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tv   [untitled]    December 14, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> that's what i like to hear okay. the regular meeting of the go board of education of the san francisco unified school district for december 9, 2014, is now called to order. >> roll call please.
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>> thank you, commissioners mr. haney ms. maufas ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton ms. wynns thank you, president fewer ms. sonata and mr. chin thank you. >> please join me in the pledge of allegiance thank you and now this is item a approval of board minnesota e minutes may have the regular prevail the minutes. >> approval. >> thank you, ms. son at
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mr. chin mr. haney ms. maufas ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton ms. wynns and president fewer 6 i's. >> i'm so happy. >> 6 i's now this is item b presentation to the board of education superintendent support. >> thank you, president fewer before i give my thoughts for the evening i want to announce we're withdrawing item m the update on the san francisco police department memorandum of understanding with the board of education and i'll cocky want the record to red light thank
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you for the song that's the way we roll in san francisco good evening people get excited about the last meeting of the school year of the calendar year sorry not the school year. >> so ladies and gentlemen, last week, we celebrate the inclusive schools week with a successful kickoff open the steps off our city hall we had performances from assess and sfusd at the arching and the students if the tenderloin elementary school who are also joined by a number of the county supervisors and commissioners fewer and rachel norton and treated to the sound the george washington marching band inclusive schools week is a
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celebration as inclusive school week mayor ed lee visit sunset elementary school and donated a set of ipads and helped to celebrate the inclusive school with the staff also the interim president tilly chang and president fewer and hydra mendosa and rachel while we celebrated the inclusive schools week inclusive schools week is a long held belief in the san francisco unified school district and we celebrate inclusive year returned thank you all for a celebrating the inclusive it of all our students i want to mention that this thursday the annual you sfusd at arc sing along will take place i'll be there with my allergy
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tar and our superintendent carranza will be on violin a two man gig not to stop senator mark leno will be there and maybe superintendent lee will join us question hope you'll be joining us the arc is on 15 hundred street and from 10:30 to tloungs while guam i don't know. i hope everyone will join us this week a international code week from first grade at that high school in various activities to inspire this valuable skill for college career and life dozens of
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volunteers from local companies will be there along with their experience in the field we're glad to join it international movement i lasted to see our students i want to an a somber note december 14th is the two year anniversary of the traffic at sandy hook school if you remember students and staff lost their livelihood's we're with the fell the fellow carter's and the san francisco unified school district is doing it's part to help keep guns off the street i'm proud to have passed a legislation in support of gun violence authorized by be various commissioner as well
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we support this nation's effort to end gun violence and assuring our families are aware of the san francisco police departments and community leaders buy back on saturday december 13th from 9 to 10 on 1038 howard street as we think about our colleagues and students please take a moment and participate in the buy back on saturday from 9 to 10:00 a.m. on howard street i want to issue a late breaking notice the national weather service has issued a storm for northern california we don't mention this but it is characterized as the storm of the decade we novice everybody this wednesday enemies and friday december 12th will be a
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heavy rains and wind our school district is working with agencies for how the storm effects the schools and getting to and from school and the impact on school building as electricity and flooding please check our website for tns continuance updates and listen to k bcs or 10:00 a.m. for updates on the storm our schools will providing media illicit about the storms that at this point schools will be open we ask you exercise an abundance ever caution get there safely to be in our schools and also finally from all of us here at the san francisco
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unified school district we want to wish everyone a happy holidays and we have new year please staff rest up and we look forward to greeting i back here on the first meeting of the board of education in the new calendar year. >> thank you superintendent. >> this is now item c recognize and accommodations superintendant. >> thank you, president fewer at this point, i would like to invite to the podium mr. tim allen the director of the family foundation and also the principle from balboa park high school to join us at the podium i'll have them as a a few words we're going to honor one of our wonderful teachers at the balboa
