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tv   [untitled]    December 21, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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how are we're going to transmit we said it here we said the peripheries to collaborate. >> if you can make that part of our motion and have a recommendation that the board of supervisors consider that. >> i would accept that as you know, a recommendation to the supervisors to study citywide. >> thanks. >> into the seconder. >> the simplify is it is the planning department initiated by the supervisors so it has to be first a discussion a staff represents to the supervisors just as a discussion we're having today whether or not other supervisors are interested and we'll pick it up as a separate matter the supervisor is made of by the people if the
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district. >> i understand but it needs to be an official way to say a citywide question would be fine. >> my pd is that the commission would like there to be more analysis to do this citywide and asking the supervisors in reality the supervisors b will ask us to do the analysis but it is also engaging their personal preference of what they want to include it i see no harm in making the recommendations to the board it to engage their preferences and incorporate such analysis if necessary into our work. >> i've worded it that captures that spirit. >> commissioner moore if i may this requires a different discussion i want to see the department that recommended this
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in the first place i can't decide on the recommendation and diego sanchez we believe that the arresting cascades mechanic devices the existing controls over three-quarters of the mcd were based on on the uses of the 1980s it is changed we see those at low impact recreational use we see that the community that span metropolitan regions are formerly the communities around the use if we can ged get ahead of you without coming back to you, we he can get here and approve it all. >> to reinforce that from the 80's those are considered high impact uses because of the activities it is completely different now we don't see them
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deft from retail use so that's why we are recommending citywide. >> so i heard that the maker of the motion was amenable to the secondary. >> depends on how you phrase the recommendation. >> as i heard the motion it is to dpaupt a recommendation for approval as amended to limit the amendment for only the upper market street and ct with the recommendation to the board to expand it citywide and to continue the discussion for possible citywide i'm more comfortable with the open-ended type of - >> i'm sorry to - >> continue the discussions. >> to consider a that's correct it's a different meaning and
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seeing the discussion of the legislation. >> commissioner johnson. >> thanks i know yeah, that gets us there before now we were talking about the use of words analysis that is specific important the planning department it is not necessary if we didn't pass it today there's no analysis so i agree that it one thing about the motion it sounds like if we are recommending supervisor wiener's legislation that we're n reprimanding it with no modification that makes it styling there are no substantial changes to supervisor wiener's legislation. >> okay. thank you. >> i know excuse me. rarp through the chair there was a modification of the definition what an accessory use not the
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other entertainment but considered a remarkably game. >> okay yes. >> thank you so commissioners there is a motion and second to death penalty a recommendation of approval with modifications to limit the amendment to the upper market street and ct with the recommendation to the board to continue the execution of expanding the legislation citywide. >> commissioner moore. >> director ram i have a question does the change of the word changing the definition of accessory apply only for upper market or citywide otherwise we're undercutting the process. >> understood i understand it is from upper market that's the only place our changing the controls. >> if you can confirm that i'm
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supportive if not citywide i can't it will have to be preceded by the action. >> i'll ask the maker of the motion to clarify. but >> actually what i was proposing i read into the motion i put that away i read the two parts included in 9 second part the definition of lone 10 m ads it was not other entertainment it would be a use asked by the supervisor as what it would be. >> the question is it only applies to europe market. >> right. >> city attorney and the language here part two was the you were market consider businesses with 10 or few m ad instead of other eyes but it says the upper market that's part two of the motion it both
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parts of motion have confined to the upper market mc t. >> i actually have relied the question is the commission intent should this move forward to our question commissioner moore no action on this gil until there's no board meeting until the district reappointment but is it the commissions intent if something broader happens it comes back to the commission or is the commission instructing to the board to come back. >> i prefer something come back. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you. i agree with commissioner president wu some should come back and the upper market legislation passes than
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if were something subsequent it will supersede this like hate street i'm considering on upper market it clears up condominium conversion if we take out the word limited to europe market ct it was for upper market ct we're not limiting it that's itself legislation and we're only asking for the modification of talking about accessory uses i think that will make things clearer. >> oh, oh. >> my understanding we're only limiting it to the zoning district and then the distinction is being changed to the modification. >> i'm sorry, i heard you say something different the legislation itself come through
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us is for the upper market we're not futuristic limiting it. >> the limits is because you've amended staffs resolution recommending to the board. >> we're not taking it. >> you know what i mean we're not amending staffs recommendation. >> through the chair this is a formatting thing and but you're not recommending of the portion as it applies to the upper market ct. >> thank you mr. star. >> commissioner moore. >> i want to ask the city attorney has a whether or not the discussion operates on two scales one is that the arresting cascades to only focusing on this moment at&t's another upper market and the second part changing the accessory use in this particular case we ask it
