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tv   [untitled]    December 2, 2014 3:00am-3:31am PST

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>> that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind please silence all electronic devices. that may sound off during proceedings and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to take roll commissioner president wu commissioner fong commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore and we do expect sociocommissioner johnson's and commissioner richards to arrive first on our agenda is for the case for the agenda the 2013 nexus study to december lovingly, 2014 item 2 for case at 1423 oefgs a
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may or may not discretionary review until 2015 i don't believe i have speaker cards but. >> we'll go ahead is there any public comment for items proposed for continuance? okay seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner moore >> move to continue items one and two as noted. >> second. >> on that motion to continue items one and two commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner fong commissioner president wu so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to zero and places you in our consent calendar constitute a consent calendar, are considered the planning commission, and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission, there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests, in which event the matter shall
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consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. item 3 case at 3330 to 34, 26th street administrative review subdivision and on third street the conditional use authorization i have no speaker cards. >> is there any public comment on the items on the consent calendar? okay public comment is closed >> commissioner fong. >> move to approve items three and four. >> second. >> on that motion then to approve matters under content commissioner antonini commissioner hillis
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commissioner moore commissioner fong and commissioner president wu snoements unanimously 5 to zero and places you on commissioner matters item 5 for the adaptation of the draft minutes for november 6, 2014. >> any public comment on the 0 draft minutes? okay public comment is closed >> move to approve the draft minutes. >> second. >> on that motion to adapt the draft minutes for november 6th commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner fong and commissioner president wu so moved, commissioners, that passes unanimously 6 to zero and places you on item 6 for commission questions or comments. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. just now we approved another of them condominium
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conversions which which were allowed by the legislation that's the good news many people most of the time unrelated had been living in groups in this case 6 different units sometimes 5 relying on each other to remain solvent and pay they're a parts of the shares worth in this partnering of a tic there's renters within them so that's united states good news the bad news part of the legislation i think in my opinion is contrary to some of the parts of general plan because we should courage homeownership and tics were one of the things that people can get into objective people come together to buy a unit as a group as a tenants in common and
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get into the homeownership thing that's something we should support the more homeownership we have the less problem with people being displaced of someone wants to take over something they'll have to pay you for your property it should be encouraged and he it's too bad this legislation came down because now they're not going to allow the confirmation e conversion of 5 or 6 tics but the version and the 10 year moratorium on the conversions of tics into the loop that's a 10 year period it maybe something in the future to courage people to pursue homeownership as possible. >> seeing nothing further moving on to 0 department
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matters item 7 departments announcements. >> i wanted to report last time a u l i event as part of a please state your name and address on prop m the office allocation there's confusion where prop m or 5 m and the it was a discussion commissioner richards attended last time about one hundred people in attendance i presented essentially the same presentation that staff presented a few weeks there was a discussion from the panel from the effects of prop m and the effects on the office development and in the future of office development in the city and it was a fairly lively discussion very, very good group of people just with wanted to report on that. >> thank you. >> commissioners item 8 review of past events and board of
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supervisors of the preservation commission. >> good afternoon planning aaron starr the committee harder the alcoholic ordinance it exempts small businesses from the third street r u z it was premd recommend for approval with proposed modifications the modifications was for the board to consider requiring the conditional use authorization for small beer manufacturing on november 17th it was heard public comment was favorable and the land use committee voted to move it to the board of supervisors with favorable recommendation without requiring a cu and at the full board the northeast ordinances passed it's second reading and it is now waiting for the mayors signature
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as well as the formula retail ordinance that passed its second reading and the last item concerning the planning department was the appeal of the environmental termination and is conditional use for telegraph hill and it includes a 3 offsite parking spaces it required the conditional use authorization because it results in 4 units in a prospective zoned rfp that it was heard on november 11th it was appraised because the plan doesn't meet the residential guidelines or, etc. and it doesn't comply with the housing element the planning commission record because the existing rear yard included only one unit and the conditions were inadequate
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to address the construction impacts the board heard the two appeals there was a lot of testimony against the project mainly the impact on the neighborhoods bylaw by there were several members that were in favor it was questionable about the square feet in the original housing supervisor chiu asked for the staff to clarify the project was consistent that the protections on public views and staff assured him it was the categorical exemption the board did by a 7 to 3 vote supervisor campos was absent the second vote to uphold the cu decision the board did by a 7 to 3 vote it included 11 conditions of approval and supervisor chiu dealt with the construction management many were on the
