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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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our district attorney, and when you hear in the public discourse, the term that we started with in san francisco, a few years ago, that the domestic violence is not a private family matter. in reference of what is happening within the national football league and the other arena, we know that we are having the impact and so, we want to applaud all of those persons that stand here with us today, and in unison to have even greater impact this is nationally the report and if it was up to me, i would read the whole report. but i won't do that, but i am going to trust that each of you will get your hands on this
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report, when it is in your fully bound form and review it. and really appreciate the work that has gone into not the report, itself, but the work that has gone into making the critical and necessary changes that we have the critical response to the domestic violence in san francisco and let me just give you a few of those highlights etch of which is not more important than the other and each stands alone with great importance. and one, we have been able to achieve the greater accountability for domestic violence, offenders and working with the probation department, and and the others to achieve this end and we have ex-expanded language access for domestic violence survivor and that means, working collaboratively with the police
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department and the department of emergency management and making sure that we are able to respond and identify those bi lingual officers, who can provide critical response, and we significantly increased investments in services to women and survivors of violence and their families. and the city did provide increased funding for community based domestic violence agencies with a particular focus on at risk populations. such as the lgbt q and limited english, and immigrant survivors and we have expanded training on the domestic violence for the agencies and the community partner and that means that we work in a very collaborativive way, for just the violence and cross training and training over 437 criminal justice... (inaudible) and that
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includes, judges, that includes all other personnel that are working within our criminal justice system. and we have also made sure that we have victim responses to the system to working with the district attorney office, and to work with and there are domestic violence unit, and just all of this demeanor and the felony domestic violence cases and the courts have improved the safety in the court rooms and for the survivors, and instituting, the wait periods and for them to allow for the survivors time to leave the building. and there was a time when the cases could get shuffled and
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lost along the various, and the other care taking of the other issues and so where the people and the department of the emergency management, and we created new 911 codes for the domestic violence and stalking. and the medical examiner now tracks, homicides and suicides. and related to the domestic violence. and again, that gives you an outline, and a highlight of what has been achieved over the last decade and then some. and i want to before concluding acknowledge a couple of other persons that are not necessarily and that are not here with us today. and but, i want to acknowledge former commissioner king, and who stands as a giant on our particular commission, and it is legacy for being the first commissioner to lead the justice encourage and then in the justice encourage task force, and so, we really appreciate her vision and leadership, and have done our
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best to carry on with the same type of vigor and sincerity and serious behindedness that she did. and so it has been a honor to share this panel. and the justice, and panel oversight, and this is just encourage panel oversight panel sought to honorably serve the legacy, and the people all over san francisco, in the bay area, and know her name and her story. and the depth inspires our efforts and challenged us to do and be better as a community and the choice will forever will be with our will, and the proven ability to transform san francisco response to domestic violence and serve to the inspiration to the communities beyond our golden gate bridge, thank you. >> >> thank you so much, andrea up
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next, please help me to welcome, someone who represents the heart of this community, my dear friend, beverly upton. >> i am so honored to be with everybody today. this work goes on, and it is difficult but it goes on. what does it take to shine a light on domestic violence? what does the city have to have? well, tonight we will see that it is going to have city hall lighting up purple. but what does it really have to have at its heart? it has to have leadership and it has to have justice and it has to have advocacy, leadership really starts at the top, and in san francisco, it starts with mayor ed lee and his team at city hall and preventing and intervening and funding those of us who try to stop domestic violence. thank you. >> david chiu, and the board
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supervisors, their doors are always open to us and we meet with them year round on the legislation and budgetary issues and their leadership shows, every single day. emily murase, dr. murase, and the department and the commission on the status of women, kandel and andrea shorter and johnson and many, many more show the city every day that women count. and that there is no excuse for domestic violence. >> leadership in the community, when we see swinging here today and sissy and some of you know her, and helped to start a lot of the funding and organization in the community that helped to fund the domestic violence communities today and so we want to thank all of these leaders for their leadership, nufn us would be here without you. >> and when we say justice, we don't just mean going to jail,
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we mean justice, we mean restoration and we mean healing and we mean justice for everyone. justice takes a strong district attorney office. george who is team is here today, liz, sam and all of the attorneys and advocates that make the families comfortable as they are going through what can be a long, long, process. and we work together, and it was lucasa and do an excellent job to help everybody navigate that system. >> greg suhr and the department and to make the tough decision and help every day and they save lives and help the community heal and they help all of us stay connected that is what part of the justice is.
