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tv   [untitled]    December 5, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PST

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and dust could call roll impact the commercial tenants as well as the apartment above it focusing on the eir the report that the 5 m reporting says the significant vibrations especially pile driving is used as a construction method could have significant impact again, it's a 1912 building and probably will have significant impact we're looking to have some form of mitigation to protect the building and the integrity of the building there's a risk of the north e north side it abuse on the largest of the building will have a zero clearance so special dust and noise and vibration control is fog o something we'll look for our
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building has a set back with the windows and the bedrooms and the bathroom look at 5 stories it's tile on howard it is nothing once 5 m is in place so hallway of the apartments will look out into we're not sure what it doesn't show set backs and have no discussions the bulk of the project is of concern and we have had speakers speak about the pedestrian safety when you go to the howard side marching is the closest street two buildings the proposed drivers with hundreds of trucks and cars a day is going to be immediately next to our building i'm worried about about the 8 people in the apartment and the ground floor and i'm worried the handicapped people and pedestrians that use
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howard street it up for linking to our comments. >> thank you. next speaker. >> thank you members of the commission i'd like to comment on the 3 m project and the impact on any business with the irish pub on fifth street we're a popular business this is our 14th year as a successful operation we employ 20 dedicated staff members and open 7 days a week we run a full kitchen and kitchen team all rely on the irish pub i have seriously concerns i want to outline first
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and foremost i'm concerned about the location of the parking garage entrance you've mentioned commissioner it's a nightmare to drive down this street without the alleged traffic which is significant it is too close to the sidewalk outside of our business and the basement deliver doors we require those delivery doors to operated our business we get our liquor and dry goods and you name it without those we're done i'm concerned about this impact we're at the mercy of the deliveries they could show up at 8:00 a.m. and it that backs up on fifth street what are we're going to do we're looking at 2
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hundred and 80 trucks and vehicles this is only a stone through from our business it didn't makes sense bus the additional one hundred and 90 vehicles up and down howard street it's one way how don't that makes sense this has to change where do we stand my big question we've got noise and banking 18 inches away from our wall literally can you imagine trying to come in and sit down and have lunch and dinner and people have been able to do that for 14 years now we're going to do we have to close i strongly urge you to consider our survival and we're an established history and cultural we'll really strongly want to be concerned and not
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countered and co-lateral damage thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. members of the commission i'm the special project manager at spur i'm here to support the 5 m project we think this is an important project to the city and find the eir to be a range of alternatives the summary as a clear road to the mitigation and improvement measures for the complex project this atrocity rich location is good for office and housing we're excited the provision of the arts and community and the proposal to provide significant open space and we commend the plan that helps historical building we find it adequate
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stayed impacts on the air quality are reslaetsdz by the state spur buildings this project will support the city's goals to create better pedestrian and consider transportation and reduce the environmental review we urge e courage the commission to move forward. >> thank you. next speaker. good afternoon john of the yerba buena consortium we share and ask you to extend the public comment period until january i find this eir hard to navigate through because there's so much missing to beginning with ailing almost all the design graphic
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are not in the document they're not there perspectives for how this is open would appear from the neighborhood locations are not in the document now how can motorbike could come comment on december 1st when those important design presentation is not generally open to the public they have to send it out the draft eir to give me people time to rack on fifth street it shows a massive building over the alley no one has seen that this is brand new eir itself needs, of course, as i presented earlier to have a chart like our chart it documents the magic scale compared to the existing zoning we use the existing zoning o zoning for our calculation they
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need to put it on paper so when it's negotiated in a transparent way i hope we see the evaluation and can die e tie it back to the zoning change itself the documents talks about the superior ultimate as you'll hear the only alternative that comes close or meets the open codes the others are badly distinguishable and the additional is not it is also the alternative because it has the least housing that is the easiest to achieve we believe that alternative is the preferred alternative not the one in the back way back in the eir as now up in the front on an equal footing with the other two
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mates also meeting is in discussion of general indication you'll not finds anything talking about the convinces i consequences of the increased obviously spin-off impacts of the increased value of commercial space and existing housing those are relatedly low-cost this project might have a major impact on gent indication and the consequences are visible they need to be discussed and mitigations proposed to do that thank you as the the>> next speaker. >> comes up have spoken but if you have comments on this come up (calling names). >> okay. good afternoon and thank you, commissioners i'm alice director the todco group
