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tv   [untitled]    December 23, 2014 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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and those incorporated into this resolution. an independent investigation into the nieto killing would be a concrete action of san francisco to take to implement the spirit of this resolution. >> public speaker: i wanted to speak actually in support of two items, item 52 and 53 and they are related. as far as item 52, i'm sure all the people behind me will have the things to say maybe better than i. i believe we need to stand with our youth today. if we pass this resolution, we will pass this resolution we will become part of a historical time because at this time there is going to be no turning back and we into -- need to join with the people standing up for these rights and standing up against
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police brutality and yes ferguson was the spark but we have had too many deaths here in san francisco, alex nieto and so when the police officers association takes offense with this resolution, i find that offensive myself. so please pass this and i work with a lot of youth and i know it's very very important to them that we and i with many different elders stand with them. we can stand up besides them for their futures. and i would also like to item 53 which has to do with making now i put on the hat of the conveneers of san francisco as we submitted this resolution. i am in favor of passing this resolution of making december 10th as a
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declaration of international human rights and we certainly need those in our country today and more so. thank you. >> public speaker: good evening, my name is rina. we appreciate your stance with solidarity. you cannot forget your area growing up in a black community ingleside i have witnessed sfpd abuse their power i watched the police slam my mother on the floor as the officers digged his knee in her back and i have watched them harass my sister. the sfpd and police across the nation must be held accountable for their action. every minute a child is murdered boo i the police. for the last few months i have been
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actively protesting. i have been to ferguson and felt and saw the grief of this community. it is the same pain we feel here. you know this is wrong. how many of you have children. how would you feel if your child was missing from your kitchen table and the person who murdered them is protected by his badge. the good people of this city need to know the truth. we need to know that our elected officials have our backs. right now is the time to show you have a heart. this is a dramatic issue and it needs to be addressed. so many have been put under the carpet. right now is the time for you to stand up. i urge you to pass this resolution as it is. thank you. >> public speaker: hello, my name is nancy hernandez. i work as a teacher in the san francisco unified
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school district. the reason why i'm here is i here in support of the previous version about police violence and racism within the police system and the right to protest. in the current evolution of the proposal i feel like a lot has been taken out. i think it's commendable that the board of supervisors in san francisco wants to take initiative and address the uprising happening in our city. if you are a preschooler, they are making little signs, if you are an elder. there were elders in the rain that locked box together and one was in a wheelchair and so a group of black activist taking that space. the white allies put their bodies on the line-up. it was like 70
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something. it was amazing. it was raining. we have a lot of power in this room. i think we can take a stand. if you don't, you are missing an opportunity. the previous version of it talked about the racism, talked about things happening in san francisco and drew parallel of what we see as going wrong in the conditions in ferguson and in new york and drew a parallel to changes here in san francisco. i think there is no point of making a proclamation in san francisco canw saying they are out of pocket and corrupt and where are the cases happening here. there is no point in us saying here that berkeley is out of pocket for the way they use teargas.