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only applies to europe market is going is that a correct interpretation or am i missing something. >> deputy city attorney marilyn burn the recommendation is clear to me and it seems clear to staff i'm not sure what our concerned you're leaving out. >> the redistinction of accessory use that's all i'm asking you want to make sure and it's your recommendation you can choice what you want it only applies to europe market. >> you as a director confirm that i'm comfortable. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. as i said i'm reading from what the staff report the way it would be before the more expansive staff recommendation
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this about applied to other things it says the market ct to permit the arresting cascades on the first and second floor and instead of other entertainment use so no where does it say it's limited by even though nature of the words themselves tare only speaking to the upper market ct and the rest of the motion calls for staff to study with recommendations to the supervisors to keep the discussion open for other parts of city but that doesn't has nothing to do with to the first parts of motion. >> i believe we have consensus we're only recommending to change to allow the arcades as described in the upper market mc t and the few minutes ago only
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applies to the mc t. >> commissioner richards it would be great to separate those before we get into the back and forth and not having the recommendation to apply it to citywide that's all. >> please call the question. >> all right. commissioners on that motion commissioner antonini commissioner hillis excuse me. commissioner johnson. >> commissioner moore. commissioner richards and commissioner president wu so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to zero commissioners that place you on item 11 dimension and controls for homeless streetcars >> good afternoon planning staff staff before you today is american people organization amending the distinction for the
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homeless strerlt the mayor has been working with that introduced by mayor ed lee i want to acknowledge dusty the mr. mayor's of hope that will present after my presentation today san francisco planning code into compliance with the state law shelters meaning without a public hearing as in one zoning district this legislation is a part of the 2014 housing update that will come before you if a few weeks currently, the san francisco planning code didn't include a definition for planning code which those are group housing is a hotel use they're not allowed
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in a zoning district in san francisco therefore in the few cases that homeless shelters are out of planning with the stale the planning code in compliance with the state law regarding homeless shelters it creates a definition in based on on new operations it also allows this as a use of right in the zoning district with conditional approvals in some other districts like the group housing zoning controls already existing and exempts homeless shelters from impact fee requirements and lastly will apply the good neighbor policy
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so it helps streamline the review and approval process for future proposals for shelters and staff visit a few shelters and finds the proposals of this ordinance was reflecting their current practices of operation staff supports the proposal to exempt the homeless shelters for bicycle fee requirements the purpose of the shelters to maximum mess their capacity glen eagle golf course the life and safety standards this appliances with the purpose and lose the occupancy limit without additional indenting density elements and lastly it defines good neighbor policy those are
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policies regarding reps with the neighbors and including the security plan for the hours of operation sidewalk maintenance and signage and on site management that concludes my presentation. i'd like to introduce mr. duffey. >> commissioners, thank you for having me here i want to note at 5 o'clock we'll be vice chair our homeless folks that died on the streets program we're talking a life or death situation there are $6,000 plus homeless individuals if san francisco 34 hundred living on the street 18 in street programs and jail have no 0 home to be
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real estate department 20 to 10 years ago when mayor newsom had an effort this followed up open the adaptation by the voters when commissioner antonini and myself are here to support to bring about fundamental change in homelessness in 2005 we had 15 hundred shelter beds now 1145 part of that for the recommendation was a commitment to build 3 thousand new units of housing we realize that shelters plays an important role it is about individuals not getting $400 a month but $579 a month it is difficult in the
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housing market we're not moving people as quicken it is taking 6 to 9 months in the can't cash program to move into permanent housing i want to assure you the mayor i understand to do big intentions starting next year that has an impact on the streets to reentering cash and the shelter remain an important component and my colleague will talk about the people lynn up in the in the first place to get a shelter bed and to fight for people that have shelters and peoples lives will change for the better if someone people were banished this requirement that the state has established is very important to see that all parts of san francisco have a role in responding to
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homelessness we have identified areas that can be established as a right for those programs we have a that drop in family shelter diner 55 people can stay there i watch the kids walk in there they look like my kids they have the backpack i realize when 21 hundred kids in our school districts are homelessness in san francisco i'm encouraged that is an important step we're going to continue to come up council meeting to you we're at a great stage i realize this globalization we're starting to see for the first place technology companies macro big investment sales force was the big player but google invested $2 million to have a rapid
