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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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reading another report of something that happened that is unjust and also creating more distrust in our communities particularly around issues of race and the peaceful and nonviolent protesters that have put the matter on the national radar continue to make a powerful impression on the push for justice. i think we can all agree that change cannot happen without massive organized appeals for justice and as a former youth organizer , i continue to be committed to find ways to get weapons off of our city streets and there's nothing harder in my time on the board of supervisors than attending the funeral of a young person no matter how that
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person was killed usually from violence but when family members or parents ask me what we can do to end this type of violence. in the most recent homicide in the south of market our office began conversations with several of our youth programs about what we can do even in cases where a young person was able to get a job able to get housing and able to get his his or her life on track, to lose their life to violence is incredibly distressing and often the answer we come to is we need less guns on our streets. this start the anniversary of sandy hook there there will be a gun buyback. . many of the clients
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were medical marijuana club clients who wanted to give back to the community. after many conversations and learning of the work that happened, i was impressed that a small group of local small businesses would take it upon themselves to demonstrate a commitment to solutions to inner city violence to that end united players has worked with green door and grass roots all located in district 6 along with brendon's law firm who have provided the funds necessary to buyback illegal arms from our streets. the buyback will take place this saturday from 9 to 1:00 p.m. at
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united player's club house anyone turning in a hand gun a hundred dollars and assault weapon 2 $200 in compensation no questions asked. i want to that to thank our local district 6 medical marijuana dispensaries and united players in doing all the fund raising to make this possible as well as commander mike rudman for his support in helping us to navigate the logistical logistics of putting this on and for the ongoing work to wipe out violence in our community and build relationships between opposing sides and take back our
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community and dlz there's a lot of work that needs to be done i work forward to working with my colleagues and the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor kim. supervisor mar. >> thank you madam clerk. let me ask colleagues if you will join me in closing the meeting in honor of an asian arts activist and long time friend of mine val chow a writer, artist and some called him a a gent le soul and a marine and supported the asian american theatre community and asian american arts movement i met him over 30 years ago when they were housed in the richmond district and val chow
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was a dedicated son and brother and community activist and friend to those until he un expected ly passed away he was a native san franciscan he grew up and attended local schools and after graduating from washington high school he joined the marines and was a dedicated staff member for the legion of honor in the richmond district and golden gate park and participated in the asian toast master's club and i think i think the 18 mountain warriors was one of his accomplishments and doing a lot of behind the scenes work for many asian american arts group
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and supported food programs and the aids walk and he also has been a strong backer and supporter of the asian cultural center as well. with his love laughter and un selfish giving he will always have a special place in each of our hearts. val's family is honoring his life and remembering his work and laughter this coming saturday december 13th from 10 10 10 to 1230 at the de young museum murals room please join us if if you can at golden gate park i should say condolences to his family and the asian american theatre
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company and various arts movements in our communities. if you want more information on the memorial and how to acknowledge his work, his sister can be reached at 415-821-2956 or you can go to his facebook page that's under valiantcho w. thank you the rest i'll submit. >> thank you supervisor mar. supervisor avalos. >> thank you madam clerk i have several items for introduction. first is a hearing that i want to thank my cosponsor for the hearing and the hearing will be on revenue options for our affordable housing crisis in
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san francisco we all know that in 2012 we passed ballot prop c but it only provides some minimal support to getting at at our enormous housing affordability crisis so i think another new option should be on the table and i want to work with the mayor's office of housing to explore and possibly the controller's office to explore what housing new options there might be for the housing. these could include general obligation bonds that's something i talked about a few years back before prop c was passed and the city budget reserve possibly and another option to meet our affordable housing crisis. i also am requesting the committee hearing for the
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reappointment for next week. currently she's in this quasi official retirement board both wendy and victor's terms on the board expired on on february 20th, 2014. reappointed on march on march 27th and on and on april 3rd a complaint was filed on the ethics commission. on on december 4th mayor lee swore in. the board was never notified of her reappointment on december 8th yesterday the mayor notified the board of supervisors about the reappointment. to me the
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timing is suspicious. if the 30-day window for the board to reject the appointment will expire on on january 7th on january 7th 1 day on january 7th 1 day before the meeting in 2015 therefore i'm motioning the committee as a whole for next weeks board meeting on her reappointment and it's important to note we have to be really cognizant that we should not just be rubber stamping appointments. as a commissioner he should be held
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to a higher standard but then in december of 2013 the mansion he was building at 25 crown terrace collapsed and slid down the hill. the construction was dramatically different than the approved plan. illegally reinstalling elevators after they were removed and it seems clear that this board has failed to scrutinize close enough so therefore colleagues i hope you join me next week in reviewing her appointment to the retirement board. i also have what else do i have here? i have some language for the youth and family's oversight committee and the rest i submit. thank you. >> thank you supervisor avalos. supervisor mar has to be
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rereferred. >> madam clerk colleagues i'm making a motion today to hold the committee as a whole on the issue of the impacts of growing labor unrest at the san at the san francisco airport. i'll be asking our president to work with me to ensure that we have a committee as a whole. the impacts of potential labor unrest if it led to a strike it may have a horrible impact economically on the city during the holiday time so i'm urging colleagues and our president to support the committee as a whole for next tuesday's meeting december december 16th and and i'll be submitting the language to the clerk within the deadline that we're required. thank you. >> thank you supervisor mar. supervisor campos. >> thank you madam clerk i want to say that i'll be
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cosponsoring the motion by supervisor mar i want to thank him and his staff i think it's important for us to at least have the possibility of having a committee as a whole following as a whole next week. maybe it won't be needed but i think it needs to be ready to have the conversation in the event that there's no resolution of a very important labor dispute that's happening at at the airport. >> thank you supervisor campos. >> there was a this issue raised and i think it's a good thing to put as a placeholder hopefully there's a resolution. thank you supervisor mar mar for putting this forward. >> seeing no other names on the roster that concludes roll call. >> at this time madam clerk the
