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tv   [untitled]    December 28, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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g to spy versus spy that's my age group i'm dating myself that cartoon but that's the way it felt wisp desperate to have students who were underserved i felt i came along with the right folks jane and hydra that's a real stepping stone in san francisco to the board of education so i think progressive ways said we want to look at something different we believe in representation and people who think like we think need to be in the position to make the decisions for us i believe that shift has happened over and over again and allies who come to the board with us
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have further that work and gun to their community saying this is the responding we we want to do it in partnership i'm glad you're here to continue the work i did won't have happened without my cat lyric my daughter in san francisco it is just incredibly hard to be a young person of color in this city and in public education to get the same rigor and respect that the students get and by watching her struggle no matter how much assess and knowledge i
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had the the system the system is still hard and thank goodness we have minds here and folks that come out and show their support to do that work and i'm so grateful to her and all she's sacrificed in her public upbringing i think is as tiff place to be my mom and just the maefrnz or teachers that have guided me and really my moral incumbrance jerry any jeffries who has been here the longest i want to thank him and all of you but the soak person is sandy and we didn't know each other before i got on the board but we worked on doing the same kind of
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thinking of advocacy to voices that have not been heard to the policy component and i'm grateful i'm grateful that you didn't know me and somebody told you about me we spoke and low and behold we've done wonderful things together we'll continue to do wonderful things together i think mark sanchez and eric mar were on the board they were guide and mentors i appreciate all of you and all in the world that transcribed thank you for allowing me to do this work it's been an incredible life journal i'm continue to cherish my granddaughter be four i'm glad
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to be on the odds hammering the board to do more for our kids by the way we get it and i'm grateful you all are kind of enough to allow me to have a few moments ago ever your meeting bay this is our meeting this is a different look at how we act and behavior thank you for allowing me to come and be at your meeting (clapping.) superintendent. >> so commissioner commissioner maufas we want to thank you on behalf of all the staff all of the educators all of us that work with the wonderful children in our district thank you for your leadership it is a very difficult position but the roanoke city council root of democracy to have an elected
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school board the next time this is called a speaker card we would be happy to help you fill this out we welcome you back at any time the legacy you'll have is the legacy around the practices and legacy of ethnic treatment of our students and who the students are in our wonderful city you have many points to say i have a piece of making that happen on behalf of all of us thank you for your service. >> (clapping) and now the vice president who would like to say a couple of words for kim try. >> thank you, president fewer pr susan solomon executive vice president of sfusd i didn't want
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to miss the opportunity to thank you commissioner maufas for the students and advocate she's a fierce advocate for everyone 3 needs a fierce advocate she's everywhere not a street fair that matters to students and their patents and educators that kim try is not there i'm hoping that will go on we'll miss you at the front of the room thank you so much on behalf of sfusd (clapping.) thank you kim try. >> now if if i hear no objections i want to take item i ought of order it is already mohammed on october 28th we'll took place the amendment by the posted agenda can we have a
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report from the budget and commission committee commissioner norton. >> yes. the budget and committee heard this item it came up a little bit fast sorry on december 3rd we discussed this item we look at an amendment by substitution you submitted president fewer dave'scy presented it approximately, one hallway million dollars to updated the curriculum and some of that will be spent in the current budgeted year i believe deputy superintendent lee has provided us with updated figures but just to clarify what portion of the budget in year one will be current budget year and what is the 2015- 2016 in the
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implementation year the total budget for 2015- 2016 through 2016-2017 is one $.4 million we asked for anymore clarity that is now received and we passed it back to the full board with a with a positive recommendation. >> thank you very much this is item 1410 dash 2884 institutional listing activities authored but president fewer at this point we want a reading of the sub motion usually by me but i'd be honored having to have the teachers read this into their official record could you please come up to the podium teachers. >> (clapping). >> okay. are we ready does
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everyone have a copy of the resolution? do you have a copy you can share and we know share all right. this is item 14100 dash 2884 institutional listing the studies is the one san francisco unified school district please start thank you. >> whereas the san francisco board of education is passed previous resolutions in support of the importance and future implementation of ethnic studies in sfusd schools and whereas the
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san francisco board of education in 2010 approved unanimously resolution in support of an ethnic studies program in the san francisco unified school district which creates an ethnic pilot program in holidays that continues today and whereas resolution 101026 california's for the future ethnic studies beyond the. (off the record.) 2011 school year including the option for students in all high schools to participate in the curriculum by the 20112012 school year if funds could be secured for k one electro 12 and whereas the i think so has recognized the ethnic studies as a human right
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and condemns the attack on ethnic studies in the united states and >> whereas san francisco is home to san francisco stanford university which has the only college of ethnic studies at the university level and has been a partnering to sfusd in the creation development and support of ethnic studies and . >> whereas sfusd students have and continue to gain college level credits from san francisco state university upon completion of an ethnic studies class during their junior and senior year and whereas the board of education on october 8th
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profoundly the resolution expanding a there g and sfusd high schools and supporting the submission that calls for the extension of a tlshgs through z courses and . >> whereas whereas ethnic studies have been approved as an a there g by the san francisco state university and meets the g requirement towards congratulation - graduation. >> whereas the sfusd is telegraph hill engaged in implementing a might want e multi ethnic opportunity embedded in the pre k 12 grade
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and . >> whereas the existing ethnic curriculum demonstrated before i the teachers courageous the students to explore the identity on personal and institutional levels and . >> whereas the existing ethnic curriculum developed by sfusd i know how to press bottoms by teachers provides students are enter disciplinary reading and writing skills. >> whereas the curriculum developed by the sfusd teachers ties between the students and families and neighborhoods and city hall's thus cumber social responsibility and . >> the currency curriculum has