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residence program to help homeless families 5 hundred thoughts for the handout program which is crowned funding i want to acknowledge supervisor breed we had many homes units we've moved 43 families into the unit and supervisor breed and supervisor cohen are welcoming those formally homeless families and getting the donation for future thirty percent reduction in san francisco and we opened up with the planning staff the one hundred and thirty homeless veterans already 36 have moefld of moved in i'm here to with give you hope there recent faith council and other people that had to leave was a of the length of this meeting with our support
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we send a message that all of the san francisco, california respond to the homeless facilities to making apple missing our public housing and making cash work strong and take advantage that private funding is going to help i want to acknowledge our great colleague greg he oversees the homeless shelter i hope you all know that individuals that want to access a 90 daybed they have to call 311 people used to have to be staying in line. >> we'll opening it up for public comment if i call our name please come forward when your name is called line up on
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the screen side of the room the first speaker can come to the podium. >> good afternoon. my name is a reverend dr. karen the senior passport of the you recall memorial church i'm in support of the definition of controls for homeless shelters you can't mall and curtis and yolanda and james and dominique and ramona and charles a small number of the glide members who have been or are still homeless that i'm here to remind i behind the rhetoric is human beings someone's fathered and mom san franciscans can for whatever reason call our city streets their home as the largest shelter in the city we
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experience heartache to turn people away it's hard to turn someone out into the dark into the cold into the rain as all we can do we'll see them in the morning housing is a basic need we all require in order to thrive as long as we limit the city's ability to have shelter we limit the opportunity for people to have a better life we're willing to embrace our neighbors even the ones who the rest of the world render invisibly this is one way or another what happened when we give our resources we all are enriched we can do this in words of st. francis start by doing what's necessary then what's possible and suddenly you're
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doing the impossible let those words guide us a as and meet the needs of of our brothers and sisters please support those rules for emergency shelters thank you. >> next speaker >> good afternoon commission i'm dale seymour i am with the local coordinated board and with the shelters organization we assist homeless veterans i actually spent 18 years in and out of those shelters i've been in every shelter i have a little dog in the race i want you to know that as san franciscans as residents of the city of st. francis we don't have an option
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to housing our folks i as a local homeless he violated represent 65 hundred folks we don't have an opening statements an obligation it's cold out there and wet we find out it is really wet out there my and my intimate relationship with the concrete our folks look like you right now on golden gate are sleeping on wet concrete is this san francisco we need to step up to the plate and insure this legislation is passed we don't have on option for it not to pass could you don't know i don't care about this and that this is san francisco and we don't do it like that here we take care of our folks we're in a great city
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you can buy a watch $1.7 million for folks living on concrete is there something wrong with that, i think so let's help san franciscans i'm sure you. thank you for your time (clapping.) >> next speaker. >> i'll call for names (calling names). >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is angela brown an associate pasture we help with meals and health care and childcare and housing service including shelter reservations
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we're the largest in san francisco which means people line up everyday to get a shelter bed or are turned away 7 thousand 4 hundred and 37 total shelter reservations were made in 2013 ranging from one, 3 and thirty night reservations the wait list for a 90 days shelter pains in our lobby and as of today had over 6 hundred names on it each night people are sleeping in the doors san francisco, california do better we need affordable housing and places for people to sleep it's a moral obligation we're all responsible for our community challenges and guides has always good for dignity acceptance and love for all if accident
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community please support in legislation and thank you for your attention. >> thank you good afternoon, commissioners thank you for holding this hearing i'm beginning listen from the united council as long as mother brown's dinger room we provide homeless service to the southeast section of san francisco which is really off the pathway we're not in the tenderloin or south of market we have a small community but a large number of homeless people ours is a drop in center people stay from 7:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. in the morning without any beds their sleeping or sitting in chairs all night long i came up with the great idea to put bedsflexia to our facility
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it was a vacate warehouse i've been beat up because i'm trying to get homeless people in where they can lie down to sleep their legs are swollen two or three times what is normal they're going to san francisco general hospital it could be alleviated if they could be laying down at night this will help the next neighborhood like bayview hunters point san francisco has a housing problem we run hope house and we have interconnections programs 4 formally homeless people can get a shared unit permanent housing for regular homeless people we
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only have 70 beds he and over 15 hundred homeless people they come to our dinging room the whole building is full at night with this legislation it is before you, you do know how easy it is i want to invite you ought to mother brown's you can see and americans and san franciscans are actual knowledge it's not a pleasant site i urge you to support in legislation it is very important to our community and very important to the people that are here thank you. >> (clapping.) thank you. is there any additional public comment susan come up. >> hi, i'm chris at the fairchild the executive director of north beach for the last


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