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>> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> public speaker: good evening, president tang and supervisors. i want to first express how disappointed i am that my supervisor is not here to listen. supervisor breed is very concerned about the violence in our neighborhood and perhaps feeling some pressure about this resolution. >> i would like to redirect the rule that we could not direct any comments to any member of this body. if you want to keep it general i would appreciate it. >> i did not direct it at a supervisor breed. i just want to discuss what was shared. it's everywhere. it's not just in the news, it's in our
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streets, in our institutions and dominates our interaction and ideas, ferguson is in another mother's eyes and in another father's tears. what does justice look like in new york or san francisco. can you turn your backs on the mike browns and those of san francisco. as you talk about holiday shopping. watering this down is unacceptable. the police officers association says a resolution paints them as racist trigger-happy urban occupyers but where does it say that. i want to know because that thought comes from somewhere. we must have transparency and swift justice, we must stop the
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militarization of our police department and must address this retaliation for supporting this. supervisors, your silence is violence. >> public speaker: first off i want to ask what would have happened if i were personally next? what would you have done if i were next in line to be killed by an officer in san francisco? i was born in the mission. i grew up in the valley. i used to be proud to be of san francisco of this great city and county but now with this
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violent outbreak, i'm embarrassed to say i live in san francisco. i live in the city of richmond where the chief of police said black lives matter. he said this when he became an officer to protect his community. not one officer has done that in the city of san francisco. i took a ride along because i wanted to be an officer in san francisco and change the community but after seeing what this has come to, there is no way i can become a cop anymore. alex was not just a friend but my brother not by blood but because we shared this love for this city and we are both buddhist and we are both pacificist. it was unfortunate that he was killed by the police department. he was a volunteer for sfpd. for that i want to
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say i am alex nieto. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> public speaker: good afternoon supervisors. i'm here to alert the supervisors and the public to something that the library has planned for implementation next month that is going to be very damaging to the public general he and especially to teenagers and anyone under 18. that is the library plans to implement a highly privacy software product being catalogued enhancement with social media aspect but it's prime thing is breaking privacy. let's recall that
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patron privacy and confidentiality are core to intellectual freedom that we expect the library to guard. i'm going to put up a slide to show what the video says. they reserve the right to change the services to youth anytime without specific notice to the user and expect the user's continued use to constitute an agreement. i will put that down here for you to see. we are asking the supervisors to do all you can from making all the negative constelgs and especially teens 13-17 who will be subject to revelation to all activity to their
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parents. there is expression of opinions to the sole discretion of the vendors once the users flag any comment and the selling of patron information to third parties we think is unacceptable. please put a stop to it. thank you. >> public speaker: good evening, i'm here to speak on behalf of the youth of your constituencies on libraries. i have some experience working with homeless youth in shelters and as well as those that have been kicked out of the house for one reason or the other. the thing that concerns me about this program that in those youth that are defined as being under the
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age of 18, the program allows access to records of all activities on that program. so whether these users have been abused they are questioning these are all factors that can lead to them being retaliated against by their families. my colleagues in the field that people who stay the longest in these shelters and the issues that turn up more frequently are girls that have problems with their sexuality or rather girls that have problems with their sex utilities -- sexuality and they are driven out of the house. also
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the publically shared information can hinder job applicants and the privacy policy of the commons says that any of that data can be accessed by third party searches and google was named specifically because this is a danger to youth. thank you. >> public speaker: good evening supervisors. i know some of you. good to see you and thank you for your time in listening to everyone. i'm here on a personal level and it's something that i have not been transparent about in public before. my son was brutalized by the police. he was a graduate at lowell high school. he was targeted. excellent driving record and pulled during the occupied movement supposedly for running a stop sign. when he was on his way to
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take a test for a job and he was beaten and detained for 2 months in jail. i could barely get in contact with him. they wouldn't let me visit him. my son suffers from cognitive issues to this day where there is no treatment because he was traumatized and beaten in the head with the baton over and over again. i'm thankful that i'm not testifying here that my son is dead. but police brutality has got to stop. we have to address the systemic racism. it's not police because we
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need police protection. the problem is when people are targeted because of their race or age and they are victimized and people who do that which tend to be police, they are protected by our system. accountability has to be, there has to be some kind of accountability in our system otherwise we just walk around with a lot of broken people, a lot of people who don't have faith in the system. i'm hoping this resolution can have change. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> public speaker: good evening supervisors. i'm a teacher with sf. my heart breaks when i hear this mother's testimony just as it breaks when i see