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there's not enough open space in this project and this is not just in my opinion it's carotid to san francisco zoning districts and planning code if you see chart one open space analysis you'll see the office scheme and residential scheme both hopefully are deficit in terms of the open space provision this deficiency ranges from 8 thousand square feet to 22 thousand square feet this is not acceptable this is the su d in this area must meat cutter zoning requirement that is in the neighborhood and provided open space on site or provide on in lieu for open space the one alternated that comes close it the preservation alternative we think this is the preferred alternative and the next should
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be prioritized are kids, dogs and assessable open space from our experience in this selma neighborhood with projects like this 10 percent of householder can be expected to have young children like daycare age children and 10 percent dogs yet in tyler are employees that have daycare needs and enjoy the perngz of bring their dogs to work and literally no mention of children or dogs in the eir dogs are an impact on the city they're great when we have a place to go but it's an environmental hazard if their waste is not managed so the provision for dogs and also facilities for those new children in the neighborhood must be provided in the project so for children that should be
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in the form of play areas as well onsite childcare and the preservation alternative is great for those uses because it - because there's a direct connection from the residential tower to the chronicle building open space the chronicle open space that would allow for urging to residents to go directly to that space and we know that rooftop open space a challenging and finally provides for ground floor open space is an a trim that can be used for the neighborhood thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. i'll call just a few more names
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(calling names) and good afternoon. my name is is heather phillip's i want to speak on behalf of someone that didn't know about drs i took a crack at the summary portion i was impressed with the way that the concerns that were brought forgot the most pedestrian safety and open space how 0 you u how are you how are you going to might e mitigate things they were discussed for the measures that are going to be taken there's a lot of complex issues that need to be dealt with in the process that i can speak on that on behalf of saying the draft eir really addresses pretty tolerantly the concerns that folks have in the
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neighborhood it seems as though forest city has done it's due diligence and it reflects the community dialog thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm randy i'm the program director for the art resources and the intersection for the arts that's been referenced here several times we're part of the 5 m project and glad they're committed to the arts we've nieflt them in its refreshing and it informs the cultural of the project and the environment open cultural projects that are proposed can do a lot like the previous speaker i don't know a lot about the eir but i've lived in manhattan over 3 dejects when i thought of this project on the
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ground there's a lot what is this going to do to the human experience and my commute to work i was really impressed i said to the staff talk about this and the eir has a robust commitment to transit and southern california the project like the previous speaker said and the comments it is not going to answer everything but i'm convinced as somebody that's been on the ground with the development civilians we were first invited in they're making meaningful project and their transparent to what they're trying to do so i'm hoping you'll support it we certainly do we have a home there and we'll continue to support it thank you.
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>> thank you. next speaker. sue hester the attorney for san franciscans regional growth what david said is true we had a 10 year struggle, of course, to talk about the impacts of the office impacts i'm going to concentrate on two areas please use a map and it is chosen to put the maps to the downtown plan with outlines that show downtown plan, mission bay south of market rezoning realistically, eastern neighborhoods area plans, western selma, central selma, transit center how close and
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what overlap on this plan the second thing i want you to pay attention to transit and traffic what mechanisms happened last night there was a major ball park in the entire south of market and in the financial district on transit going to the bridge blocking all the intersections all the way around wherever those covets backs up happen the first one is the victim is transit circulation is there any proposal or any mechanism roadway there's a debriefly of what happens when traffic comes to a grinding halt muni lost runs that's i don't understand that the area around this project has been totally bunker
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because of the combination of the salesforce and the oracle stopping of traffic open howard street as well as fourth street what mechanisms do we have and should we have to correct traffic studies and projections all the traffic things in the eir and every other eir have infancies because they're not real the real world of fifbt of market they'd my experience where the office has been and the demolition is it's gridlock so we need to have real transmit information that is based in the world not fair people the planning department didn't
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usually have anything they're in the isolated practices if upper in this mess you would be paens so layer them on and give us more traffic information that's real. >> thank you. >> please extend the comment period as well. >> is there any additional public comment on the draft eir? okay. then the comment period is closed oh, sorry >> cal syrup san francisco clearing house the draft eir is insufficient in 3 areas first there is not any real discussion of the public policy of the package of the packing and it should be included and second
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far more significant is the failure of the eir to discuss in meaning if you daily the ordinance in san francisco specifically chapter 54 of the administrative code and specifically within that the roles of co-lateral agreements you'll remembered in the c pmc deal the co-lateral agreements give to parties who are part of the co-lateral agreements a say at the table in the agreement down line and unless there is a discussion and i as policymakers understand the significant of charter 54 of the administrative code and the role of co-lateral agreement you can't make an ascertainment should the
