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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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. good afternoon. welcome to our board of supervisor's meeting for for december for december 9th, 2014. >> avalos present. . >> breed present. >> campos present. >> cohen present. >> farrell present. >> supervisor kim. kim present. >> supervisor mar not present. >> president tang present. >> supervisor weiner present. >> yee present madam president you have a quoru m. >> thank you. ladies and gentlemen will you join me in the pledge of allegiance. >> the pledge of allegiance.
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>> >> now madam clerk are there any communications? >> yes, madam president. we have a communication and the board is aware pursuant to the actions taken the effective resignation. >> are there any corrections to the minutes? seeing none, colleagues if there are no changes then without objection and the meeting minutes stand subject to general public comment. and madam clerk, can you please read the consent calendar? >> items one through four one
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through four comprise the consent calendar. >> items 1 through 4 supervisor tang. tang aye supervisor weiner aye. supervisor yee aye. avalos aye. supervisor breed breed aye campos aye cohen aye supervisor farrell aye supervisor kim aye and mar absent there are 9 ayes. >> thank you the consent calendar passes and madam clerk, item number 5, please. >> approximately 8.1 million from reserves for fiscal year 2014 through 15 15 15 15 15 for site development.
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>> on item 5 tang aye. supervisor ween weiner aye avalos aye supervisor breed breed aye campos aye supervisor cohen aye. supervisor farrell. farrell aye. supervisor kim. kim aye supervisor mar there are 10 ayes. >> the measure is adopted. >> item 6 please. >> item 6 is an ordinance to approve and authorize to execute land acquisition agreement for property located at 15 hundred at 15 hundred through 1580 mission street with an anticipated cost and the implementation of a local business enterprise utilization program and exempting the project from contracting
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requirements in the administrative code and approving the architect and developer. >> the item is adopted nan under unanimously. >> item 7 please 7 please. requires the payment of prevailing wages by both the contract ors and subcontractors under the contract. >> colleagues any comment from this item. item? the item is adopted unanimously. item 8, please. >> an ordinance to amend the administrative code. chapter 14 b to codify the transfer and implementation and enforcement from the human rights commission to the city
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administrator and require the mayor to annually set a participation goal of not less than 40 percent and increase the certification thresholds and increase the bid discount allowed on contracts between 10 10 thousand and 10 million to require administrative code development agreements to include a utilization plan and be subject to certain chapter 14 provisions and authorize various other changes in chapter 14 b. >> item is finally adopted unanimously. item 9 please. >> to clarify the requirement for municipal electric power service to city departments facilitates and new developments. >> same call? this item has finally passed unanimously next
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item please. >> . >> this item is finally adopted unanimously item 11 please. >> to allow alcoholic beverage control type 23 small beer manufacture licenses and making environmental findings. >> this item is adopted unanimously. thank you. >> item 12 is an ordinance to amend the police codes on on on on the limitations for employment and housing. >> this item has finally passed unanimously. . >> modify the requirement for the van ness rapid transit
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project. >> this item is adopted unanimously. >> item 14 an ordinance to require certain city contract ors with 20 or more employees establishing and setting forth the duties of the advisory board. >> this item has finally passed unanimously without objection. next item. >> item 15 an ordinance to revise the binding financial policy under the charter section 9.120 regarding required funding levels of the general reserve and update provisions regarding the rainy day fund. >> this item requires a two-thirds vote without objection this item finally
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passes unanimously. item 16. >> i'm sorry that one passes on on first reading. item 15. item 16, please. >> an ordinance to authorize the electronic payment for parking and reduced parking ticket requirements and increase small lot exemptions and revenue control equipment requirements without objection this item passes on first reading unanimously. item 17. >> authorize the department of the environment to expand a 3 hundred a $300,000 grant for fuel vehicles in the city to to september 30th, 2016, without objection this item passes on first reading next item, please. >> item 18 the mayors office of housing of community development
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443 thousand research contract grants from the irs from september september 30, 2014, to december 31, 2016. >> without objection this resolution is adopted. unanimously. >> items 19 through 21 are the resolutions authorizing the city to participate in the renewable energy programs renewable energy financing program joint powers agreement amendment and the statewide community development authority to create administrative process to accept applications and levy assessments. >> colleague in front of us today are 3 resolutions to restart green sf here in in sf it's a project that i've been working on over a year at this time and last year we had the
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department of the environment take the necessary steps which is a clean energy financing program for residential properties of 4 units or less and enables homeowners and for the last year everyone involved has been working to make this program to what it is today to include a number of important components workforce opportunities and creating local jobs on local projects for our residents and competitive interest rates as well and we all believe in our green economy here in san
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francisco and i believe we need all options on the table to try to capitalize this revolution that's happening and we've seen similar sonoma and and save money on monthly utility bills thousands of dollars saved annually and san francisco's leadership on this topic we have more work to do and i hope you will join me and have it up and running spring of next year which is the goal and in particular roger kim the mayor's senior environmental advisor and our department of public finance and the commission on the environment particular mr. arsa as well as
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my staff and with that i hope to have your support. >> thank you. colleague same house same call on this item? no objection these resolutions are adopted. >> item 22. for a professional services agreement and design and develop install and maintain an integrated ground transportation and taxi management system between trans core pursuant to charter section . >> colleagues any discussion on this item or do we need a role call vote? supervisor campos. >> thank you this is an item that came before the budget and finance committee and it's a contract at the airport i raised concerns at the budget committee and so we'll be voting against that today. thank you. >> all right. any further
