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tv   [untitled]    December 19, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PST

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general manager be warning if you see areas flooding do go in there this woman committed out of our car this was a catch basin that was clogged 90 percent of all calls are catch basins that's why we went on tv with the department of the emergency management this morning to show you how to affiliate this is basic one plastic bag a few leaves to clog the basis i think so and you'll cause the majority of the floods with that, i'll take questions you might have we are part of this piece we've sandbags and
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we'll be staffing up our emergency response center tomorrow morning others 6 o'clock and stay in that mode for the entire time of the storm we anticipate 3 to 5 inches in san francisco and we also villaraigosa standing by in the areas we've done the clean up and preparation and will continue with the upcoming storm. >> is i've - did e p y clear the catch basins. >> it happens more than that we know they dp y is responsible for the crews their cleaning up out the catch basin and our country's underneath. >> the biggest challenge when you have heavy winds you get a
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lot of leaves i have to be constantly out there with 23 catch basins thoughts the city we've been tracking the low lying areas where their prone for flooding we deploy sandbags that's why we're asking for people who have seen local flooding happening in you can't get to a catch basin call 311 so that's our easy to deploy crews to clean the catch basins. >> is tv the only way you gave that message. >> radio. >> radio too. >> radio, tv i think we used social media every vehicle to disseminate the
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catch. >> i think the service announcements are important i saw 3 people out here and i might add i take care of any whole corner my little wake and get all the leaves i don't care what my neighbors do it floods and it floods fast it's a diamond in the hole any another comments. >> thank you tommy. >> the next item is an update on lab co-report i'm sure you're aware of that we're trying to schedule a joint meeting in january i believe and when we have that meeting we're going to ask for the consultant to actually present the report to both sides and so one of the things i wanted to do we had an opportunity to look at the report and provided comments we're going to give you an update on the comments we sent
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over so we can kind of keep you up to breakfast of our comments but i think we will have a more robust conversations at the joint lab co-meeting more about the report and how the consultant we can ask direct questions right now we're going to give you an update of after reviewing the report and kind of give you an update on some of the things we wanted to ask the consultants about the report. >> okay barbara hail sanity for general power the consultant has prepared a draft report that we commented on yes, he did. afternoon we received another revision we have not had a chance to go through so those comments don't reflect the comments that were incorporated
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when we i presented last at the last lab co-meeting they asked for a joint meeting i shared that with the commission secretary and i understand the secretary for both commissions have conferred and i suppose that dates are under discussion objective is have a meeting in the january february timeframe i know there's been reports in the newspaper you may have seen some news about the reports but this is how to give a quick overview and we'll talk directly with lab 'coz consultant theirs consultant is enter x we provided comments on the draft on november 30th and so did others stakeholders that were interested if the clean power
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access program our primary concern as articulated to the staff it one way or another was not clear about where the jobs that were recorded are located where the projects that are being relied on for that for those job figures are located so the confusing job numbers need to sort of a mixing of local jobs and economic benefits with job and economic benefits that would happen more regionally or in the state the report is careful to say that job benefits and economic benefits will awe. >> jerry: crew where the projects are located by in the listing the job numbers it's not clear where the jobs with located on the face so it left a confusing picture you may have seen in the newspaper the figures in the 8 thousands for
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the numbers of jobs we also commend from our expense that seems like an over statement in the job figures and as we misunderstood the earlier draft the consultant was basing their job numbers on a matrix of 5 to 6 jobs of dollars spent our experience with the sunshine reservoir project that's a local fully project we spent you know 35 to $40 million on that project and got around .4 construction jobs per million dollars spent that's a considerably smaller contribution of jobs per million i understand that the anorexia
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report contains not only directly or induced jobs as well we expect the number to be larger but not that much larger there were some if you do the market on the particulars in the area we're not sure they applied their job methods to each the projects they listed the tables dated in terms of off the other items the report recommends it indicates no needs for a shell contractor for a successful program that the power enterprise staff could provide the services with other staff they indicate that they believe the program could be larger than the 20 to thirty megawatts proposed in our initial program
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proposal they indicate that they would recommend in terms of a strategy n and plan to mimic the sonoma clean energy approach for a 33 percent renewable program and as opposed to the one hundred percent program we proposed so that gives us a quick overview of the primary comments we had and sort of the flavor of the report i'm hoping we will be able to settle on a date and hear from the consultant he they came to the conclusions they came i'm happy to answer any questions you may have. if you have them. >> i have one question before we start who's the consultant. >> the consultant is a company by the name of anorexia they're