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community assert it's right to have a co-lateral agreement it should be placed before you in the eir finally the easy and quick assumes of commissioner antonini that this is good mixed use development because the workers are going to be living next to where they work is without substance in this eir emphasis the practice of the department not to look at how much workers make and pay for housing it's to be routine by the planning commission, and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote absurdity to look at the projected price of the market rate unit and the projected income of the workers to make the easy summation that commissioner antonini makes that if you want to make that assumption urge you to have the data that is not in this eir
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that shows as a reasonable nexus between what people earner working in that office building and what they'll pay in the housing immediately adjacent to it you don't have this data you need it b.a. before i make easy assumptions commissioner. >> next speaker. >> commissioners peter cowen housing organizations i think i'm going to be reinforcing the impact of the housing in general to the last speakers comment you need to look at the demands is that's going to be generated by this project both commercial and residential and understanding the workforce profile and their income levels whether their janitorial and what kind of
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housing and to what extent this proximately is mitigating that housing need not only paying the money but creating units or the combination so i think it would be valuable for this eir to look much more carefully at what really is the need generated by this project at the income level and hallway mitigating or 33 percent mite whatever that's something an erica do and secondly a lot of discussion about the impact at that particular time of other things south of market and the mission street and central city, etc. that's something the internal revenue can and should in this case look at we are not only losing residents but nonprofit service providers and the light industry this isn't because a building comes in and replaces something it's a
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parking lot bus rents go up as a result of the impact capital velvet to what step up to the plate can we expect that to happen we hear about the outreach but those are guessed and the eir provides an opportunity to analyze what kind of impact it may have and to what extent the city or developer in combination with the city can help to stable lies those things that ought to be benefiting that maybe inadvertently pushed 0 out i suggest you endorse those. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment? commissioner antonini >> yeah. in terms of the many irs i've read this ranges among some of the most complete and
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accurate alternatives this is a large project and hybrid between an diddle project we certainly need to have comments and responses to comments and a few things that came up and brought up and came to my attendance what the camper building and interest and possible being part of the development as opposed to be torn down and i'm not saying that is a recommendation but i think there is an analysis to the preservation alternative is in there which does allow for this but it allows for other things to be preserved that may not be preserved and this is something that will be addressed
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whether that's a possibility or hybrid between the preservation he alternative and the alternative that is a fashld one and, of course, the impacts that were brought up as the speakers the making have a building next door those are things we'll deal with as we move forward making sure the construction impacts are mitigated and the traffic is mitigated and the easiest if there is one for the entrance into one of the parking facilities as opposed to being directly adjacent to the chief ton is worthy of an additional alternative is something to be discuss the other thing i need to ask staff the extension of the comment period i'm certainly amenable to extending the
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comment period it's a complicated eir and there's a maximum under the eir rules sequa rules you can have may i see it, sir? what's that maximum on a comment period. >> the sequa requires 45 day minimum review period generally, the environmental review officer asks to stick to that unless there's a purely reason to extend it but seeing no reason to we kept it at 45 days but the ero said she'll comply with the request to extend it. >> we went through this on hunters point years ago we were told there have a maximum that is customary or loud i'm not sure what is it if it were 90
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days to january 16th i believe i believe that's stooep long. >> i don't believe there's a maximum but generally 45 sometimes 60 day review period under sequa requirement. >> okay. so thanks for your information i'm probably more inclined to extend to 60 days that's more than enough time if you're interested in making comments it's a long one but we have to get in it and read our comments i've working in december and i think most of us are i'm favor of 60 days another comment talking about things that are not typically part of the irs associate impacts are not
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analyzed eir and gent indication so we've discussed part of the approval process we've dealt with at the appropriate time but not something that's dealt with in eirs we're dealing with subjective eirs in terms of things generated by this project in particular not the things that have existed for years the impacts have to be might be only the ones that it creates there's a question is there enough. >> (speaking chinese.) the staff can answer but a question to whether the open space is, in fact, compliant with what is required and
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second-story that's not an important question but the same is a true of issues regarding the childcare and dogs designing the 0 development would be the proper place to be prepared or part of the development agreement obviously but the design for development and in also there's again co-lateral agreements you know there's not part of the eir there's the eir the maximum impact that could be has to be analyzed this is the largest the project can possible be if an agreement is made with a neighborhood or co-lateral group or smaller or known to have mitigating circumstances to


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