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broad support from teachers and students and community organization and universities and college faculty and members of local government and . >> and according to the 2016- 2017 data approximately 90 percent of the students are students of color and the sfusd and the el range district has made ethnics studies a requirement for graduation and . >> whereas the los angeles san francisco unified school district and the san francisco unified school district in california has made ethnic studies course work a requirement for graduation and . >> therefore be it resolved that the san francisco board of
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education supports the ethnic studies so all sfusd's holidays thereby providing you'll students to enroll in a class from 2014-2015 and . >> be it resolved that this board of education courageous the ethnics studies by elective courses you such african-american and asian-american and latino or chicano studies (clapping.) and native-american studies and the infusion of multi culturalism throughout the curriculum and the foundation for ethnic studies in high school and further be it resolved it the san francisco board of education directs the funding including the fund for one full-time devoted teacher to
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oversee the ethnic studies course to all high schools and the expansion of now management of data professional data and budget the alignment to the common core studies and . >> be it resolved that the board of education commits to funding and supporting ethnic studies winter and summer and relief time for teachers for mentoring and coaching new ethnic studies traverses for the new model where the cost to be shared between the sites based budget of mravrptd schools and centralized budget and be it resolved that san francisco unified school district within 5 years of package of that resolution enclosure way to institutionalize course work as
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a requirement for graduation and seek (clapping.) and seek to make ethnic course work an a sch means history which is g instead of an election through a through g (clapping.) in the a through g coursework you framework (clapping.) now ms. casco we need a roll call vote on the amended substitutions do we need to vote on it. >> no. >> only a committee and read into the record. >> now public speakers we'll do public speakers and a brief staff report
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when your name is called please come to the - can we stop one second yes, i'm so sorry i forth there's a presentation and video that is going to be shared with us this evening is the video ready okay. mr. steel would you mind assisting them i'll move out of the way.
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>> ready? so we just want to begin by thanking you know the school for letting us do this we have a presentation for you which assists of a video that is from in it is a gram we did a campaign and did technology for several days it's ombudsman several days we got almost 5
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hundreds posts (clapping.) many of which are in the room and many people across the nation and international simpleminded those results we want to share that and i'll introduce you to the film maker >> hello, i'm march a teacher at james middle school and also consider my work and it's great we had an opportunity to use in it is a gram and why it means so much to them i'm proud to present this work and glad to bring it in front of everyone today.
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>> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ in with me all over the world arrest with me with me ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ in
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>> (clapping.) i think it is before you because it's like learning about everyone's history this is the first step to work towards one common goal people give them a space to not only validate their space to love themselves and love their communities and . >> what's this. >> it's a - and who's this guy. >> and who's he. >> (inaudible). >> it's important because part of the process for people where they learn where they came from and the back streets of our lives and from the orderly
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generation to us. >> ethnic studies we learn. >> i like to stay around it teaches people about their own people we have to learn what to do with our lives we're important. >> ethnic studies means i can hear everyone's stories so i came back may that my own opinions on what has happened in history. >> ethnic studies means so much. >> i think for me history is drives people of color. >> it means to be
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well-informed. >> ethnic studies means learning about users and others. >> ethnic studies is equality and it means learning about other cultures. >> ethnic studies taught me how to love myself and it is objectives in your community. >> they talk about the point i never learned about african-americans and immigrants who were coming here and the problems and the problems were happening where necessary came from so ethnic studies teaches me a lot before i came here i didn't know a lot now i did is one of my farther classes i have a lot of fun (laughter). >> ethnics studies is trying
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to make a world for what it should be. >> where there's no place i'd rather be no place for me arrest no place like me. >> ethnic studies. >> ethnic studies is about learning. >> what ethnics studies means to me. >> it's background and life. >> ethnics studies is what they do we're you'll one and like your (inaudible). >> i think ethnic studies matters so you can learn about another cultures and not just
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(inaudible). >> no self-change. >> ethnic studies what it means to me it's a way to photo who you are because a lot of times you don't get taught about ethnic and ethnics study you do. >> ethnic studies enable us to know the past and euro future. >> ethnic studies helped me to love myself a black person in the community but as a human the reality is not all people are valuable but ethnics study taught me black folks matter. >> it is one community and it also means less the list going on. >> the ethnic studies realizing our studies are important and
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the truth is not misunderstood but we want ethnics study and want a relative curriculum that will place the histories and the reality of the people and the stulgz that people are facing. >> ethnic studies family. >> familiar. >> knowledge arrest ethnic studies ash studies. >> that's what ethnic studies means to me. >> that's the background of our studies. >> safe ethnic studies. >> now it's an intelligent to learn about our life situations and goals. >> i joined ethnic studies i feel whoever joins will have a
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future. >> what is the interpretation. >> i'm looking for a better tomorrow. >> yeah. (clapping.) >> so thank you for gaining you guess this will be post on video so you if not to see users many of you in the you'd you can watch it again i don't introduce myself i'm with the san francisco san francisco state university i know some of you i'm going to close my mouth and introduce the ethnic studies teachers and they're to introduce their students. >> go amy.
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>> (clapping). >> so to my left art from balboa high school (clapping.) we have amy from mission high school (clapping.) over here we have mary go over at o'connell (clapping) >>. >> david from washington. >> we need history (laughter) so tell the truth ethnic studies for a all the youth because black lives


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