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tv   [untitled]    December 16, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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>> good afternoon. welcome to our san francisco board of supervisors meeting of december 16, 2014. madam clerk, please call the roll. >> supervisor avalos. avalos present. supervisor breed. >> here. >> breed present. >> supervisor campos. >> present.
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>> cohen. present. >> farrell. present. kim. present. mar. >> here. >> mar present. tang present. supervisor wiener. wiener present. supervisor yee. yee not present. you have app quorum. >> thank you ladies and gentlemen. will you please join me for the ledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stand, one nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. >> are there any communications. >> one from the office of supervisor yee stating he will not be present and a communication from the clerk's office which is items which
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may be continued to the next meeting or finally passed through the will appear on the regular board meeting of january 13, 2015. >> do we have a motion to excuse supervisor yee from the meeting? supervisor yee is excused from our meeting today. can we go to the approval of our minutes? >> we have the november 18, 2014 and november 25, 2014 minutes. >> i'd like to see if there are any corrections to the fin minutes. seeing none, we stand for public comment. >> the first item of business is the policy discussion between the mayor edwin lee. each will present their own questions to the mayor and
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follow up questions are in order as long as the entire discussion does not exceed five minutes per supervisor. >> welcome to our board chamber mayor lee. i'd like to ask if you'd like to share any opening remarks to us. >> thank you. happy holidays to you and all the members of the board day. i'm looking forward to working with all of you through 2015 to advance our goals of making our city a place where families thrive and we can share the prosperity of our great city. let's take a moment to acknowledge what we've accomplished in 2014 by working together. thanks to the voters for making san francisco by making it more affordable to our families with an increased minimum wage. we're continuing record investments in our public schools and thanks to sound economic and fiscal
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constraint, economic policies. i've asked for no cuts in my annual budget for the first time in years. that does not mean it's time to sit back and i've charged my departments to do more for our residents and to prepare for a growing city. i'd like to send out a reminder that during the holidays and all year round our social service providers need your support and during this time of the year they are distributing food and toys and lending a hand to those who need it the most.let's goo to the questions. . thank you. for your first question we have supervisor mar. >> thank you madam president and mayor lee for being here with us and happy holidays as well. a recent story written by tim
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redman is with us by the chambers found that 39% of the condos built since 2000 have absentee owners in in san francisco and for newer owners that number is 50% or above. luxury developments like the four seasons residents have more than 60% properties housing prices skyrocket beyond the reach of residents making the cost of living unaffordable for even middle income people. not only are these wealthy absentee buyers buying up all the residents also constrict the spliez of housing available, to meet the high demand of our city's growing work force. and as we know, one new
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supply available for residents. the san francisco business times reported last year, quotes with a medium home price of $706,300 in san francisco, someone meeting the median income of $72,000 makes 48% less money than they need to afford a median priced home. this sort of homeowner absenteeism is bad for neighborhoods and leads to the fe no, ma'am fe phenomena of what some people call zombie neighborhoods. new york state senator who represents part of manhattan has announced his intention to introduce a bill that would place a property tax surcharge on luxury home on new york city residents. this would address a problem that arises when a
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significant number of homes are bought by with wealthy out of towners for place to stay on occasion or as an investment or hedge on mar coat swings. i'm beginning to research this critical problem of newly built housing that is unoccupied. can i could count on your support this? >> i agree with you that preserving neighborhoods is a very high priority. we helped advance this priority with the passage of the housing trust fund when we included funding for low and income residents remain in their homes. and last we worked hard at the state level. as you pointed out in your question, neighborhoods are about more than just housing.