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under contract to glass could. >> how e n e n e x i'm sorry e n e e r e x. >> commissioners questions. >> comments. >> yeah. i have a request when we do schedule the joint meeting prior to that meeting if we can get a copy of the report and . >> of course, and also the responses to the questions so we can go into that meeting as informed as possible. >> happy to provide you with the copies of the report what we received in responded to the copies is a red line of the report and so we'll be happy to share that as well. >> okay. >> yeah. in addition i'd like to see more specifically all the questions that the puc had on the report and if there's
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answers available on for example, the jobs and what locations as well as in a clear and simple formulate f format. >> what we submitted on the 30th was a five or six page of comments i'll extract those answers to make that more transplants. >> sound good. >> thank you commissioner. >> thank you, ms. will hail now i'll call for. or mr. kelly do you have comments before i ask >> oh, no. >> (calling names) >> (inaudible). >> i'm sorry who our
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counterpart? >> (inaudible). >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm with the san francisco bay area i also serve on the puc citizens advisory committee as vice chair i'm here in the afternoon in support of power sf the cac passed a resolution to recommend it be approved and move forward the internet support by the lab co-also supports it by creating jobs and boy prioritizing jobs in the city of san francisco and those reasons i urge the commission to support sf so san
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francisco, california chief one hundred percent of this goal. >> thank you. >> thank you, commissioner i'm tara ma i imagine i wanted my counterpart to go first, she represents san francisco and i represent oakland so i'm not speaking in terms of the clean sf power although i want to show my support but decide emerald supports another opportunities clean sf power has the chance actually be a pioneer for the bay area several participants here will be speaking and looking at alameda county and we really, really want to look at what is developed here to follow in the steps 6 making those jobs
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local and career pathway and helping the community in the disengage areas benefit we have a lot of opportunity in the bay area and on a regional level so once again also support the clean sf power program and look to see how it's amplified on a regional level thank you. >> thank you. >> (calling names) >> hello commissioner president caen and commissioners this action for the opportunity to speak i'm a resident of san francisco and rep 350 bay area compliment advocate nonprofit i courage you to read through the report it is somewhat
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lengthy but the executive summary is several packages but loonth the version that came out yesterday, i think that some of the problems that ms. hail was speaking about have been addressed i can speak in debt but some of the inaccuracy have been fixed looking at did report as a citizen of san francisco that's been hearing about clean power sf since 2004 and as a compliment advocate that is concerned about reducing our green house gas emissions as quickly as possible it's clear from reading the report that those contractors building that clean point of interest sf will bring revenue to the puc i know that has been an issue over the last several months it will create badly needed jobs and
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local hirings as well as regional and state and local hiring there's are sufficient details to move forward we need now updated rates sort of to you've heard from the commission updated rates it seems to us the next step given the shell contract is no longer going to be needed and given the san francisco public utilities commission will procure the in house and given a radical change in renewable energy singles you folks outing put out the bid and ended up with the shell contract bans son on and now years have passed there's every reason to building that recreates whereby much, much, much anymore competitive than pg&e then they
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were able to receive with the incorporation of a light green scenario it should be easy to bet pg&e prices with greener energy for san francisco residents it seems like the concerns i've heard that have been larger about high rates that incorporation of shell and jobs have been roved by the report i courage you to look at there it 350 bay area we hope the cac director will be brought back to put together the i didn't want rates so we can move forward with the best data. >> thank you very much eric brooks hello mr. brooks. >> hello commissioners it's
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been a while eric brooks i'll represented green party the grassroots in our city i'm also a member of san francisco clean energy advocates all who make the representatives in this room just want to say speak to the jobs issue we may not to quickly about specifics on the jobs but what is noticeable about what is in the papers and the annex report before this report came out a couches years ago there was talk from go agencies in the city government they're not being jobs at all or maybe even a deficit of a hundred or so jobs now we've got that completely clarified for us in this report it is really clear of we got a fourth of the jobs that's a couple thousand of jobs that's
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not bad this is jobs positive in a bag way and a lot of those jobs will be local and fall under the local hiring ordinance, etc. so this report as jan and others indicated has cleared up all the things in question and the shell issue is no longer a an issue we know the puc can do this in house this jobs are there we know that we can get good rates we're heading towards the sensible ideas that advocates theirs or first, the good rates structures the 33 percent or one hundred and 50 and one hundred percent whatever that a makes it easy to match the rates especially with the lower prices of renewables it is weighed have to work to get higher rates than
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pg&e at this rate and the issue weather we have a plan to move forward we've got a clear document it shows how to do that. >> what kind of resources and as long as we flush out the behind even though meter stuff we need to flush that out this thing is ready to go so what the reports tells the advocates it is time to get kim mel kilogram back in san francisco drag her from the long vacation she's your community choice director let's get her to do the rates purchasing power open is the market it should be better than the shell and once those rates are set weight get to start the program next year and ask you to move through that