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and the next one and mary and we have a family friend here today who will talk to you about bary and we are beginning
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this process begin with her family, and so while we did go 44 months, we do have 3 new homicides and we have to take care of these families and we must take of these children and when we talk about talking care of folks and we talked about advocacy and that is the advocates in the da's office and the police department and as the advocates with the district attorney office and the dedicated community based call of the survivors and the families 24 hours a way, and for those of you who are working in shelter and crisis lines, and legal services, and to today, is your day. today is, awareness month and i am so honored to be here with you all of you. thank you. >> thank you, so much, beverly, and many of you will be familiar with (inaudible) was brutally murdered and the case of many, many years, to solve,
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and we are very fortunate to have this from the district attorney office, and to prosecuted that case, and really took it all the way up to the supreme court that affirms the murder conviction, and so next we honor those that we have lost to domestic violence, >> good evening for all of the guests and all of the people supporting the domestic violence.
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and we are altogether and doing well. and through our sadness, we are very encouraged to see that many good changes have been occurring in the san francisco with the help of the city government to make this a safer place and to help women like claire and i want to thank all of you who have been so supportive of me and my family. please help me, and help us in using clay's memory to help others and to eliminate the domestic violence and no more violence and no more domestic violence and i am so happy that i am here, and very, very thankful to all of you.
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>> and thank you very much, and it is an honor to be invited to stand on the stage and although i wish that i did not have to stand here, and thank you for allowing us to commemorate, mary atchison. i love mary for many reasons, but i think that what i loved about her most was her strength, and her smile, and that lighted up any room that she would go into. and her commitment to having fun. and every day of her life. mary was a resident, and a bike messenger and the dot com boom and grew other flowers and others n a plot in vernal hill,
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and heights. and she worked downtown, at wiki company, and she has a degree from san francisco state, and in zoology, and we shared being big fans of san francisco giants and the san francisco 49ers and she was actually, a very avid fan of both. mary was found dead in her home on august 26th and the cause of death is blunt force trauma. and according to her neighbors, her boyfriend of 12 years, who she lived with, she would hear her boyfriend slamming her against the walls during arguments. mary did not confide in this and although i loved her i never knew that this was happening a group of us attend every court hearing, for
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joules, and he has been accused of homicide, one of our friends has said that following this process and the judicial process is the most painful thing that she will ever do in her life. i am a human rights lawyer, and usually this kind of thing is a professional thing for me and not a personal thing, and i have been living in porter prince and i work for an organization that represents the victims of violence and we help to prosecute cases just like this case. and unfortunately there, the judiciary and the law enforcements don't have the political will to pursue cases like this. and we are grateful that san francisco city and county does, and i am grateful to mayor ed
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lee for his leadership, in making san francisco a domestic violence free city and i am grateful to the district attorney for his excellent team of domestic violence attorneys and including district attorney sam tova and the investigators. although, san francisco probably is not perfect, because nobody else, i can tell you how important having the presence of good law enforcement is to,er rad indicating domestic violence but the courts and the law enforcement cannot do all of the work. and this is our problem. each and every one of us here has been a victim of domestic violence or knows somebody that has. and so it is up to us san francisco residents, employees, business, owners, journalists
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thank you for being here. through whatever you are passionate about, service will improve your life as well as the lives of everybody that you serve. thank you again, for being here, for paying attention to this. and thank you to mary. for her inspiration. >> thank you, so much, nicole and we also honor the memory of lewis and her family, who are here as beverly mentioned and next we will be hearing from the adult probation, director crystal tuluc who is here on behalf of the adult probation chief, wendy still, and please help me to welcome crystal.