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high school. >> tim tim allen the director the foundation thank you all for coming to honor mr. wilcox our foundation was started way back in the early 90s, the carl stone family gunman begun a resort bun software it got into games for those who remember they started a print shop and did all kinds of things they decided to take 5 percent of their profits and fund a nonprofit 501-c 3 vks of the years they encouraged the employees located in the bottom to volunteer for various charities in the bay area in the late 90s, the company
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went through a hostile takeover and lost the company they kept the enar denouncement the family sat down and said what are we're going to do with the money several of that are educators at the focused on teachers they took the next step and did something to focus on secondary teachers that teach in division communities across the state of california and then where most teacher of the year awards are granted some people are picked some are chosen by principle and association the family said let's make sure in order for a teacher to be considered he or she must be nominated by a form student that has either congratulated from a four-year
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university or currently enrolled in a four-year university so the vetting of the teachers we selected is quite substantial i get $10,125 nominees i have to narrow that down to 12 or 15 depending on the year and depending on whether i want the boards head to explode i do a very, very in debt intensify interviewing six or seven students to span the career of the teachers and someone that graduated the first or second year there was a great deaf telling him i interview the principle and several colleagues before i finally get to the
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teacher and know brown more about the teacher than they know about themselves i learn a lot over the past 10 years i've learned what makes great teachers a couple years ago i spent an entire summer going through 5 or 6 hundred interviews of students and i went out and read the research what makes a focus teacher from the scholars and oddly enough what the kids said was what the educators found the teachers in the classroom he see teachers with a great passion and enjoy walking cerebrothe classroom they close the door until the kids learn the material they respect the teachers who make
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this tow the line but make sure the kids reach the exceptions of the kids they care about their students and care enough to make them learn so once we select 5 teachers every year we give them a total of $20,000 we give them $15,000 up in marin county and we withhold 5 thousand dollars that 5 thousands is given as a grant to the school and it is to be spent as the teacher sees fit it's my honor and pleasure to present actually, the third time another the check to a ceo credible teacher i see all the teachers teach i know what the kids tell me is true i saw everything first hand sitting in mr.
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wilcoxs office so kevin here's a check for 5 thousand dollars (clapping). >> that's wonderful i'd like to invite principle kevin to say. >> few words. >> thank you superintendent good evening, commissioners had this is one of the moments so many as principle but that i really just cannot be more proud strangely feel very much at home here tonight it is great to see everybody but i was asked if we had a classroom available because alexander era television wanted to do a lesson they said do you have a classroom with
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chalkboards i said i have a teacher that used them i said try the light boards their fantastic no, he sticks with the caulk board but that kind of antiquated style or strategy that is go where it ends he is one of the teachers when you come into his classroom he can talk about a supreme court case or hamlet and the students are climbing over each other to answer the questions the level of inspiration is wonderful as well as they share the same telling him in other classrooms he was there as the dark days one of the key reforms to help
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the complete reform and turn around of balboa high school i'm honored by somehow a little more by your practice and just berg to do this for you tonight eric i'd like to thank you and please come up and say a few words that would be great (clapping) a autopsy yeah. >> oh, thank you so much y wow, i get a certificate too thank you everybody i'm honored and understated and happy to be here happy to see you folks he support the studies class. >> yeah. (clapping.) i love teaching at balboa park and san francisco and literature coming to work i like to
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coordinate with you all i saw i love you guys and happy to get the award and happy to get 5 thousands to distribute as i see fit thank you (clapping.) >> eric. >> why did he do? oh, i get a picture. >> yeah.
