayor ed lee and thank you all (clapping). >> again there are so many people to thank but we have a person that representatives thousands of people in san francisco nancy (clapping.) good morning mayor ed lee and supervisor chiu and keep in mind guests i'm honored to tell my story on potrero hill as we sign the mayor select short-term rental activities in san francisco seeing our democratic process in action and participating in that process had not been an sxrirgs i want to thank our board of supervisors for their thoughtful
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deliberations on this complex legislation their attendance to all our e-mails and hundreds of stories how sharing our homes helps to benefit our lives and neighborhoods and city i thank in particular president chiu for his navigation of our city politics supervisor wiener for his skillful advocates and supervisor malia cohen for her votes and passionate remarks at the last board meeting and thank you to amy chang i must also acknowledge pier 27 for his sponsoring i arrived in san francisco 42 years ago and have would on potrero hill ever since bought a two unit building in 1975 i couldn't afford to buy
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today, i rent the second floor and contribute to the human resources historically charging that below that market rate i want to make my space available to a regular person like myself a retired social worker over the last 3 years i've offered a private bath 10 to 15 days per month 0 only when i'm present that makes a difference it is a lifesaver this year with medical expenses and secures my ability to remain in my home and san francisco because i'm spared depleting my savings and thus postponing selling my home the income literally allows me to subsidize my long-term rent i carefully screen my guests in my private space they're an asset to may be neighbors they're
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wonderful people who are respect nell full and quiet and they've been very appreciative of the home sharing commerce and love our city i cherish my neighborhood and welcome those who are giving our activity a bad name i see our planning department can and will enforce those provisions it introduces me to wonderful people around the world especially my follow hosts who believe that we can belong anywhere this experience makes me feel a great sense of community and belonging in my own city i'm grateful to have been part of this historic initiative thank you (clapping.) ready?
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>> ready. >> there you go. >> yeah.
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>> we're ready. >> good afternoon. welcome to our rules committee meeting for thursday november 20, 2014. i
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am supervisor yee and i will be chairing this meeting. i am joined by supervisor katy tang. i guess interim president elect katy tang that is and the clerk today is vector young. the committee would like to acknowledge the staff at sfg tv, jim smith and john stalkhouse who record our meetings and make the transcripts available to the public online. are there any announcements? >> yes. please silence all cell phones and electronic devices. any speaker cards and documents should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the december 9 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> okay. can we have a motion to excuse supervisor campos from this meeting? >> so moved. >> without objection. that
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motion passes. [gavel] mr. clerk can you please call item 1. >> an ordinance for the campaign and governmental conduct code to update the conflict of interest code. >> i believe we have andrew sun, deputy city attorney who will be presenting on this ordinance. >> good afternoon supervisors. deputy city attorney andrew chin from the ethics team and the office and congratulations as there to supervisor tang and i want to give you some background about the government conduct code and conflict of interest code and why we do it and give amended legislation. i had a chance to contact your aids so hopefully it's not a surprise and it's a city ordinance with the employees and officers to file statements of economic interests. under state law the city is required to update the conflict of interest code every
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two years in even numbered years and by the end of the calendar year. generally reflects organizations of city departments, changes in job titles, new positions and out dated positions and so forth so what was interested at this point was what i had at this point and i should back up and city that the office has under gone this updating process with the clerk's office and in particular peggy nef an so in compiling and getting the responses from all the city departments out there we do our best to get that information as soon as possible, but what we introduced a couple months ago did not include a few outstanding responses from that time so the amendment they would like to distribute to you at this point includes some additional responses since september -- i'm sorry. i have one other copy. thank you. includes additional responses that we received from the arts
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commission, the community college district, the department of the environment, the puc, the school district and as well as including a new section for the successor agency to the redevelopment agency. that section was deleted a couple years ago when the agency was dissofld. i know it's a lengthy document. i'm not sure if you have particular questions but i can do my best to answer them but i confess we rely on what the department provides to us. neither offices have a lot of incite into how particular departments are organized or what particular people do so we often rely on the departments required submissions. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you. >> supervisor tang. >> i don't have any questions but i mean just looking even the original version it seems straightforward to me. again it's just updating the position
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and the titles so i think there's no problem with this. >> thank you. >> i concur. >> okay. so is there a motion for this. >> public comment. >> yeah. public comments -- are there any public comments on this item? seeing none public comment is now closed. [gavel] is there -- >> through the chair then i would like to make a motion to forward this item 1 to the full board of supervisors with a positive recommendation. does it require a continuance? i'm sorry. >> it doesn't require an continuous but it requires an amendment. >> i'm sorry. first i would like to accept the motions outlined by our deputy city attorney. >> okay. >> and then to forward to the full board with positive recommendation. >> no objection with the motion for the amendments. then that one passes, and motion to -- for this also passes. thank
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you. >> thank you very much. >> mr. clerk can you please call item two. >> item number two is a motion confirming the mayor's appointment of marily mondejar to the successor agency commonly known as the community investment and infrastructure for for a four-year term ending november 3, 2018. >> thank you. good afternoon commissioners. thank you for the opportunity to provide a little short summary of my background and supporting and serving in the community investment and infrastructure. for the record i am marily mondejar and the founder and ceo of the filipino's women network and 40% of whom live in the bay area, a majority in san francisco living in districts six and 11 and with the board
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of bishop california a state wide organization in government and corporate and nonprofit sectors currently serve as president of the friends of the san francisco commission and the status of women and we raise funds to support the city programs on human trafficking and other initiatives. i served on the redistricting task force a few years ago and gave me experience with the city's diverse communities directly hearing from residents about their concerns, their love and hope for our city and provided me with a great experience for the role i am asking for your vote, so i also wanted to say that i served with the san francisco justice and oversight panel after the murder of a young philippina and drafted the protocol on domestic violence
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that included many agencies. the panel just sunsetted and i mention this because work is done and the report was issued and the community in which i live and great divide between the haves and the have nots and this is not work. these are the values that i am passionate about and very important to me. i bring to the commission my organizational skill sets, entrepreneurial experience and community organizing and bicultural perspective. the last two years have been meaningful and a learning experience for me and i am quickly to say i was able to contribute my incites and background and experience to the accomplishments of cci with the help of my fellow commissioners and the staff lead by tiffany bohe, the executive director.


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