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vibrant neighborhoods have active streets, busy local shops, parks, schools, libraries, filled with families. the the city as a whole and neighborhoods in particular are not well served if we're building homes that will be left vacant. as far as a tax we need to do some legal research into what we can and cannot do. as you know, supervisor, california's team makes this a tricky legal question. in principal i can tell you i believe in minimizing absenteeism for new construction. we want residents of our city to be connected to the neighborhoods in which they live. if people are buying housing and not living in them then we have a problem. supervisor, we also have a problem with what i understand to be thousands of units that are deliberately left vacant throughout many neighborhoods
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in the city. we need to study that as well. specifically, the problem is a lack of engagement with small businesses and community institutions. the problem is also housing price inflation. as you know, i've made a very public commitment to construct and new units without providing the benefits associated with being a resident and helping to activate our neighborhood commercial be corridors and making san francisco a more vibrant place to live, that rings true if property owners are keeping units throughout any part of our city. i want to make sure san francisco neighborhoods remain vibrant and unique.
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thank youm. >> our next question is from supervisor avalos. >> mr. mayor, first off, happy holidays do you and your family. i was pleased to read about your expressing outrage about the use of torture by the cia last week and i have no doubt that's your position on torture. what is your extent of outrage at the affordability crisis that's harming working families in san francisco. what else can you do to make a measurable impact on the affordable housing krief sis. what are some proposals we can collaborate on with you in your office of housing? >> thank you for that question, supervisor avalos. and of course we must address the housing affordability crisis.
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i'm committed to use every tool to make san francisco more affordable, not only increasing affordable housing, but stabilizing our neighborhoods, bidding on our commitment to rebuild public housing and be creative and strategic in finding new funding. low income families are priced out of the market rate rentals and middle class families are also struggling. of the area median income, that's about 116 annually for a family of four. wech need to protect our existing naturally affordable housing stock and prevent real estate speculators from dispensing our friends and neighbors. we need to build more affordable housing and retain or city's economic diversety with providing work force
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housing and we need to rehabilitate public housing for our residents. we need no look beyond our traditional tools that have served us in the past. the working group included more than 100 stakeholders from housing advocates to non profits, market redevelopers, financial experts and city staff. this group has recommended ways to preserve affordable for renters susceptible to market pressures. we must have more funding for affordable housing enabling a winder band to benefit that housing, encourage market rate developers to provide below market rate units in that projects. how do we do this? we take all the creative thinking that went into the
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recommendations of the working group and we act on them.first we pursue together legislative solutions immediately and just last week i announced the public lands for housing program to make public land available for low income and moderate income san francisco citizens. we can carry this out by implementing proposition k which was overwhelmingly supported by san francisco citizens in the november election. iz want to emphasize that there is no single solution to the affordability crisis. in order to execute these solution e we'll need to show the world we can work together legislatively and work together. we'll take that action and can't do this alone. we need our regional colleagues to increase their efforts to produce affordable housing as well and will continue to advocate to our
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state and federal partners to direct funding to our key priorities. i have want to thank you for this question. i look forward to working directly with you and specificly on sites in your district that we can build more affordable housing and rehab as well. thank you supervisor. >> thank you mayor lee. that concludes or policy discussions with the mayor. madam clerk, we now go to our consent agenda. >> items 2 through 4 are considered routine. if a member objects an item could be removed and considered z separately. >> on items 2 through 4. wiener. >> i. >> yee is excused. avalos. >> i. >> supervisor breed. >> i. >> supervisor campos. >> i. >> supervisor cohen. >> i. >> supervisor farrell.
