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tv   [untitled]    December 22, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PST

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adapt this is an important point to think about when we frame legislation because for example, in some locations in terms of the type of products they off you want to support them as they reinvent themselves to continue to the next generations that point is important because most of the capability all my students that came up in the heritage report which is the excellent report it is for the facade or the whole this not to support the businesses as we talk about the businesses there are other types of scott taylor's schools used not put into a vital business for instance, has technology has to adapt to a changing market and so on and so forth so they've struggled in things that are not
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traditionally relayed but for example technology had to move their business into the modern age second point i want to - so main we can come back to that in questions the 3 points i want to throw out for thinking in those particularly businesses framing the mission of the program so the constructive change and the second part is the policies that are required specifically for businesses and some of them are available through the city or other local organizations and need to be brought into the program and the third point what
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are the types of programs for the long term this goes back to what was presented on acquiring the businesses so this brings me to the second point the legacy business organization is not a traditionally legacy policy it is why the city policy in spite of i think the commissioner you think of that 0 how to frame the policy and where to take it where you think about the areas but maybe relevant to the commission as i frame it for example, one of the areas that think about is the branding area how does san franciscans and businesses audit of the city consider san francisco and what is important for new comers to san francisco and how does the city want to brandism i know there are a number of branding
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initiative but that could be the legislation piece to start thinking about the areas we want to promote in san francisco for example, and multiple cultural city the options are wide but if this different strands comes support for the business legacy initiative it will be powerful and have the potential to serve as a model to other cities for a similar type of branding branding in what is one of the policies and which other businesses we want to rain r retain and attract and to look at the policies and to which social economic and ethnic groups for the policies and how
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this legacy needs to be used to support them more. >> i want to conclude any presentation by taking you through a discussion that i had with ray begin on friday how to define the criteria for the programs what could be the benefits to businesses and what recommendations can i make to the commissions as you think through what are the next steps first of all, i think that the constraints is both constraints of yourself access we've heard in other presentations that policies are confusing e or they don't know about the opportunities trying to make it easy for access is an important criteria but it needed to be sustainable it is potentially have a cost to the city or to the businesses so i would recommend thinking about
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different options in which this initiative can be put into effect duo so you have difference levels of involvement simple one nor businesses and some that have basic advantages and for example, having a plaque in the business or having probably a back code of some sort digital tactics people come to the store to the hard unaware war to buy something and get more knowledge which doesn't require much money and involvement and other things that require more involvement on businesses but also nor finance from the city so for example as a basic level having a membership plaque but basically information about what support is available so for the
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businesses in terms of white papers or linked e linked partners i recommend with the sf heritage that does this initiative and does that well but look at other things that have done similar work and things like that for example, earthly has a heritage plaque i believe that is very good and effective and london and paris as well the second level would be a more active level for businesses that really want to use the legacy initiative to marketism a basic plus paying for services like branding or services that have to do with the network and learn
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in other businesses like legal businesses and branding initiatives training opportunities but also what i find oust is the networks usually groups that get together to discuss their issues of record and support one another with specific problems for example, legacy businesses have an issue of more and more businesses but other issues especially to do with transition so the how you build a business to the second and third generation and it is very effective and cost effective as well. >> the last quick comment i want to make on that level is that it would be i think really
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exciting if san francisco could brand itself as in visitacion valley i've seen in other cities unusually something that a plaque in front building or a poster or a website there's an opportunity to use technology skills of the city and some of the city businesses to make it more forward-looking in terms of the visibletion and mapping the city there are a number of initiative that are happening in preservation in the u.s. now to try to map important events and entities and using that for the legacy businesses could bring more foot traffic and endorse that image as part of the that effect arrest the third piece that is really what the
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initiative was built for is the ready to proceed what the legislation aimed to do to have businesses that were threatened with closer or because their rents are being tripled or they're having trouble to sell the business n and support them to continue this is the part that costs money that is why i recommend this having an upper level but businesses that are requiring nor help and need nor support from one to 3 support we've discussed that with modern times with my students presenting there are a number of things financial and legal subsidized and support that require a investment in time and money
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i'll recommended dedicating programs what are going to be the criteria for selecting those businesses one criteria would be for businesses to engage in f this program and be willing to change based on the recommendation of the dentist services but i think we 0 need to make the case that their especially important to the community and i think in thinking this throw there are a number of hard numbers such what is the economic impact of the business. but cultural and symbolic leave people could into the stores not only for buying books but knowledge of where to look
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for a particular issue and finally he think that would be a missed opportunity if we didn't engage some of the most successful businesses in san francisco that are legacy for example, levi that's been in the city for a couple of hundred years like from the gooushd but businesses that are typically much bigger and looking at the philanthropic foundations and be responsibility programs there are an opportunity to harness that knowledge and the psyche they've built over several generations to mentor and help some of the businesses that are struggling so i'll recommend trying to discuss with the businesses how they can be partners in some of the initiatives and whether they can
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provide money but i know that some of the businesses that have been in the city for more than one hundred years but allow them to have time for that projects that are of interest and the resources for the businesses to help the other businesses in the pool of legacy businesses could be helpful. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you any commissioners comments at this point. >> no, thank you very good presentation. >> do we have oh, you have a question - and go ahead and i just wanted to thank you for your work this is really important what you're doing and we certainly appreciate and i know myself i see a lot of areas that we need to think about so i just wanted to thank you for what you're done. >> any public comment on item 6