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the images coming out of ferguson, coming out of our own neighborhoods. alex' fate, even though i did not not him personally this could have affected anyone we know. i have seen loved ones brutalized by police. as a student at berkeley i was beaten by police as i was involved in a protest. i'm here to represent my former student, although their dtsdzs were not victims of police violence, i don't understand how this city can claim to care about a crisis of violence and holding people that
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commit acts of violence are not held accountable for committing a homicide. 14-15 shots and we still don't know the name of the shooters. the police should be held to a higher standard and keeping that example for our youth. thank you. >> public speaker: seasons greetings supervisors, elliot louis here to give you an update from our board wechl had our annual retreat a couple days ago. what i wanted to tell you about was what our board now 14 members, all seats full. thank you board of supervisors for that. for deciding what the keys of mental health issues of france and what our board will investigate and report upon. this is what our board decided by consensus. the issues of children and youth, the relationship between mental health and
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trauma. issues of seniors, special lau -- especially the shut in seniors that you don't see. issues of criminal health in the system, those incarcerated that can lead to mental illness that can lead to behavior that result in incarceration. these were the key issues, these are the issues we are going to be looking at. i mentioned all 15 seats are full, we still have one open seat and that's seat 16 reserved for a member of the board of supervisors and i invite any of you or all to apply. we would be glad to have you. we only meet once a month. you can send an aid if you can't attend. it would be a way to have a voice in our community. i encourage you for anyone who
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has an interest in the role of mental health in our community. i would encourage you to participate in our board. i hope you have a good holiday. thank you. good night. >> public speaker: good evening, board, my name is is maria ralta for alex nieto coalition. i'm disappointed that the first resolution was cropped and adjusted to meet this ideology that this is not happening in san francisco. i'm really disappointed in supervisors that wanted to amend the original version because not only am i
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a supporter for justice for alex because i'm married to his first cousin. i want to let you know who alex was. he's no the this monster that the media portrayed him to be. alex was a gentle soul. he was a security guard that i watched several times to being involved in altercations where he was the peace maker and there was no kind of violence from this man. he dealt with people who were intoxicated and he calmly escorted them out of his place of business. i'm really disappointed that some supervisors here have publically spoken about the issues of violence in new york but not
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heard that they are disappointed with what happened to alex. these are two colored young men that were killed in san francisco and we are sweeping them underneath the rug as if they were nothing. i'm sorry that it does not highlight the beauty of san francisco but we need to remember that this too, we are ferguson also >> public speaker: this ought to be a permanent fixture in san francisco or any city. i would hope that my representative in district 5
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agrees that this is a moment in san francisco to be strong and align itself more with the concerns over the lives of people with color instead of the feelings of the san francisco police department. they maybe feeling bad with things said in the country and in this city, but their feelings don't compare to the harm that is happening far too often. it needs to be addressed. there was a gentlemen who spoke tonight, a president of the police bureau and he's opposing this proposal. right after he shook his finger at you he walked right out that door, he said in his moment that he wanted to have an open
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discourse and that it's time for dialogue and then he left. so, please keep that in mind. thank you.>> public speaker: there is
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a dream that means something. he called this pharaoh because he had this dream about seven fat cows and they came up out of the river and there were skinny cows and he fell back to sleep and he had a second dream about the 7 years of corn that were really good and 7 years of corn. he said to pharaoh that the dream is one. god doubled it to you because it will shortly come to pass. in other words the seven fat cows represented the seven good years of corn that represented seven good years and seven bad skinny cows and bad years of representing years of salmon. it's interesting because we are now in the last days. god is is doubled to us the interpretation of this mysterious three 1/2 years. it is 40
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jubilee. he's doubled it if you think of the years since destruction which ended in the year 36 you get 1960 years. if you take 30, 670s, you get 2520. >> public speaker: i'm going to make this quick. it's been raining and the roads are slick. when i see you for the next board of supervisors meeting i want to wish ms. tang
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congratulations for being interim president and wish you much luck with the job. happy holidays! >> thank you very much. if there are any members of the public who would like to speak for public comment, please do lineup. >> public speaker: hi, happy holidays! mark ferrell, i appreciate what you are doing regarding the homeless issues and stuff. we definitely need more transparency as to what's going on. i think at the mails that i have attached here of which i would like someone to get and i would like mark ferrell to get one in particular. the issue i'm having is i would like to see trent gilmore responding to such issues such as child abuse and violence within their
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programs. i just. somewhere between crashness and aloofness. that's what i'm getting. take a peak. i'm not the most articulate person here. when you are trying to reform san francisco in their homeless issues, i think you need to look at the people who are running these programs. i guess i'm going to move on to police brutality. i feel as though i have to carry a camera with me everywhere because i am no telling when they are going to pull up and try to attack me. i recorded the police maybe about a week ago and then when i got 2 blocks away they troo id to stop me alone.
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