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tv   [untitled]    December 25, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PST

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80s and taxi services was, in fact, the majority of the time for paratransit costs down and it was very useful service as a survivor of the agnes taxi forces i see this as much anymore constructive and looks like a lot of good work to keep the taxi industry going it's vital to improve that it is very important for paratransit to survive and keep under budget which is difficult we can't do that without the taxi service so this is a very fda an important proposal and we welcome it >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon hello
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my issue is about insurance in general since part of our business has been taken down with any companies any cars logical thing to how to do the expenses one of our biggest experiences is still insurance we pay $10,000 a year yesterday, i spent one hour of my working time i went to dmv and printed out the dmv for the last ten years i want to take a look at there's no accidents or any violations i mean tickets for the last 10 years were my fault and being san franciscan cab drivers for the last 15
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years i still see too many drivers like me who have this like i and yeah, i would like to ask you to comparing like for example, you go to work everyday and from work that's all mostly we're on the road everyday by many hours and again, i have zero accidents and zero things i'm still at risk the drivers all the new c m g drivers we have to be strategic and give this to them
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i'm not sure i need a little bit more. >> everybody gets the same amount of time we'll laboratory your report. >> (calling names) and he's the last person to turn in a speaker card. >> good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, i have a question why we still play with tmc what is the g t u who provide the insurance or puc or whatever they have difficult and still given the form and second they have all night why we don't give them like the golden gate bridge second time charge and talk about insurance kate says mta not recognize or recognize only two thousand taxis and in our
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world should may $11,000 everybody like sdooemz and tmc didn't pay reunite but next strike everyone will go over the golden gate bridge and after now the after please after i come into ass cot please leave and they've feel in a different way. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names) the last person that turned in a speaker card. >> good afternoon, sir. >> good afternoon from san francisco taxi alliance and also a long term taxi driver i think kate tor run and mta to trying to help us in reducing the costs to run a cab try to you know change the vehicle requirement and you know really do this medallion transfer fee
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i think this is great step we need to do a lot more things to help us we have no fair practice at the airport i mean, we have to go into the lot i see the uber drivers or is tmcs are picking up on the upper level they're not following rules their supposed to go back to the lot but they don't do that they drop one of and sometimes their picking up two or three people like ride sharing so it's costing us 3 fairs for every tmc action like 2 hundred and 50 fees one at the bridge and one h at the american in two or three most we'll lose all the business
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you have to have limits. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon, sir. >> happy holidays for those who don't know me, i'm back i'm not canadian i don't do survey for money camera i had a survey every year and give to the taxi drives for freeze to improve the taxi service 17 years ago i thought if you run any business you should know how attests running and 17 years ago i was naive and factored in good faith and fairness the data and produced didn't lie on pr politicians this is the 17th survey i've conducted at a
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public service for the public and for you to do as you see fit the question are you fit to serve the public like i've seen i say, no as a native and resident of the san francisco tell me is gridlock and congestion the plan? because if it is, it is working great you're doing a great job as are taking driver in san francisco just recently my gate has gone up, my neck gone down and i'm a medallion holder my pay check has drilling down i wouldn't recommended maintaining anyone to be a cab driver i used to love it and recommend it no longer it's a sad day a sad commentary
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this is my last survey maybe i should sell it to uber maybe they'll value it one thousand customers >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon mr. barker baking i've been driving for 23 years or 22 or 24 i forgot i lost my i was thinking about this situation like worship are i represent you and whatever they say to my colleagues at work regarding insurance and color scheme i wish you consider it but my question who we are to lift those guys with my respect like uber and side lift and those guys let us keep us in a standoff and put hours instead
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of thinking about something else and achieve our businesslike last time i saw a junky car picking up those guys and this guy is like i don't know 22 or 23 years old and i was last week saying nonverbal to him are you sure what you're doing and they say yeah, like people you know just try to think about their pockets but who we are i'm spending 22 years in my job my neck has dropped 75 to percent i have 4 kids i have a wife my wife didn't work she goes to the university i support the whole family i have expenses why do we need to be like this i worked in
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las vegas and in germany in france and everyone i had consumers you guys have been at apace what's wrong with you thank you, everybody i wish you consider this (clapping.) thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon, sir. >> good afternoon berry san francisco taxi alliance i agree with the prices reductions on the transfer fees and i just want to point out that this you know you're allowing those vehicles to operate here a lowering the quality of the taxi industry we're having to add mileage to the car we allow on the road i don't think it is a good idea to allow more than 3 hundred and
