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tv   [untitled]    December 7, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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kimura. >> hi. good afternoon. i am nicholas kimura. i am seeking reappointment. i am currently chair of the shelter monitoring committee. i work as a shelter client advocate for the collaborative and volunteer for the coalition on homelessness. i am well aware of the situation, the homeless community faces, and have i have good rapport with the shelter management as well and seeking reappointment. >> okay. any questions? seeing none. kendra amick. >> hello and good afternoon. i am currently serving on the shelter monitoring committee. i was appointed in april of this year to fill a temporary vacancy and i am seeking reappointment because from my experience as a direct service provider in san francisco working with homeless
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clients i see that there is a need for advocacy and ensuring that the shelter system is serving san francisco residents as it's intended to so i really enjoyed the experience i had thus far. i want to continue learning and working with other service providers and shelters to improve the system, and so i would hopefully be reappointed this term. >> just a quick question. >> sure. >> so as i understand it you're applying for seats four, five and six and right now what seat are you serving? >> i believe it was either four or six. i was serving -- or am serving on lhcb position for seat one or the appointed seat one position. >> okay. >> and it was just an idea to move to the bos position. >> okay. i understand. thank
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you. >> thanks. >> okay. next person would be michael kirkland and he's not able to attend but he did send a statement. >> can i say something on his behalf or later? >> sure. >> i can do public comment. >> why don't you do it now. it doesn't matter. >> i guess i am speaking in my voice though. i want to voice my support for michael kirkland reappointment. honesty there were issues in the beginning with attendance however that has been remedied and attending orientation and the meetings. >> thank you and the last person is kim armbruster and i believe they are withdrawn so that's the end of that. any public comments on this item? seeing none the public comment is now closed. [gavel]
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supervisor campos. >> thank you. again i want to thank the applicants and all of the people seeking to continue to serve. this is a very important committee that plays a very important role serving a very vulnerable population so grateful that people are willing to serve in this capacity so i make a motion to approve nicholas kimura for seat three once again. kendra amick for seat number 4, mike mike for seat number 5. >> okay. no objection then motion passes. congratulations. [gavel] >> thank you. >> so there are some litigation items, but no closed session is that -- okay good. >> can i have the opportunity to make a public comment on
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that before or after? >> i'm sorry? >> for settlement. we will call it up in a second. >> okay. >> okay. madam clerk item number 7. >> item number 7 through 10 are ordinances and resolutions thrsessing and approving tolling and standstill agreements and settlements for lawsuits and unmitigated claims. >> okay. any questions? supervisor campos. >> just a motion to go into closed session, but i know there is public comment before that. >> are we going into closed session? >> yes but you need to take public comment before you go into closed session. >> okay. for some reason it wasn't listed here. public comments on this item? >> [inaudible] plaintiff --
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good afternoon to the chair, committee members. i feel compelled to come here because there is a perception that the plaintiff is holding the progress of the settlement up and i just wanted to make clear that is not the case. i have reached out to the city attorney and explained what concerns there are, and in fact this boils down to two basic concerns that need to be changed on this agreement and i'm reaching out to him but he hasn't been able to address it, so i am here today to try to facilitate
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getting this done. number 3 on page four of the release, the effective date needs to be changed from when -- the effective date needs to be changed when the board approves it to when the funds are received by the plaintiff. the reason for that -- >> can i ask a question? which item are you talking about? >> item 9. >> item 10. >> it's paul haynes. >> this is wells fargo. >> no. >> so this is the settlement the laugh with paul haynes. >> yes. >> okay. >> yeah you're saying there is no agreement. >> well, what happened they submitted an agreement and there were some changes made and the changes were not noticed by the
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plaintiff until after he signed it. he signed it on the tenth and then looked at it real cloasesly and there is a provision in the settlement agreement where you can revoke it. okay. so what i did i reached out to the city attorney after the tenth. i said "listen we need to look at this. this is simple term terminology. i think it can be fixed. instead of saying the effective date is when the board of supervisors approves it it should be when the settlement funds are received. the reason for that if the effective date is the board of supervisors -- i am working right now. if the effective date is the board of supervisors i have to resign. i won't have a job and it will be waiting so it puts them in a tough position and make that
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clear. >> so you're the plaintiff's counsel? >> no. >> you're the plaintiff? >> yes. >> okay. >> so that puts a burden on the plaintiff if the effective date again is when the board of supervisors approves it because then according to the city attorney he has to go, but our proposing the effective date is when settlement funds are received. that ways when the plaintiff gets what he wants the city gets what they want. >> okay. so thank you for your input. we will take that into consideration when we go into closed session. >> okay. >> thank you very much. >> there is one other item and number 9 on page five -- >> your time is up. >> okay. >> so there is a motion to go into closed session. no objection. so moved. we going into closed session.