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rapidly. >> thank you next speaker i'm going to pronounce his name incorrectly i'm afraid - >> great job with my name. >> how had had pronounce. >> highway. >> i'm speaking from the sierra club i was interested in the program it is directly respect i believe the drought and flooding is because of gloerm and we have a responsibility to reduce that i strongly urge we go forward with the clean sf power and san francisco wants to be presenting a mechanical as a clean city so
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i courage looking at the report and looking at the job information and recalculating the rates and trying to bring back kim malcolm. >> thank you very much. >> ali think it's rim rod i don't know have the spelling how do you spell it. >> i'm not sorry commissioner president caen for any writing al. >> local clean energy alliance it's been over a year since i spoke last this the time when the commission put a halt to the forward motion of the clean sf program what everyone live said and want to brought to your attention the two crisis we're
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facing in this country and san francisco bay area is the economic and the climate crisis they don't feel present in the room but as we speak there's a conference of discussion and it's important dire than anyone expected and deep dodo it's is going to get worse and drought and all the things when you increase the temperature of the earth's atmosphere and we need to stop putting more toothbrush and building a system to weather the storms so we're not n a situation like new york hurricane sandy and big power lines that are prone to failure and big report from the federal government not on the job but,
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of course, i stopped counting the people that were looking for work and those jobs don't support a family the wal-martism they call it we need the kind of programs to quiet e create union basis kind of jobs that's what you get when you build a new energy system in the city so the things that drive advocates through clean power sf is getting worse we can't afford another year of delay because things are much worse and no reason for the delay all the questions we've raised as qualifications or uncertainties or whatever will the proposal have been addressed there were never barriers in the
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first place but now addressed by the last could report so we'll e really he expect the commission as a whole to represent the citizens in our region not the mayor or pg&e they're not the ones that you know the constituency your supported to represent we don't see any reason not to move forward. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> is jess arching man. >> good afternoon commissioner president caen and commissioners up thank you for the opportunity we're pleased with the annex report and at least to consider what the options are it's great to know we don't have to go with the shelf program we can see this program will create jobs and actually help the long term
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sf puc financially and we would a lot of loving to have the cac director kim come back and talk about the new rates and set them to go forward i want to give you a status report around the bay area napa has joint joined the clean energy and the city testify el cerrito and alameda county that as 1.5 million residents and the san mateo county of board of supervisors is voting to move forward into their community choice program and the city and county of santa clara r seriously looking at this san francisco was the first ever in california to have an ordinance 0 moving forward with
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community choice we'd like the city to be a leader in climate action and move forward before the rest of the bay area catches up with us and takes us over we want to w work with. >> he see kim come back in a year thank you. >> thank you, jason freed. >> hi jason freed executive officer for california last could i want to comment about the report one thing you'll find in the report we took all the comments especially with the puc staff present you'll find a lot of good changes only about the local jobs and what we did they did in the final version when was released yesterday they identified one they used the
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local and determined if it's local or not you'll see a breakdown of local ordinances and all the jobs blues the jobs that are local hires and you'll come up with the final jobs you'll get that one thing i'll caution that might be difficult i know she said she was going to pull the comments in a red line version it is based on board stuff if you look at the red line and see how they changed from the draft to the final version that may be hard to pick out to understand where the changes were but i think i almost want to say may be one comment was not taken but pretty much every comment that the puc staff was incorporated it made it clear to understand we're
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dealing with technical staff that the puc staff understands but to help drill down it more i courage you to look at it a it and quickly to cooperate coordinate the schedules it be did the but the sooner you can get under the circumstances us dates the consultant have experts we want to mayor that every possible field has the expert who worked on it and you can have the expert in the room to answer for your commission and my commission get us two or three dates it would be ideal to help us to coordinate our calendar and make sure we get all the experts into the room and may i ask a question give us a local shakeout of the jobs
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awnings if memory serves me i haven't memorized but it's online the local hire ordinance jobs i believe was 4 seven hundred and the actual number of jobs was a little bit higher they were looking at numbers and fixing up stuff so the numbers get up to 9 thousand if you incorporate all the jobs stating it is more around 46 or 48 hundred we're only talking about the major projects that is not incorporating the jobs that behind the meter work like energy efficiency we wanted them to do that but they came back without having a program moving forward it's not possible to get all the jobs that is big energy solar or wind promotions or


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