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25 thousand miles on the vehicles unfortunately, we're forced into this situation now pretty soon we can have 10-year-old vehicles to survive i recommend waving outline fees to taxi drivers you're not imposing fees on other taxiing taxi drivers they don't call themselves taxis i notice in our goals to make transit walking and bicycling and car sharing the preferred means of travel are you talking about those t nc taxi drivers for profit i hope you mean ride sharers people have not been doing lastly and i want to point out that in order for those private vehicles to be conducted as commercial service means they have to commit
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insurance fraud or they'll get dropped i'm not sure why the regulated taxi companies are going down and particularly the airport allowing them to pick up people are no license and they're being allowed to get away with we aren't. >> thanks. >> berry the last person to turn if a speaker card. >> marching maguire i'm glad that gary brought the issue with the car my car has 3 hundred thousand miles but i like the car it runs good but the doorman on the west ton on third said
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they go to the tmc i pulled up and one after another their coming out of the hotel and not taking cabs part of the reason i got an e-mail from annex you get do i believe points if you sign up for uber we can't compete on that level and many people i read online the public seems to feel those backseat terminals they hate those backseat terminals i don't know why we're stuck and have those things in our backseat it is not fair peer 39 our tourist the alcatraz ferry they're taking the t nc not cabs a friend of mine said she drove off up with a rental
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car and so one night she decided to take her own car out and nobody even noticed that she was not in the car she was supposed to e be in we pay millions of dollars how much are they paying are they paying anything to use our cabstands and to use our bus lanes they think they seem to be able to use the one on geary and third it is great, thank you. >> anyone else here to address the board. >> director heinecke on this one. >> thanks to deputy director for a great presentation i'll start with the best news the one hundred percent penetration on the fly wheel which to me is the
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biggest step to successful competition are the pmc and commissioner maguire said the taxiing industry will not be able to complete you have a greater living of the industry but my hope we can compete and working towards competing in the business acceptance this is a big step towards it if fly whole works we'll have the biggest network and we'll be better than the t nc my question to the director is this we will according to what you say one hundred percent availability but that's a different thing than usage is there a way to monitor usage to make sure the cabs are using the apps from a personally
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experience a great many number of the cabs are not using it. >> that's a great question something we'll need to look at monitoring i'm not i need to think about that. >> the reason for it, it's not i want to force people to use fly wheel although if i could i would think about it but the fly wheel is a solution in large part if everyone used it we say a responsive network if you build it they'll come so monitoring might give us an idea of a hill we have to climb but the cooperated effort to educating drivers to use the cab why a cash free cashing is a
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safer cab and customers tip more and education process there's some resistance on the part of many of our drivers to use the app that's the benefit of people in the industry to transition more we can plan on educational on the topic of education we've talked about this before now we have hedge fund percent coverage or will soon it seems like an excellent opportunity to let the public know that the very paramount customer complaint about responsiveness that led to this? the if i were to is and the through fly wheel and anchor and other apples and oranges that are developed by the companies and you know the public needs to know there are two apps to use as well as the
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company app on the vehicle changes i understand the reason here to make it more feasible for the cab companies to operate in this competitive compliment but it's not a counter balance against safety the view of the staff is will not effect safety and indeed we've not seen vehicle failures that suggests those changes are problematic am and correct. >> correct. >> on that i think you know if the safety regular lartsz say those changes can be made who stand to lose out they're telling us without safety concerns as we've heard from the gentleman retained in the industry the question becomes mr. rath bones question we're
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loosening the standards to have less safe cars it's important to educate the public betweene t taxis and t nc our taxis are regulated and inspected this is every if i months with those relaxed with all the cabs and the running of those cabs the incident of vehicle failure particularly the injury causing cabs is relating small so i think mr. racketing bone raises the right question and one of the education to the customers look this cab is inspected on a regular basis and certified to be safe not by the company that owns it but the government we
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include that aspect of it i'll say to the cab companies and i'll support those changes today, i think one of the reasons beyond safety of cabs their cleaner so responsiveness is an important issue of the customer base but my fellow commissioner i'll welcome her to speak that's an aspect of this but i suspect this board will adapt the change and give a little bit more flexibility and hope you'll continue to keep our best to keep the cabs clean in a condition that the public wants the fee structure change and the vehicle life and mileage changes are only effective through the summer of 2016 at which point