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plans, however, he wanted them in the conditions of approval it included the sponsors to talk to the school district to fine lists the construction plan and no introduction thanks. >> thank you and the board of appeals met one item of interest was the discretionary review you've heard from the property on 1264 at the end of the april the appellants raised the concerns about the capability of the commission it was a 2 foot extension overall of the building the appellants argued it was not capable with the neighborhood and procedural issues with the planning commission how the dr hearing was processed the board of appeals found there was no issues with the project it was compatible with the neighborhood
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commissioner honda noted the discretionary review request and the board unanimously especially r up held the commission not to take dr the next will be on december 10th. >> good afternoon tim frye are here to share issues with the preservation hearing the commission be initiated landmarked designation on two properties the first is a swooesh american hall on the 21 market street the swishing american hall was on the landmark designation program since 2011, we've been working closely with the new tenants of swedish american hall to get their support it was well received they complimented the staff on the authorness of the report and initiated the
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landmark designation based on the landmark because the swedish american building for it's long-standing swedish and scandinavian community and under the architect it was significant by august norway deepen the next property that was the h pc designated on 183 to golf street the goldberg building a community requested ann an ethics commission the two tenants requested the h pc add this to the landmark designation in genuinely june as a result hired their own consultant to prepare the report and we presented the departments analysis on that designation another yesterday's hearing the commission unanimously designated the landmark designation on this proposed a
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significant architecture expressed of a 20th century designed building the buildings is significant under architecture which is caesarean and both items b will be heard at the december 17th h pc hearing where the commission will finally lists it's recommendation for the board of supervisors we believe they will take up the items in early 2015 that concludes my comments. >> commissioners that places us in general public comment is closed. at this time, members of the public may address the commission on items of interest commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded. >> i'm sorry commissioner moore. >> i had one quick question didn't this commission approve the building awhile back and encouraged that to move forward
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or. >> i believe see i'm not aware of the status adjacent but mr. lane did you say may believable to speak to the landmark designations this council will comment on. >> i appreciate that. >> all right. commissions that places us under commission on items of interest the jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission for up to 3 minutes. i have no speaker cards. >> is there any general public comment please come forward. >> oh, high i'm anastasia i
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came out of i came to speak about natural areas and the significant nature management plan, which i think i believe now will come 0 under your consideration in the beginning of next year. >> i hope i ask you to invite 90 san francisco store o first alliance to look at this matter just because the program is a little bit bad and it effects everyone in the city and the plan is awful it calls for the elimination for the 8 trees within the park the san francisco parks and they cut trees all the time here on the this piece of paper
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an example of the work it happens in 2002 what happened they came to put the natural habitat and starting with i think 25 cutting them down maybe a little bit more the neighbors were upset and protest and the cutting stopped and after that, the - they gave the neighbors 25 trees to planting those 25 trees went ♪ the area problem out of the 25 trees only 5 were alive in 2010 and one has grown at all and the rest 404 inches tall and they
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were planted so that's how this nature program conducts the business if you look at the other side there are pictures most of them done by someone in those pictures the nature creatures are code native it's ambiguous i guess - it is just strange i mean what is native but those - birds and code native making their home and sitting on all this vegetation that is called invasive and they're doing fine and the natural area program actually hurts our wildlife habitat thank you very much >> thank you
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is there any additional public comme comment? >> commissioner moore to answer our issue about the swedish hall it's been a great neighbor they reaccident the correspond on the front of the buildings and gave us a trash area and have been great partners with us they should be breaking ground in 6 weeks. >> thank you. i'll remind the commission of that. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further. >> okay public comment is closed. >> sorry commissioners we'll move on to regular calendar the mayor's office this is an update informational item. >> good afternoon commissioner president wu and mechanics of
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the commission i'm not kate the housing implementation specialist i'm working for the affordable housing and cooperating with other city agencies to streamline today is presentation is an update on the mayor's office of housing group as well as housing amendment that increase the supply in san francisco joining me is susan hayward and office of economic workforce development and folks from other agencies this is a complex and involving topic i plan on updating this on a quarterly basis. >> the mayor's office of housing has been working recommendations to address the critical housing needs in response to the executive directive you issued by mayor ed lee in 2013 although those recommendations have not bang
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finalized those will highlight the issues the first is to preserve the affordable in the neighbors the second to achieve greater affordability and the third to enable a wideband of households there ongoing efforts to help to preserve affordability in the neighborhoods earlier this year the mayor's office of housing launched a small site to purchase the already occupied small building to preserve the units for long-term those buildings have occupied by low income folks are r and are vulnerable to the property sales and increased evictions in january of 2014 legislation became effective giving preference to those residents that were displaced for the collaboration housing unit in may of 2014 legislation became