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(clapping.) thank you very much so while we're doing recognizes and accommodations it is only appropriate that at this moment i announce it is the last former meeting of board of education in which commissioner kim tree will be participating at this point we've prepared a short slide show which we will continue to have looping as board makes comments so, please commissioners any comments that i'd like to mention that commissioner maufas has served on the board for 8 years we came on together she came before me we were advocates before we joined the board a founding member of the parent
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advisors couldn't and active member at the school i hope you'll wish her a farewell and thanks if you have comments share with the audience and the rest of us. >> yes. commissioner murase. >> thank you commissioner maufas for her service it was a great sacrifice to her family i'm not ready to say goodbye you'll be on the odds of the giants and representing the community but i really want to thank you for all the sacrifice and hope to continue it. see you. >> i also want to say
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commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> i want to thank you 8 years is a long time to serve isle you've done that with a lot of heart you came in contact with addressing the challenges you felt were not being addressed and a lot of which included our historic justices and the practice we now have and very big part of our district i wanted to thank you for that more for the most part we agreed but one thing i'm a huge giant fan and you're an a fan she we're a a uniform to a san francisco board meeting i couldn't look at you or talk to you it was really hard as my parting gift to you my friend. >> no, i'm not going to waste
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the giants anything on her this is something i can't use 90 in my home that is appropriate for tonight a filipino heritage night. >> yeah. >> (laughter). >> commissioner norton. >> good luck. >> commissioner norton. >> i just want to add my voice to wish you well, i know you're going to be a proud grandmother telling us what we should be doing from the podium thank you for your service we know how much of a sacrifice it is but one of the best jobs i've ever had i know you feel the is that you thank you. >> commissioner haney.
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>> i want to add my congratulations to you for everything you've done everything tent of the 8 years we look back for you in times it maybe seem like longer than but everything the contributions and people you've helped and the people you've left hand to the resolutions and all the things that people have seen and not seen i know i'm a little bit in denial you're not going to be here actually serving on the board you've been someone that is a moral voice reminding us why we do the work and you're the voiced of the people not in the room you don't act separate from the students and families are spate you're one of them and of them and bring their voice to the table i think this is so
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special and unique and exactly what this board is as opposed to be about you represent that an incredible friend and unfortunately, this board will be a lot of less fun you've reminded of the work has to be about love and sometimes we have to distance to a tune so i'm looking forward to working with you to being our friend i thank you so much for all you've done. >> thank you. i want to add i mention i miss sharing an office but really a lot of laughs and i will really miss you, we have a gift ms. casting could would you mind a small token of our
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appreciation. >> thank you. >> wow. >> (clapping). >> any comments. >> i actually have comments but i don't think i can - first of all, thank you and i was going to try to hold back the tears but i can't their fill of joy and gratitude and love for all the work and hardship all the engagement that everyone has allowed me portio be a part of i'm going to put those done so those are beautiful thank you no, no go ahead.
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>> i actually like some of the battles that we fought in the beginning to spy versus spy that's my age group i'm dating myself that cartoon but that's the way it felt wisp desperate to have students who were underserved i felt i came along with the right folks jane and hydra that's a real stepping stone in san francisco to the board of education so i think progressive ways said we want to look at something different we believe in representation and people who think like we think need to be in the position to
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make the decisions for us i believe that shift has happened over and over again and allies who come to the board with us have further that work and gun to their community saying this is the responding we we want to do it in partnership i'm glad you're here to continue the work i did won't have happened without my cat lyric my daughter in san francisco it is just incredibly hard to be a young person of color in this city and in public education to get the same rigor and respect that the students get and by
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watching her struggle no matter how much assess and knowledge i had the the system the system is still hard and thank goodness we have minds here and folks that come out and show their support to do that work and i'm so grateful to her and all she's sacrificed in her public upbringing i think is as tiff place to be my mom and just the maefrnz or teachers that have guided me and really my moral incumbrance jerry any jeffries who has been here the longest i want to thank him and all of you but the soak person is sandy and
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we didn't know each other before i got on the board but we worked on doing the same kind of thinking of advocacy to voices that have not been heard to the policy component and i'm grateful i'm grateful that you didn't know me and somebody told you about me we spoke and low and behold we've done wonderful things together we'll continue to do wonderful things together i think mark sanchez and eric mar were on the board they were guide and mentors i appreciate all of you and all in the world that transcribed thank you for allowing me to do this work it's been an incredible life journal i'm continue to cherish my
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granddaughter be four i'm glad to be on the odds hammering the board to do more for our kids by the way, we get it and i'm grateful you all are kind of enough to allow me to have a few moments ago ever your meeting bay this is our meeting this is a different look at how we act and behavior thank you for allowing me to come and be at your meeting (clapping.) superintendent. >> so commissioner commissioner maufas we want to thank you on behalf of all the staff all of the educators all of us that work with the wonderful children in our district thank you


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