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>> i. >> supervisor kim. kim i. supervisor mar. >> i. supervisor tang. >> i. >> there are nine is. it >> these resolutions are adopted an ordinance passed finally. item 5 please. >> item 5 is an ordinance to under charter next 9.120 regarding a general reserve and required funding levels and the rainy day reserve fund. >> supervisor farrell. >> we passed this on first reading last week and i want to thank everyone involved in this, in particular our controllers office and supervisor avalos and mar at our budget and finance committee meeting. i have one technical amendment we need to get done today, page 4, line 18, to change the number 5 to 6. i'd like to make a motion to
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make that amendment -- >> motion by supervisor farrell, seconded by supervisor campos. without objection that amendment is adopted and on the underlying item can we day same house same call? this is passes unanimously. >> item 6 is to [inaudible] for parking ticket increased small [inaudible]. >> same house, same call. this ordinance is finally passed unanimously. item 7. >> an ordinance to authorize the municipal transportation agency to include any contracts it executes for next year after soliciting a competitive solicitation [inaudible] individual providing security services
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under the contract. >> all right, same house same call? without objection this ordinance is passed unanimously. >> item 8 is an amendment to sales permit and amending the business and tax code by increasing the annual license and application fees making the environmental finding. >> same house same call. twout objection this ordinance is passed unanimously. >> item 9 is to amend the government conduct code by adding the names of employees [inaudible] designated and officials and employees for. >> same house, same call, without objection this ordinance is passed yuf than mousely. >> item 10 is to duties of the office of early care and education and creating the office of early care and education citizens advisory committee. >> same house same call. without objection this
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ordinance is finally passed unanimously. next item. >> item 11 is an ordinance to authorize the settlement of of the lawsuit of paul hanes. >> same house, same call. this is passed unanimously. >> item 12 is the ordinance to community facilities district number 2014-1 for the transbay transit center. >> same house same call. this ordinance is passed on first reeding unanimously. >> item 13 is the ordinance to amends the business and [inaudible] from less than $30 to less than 40 $40 a day and require future review. >> same house same call. this is passed. >> item 14 is an a ordinance to amend the annual salary ordinance to reflect the edition of five grant funded editions for the
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implementation of the state county assessors partnership agreement grant. >> same house same call. without objection this ordinance is passed on first reading unanimously. >> item 15 is an ordinance to deappropriate rate [inaudible] funds and reappropriate the funds to the water system improvement program bond commercial paper expense. >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you. just want to acknowledge there are a few items come before us related to the public utility commission and when it comes to moving the work of the public utility commission forward that the board of supervisors has been a very willing partner to make sure that our water system improvement program can proceed to make sure that we are actually approving legislation that's going to be before us later about how we put wireless facilities on public ewe 'til 'til poles.
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we don't face the same cooperation from the public utility commission when it comes to our clean power sf program. i want to acknowledge that it's a two way street to look how we move or city forward on policy that's important to san francisco. i believe that our clean power policies are are important for doing our part around clooi mate change. we've been trying to schedule a meeting with the public utility commission, a joint meeting with the commission for months now and it hasn't happened. i'm noting changing my vote moving forward on these items that i have already helped to approve in budget and finance committee, but i actually just think it's important to note that we need to be met halfway on policy goals that are important to jointly to the public utility commission and board of supervisors and our lafco and so far we haven't seen that cooperation. i'm hoping that can change. i don't know if i want to be
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able to continue to just do the the regular work i'm doing without asking for more of them so i wanted to acknowledge that before voting in favor of this measure and hopefully i'll continue that conversation with the puc staff as well about my concerns about our ability to move our joint climate change goals forward. >> thank you. >> supervisor campos. >> if i may ask the puc specifically if they can comment on the point that supervisor avalos made, what's the level of commitment in many terms of the implementation of community choice application. >> i have don't know that we have someone here from the puc, do we? our representative here is actually formerly free the
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puc. >> formerly. maybe we can hear from the mayor's off then? >> thank you. i am happy to ask somebody from the puc to come speak to that if that's something you'd prefer to here. >> let me ask you, since we don't have anyone from the puc right now, what's the mayor's office position in terms of the commitment to implement community choice communication? >> i think the mayor is very supportive of a local program as long as it's tied to loi cal jobs. >> is the mayor interested in many the puc setting rates as quickly as possible? >> that is a good question and i'm happy to call in our senior advisor roger kim to talk about that if you want to talk about timeframes.
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>> sure, thank you. >> if i may ask,
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>> same house same call? without objection this resolution is adopted. item 18. >> item 18 is a resolution to authorize the general manager of the san francisco public utilities commission to execute master license agreements for outdoor distributed system and antenna pole and gte mobile net of california doik business as verizon wireless each for a term of 12 years to commence following board approval. >> colleagues, any discussion on item 18? seeing none, same house same call. this resolution is adopted. >> item 19 is the peninsula corridor


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