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comments? seeing none same house -- oh, roll call vote madam clerk. >> tang aye weiner aye yee aye supervisor avalos avalos no supervisor breed aye supervisor campos no, supervisor cohen aye supervisor farrell aye supervisor kim kim aye supervisor mar aye. mar aye. >> there are 8 ayes and 2 2 2 noes. >> this resolution shall be adopted. >> item 23 a resolution for installation of subsurface tie backs at 923 if at 923 fulsom
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street development project. >> without objection this resolution is adopted. supervisor avalos. >> thank you madam clerk i'd like to rescind the vote on item number 7. >> all right colleagues without objection. seconded by supervisor farrell without objection. >> i have continued the items from the last reading just making sure that we're aligned with our proper way we align our services for security for the mta and we'll explain the amendment. >> so the ordinance provides that the mta in its rft can require bidders to pay prevailing wages to security contract ors and currently
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there's no definition of a prevailing wage so a table has been submitted for inclusion into the clerk's file setting out what the prevailing wages will be and accompanying an amendment to the ordinance that prevailing wages are those that are set forth in the clerk's file. >> okay so we can accept that amendment offered and support the underlying ordinance so clarifying the language around prevailing wage for our security contract ors for the mta. >> a second to that motion. role call vote please on item 7 on the amendment i'm sorry. >> supervisor tang aye supervisor weiner aye supervisor yee aye supervisor avalos aye supervisor breed, breed, supervisor avalos just
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made an amendment to item 7. breed aye supervisor campos aye cohen aye supervisor farrell aye supervisor kim kim aye. mar aye. there are 10 ayes. >> the amendment passes and now the under lining item same house same call on that for item 7 as amendmented. as amended. we may need to do a role call vote. >> all right on the underlying item 7 7 as amended. without objection this item is passed on first reading as amended and now if we can go back to item
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23 where we were i think we'll need to redo that. supervisor campos. >> motion to rescind. >> seconded by supervisor farrell thank you the vote is rescinded and now madam clerk roll call. >> item 23 supervisor tang aye weiner aye yee aye avalos aye supervisor breed aye supervisor campos aye supervisor cohen aye supervisor farrell farrell aye supervisor kim aye mar aye there are 10 ayes. >> that item is adopted. that resolution is adopted. item 24 please. >> item 24 is a resolution to authorize the nullification for the conservation areas open space and the bay view radio property to allow the planning
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department to recommend new designations that align more closely with the policies and goals adopted by the city. >> without objection that resolution is adopted. next item please madam clerk. >> item 25 is an ordinance to amend the campaign and governmental conduct code reflecting organizational and staffing changes. >> thank you madam clerk and i actually just have one typo change to make to item 25 as a sponsor on that item page 31 line 20 instead of saying steam filter should say steam fit er so seconded by supervisor farrell without objection that amendment is adopted and item 25 please. we may need a roll call vote since the house has changed. >> item 25 supervisor tang aye
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supervisor weiner aye yee aye avalos aye breed aye campos aye supervisor cohen, cohen aye, supervisor farrell, farrell aye supervisor kim kim aye mar aye there are 10 ayes. >> that item has passed on first reading next item. >> item 26 is a motion to appoint mark schaur to the committee. >> that that is approved. >> item 27. >> same house same call that motion is approved item 28. >> item 28 is a motion to appoint bert hill to the
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bicycle advisory committee. >> same house same call without objection that motion is approved. >> item 29 motion to appoint delano see more and kim and eric brown terms ending october 21, 2018. >> without objection that motion is approved next item. >> item 30 is a motion to confirm the mayor's appointment to the commission on the community investment. >> without objection that motion is approved. >> next item. >> item 31 the mayor's appointment to the commission on community investment and infrastructure term ending november 3rd, 2018. >> without objection that motion is approved. >> item 32 amend the administrative code and
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creating the office of early care and education citizen's advisory committee. >> supervisor yee. >> thank you president tang. our city established the office of early care and education to help us meet the growing needs in the city especially with the rising infant and toddler population and early education for children zero to five and the citywide plan for early care out of school time. the ordinance we're reviewing today serves the duties and to establish a citizen's advisory committee to help with the development of a strategic plan to improve access for our young to receive high high quality early care and education with
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the passage of prop c in november the office of early care and education is tasked with developing a strategic plan by by 2016 and the advisory committee a 9 member body jointly appointed by the mayor and supervisors and early care and education of providers and experts and advocates to help advise the director and the office to help our city expand early education for all and to offer expertise in the areas of policy planning collaboration and strategic partnerships. the development of this body was a collaborative effort with the staff at the office of early care and education. the child care planning and advisory committee and others such as the department of youth and families and the san
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francisco unified school district and i really want to thank the following supervisors who agreed to coauthor this. these are supervisors avalos, kim breed tang and weiner and i especially want to thank the staff from supervisor avalos's office and from supervisor's kim's office and my office and quite a few individuals from the few provided important input into this piece of legislation. people like barbara carl son early care and education and coordinator and other members of that same body and we also have members from the community coalition
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and san francisco carla bland early education division and jamilla brooks from sf u.s. d and with all of their input we feel like we're heading down the right road and since the institution of this ordinance we have made amendments to strengthen the language and thankful for all the input from city staff and so these again, these amendments were minor it's clarifying the role of the cac even further and changing some some of the deadlines so we can make sure we can meet we can meet these deadlines and the the


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