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public may comment generally for up to 2 minutes including any comments on the minutes or the immediate adoption calendar items 49 through 53. public comments is not allowed on items which have already been subject to public comment at a board committee. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time to testify and if you would like a document to be displayed on the over head projector please state such to sfg tv. first speaker please. >> the congress of the of the united states resolution of the city and county of san francisco board of supervisors calling for the rescission of house joint resolution in the 107th congress authorizes the
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president to use armed forces in the in the united states as in the united states as he determines to to be necessary bases on lies on wmd and iraq. to call the president into actual service of the of the united states to execute a declaration of war as a commander in chief. 373 members of the 107th congress including elected california elected public officers -- authorized the president to use the armed forces of the of the united states as he determined to be necessary. evading a resolution to declare war as he determined to be necessary at
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the expense and danger to the people whereas every member of congress and public officer in the united states bound by oath of office and -- to defend this constitution for the united states of america without any reservation. whereas a direct result of duly elected public officers have been deprived of their lives without a resolution of congress to declare war. >> thank you. next speaker please? >> there's survivors and other california taxpayers have
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been robbed by 7 congresses. now, the san francisco board of supervisors here by petitions our represents to congress diane feinstein barbara boxer and nancy pelosi to make every effort to initiate and support the decision of house resolution in the 113th congress. such a rescission will render public law authorizing armed forces as necessary null and void. i've heard you this afternoon talking talk about i can't breath a video is shown to a grand jury that shows without doubt the
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murder of an unarmed man for selling a cigarette. police homicides this country is in big trouble it's in big debt funding now 6 un declared wars as a result of this marshall law and californians have been lynched under this law. we the people if you would like to help fix this country and restore this constitution which has been aborted by this law and end the police state, please consider this petition. we have e-mailed it to you. i'm going to to fax it to you again tomorrow and make an agenda item for next week.
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>> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> peter alexander. good day i agree that there's nothing more heart wrenching than acknowledging the the most vicious racists terrorized in in the slaughterhouse every day. for those that are purchasing crab dairy and seafood i recommend you get a geiger a geiger counter. i've also witnessed and according to military statistics the military has been assaulted from 1992 to today 3.4 million vets are dead by the military
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vaccines and now law enforcement is said to be assaulted and over the the last the last 33 years 247 sheriffs and police whistle-blowers have been murdered dead. harley riders far from the norm m. more than a rumor, the big picture seen soring and set them roaring. they are storming the the high grounds. the general strike. all harley riders take off your disguise. become mighty warriors with fire in your eyes. bottom line -- the
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bottom line is to -- [inaudible]. >> thank you. next speaker please. . >> i'll turn this on here. the -- how do you focus it? sir, your time is ticking. >> officer can you help me
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focus this. the book is called the franklin cover up and you were blessed with the presence of dug malar on several occasions and you are not worthy to hear him and it's it's about satanism and murder and if i was to read this book in the presence of--they would rejoice. we're all made in god's image. he would actually rather be bit by a line by a line i by a lion. . the
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reason why it was so awful to die on that cross was because the words that they were speaking were words of truth. he was the son of god. but if jesus came off of the cross, man could not be saved. the book of roman said god might be just and the just ifier jesus christ is the only way to salvation. >> thank you next speaker please. >> this thing isn't on right now. it's flashing. >> media is on their way. >> we're starting your time,
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mr. war field. >> you know, i don't think it's appropriate to start the time of people who are just trying to show you something and your machinery is not working. i'd appreciate starting at the beginning. >> mr. war field we can actually see your document from the from the screen. >> that's right and it's 1 it's 1: 30 already and a half of my time is gone you mess them up with machinery that doesn't work thanks very much. when talking to the board of
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supervisors for example reading newspapers walking around and so on while the public that they are supposed to be serving is trying to get 2 minutes of public comment i'm here to talk about the library 's imminent installation next month of a threatening technology which i think you should all be concerned about it's called biblio commons and a change to the library's privacy policy. in fact, it's it's a major hole in that policy. it allows biblio commons, the software company to change terms at any time and assumes agreement by the user if they continue using it. it exploits children by collecting information from them and the public to sell and in other ways use in any way that they
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want. there's censorship that's not been discussed until questions were asked at the commission meeting and no clarity about the costs only when asked did the library staff say it would cost a million over a period of 5 years. >> thank you very much. next speaker please? >> thank you, president tang and other victims of of the kabal i live at 6th and howard and i rise to comment about your new board regime much more effective first i'd like to share with all of you how useful i found the 2-minute limit on public comment time. this has taught be be to be careful with my words, to be
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precise, to be clear. if members would confine their remarks hopefully the results would be more inspiring than the the obscure narrative it has turned out to be. not only would your words re-semble or atory i'd also ask that there be no future celebrations in any fashion of any athletic concussion entertainment industry feeder system and school football and similar activities and finally note president tang that such
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references are description and dissection and not discuss discussion. >> there's been a change to what's happening to the game change. i'd also like to give honor to my supervisor london breed a very historical meeting
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this upcoming year. you see the mayor has a problem with one of our prestigious leaders, reverend brown used to be in the housing authority i'm going to put it all out there i'm going to talk about face and see places that i've been dealing with for a year i'm coming out with my own new publication i'm coming back to city hall and the press room and i'm going to be to go it all
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you know in in 3 minutes i'm going to tell you all black negros here in san francisco are in a state of emergency thank you very much may god bless us all. >> tom -- last time i was here i was cutting pumpkin pie. it was a metaphor. you can see it . it was the sale of a 4-unit apartment building


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