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>> deputy city attorney gone john gibner. during the closed session the committee recommended to forward items to the full council. >> can i have a motion? >> so moved. >> madam clerk is there anything else on the agenda? >> no. that concludes our business for today. >> okay. if there is nothing further that concludes this meeting. thank you very much. [gavel]
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>> i'm seeing san francisco here. i'm seeing representative from the police and fire department, i'm seeing corporations, i'm seeing non-profits, i'm seeing families. this is san francisco and this is very heartening for me because what we are doing today is prepare thanksgiving meals for the poor of san francisco. by you coming here today you are telling me something that i have been reminded constantly for the last few years that you believe there is a place for the poor in san francisco. you wouldn't be here tonight if you didn't think that, that you thought they deserve to share a meal with their friends and with their families. i'm really heartened by seeing all of you here tonight and it's kind of fun getting ready for thanksgiving and certainly you have to gioia -- go
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home and do it in your own house. welcome and i will turn it to charles, the head of our dining and he'll give you a little bit of instruction. >> i thought you were going to say a safety demo, and that makes me responsible. welcome to our new building. we are 3 weeks into serving here and we are very excited to being here and objects -- obviously our first holiday. we are excited to do this tonight with you all. for those of you who have been here before. i want to remind you about the holidays, it is the busiest time of year for us. we see more folks than any other time. particularly around thanksgiving, it's not around the availability of food. tomorrow you will see food all over the place, almost on every
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corner someone is giving out food so back to the question why do we come back here and for the people who come here. it's for the social engagement and the people want to be around our families for the holidays and we see people come out here during this season to share this time with us. that extends into season and extends to the work tonight that you are all here to do and we appreciate the time that you are here to do that. we see hundreds of pies and some of you will see hundreds of turkeys in the back. there is a lot of work to do. but i want to emphasize the quality of what we are doing. this is no the about the speed of what we are doing. we will get it finished. i promise you. we will be in a good spot but i
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want you to take the time to being here and enjoy the work and it's more about the quality and not the speed and the quantity. with that, tonight we plan on carving, we have many many turkeys, i don't know what the last count was about 400 turkeys and thousands of pie shells and we'll get them ready for tomorrow and we'll have people cooking the pies in the kitchen and preparing our vegetables and finally we'll all clean up and call it a night around 6:30. with that, i think we will go ahead and we are going to have some turkey carvers. there are some name plates in the back and in addition to those of you who are doing that, we need four additional turkey
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carvers. we'll do that by hand. the four of you when we break are going back to see rob back there who is in charge and rob and berry and ian will help. we need people who are going to help in cooking the pies. these are people who are bringing the pie filling and will help. one other person to help cook some pies. now the ticker we need the pie assembly line. we need 22 people, we need people on the racks, people filling in the pie shells. these are the people we are watching. 27 of you. counting, 21,
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22. we did it. you will go and find angela and becka. i'm sorry, we need eight people who will go to the kitchen and help cut vegetables. we need 5 more, four more. i feel like an auctioneer. 5, sold. you can do both. two timer. he's doing two jobs. do we have three more? >> no. okay. we are sticking with 5. if you do not have a job, raise your hand. who else?
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>> 4. you are going to find dolores over here and you will help us decorate the dining room. some of these might wrap up early so you can help wrap things up and help dolores. lastly just a couple logistics before we get started, this floor in the kitchen can get very slippery. please beware of that. beware if there is water or pie filling. also the restrooms, if you need them, the restrooms are over there. take breaks, enjoy your time. every station has gloves and hair nets and hats. we spent a lot of money buying these hats. wear your hats. >> the mayor is here and we
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would like to pause for a moment and have a few words from his honor, mayor lee. if turkey carvers can carve in quiet for a second. here is the mayor. >> good evening, everyone! happy holidays! [ applause ] >> well, for everyone this is the first of many many thanksgivings in the brand new st. anthony's church. anita wanted to come down and share this beautiful and wonderful place and you and the entire staff of volunteers that have dedicated so much. to our police officers, how about a good hand. all of our volunteers. [ applause ] we began the morning together
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and end the day together carving turkeys. it's more than just the carving of the turkeys. more of the holiday meals. this center is the center of 365 days of volunteerism. it is now because of the new facilities that larry and bob and this whole entire family helped build with so many contributions, it's now a center where there is recovery happening, there is social services, there is schooling and education for families, there is support from all levels of life from people who need it in the heart of the tenderloin and our city. i'm here to express my deep appreciation to this st. anthony's foundation, to the wonderful center that's just created. it is such a great part of our social safety net in the city but it's also a great contribution to what i characterize as a world class city. this
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city oftentimes says we are a world class city, but do we have a world class heart. this center, is the center of the world class heart. on behalf of city of san francisco we would like to thank you and thank you for your time for the thousands of meals, 4,000 meals will be created here. we are going more into holidays and we are going year-round at st. anthony's. it is just across from city hall but the same as well. happy thanksgiving, everyone.
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