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effective to allow for the illegal units regardless of the secondary unit they're important inform the naishz neighborhood the planning department has received over 60 applications and we'll receive many more in may of 2014 a pilot program was launched in the castro for a.d. in-law units 3 hundred and 60 feet in size regardless of the immensity although the department has received on one application for the in-law units the department a working to have an accessory unit go will overtime a residential can't add an additional unit this handbook will help with the san franciscans in our area there are 3 ongoing efforts
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related to the second goal of achieving affordability you i'm to direct your attention the mayors you housing group has been exploring the alternatives in the inclusionary housing program currently offsite projects provide 20 percent of the offsite units located within one mile and have it's first certificate of occupancy at the same time as the principle project those are currently under review and considering ways to make the offsite alternative more appealing the department is working to develop a local bulthsz program under state law the housing program with 5 or more units that provide onsite affordable housing are eligible for
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benefits we want to understand a program to implement the law and courage more affordable housing to be built on site the mayor's office working group sets high targets the central selma plan is a plan currently under review that seeks to chief 33 percent as create as permanently affordable lastly there are 4 ongoing efforts to address the moderate income population one the biggest champs is addressing the moderate population the working group will allow the programs with the inclusionary 0 hourgsz housing to dial-up their onsite or offsite issues for the ami targets the working group explorers the down payment assistance program although the public funds are limited there
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maybe a partnering to include pursue the group is examining the possibility of increasing the moderate housing through the public sites with mixed use programs and finally the program will address the middle-income population at this point, i want to introduce my colleague to first time discuss where we are in meeting our thirty thousand housing units and the affordable housing goal thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, everyone. commissioners the citywide distribution we are which asked to focus on the planning department and planning commission roll in helping the mar and these working group we will be doing an update every 5 years and this year we want to
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understand where we are and crop with the mayors implementation measures like the many that kate talked about the policy will be similar to the policies and also a lot of the initiative that kate discussed the cytodistribution and the planning department are leading we're looking forward to ongoing communication with this commission on those pieces and finally, there's we're really interested in findings what is our role in the 10 thousand units through the entitlement process first one we did was take a look at how long does it take for long term and middle units from the environmental review to the construction we take a look at basically 50 units size projects
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those thresholds are at the time set for that if we want to produce the units on time the largest project will be entitled to the planning department in 2016 and starred construction in 2018 this helps us zoom in on what the planning department needs to achieve some smaller projects stretch auto past the timeline bus that's our initial piece we've made great progress and working to create a web tool to allow the public and folks to see our intermediate goals and progress throughout the years. >> and then specifically there have a lot of questions how to reach the 10 affordable units that to me that's the biggest
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challenge and the biggest opportunity of the work we're doing and as you can see this is a profile of with where the units we know about and the affordable housing portfolio are so this includes the rad portfolio and a lot of the housing and sf pieces and the affordable project and some but not all the inclusionary 0 housing some are under the planning review we don't know if they're going to choose the onsite or offsite this excludes the 1034 thousand and 60 percent have profiled e filed with the plant the box at the bottom those are promotions that emily or other nonprofit partners have in the cue we know their coming forward they're not ready to file for entitlement yet to me working on this chart is novice
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we feel like we know where the units are and move forward that's what the department will be working on we're here for questions. >> let's open for public comment is there any public comment on this item? >> sue hester preparing for the 5 m comments may me think a lot about housing we've had massive shifts in demand between counties and no one no where in the places i've seen is the planning department facing how much demand is being shifted into san francisco pride housing for people working on
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the peninsula down to santa clara county being bused up here and displaced uses between residents because of people being bused are well paid men in their 20s and 30s and the people being displaced especially in the mission and south of market tend to be low income and middle-income people that can't afford to live in their neighborhoods if you don't start with adequate information at the start you're not doing anything to help any of us you need to not just help go out there without understanding what is going against providing housing to people who are goals that may have been set two or
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three years before circumstances changed another thing i started focusing on was with what is the build out project year the big projects in the pipeline like the hope project are 10 years down the line we will have lost population we will have lost not population we'll have lost people so i take all those goals with a grain of salt and so should you if you're goals are mother focused on how the housing market it chang are those reasonable goals should we can increasing our exception to preserve the low income and moderate income to preserve the working people


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