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>> good evening, thank you to inviting adult probation to participate in this event, parking san francisco domestic violence awareness month. and the mission statement of san francisco adult probation is protecting the community, serving justice, and changing lives. and we emphasize changing lives because over the past five years with the vision and drive achieved still, adult probation has been elevated as being a nationally and internationally recognized model of how to build a criminal justice service delivery system that is evidence-based family focused and gender responsive and trauma informed. we emphasize changing lives by
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conducting risk and needs assessments to build meaningful supervision plans. and we emphasize changing lives by providing services that are gender specific and we emphasize it by being family focused by recognizing that we can help to inner generational criminalty by helping one member, of the family system, and to change their lives. and we emphasize changes lives by being trauma informed. when offering resources and referrals to perpetrators. and excuse me, referrals to victims, and a domestic violence, and insuring their perpetrators are being held accountable and actively participating and certified
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domestic violence programs. domestic violence thrives on secrecy, denial, and comp lacency it is against the values of human rights, we stand with the men, women and children that are victims and survivors of domestic violence. we stand with our community justice partners, and victims advocates, and the community to bring to light the issue of domestic violence, and in order to keep it out of the shadows. and we stand with you, to help victims find a voice, safety, and shelter. and adult, probation, stands with you to foster a culture of justice, and support, for the victims and the survivors of domestic violence. thank you. >> thank you, so much chris
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cal, our last speaker tonight before closing healing song, is board of supervisors president, david chiu. a true advocate in the fight against domestic violence, who even before he was elected supervisor, served for many years on the partnership and the domestic abuse, board of directors. please help me to welcome president chiu. >> thank you, dr. murase. and i want to thank all of you who are here tonight, representing the beautiful diversety that is san francisco. and we are asian, we are latino, we are white, we are black, and tonight, we stand together wearing the color purple. a color that represents the bruises, that we all want to see ended some day. i am proud to be here representing our san francisco board of supervisors. our board, we have stood with you with our community, and to
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make sure that we have programs that are funded where they need to be and to make sure that we have our policies where they need to be. and i want to take a moment, i, i know that claire joyce and (inaudible) mother is with us today and claire, what happens 14 years ago, i know is something that we all mourn every day, every one who is here. but you know that your daughter and your family name has galvanized a movement, a movement that is represented by every man and woman who is here today. and i want to thank all of the amazing advocates and the city leaders who over the past 14 years, have moved forward, the 121 recommendations that we have adopted. but we know that we could do better. and when the statistic is that you look to your left and you look to your right, one out of three, we know that we can do
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better. for mary atchison we know that we can do better, for mary free mon we know that we can do better. for my good friend, (inaudible) we know that we can do better. and so i want to thank all of you for being here tonight. for helping to shine a light, for being part of our city of san francisco, and we are the city that revolutionized what love is about. from the summer of love, to marriage equality and i truly believe that some day, we are going to lead the revolution and we are going to lead the revolution to make sure that it is not just 44 months or 44 years, we will have a time period when no one is murdered again for domestic violence. thank you, and god bless. [ applause ] >> thank you so much, i understand that claire's daughter is here, please join
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us, please join your grandmother. i just want to acknowledge a couple of other folks sharon johnson was the first executive director of our department on the status of women, she is here with us tonight. [ applause ] and so to present our final closing healing song, please help me welcome emma jean foster, a member of the (inaudible) memorial church choir. [ applause ] >> i am going to sing a song that i wrote while in a parking lot at trader joes as a security guard. and it is a metaphor for life in general not just for people trying to park their cars. ♪
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♪take that space has got your name on it ♪got your name on it. ♪it got your name on it. ♪go on now ♪take that space it's got your name on it ♪right now, it is yours to claim ♪now don't steer yourself ♪in to a hopelessness ♪don't drive yourself yourself in sane ♪you have got to move ahead, with confidence, but you got to do it in your daddy's name. ♪go on now, take that space, it's got your name on it. and has got to your name on it, and it has got your name on it.
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go on now, take that space, it's got your name on it. right now its yours to claim. now it is all right to be more assertive ♪and it is okay to love yourself ♪but you can be a little more positive ♪love and respect everybody else ♪go on take that space its got your name on it ♪its got your name on it ♪it is got injure name on it ♪go on take that space it has got your name on it
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♪right now its yours to claim ♪come on sing along now. ♪take that space it has got your name on ♪it has got your name on it ♪it has got your name on it ♪go on and take that space ♪its got your name on it ♪right now, its yours to claim ♪ >> thank you, and i sing something that is more familiar with everybody. ♪ain't going to let nobody turn me around ♪turn me around ♪turn me around ♪ain't going to let nobody turn
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me around ♪i am going to keep on walking, keep on talking, going to let the freedom... ♪ turned me around ♪ain't going to let no violence turn me around ♪ i am going to keep on walking, keep on talking, marching up the freedom land >> come on you all know it. ♪ ♪ ain't going to let nobody turn me around, turn me around ♪turn me around. ♪ain't going to let nobody turn me around ♪i am going to keep on walking
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♪keep on talking ♪marching up to the freedom land ♪ thank you. >> >> another round of applause for emma jean. >> in closing, i just wanted to thank the mayor's office in particular, deputy chief of staff paul henderson and arocha, and now this domestic violence beverly and her crew. and my amazing staff and especially policy director kandel and policy fellow, ifton for the tireless efforts to make tonight's events happen and please admire our city hall and it is purple. and thank you all for coming out tonight.
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and see you same time next year. [ applause ]


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