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any members of the public seeing none, public comment is closed again, thank you and i got to reiterate what commissioner dooley said there, there is a lot of things we need to discuss in going forward we'll be leaning on you and your projects here when we come to conclusions on this piece of legislation and i i know i've evolved in the san francisco heritage i took part in a symposium last year san francisco is a world-class city we have a lot of legacy businesses here it is important we maintain them you said one thing or thing that is key change how to help the people change with the times and the different you know the passing ourtd open from one generation to another i wanted to commend
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the incremental foundation and the san francisco state university we're blessed to have them here i want to thank the foundation for your work and what i' you've done. >> so commissioners, i know it's late so you may not be - but this is food for thought it is there are different ways to go about constructing around the registry a couple of thoughts businesses would submit an application and come before the commission for final vetting and approval to insure that some of the quantitative components in the legislation in terms of the
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community involvement and i and their impact so i'm going to be looking at direction from you to help create some of the definition. >> so i really appreciate dr. i's bells thoughts i will have to start putting this together for you so but i would feel free to give me input for recommendations you have at at this point in terms of direction i'd be happy to you know take microwave that feedback before next meeting with that we'll close out the item. >> thank you so next item is director's
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report commissioners i'll provide a verbal report so the mayor accident announce is on november 25th i think the shop and dine in the 49 program a program to promote doing your holiday shopping and dining in the 49 square miles up to january 12th we're you encouraging consumers and businesses to tweet and in it is a gram themselves shopping and dining with the shop dine 49 and the selected photo will have a shopping trip with the mayor or
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a dining experience one or the other so we want to encourage that participation and last friday is part of one small business tours we were out at the book stores and mayor ed lee and supervisor kim combining the bookings first shop there before shopping on line the mayor as engaged in activities each week to promote that but i want to make sure your informed and as businesses you're participating as well also that week district attorney gascon toptsd start a yearlong education for the credit card machines that businesses are
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going to be required to read the chips because after october 2015 if a business did not have the credit card reader and that particular type of considered card reader and the business uses a fraudulent card that business is liable so i'm very pleased that the district attorney has invited our office to help to participate in the outreach and education i think our smallest businesses that have credit card machines are the ones that may not know about this and maybe more vulnerable and, of course, we're to go i know that some of the technology firms like square is trying to figure out how to sort that out
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so this was a press conference so start the outreach and education and customers will be getting in credit cards with the chip on that and so we talked about the soft story and the soft story ordinance it did allow seven years for businesses and prove or disprove for ground floor commercials to do the retrofitting so i think we thought perhaps the business owners that have the ground floor commercial might sort of wait in doing it on the good side they're not so their going forward with the seismic updates i see now i have an understanding from the department of building
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inspection there will be ways of doing that retrofits without impacting the businesses but i'm seeing a fair number of the commercial businesses businesses had to vacate so i'll have a better conversation and get a better handle if you're interested i can have the department come and give a presentation if you're wanting to hear in terms of retrofits with the design so, please let me know. >> so i've been working with you can't keen on the department inspections so some considerations has been given to the weekend inspections around the events and restaurants that are reopening, and or around
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special complaints not to minimize the special complaints not completely decides those but decisions that have been had i want to note that small business saturday was successful and with the various events throughout the city and then lastly we'll be closing the office for december 24, '25 and 26 for walk in i'll be away and others and lastly mr. president, would like to request we close the meeting in memorial of jennifer who dealt with that an kraefk
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cancer jennifer was a great advocate so for the by center they tried to work to get the assistance center approved through the regular process unfortunately, it was not successful but she'll worked on different initiatives and a public memorial an december 16th at 11 o'clock at the justin herman terminal you'll your all invited. >> next item. >> next item 8 is the president's report. >> i have one item i want to thank commissioner tour-sarkissian and sxhkt and another dwth for dining in the 409 and thank director that was
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one of the better convinces we've had and i want to say a special thank you to commissioner white for her comments on c k c s for challenging people to shooting shop and get out and try something new and it played all weekend you said a theme to get people out to try something new and get out of your rut and thank you for your comments and compliments at the mayors kickoff on behalf of the golden gate restaurant association that's all i have. >> item 9 is vice president report. >> well, thank you mr. president. >> i attended the kickoff would did mayor with the conference on shop and dine 49 is was great it
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is true get out and get into other neighborhoods and actually have the opportunity i have not been to the castro i walked the street and shopped and had lunch and it was fantastic that's what i did so - >> item 10 commissioners reports. >> any commissioner reports? next item >> item 11 general public comment. >> is there any additional public comment on future meetings seeing none, public comment is closed next item. >> item 12 is new business. >> any new business at this time? no >> seeing none, next item, please. >> item 13 is jaurnt. >> i want to adjourn in memory of jennifer matt and everything
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she's done. >> all in favor, say i. the meeting is adjourned at 755. >> thank you thanks for watchi happy holidays nona with the businesses worthy events and this week enjoy the happiest time of the year in our great city this is the weekly buzz this tuesday make union square b will unveil air tha 30th anniversary with windows
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featuring adaptively dogs the proceeds will help the spca find a new home head on over and then on saturday enjoy the free yoga in golden gate park free melting into the ground and join the group ann at 11 for mediation for mind, body, and spirit on saturday night the city party with the telephone scope taco in the views and with the awe tronlz astronomies join the amateur and enjoy a short lurk and the sky is the limit and that's the weekly buzz for more information on those vents journalist us others sfgovtv and
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good afternoon. welcome happy holidays welcome to city hall today, we have a wonderful announcement but let me put it in some context for you and quite candidly it is personal for a couple reasons one i don't know if bernard tyson knows this i like the number 5 i was born in the 5th day the 52 year and something along those links is good i'm happy to welcome bernard tyson the chief executive officer for kaiser permanente to make this announcement second reason i want to kind of put this in context a few weeks ago the


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