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the action will be reverting back. >> that's for the ramp uc but not the retransfer fee. the court: all right. so on the retransfer fee i mean itself understand the political reasons behind it i have questions but i understand this is a different environment has the credit union weighed in open this change i assume they're in falsify and correct. >> they view this as something that will make the medallions more attractive and sustainable. >> correct. >> okay. thank you very much thank you for all our hard work on a personal note you've gotten on this so fast with those concrete efforts to hear the support is didn't surprise me but he hope you take some regard
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in that. >> director borden. >> i want to echo what was said the taxis is one of the key transportation things the fact there's a regulatory structure that protects us i appreciate all the work and happy we're reducing the fees although when you look at the chart there's a large difference between the tmc the question about the extending the life shelf life of a taxi that's a great idea to help with the overall costs but the biggest reality problem when you take a cab their dirty and sometimes the taxi drivers smoke and it smells of smoke one the
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campaigns or efforts having cleaning taxi in in the cars they have gum and other things i know that helps with the competitive nature and fly wheel are they going to other cities the issues that the t nc h have they're not aware of the fly wheel do you know if their penetrating the other market. >> my understanding they're trying to go national and doing work in seattle i don't know the numbers but certainly that's my understanding of their vision. >> i think that will help a lot people the airport or otherwise if they use it somewhere else they can use it everywhere they go i think i mean fly wheel has a couple of issues i use this a
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lot i work downtown on rainy days or days it is heavily traffic you can't get a car on fly wheel i've tried to get a car on fly wheel and they say no takes are available so i'm not going to wait on the street for a taxi on a rainy day maybe when yellow cab officially is part of the system will help that issue but i think that with the companies need to think about the supply on rainy days or certain times of the year they need to be assessable and available in those areas following a conference and last week the other t nc they give their drivers a list of the activity and be on top of that i don't know if fly wheel does that. >> we do that that question
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came up we've been doing that for quite a while at taxi services. >> and the point in some ways it's on news on the city the techniques are regulated and we make money off the fact that taxis are regulated and doing a marketing campaign around the issues like taxi drivers know where you're going and understand the one way streets that's one the vandals they have over the t nc but playing that issue up is a great advantage the insurance questions are another thing and the insurance in that department but i think that you know looking at how we better market that i say to the drivers a lot of time the taxi drivers are angry and trying to
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get from point a to b it is frustrating and competing with others you know creating a pollutant riding experience is what people are going to be driven lettingbetter that the customer service our taxi provides the better for people to use them the other thing i'll say it's more coverage eastern the neighborhood i think again, if you walk outside and don't see a taxi you're not going to look for a taxi find another sort of service so thinking about those areas to be more visible but all those improvements are needed we have a question about the gate fees people brought up the questions of gate fees i don't
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know. >> i haven't doefltd into that we've got a long list but i'll add that to the list the gate fees there's an average gate fee you change something over here and the other side is hey, wait a minute we have 0 look at the balancing that's a lot of work and what we do but i'll add that. >> it comes up obviously all the time but the direction for the industry and be able to be competitive. >> thank you for a clear report i appreciate the comments from the public especially about the ramp taxis and how they effect our riding public thanks. >> thank you for the great report just a couple of questions director borden brings up a great idea of the rainy
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evening situation i said what the taxi they have over the t nc is the details i understand the cab driver using the fly wheel probably wouldn't need to log into the app there are so many available street situations to director borden point you i don't know if we have a solution but wonder do we have my concept any idea of how many t nc are out there other than anecdotal evidence and we don't very specific data there are reports that are raider of the t nc by are recorded under seal so we
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have a lot of anecdotal information if you ask the taxi industry they'll give you numbers and group of taxi drivers that have been documenting t nc from looking at unique license plate but i've heard a range of 10 thousand. >> it puts united states i us in a tough position we want the taxi drivers to be able to take advantage of that that brings me into the enforcement the enforcement of the unregulated cabs and the unlicensed drivers i believe ms. maguire brought they're driving in the bus lanes i see that and it makes my blood boil i assume they're all perfectly well aware they're not allowed in those lanes and no way to track the t nc because if a
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police officer writes a ticket for air force a t nc we have no idea of whether it's a private car it's my hopes on the forward facing cameras i know we're working on it and see it with within the next year and a half i also see t nc stopped in bike lanes in their not legally allowed but the cabs are lout to legally pickup at the curb definitely a lot of challenges but i'm supporting all of those recommendations i think that's a again step in the right direction. >> thank you it's a good report i agree with a lot of what our saying thank you very much. >> thank you jaef briefly


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